Menopause :: Head Spinning When I Lay Down

Mar 23, 2015

Until......I thought back to late last year when I'd experienced a weird sensation when I laid completely flat in bed: no pillows. 

It was like my head - only my head - was in some sort of vortex and it was spinning, a bit like I was spiralling downwards.  It might just be me, but I remember thinking 'Aww, this is weird', but didn't actually stop myself, almost enjoying the sensation until I reminded myself I was nearly 54, and these things at my age don't represent fun, they may be serious!!

At the time, I did remember having experienced it before but again wasn't unduly worried by it. Possibly because both my husband and late father-in-law had both suffered from bouts of Labyrinthitis/Vertigo. 

Have to add that I've never had this sensation during the day, while I'm going about my business, so never thought of it as a problem.

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Masturbation - Vertigo Like Head Spinning On Or After Ejaculation

I have a strange problem. I have vertigo-like head spinning on or after ejaculation after I masturbate. Sometimes it will be just before ejaculation. This does not happen when I have sex. It also does not happen all the times, but most of the times it does. The spinning settles down in 2-5 minutes. I have a normal systolic BP, but diastolic remains above 85 with pulse rate in the 85s-90s. Taking Vertigo medicines beforehand does not prevent the spinning though. Two times I had this spinning - once while watching TV and once while working at office. In all the cases, there is ringing in the ears and if I open my eyes, the room spins around, which slowly converts into swaying and then normalize. Does anyone have such a strange problem? What could be the reason?

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Mirtazapine :: Tapering Off Mirtazapine - Spinning Myself In Circles

For the first time in a very long time, I'm finally in a good enough place to make the step in coming off my Anti-depressant. I've been on Mirtazapine 45mg for the last 4/5 years and before that a string of various of medications.

Despite my anxiety been kind of excessive at the moment, after a discussion with my GP, he was happy to let me begin tapering down the dose. The problem is with my anxiety I feel it mainly physically rather than mentally so it makes me a little oversensitive to any changes that take place in my body.

I guess what I am searching for is some reassurance so I can stop driving myself up the wall, exhausting google search on mirtazapine withdrawal. 6 nights ago I started my first reduction so 45 mg to 30mg. In all honesty it's not been that bad, a few waves of nausea, headaches and random aches and pains. Those I was expecting so don't mind too much. The trouble is that for the last 3 days, I've found myself a little short of breath for most of the day. It's nothing that's outwardly noticeable at the moment, but it's there and is slightly concerning. Has anyone else experienced this when tapering?

I'm kind of freaked out a little because one of my fears that's arisen since the mirtazapine is the that i will develop random allergies and my brain is wondering if I've suddenly developed an allergy to my meds (ridiculous, I know!) The other thing is that the rest of my family has had either viral chest problems lately so maybe I've just picked up that and it's a coincidence? Or it could just be the anxiety.

I'm totally spinning myself in circles at the moment so any wise words are most welcome at this point. If I know it is just withdrawal and nothing that can actually hurt me then I'm fine with whatever effects it throws at me.

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Head Injuries :: Puking After Hit My Head Against A Concrete Wall

Last week.. I slipped and hit my head against a concrete wall. Just layer there for a few minutes, then when I got up I started puking. I didn't think much of it. Went to school and practice for two days and was getting really light headed and haven't done physical activity since.I have been dizzy and lightheaded and everything is kind of foggy. I don't have any swelling or bruising on my head and don't have any headaches. Not sure if I have a concussion or something worse? Starting to worry if I should go to urgent care now or just schedule an appointment?

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Nervous System :: Head Pressure/dizziness/head Fog

I've been having those 3 symptoms for about 2 months now. I'm a 22yo male, 6 feet tall, 160 lbs.

The head pressure was the first to show up. It feels like if someone is pressing their palm against the top of my head, its very light and 80% its not bad or painful, its just -there-, but sometimes the pressure rises up and it can be quite overwhelming, making me having to stop whatever I'm doing.

Painkillers used to work, now they don't anymore, although I think it's because I started to use them way too much.

Since about 2 weeks ago, I started to have dizziness and head fog. It's like if I'm "typsy" all the time.

This all started a few months after I had to quit my job since I'm preparing myself to live in another country, I'm short on cash and I have arguments about various things related to that almost daily, making me think that this might be an anxiety issue.

3 days ago I had to go to the hospital because my BP spiked up (180/104), and since then the pressure/head fog became 10x worse. I keep catching myself hyperventilating throughout the day, having cold sweats and hot flashes.

Thoughts keep racing in my head that I have a brain tumor and how that would wreck my life even if its a benign one.

Something that makes me feel better is that I'm not having any seizures, nose bleeds or actual real bad headache, its just a weird pressure, which calms me down a bit at the possibility that its a tumor.

Also, sleeping is the only thing that makes the pressure/dizziness go away, although it gets bad again throughout the day. Today I've tried to oversleep a bit to see if it was a sleep deprivation issue and it made the pressure better but the dizziness way worse.

I've already scheduled a cardiologist/neurologist, but I can only go friday so I still have some days to worry myself to death over this.

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Head Injuries :: Dent In The Head After Hit And Fall

I fell and hit my head 2 days ago. There is a dent in my head and it feels mushy/soft. My neck is also sore in the front on both sides. Do i need to worry about this?

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Menopause :: Period - One Year Post-menopause

Three weeks ago, to my great surprise, I started to bleed after one year. The 2-3 weeks preceding this, my breasts were so sore, I was bloated and I has the typical "stringy" discharge that I used to get before my period. I was really not expecting another period but the bleeding was heavy and lasted for just over a week.

I saw my doctor a few days ago and she that she is obliged to send me for an ultrasound and possible biopsy if the lining looks thick. She said she is not worried but I am freaking out.

Can anyone share a similar experience? I read on one website that it is actually possible to ovulate and have a period after you stop menstruating for a year. I have not had any spotting - just this one "period". Of course, everything I have read says how abnormal it is to bleed after menopause and now I'm scared that there is something serious going on. My ultrasound is booked for two days from now.

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Peri Menopause/menopause :: Trying To Conceive

I'm 42 and recently had blood work to check my hormones. My GYN said my labs suggested post menopause. I have yet to stop having a monthly. My periods are starting to range from 30-45 days but I've yet to skip a month. My husband and I were considering trying one last time to have another baby. Very confused

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Sarcoidosis :: Anyone Get A Very Hot Head?

does anyone get a very hot head 

I feel dizzy and hot but when I put my glasses on the top of my head and take them off it's just wet having to wash my hair every day sometimes morning and night.

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Thumping Sounds In Head

For years now, I have been getting a thumping sound in my head. Usually when I am busy at work or on the computer, it doesn't happen at all, but when I am not busy doing anything it happens regularly and usually 3 to 5 thumps at a time and multiple times in a row. What could be the problem?

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Men :: Head And Neck Pain During Sex

This just started happening to me about a week ago. I was having intercourse with my girlfriend when I noticed a slight pain in the back of my skull that ran down a muscle into my neck. It wasn't bad so I figured it was random and would go away. Unfortunately, this pain has come back every time I have had sex since. I am curious if this is something serious or not and it will go away in time?

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Red Clitoris Head And Stings

the tip or head of my clitoris is red and stings...very sensitive. I thought I was having a flare up of herpes which I had over 15 years ago. I started on the meds again for the last ten days...

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Whistling In Ears When My Head Down?

In the last six months I have developed an annoying problem which is whistling in my ears. It comes on for no reason often though when I have had my head down. I know if I go to bed with it, it will be there when I wake up. Sometimes it goes during the day only to return later. I often have a muzzy head when the whistling is at its worse. My ears do pop a bit as well. I do have occasional bouts of vertigo, whether this is related I do not know. Has anyone come across this ? 

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Symptoms Of GCA In Body Other Than Head ?

Can anyone tell me if there are any symptoms of GCA to look out for in the body ? I remember reading a post a little while ago that said to check pulses and blood pressures. Do blood vessels protrude in your body like they do in your temples ? I have a small protruding vein (artery?) in my lower abdomen which my doctor says is probably a varicose vein.

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8 Months After Head Injury And Still Have Tinnitus

Hello all, I was in a roll over car accident about 8 months ago and had a head injury(concussion) on the right side. Ever since then, I've had a pretty constant hissing sound in my right ear. It's not too bad during the day but is definitely worse at night. If I lay on my right side with the ear on the pillow, its not to noticable but soon as I switch sides or lay on my back I can hear it. Lately, I feel like I can hear it more during the day as well and have had some recent headaches on the right side. I have had some hearing loss before the car accident and some occasional ringing before but never a constant hissing sound like this. I have not told the doctors or anybody because I know there is no cure for it and I'd rather not have to go through a bunch of useless expensive tests to figure out the cause etc. I've been however debating lately if I should tell someone or not, or if I should just continue to try and cope with it. At the moment, I feel like telling any of the doctors would probably be useless and hoping it will just go away in time and not be a permanent thing. I'm also somewhat worried that if I do tell someone, the docs will think that this tinnitus is not from the head injury but from the previous hearing problems I've had. I could use some advice though and would appreciate it.

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Tinnitus In Left Ear Since Head Trauma

25 months ago I fell on my left ear, hit my head. The blow was really strong, I was out for a few seconds. The left ear was slightly bleeding for a few days. I am having tinnitus since then. Couldn't really hear with that ear very well, but it took about 2 weeks to get back around 90%. The doctor said it's common and it will be gone, but it hasn't!!!! Now I think I have full hearing, but tinnitus is still here! It's so annoying, what can I do?

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Skin :: Spot On My Head/hair

I've had a spot on back of my head ages now. What seems like a couple of years.

I had tried and squeezed it once and it did go smaller but it seemed to gradually come back.

I haven't tried any treatments as I am not sure what will work.

It doesn't hurt me but it's just not nice to feel.

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Arthritis :: Pain Clear Up To The Top Of My Head

I have severe arthritis in my neck which also gives me pain clear up to the top of my head. Does anyone else have this and if so what do you do for it?

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Head Injuries :: A Bruise On Forehead Which Won't Go Away

My husband hit his head a couple of months ago just on the left hand side of his forehead. He has a bruise which don't seem to go away and I feel is getting bigger. Should he see a doctor.

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Anxiety :: Headaches - Around My Right Eye And Goes To The Back Of My Head

So I've got a headache and took some ibuprofen and it has taken the edge off it a bit but it's still there. It's on one side around my right eye and goes to the back of my head at the bottom. But of course my anxiety is making me worry. Normally I'd say it's just a headache but today I'm thinking its other people things like I'm gonna have a hemorrhage or go crazy I don't know. Especially as the tablets didn't make it go away. Hate anxiety so much!

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Nervous System :: Head Tingling

My cousin started to complain about head tingling. I do not know what it means at all, so I cannot help there. I would like to know what caused this, and is that serious. I really want to help him but I cannot since I have never heard someone has so many problems with tingling of head. Is there anyone with the same symptoms who might give me short explanation of possible causes?

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