Mental Health :: Sharing Visual Hallucinations

Mar 5, 2015

Just out of interest, I get the following, although somewhat reduced by my current medication (quetiapine)

1. Flashes, peripheral disturbances;

2. Illusions -- shadows morphing into animals / people;

3. Seeing what I call 'black rats / cats';

4. Spiders on your desk...;

5. 'Throbbing' objects such as keyboards;

6. Seeing people on the street who just vanish into thin air;

7. Seeing people morph into skeletons

8. People faces screaming at your window...

9. People walking into your lounge you know but are dead / or miles away

10. Talking to people who aren't there.

Fortunately my medication stops at about number 6.

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Mental Health :: Can You Have CBT While You Are Working?

I have been off work for 6 months because of physical health problems then my antidepressants stopped working. I have been referred to CBT so am waiting for an appointment.

Can you have CBT while you are working?

I am also waiting on OH for work. Would it be better to have OH first before CBT or at the same time/similar time?

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Mental Health :: Lump Behind Ear - Brain Tumor?

I have a small hard lump behind my ear and I'm terrified it's something awful like a brain tumor... Does anyone else have this or know what it could be?

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Mental Health :: Lithium For Depression - Experiences?

I have been severely depressed for just over 8 months (first time in my life). My current drug regime is 300 mg Venlafaxine, 30mg Mirtazapine and 100 mg Quetiapine.  I have had a very limited response to these drugs and am due back to see my psychiatrist week after next.

At my last appointment the psychiatrist said that our next option would be Lithium.  I am not bipolar.  I feel rather frightened by this but at the same time, am so desperate to feel better, I'm almost willing to try anything.  

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Mental Health :: Alcohol Dependant - Its Killing Me Slowly

Why is it slowly killing me in so much pain. Yet I still want to drink it?

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Mental Health :: Computer Games Make You Psychotic Or Something?

I love playing computer games and want to know that can games make you psychotic or something? Anyone know anything about it?

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Shingles Can Cause Hallucinations?

This is about my mum, she got shingles about 3 days ago and has all the symptoms in the leaflets etc. Since last night though she has been hallucinating, and very confused. She could hear a radio which wasn't there and has been arguing with people that aren't there. She's really confused, can't have a proper conversation as will start talking about totally different things and people from years ago iv called the drs and she has to go over later but I'm so worried until then. Could it be the antiviral tablets?

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Hallucinations In ICU After Sepsis And Pneumonia

A couple of years ago, I went into hospital for a routine operation on my tongue.  After the procedure my tongue was very swollen, so they decided to put me back to sleep until the swelling went down.  Unfortunately I then contracted sepsis and pneumonia, was on life support for a week or so.  It took me a long time to recover physically and mentally from this experience.  I had the most horrendous hallucinations whilst in ICU.  I felt like I had been buried alive, embalmed, some of the nurses were from hell and some were from heaven and they were both trying to take me.  Even though this was a long time ago now, I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Schizophrenia :: Fear That Someone Is After Me And Hallucinations

I am 17 and I believe I may have this disorder. First off, I am pretty paranoid. I can't walk in public places without the fear that someone is after me. Like when I am walking from the supermarket, I always look around me cause I feel like people will kidnap me and kill me. I do this as well in school but I don't think they will kidnap me, more that they may want to just hurt me and talk about me. I hate overly crowded places. Like when im at school and it's very crowded, I basically run away. I don't eat anymore in the lunchroom, i eat in my teacher's classroom. I have had depression for over a year.

I hear voices for sure. For a long time, I'd be studying in my room and I'd always hear the tv on and my mom talking and I'd actually believe she was downstairs. But then when I go downstairs, the tv is off and my mom is sleeping. I hear voices tell me really bad things about myself and most of the time. I utterly hate my life because I can't trust those around me, I always suspect them of having this plan to make me look pathetic in public. I have 2 really bad fears: snakes and dots (trypophobia). If i see any of these, I go beserk. I had an attack during the summer because i saw a snake while i was outside, but my dad was at work, and my mom was in her home country. It took me hours before I calmed down and run back home. I kept running around the entire neighborhood like a maniac and I always visualized the snake following me. With dots, it's a whole other story. I basically scream and just turn around. I hate dots, circles close together, all that stuff. It freaks me out. For a while, I had hallucinations that snakes came down the wall. But they were squigly, small and black. I used to look at the them but they never touched the ground, they just stayed on the wall and repeated themselves like a gif.

I have become very very very unfocused in everything, I can't complete tasks anymore and needless to say this include taking a shower before the next day of school. This is bad to add but i've had a few interests in my life and when I find myself that i like them, I become creepily addicted to them in a weird way. I start to fantasize creepy stuff and on top of that i research everything about them. I even start to follow them and i won't stop liking them after a long long long time. I always laugh at the wrong things, like death. When the subject of death comes up about a person or so, I actually have to hold myself from laughing. Or when like I see someone crying about something, I hold myself from laughing as well. I have always been afraid of people's words since I was 5. That was the first time everyone in my elementary school made fun of me. They ruined my life throughout elementary school till high school. They call me names and now I can't do anything without the fear of being judged or talked about.

I also joined a cult a few years ago (I left it after a year) that the govt. was bad and it was going get me. That made me paranoid of public places even more. I also ever since I was young believed for some reason I am special. From thinking I was secretly mermaid to believing I was a witch and I knew witchcraft to thinking im the freaking avatar and I can bend 4 elements (still think that one cause i just feel as if i have that power). So basically what I'm trying to state is that I have issues but I have no idea if they fit the Schizophrenia criteria.

My parents don't believe in mental help at all, basically if I told them any of this, they would yell at me to be normal. And they have before. So do you think the criteria fits and if it similarly does...should i just try to get help on my own? i am almost 18 and i might get a job before college and im living on campus anyway. What do you think i should do? I feel like it's getting worse and that in college i feel like one day i will go crazy and explode.

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Schizophrenia And Psychosis With Hallucinations

I am a 25 year old female. I have been diagnosed with psychosis and until recently it has become almost unmanageable. I have been getting new symptoms that make me believe things are no longer in my imagination. I don't know how to tell the difference between these voices and hallucinations anymore. I am very scared and not very hopeful that things are going to improve, since I have tried numerous medications and still no luck! I am becoming very frightened that this is consuming my life and changing my entire outlook on everyday things I used to be able to do, please someone tell me Things will get better and that I not actually trying to be overtaken by demons and evil things.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Hallucinations After Smoking Marijuana For A Day

My brother smoked marijuana once and only to like 2 hits at it and he's been having hallucinations for like 2 months and saying he may run away he tried to take my mothers car he's .....

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HSV From Sharing A Drink?

How likely is it to contract herpes or another STD from drinking off of another person's glass? I accidently took a sip off of my friends drink and I'm terrified I have contracted something. She didn't have a cold sore at the time or in the days prior.

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HIV Prevention :: Drink And Cup Sharing?

Last night u had a couple friends over. I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out and this afternoon I used a new cup to rinse but as I rinsed with salt water I noticed some brown spots in the cup. It grossed me out and a family member said maybe someone used by accident. I know my one friend used a plastic cup but I thought he threw it out and I'm pretty sure he did. But I'm not sure if this friend may have hiv and if I used the same cup the next day with wisdom tooth surgery happening 5 days ago could I be at risk for transmission if he does have it? I'm incredibly paranoid and nervous

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Pompholyx Sharing My Experience

I am a 29-year-old male of Asian decent (Taiwanese) living in the United States. My first episode happened last November and has continued ever since. It was diagnosed by a dermatologist this April. The worst that I've suffered was when all my fingers and palms, toes and soles were covered with small itchy blisters. Currently my hands are 90% pompholyx-free (yay!).

I think there are three major factors that contribute to the outbreak (environmental, mental, and diet), and I'll explain each in more detail:

Environmental: During dry winter seasons, I develop skin rashes all around my body (guys hate lotion), I think if dry skin can contribute to skin rashes, it probably can contribute to pompholyx outbreak as well.

Solution: Make sure your body is well moisturized, I really don't enjoy the oily sensation, but it sure beats waking up to the itch in the middle of the night! Cetaphil cream (not lotion) work very well for me. Stock up when they're on sale!

Mental+Sleep: I was unemployed when the first episode occurred, and I think stress has a lot to do with it. Also, make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day, and try to relax and think positive thoughts as much as you can.

Solution: I just try to be grateful of what I have... there are people out there who are suffering diseases 1000x worse than pompholyx or being unemployed....

Diet: The dermatologist told me to cut out chocolate and nuts (especially peanuts) completely. It was HARD. But I started about 2 weeks ago, and it's been working so far. There was a scientific study about the possibility of chromium in chocolate that induced a flare up (from breast milk)

For nerds like me, you can check it out (be aware though, it's just a sample size of 1!)

solution: see above, you can cut out coffee too, but that will be too hard for me.


As a prophylaxis, I take a 180mg fexofenadine every night. In addition, when you see (or feel) small blisters starting to accumulate, there are two topical steroids that I use.

0.05% clobetasol propionate (GSK markets it as Dermovate), ointment form

0.5mg/gm fluocinonide, cream form

clobetasol is listed as class 1, very high potency steroid, and fluocinonide is listed as class2, high potency steroid. My dermatologist assured me that applications to the extremities (fingers, toes) will not cause a lot of absorption to the body, so you can be very generous in your application.

I also take multi-vitamins. My dad (who's an MD) told me Asians do not absorb B-vitamins very well, so it's important to supplement with either B-complex or B-12 vitamins.

This is a pesky condition to have...

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Possible To Give Chlamydia By Sharing A Bath?

We only shared a bath once also, is it possible to get chlamydia any other way other than through sexually contact? I've read horrible stories about children getting it from their parents without sexual contact and having their children taken about way because they assume rape.

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HIV Transmitted Thru Sharing A Car Key To Short Cocaine?

Can It be transmitted thru sharing a car key to short cocaine

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Herpes :: Sharing Someones Drink?

I am really stressed out because i have a very bad health mouth because of tonsils and also oral thrush (white patches) on back of the mouth, if i try someone else's drink with that kind of health but he/she has no herpes, could i get the disease? No kissing just sharing drinks..

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Sharing Drink With HIV Positive Friend

I accidentally drank out of a glass that my friend who has hiv was drinking out of (the two glasses were right next to each other). I don't know if he was bleeding but if we can assume there was in fact blood Can hiv survive in water? Can it transmit like this? I don't know if i had any open wounds too so if we assume i did as well is it possible? Or would this count as an environmental transmission that is nonexistent.

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STDs :: Risks Of Sharing Wet Towel

I recently had an encounter where I accidentally may have used the towel which the sex worker just used to clean herself. What are the risks of stds for this action? Do I need any testing?

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HIV Prevention :: Sharing Food - Indirect

i have a question related to hiv: i was invited to a friend party. he served some sausages. everyone ate these sausages using just their hands, no forks or other tools. we had this single dish full of mustard, and after each bite from sausage, all of us were dipping their sausage in this plate of mustard.

is there are risk in catching Hiv or hepatitis from sharing the same mustard plate? just think what if i dip my sausage in the same place as one of my friend do, this after he take one bite of his sausages, and then he dip his sausage again to take mustard... even if when they bite there is the possibility to take some blood on the meat, and then put this blood into mustard? and i take this mustard 3 seconds after?... There is NO RISK, even if we were 7 persons, and all of us, were dipping parts of sausages in this plate? from a sausage, one can have 3-4 bites. so after each bite, they dipping the remaining part in mustard. what if some saliva remain in mustard, or some blood left in mustard? and if I ingest the mustard with saliva or blood? NO RISK?

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Recurring Shingles :: Sharing My Experience

I'm a 35 year old female and have had recurring shingles for about 7 years which occurs anything from 3-7 times a year and occasionally back to back. It is always a small cluster of itchy/stinging spots at the base of my spine and thankfully, the only other symptom can be overly sensitive skin down the back of my thighs. It is the only 'illness' that I ever suffer from - I never get colds or other 'bugs' that seem to plague everyone around me. So, the main guidelines about shingles are very general and should not discount anyone who suffers from this if they fall outside the norm for the condition i.e. over 50, poor immune system, you only get it once, spots appear on the sides, chest or face etc. as I don't fit any of these but have had tests and confirmation.

My advice to anyone else who suffers from this is - do try to get antiviral medication like acyclovir as it will minimise the frequency of outbreaks, try the cold sore patches from the chemist (Compeed is the brand I use) - they can be costly but keep the area clean and covered to prevent spreading and definitely seem to clear it up more quickly and with less scarring and, finally, try not to touch the area at all outside of treating it. I have become good at recognising the early symptoms and the earlier I act on it, the less troublesome it is. I have also made a connection with using sunbeds as a couple of outbreaks have occurred shortly after using one so minimise UV exposure of the area (not usually a problem when it's on your bottom!).

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