Shingles Can Cause Hallucinations?

Feb 20, 2015

This is about my mum, she got shingles about 3 days ago and has all the symptoms in the leaflets etc. Since last night though she has been hallucinating, and very confused. She could hear a radio which wasn't there and has been arguing with people that aren't there. She's really confused, can't have a proper conversation as will start talking about totally different things and people from years ago iv called the drs and she has to go over later but I'm so worried until then. Could it be the antiviral tablets?

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Hallucinations In ICU After Sepsis And Pneumonia

A couple of years ago, I went into hospital for a routine operation on my tongue.  After the procedure my tongue was very swollen, so they decided to put me back to sleep until the swelling went down.  Unfortunately I then contracted sepsis and pneumonia, was on life support for a week or so.  It took me a long time to recover physically and mentally from this experience.  I had the most horrendous hallucinations whilst in ICU.  I felt like I had been buried alive, embalmed, some of the nurses were from hell and some were from heaven and they were both trying to take me.  Even though this was a long time ago now, I still remember it like it was yesterday.   Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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Schizophrenia :: Fear That Someone Is After Me And Hallucinations

I am 17 and I believe I may have this disorder. First off, I am pretty paranoid. I can't walk in public places without the fear that someone is after me. Like when I am walking from the supermarket, I always look around me cause I feel like people will kidnap me and kill me. I do this as well in school but I don't think they will kidnap me, more that they may want to just hurt me and talk about me. I hate overly crowded places. Like when im at school and it's very crowded, I basically run away. I don't eat anymore in the lunchroom, i eat in my teacher's classroom. I have had depression for over a year.

I hear voices for sure. For a long time, I'd be studying in my room and I'd always hear the tv on and my mom talking and I'd actually believe she was downstairs. But then when I go downstairs, the tv is off and my mom is sleeping. I hear voices tell me really bad things about myself and most of the time. I utterly hate my life because I can't trust those around me, I always suspect them of having this plan to make me look pathetic in public. I have 2 really bad fears: snakes and dots (trypophobia). If i see any of these, I go beserk. I had an attack during the summer because i saw a snake while i was outside, but my dad was at work, and my mom was in her home country. It took me hours before I calmed down and run back home. I kept running around the entire neighborhood like a maniac and I always visualized the snake following me. With dots, it's a whole other story. I basically scream and just turn around. I hate dots, circles close together, all that stuff. It freaks me out. For a while, I had hallucinations that snakes came down the wall. But they were squigly, small and black. I used to look at the them but they never touched the ground, they just stayed on the wall and repeated themselves like a gif.

I have become very very very unfocused in everything, I can't complete tasks anymore and needless to say this include taking a shower before the next day of school. This is bad to add but i've had a few interests in my life and when I find myself that i like them, I become creepily addicted to them in a weird way. I start to fantasize creepy stuff and on top of that i research everything about them. I even start to follow them and i won't stop liking them after a long long long time. I always laugh at the wrong things, like death. When the subject of death comes up about a person or so, I actually have to hold myself from laughing. Or when like I see someone crying about something, I hold myself from laughing as well. I have always been afraid of people's words since I was 5. That was the first time everyone in my elementary school made fun of me. They ruined my life throughout elementary school till high school. They call me names and now I can't do anything without the fear of being judged or talked about.

I also joined a cult a few years ago (I left it after a year) that the govt. was bad and it was going get me. That made me paranoid of public places even more. I also ever since I was young believed for some reason I am special. From thinking I was secretly mermaid to believing I was a witch and I knew witchcraft to thinking im the freaking avatar and I can bend 4 elements (still think that one cause i just feel as if i have that power). So basically what I'm trying to state is that I have issues but I have no idea if they fit the Schizophrenia criteria.

My parents don't believe in mental help at all, basically if I told them any of this, they would yell at me to be normal. And they have before. So do you think the criteria fits and if it similarly does...should i just try to get help on my own? i am almost 18 and i might get a job before college and im living on campus anyway. What do you think i should do? I feel like it's getting worse and that in college i feel like one day i will go crazy and explode.

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Schizophrenia And Psychosis With Hallucinations

I am a 25 year old female. I have been diagnosed with psychosis and until recently it has become almost unmanageable. I have been getting new symptoms that make me believe things are no longer in my imagination. I don't know how to tell the difference between these voices and hallucinations anymore. I am very scared and not very hopeful that things are going to improve, since I have tried numerous medications and still no luck! I am becoming very frightened that this is consuming my life and changing my entire outlook on everyday things I used to be able to do, please someone tell me Things will get better and that I not actually trying to be overtaken by demons and evil things.

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Mental Health :: Sharing Visual Hallucinations

Just out of interest, I get the following, although somewhat reduced by my current medication (quetiapine)

1. Flashes, peripheral disturbances;

2. Illusions -- shadows morphing into animals / people;

3. Seeing what I call 'black rats / cats';

4. Spiders on your desk...;

5. 'Throbbing' objects such as keyboards;

6. Seeing people on the street who just vanish into thin air;

7. Seeing people morph into skeletons

8. People faces screaming at your window...

9. People walking into your lounge you know but are dead / or miles away

10. Talking to people who aren't there.

Fortunately my medication stops at about number 6.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Hallucinations After Smoking Marijuana For A Day

My brother smoked marijuana once and only to like 2 hits at it and he's been having hallucinations for like 2 months and saying he may run away he tried to take my mothers car he's .....

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Shingles From Someone With Shingles - Spread?

Hello! I am a 34 year old woman who has just been diagnosed with shingles. I have had them for about a week and am quite uncomfortable, but not miserable. I have had some stomach pains for a few days that I believe are associated.

One problem I have is in all the information on the net and from doctors they stress the point "you can NOT get shingles from someone with shingles"... well, I disagree. My mother is a non-hodgkin's lymphoma patient who was diagnosed with shingles about two weeks ago. I live by her and help her and I find it hard to believe my shingles didn't come from being exposed to her!

Just wanted to let others know.

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Can't Get Shingles From Shingles? Spread?

I've just been diagnosed with Shingles. I have been told you can't get Shingles from Shingles, only chicken pox from shingles. But I am the third person in work in a week to come down with Shingles. If you can't get Shingles from shingles, how come so many people in work have it?

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Shingles In The Eye?

as much as i have search i can't seem to find any usefull info on this condition. i first noticed something was wrong when i woke one morning with a slight pain on the left side of my left eye. after one scary long week, two doctors, one optician and no real answers i had lost any useful sight in the eye, just a blur. took myself to A&E one sat morning , spent the next 7 days in King college hospital on a antiviral drip. that was 4 weeks ago and still no sign that i will regain my sight ,just a huge amount of floaters. having antiviral pills,9 a day ,plus steriods & drops. another 3 months of those i have been told. rare condition i have been told and the object of fascination at the hos. any one with the same experience out there? still wondering if i will ever see again.[

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Conjunctivitis With Shingles

I got diagnosed with conjunctivitis tonight. Anyway after some research on conjunctivitis to see what causes it etc as I havent been in contact with anyone with it, it turns out herpes zoster can cause it. Anyway I am immunocompromised to the shingles virus

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Recurring Shingles

I'm 21 and have had recurring shingles since I was 9... I used to get it about once a year but have had it 7 times in the last 2 years. It used to knock me for six for about 3 weeks but I'm getting better at recognising the early symptoms so that I can have my acyclovir prescription ready and waiting for when the spots come out! The first thing I notice is that I find it uncomfortable to wear my bra (I always get shingles on my side) and then I get that distinct "been hit by a bus" feeling... Absolutely knackered, deep muscle aches and a little nauseous. And then joy of joy, the shooting pains begin! This is the part I find most difficult to cope with, I get really sharp pains drilling down my side and a dull pins and needles like feeling that is continuous. I don't get alot of blisters, just one or two, but they are always inside a mottled rash about the size of a side plate.

I have seen numerous doctors about this who have all said that it's rare, esp for my age, but that's about it. I guess there's nothing that can be done.

The only advice I can give about recurring shingles is just try and get good at recognising it early! And then try and chill until it goes. Useless, I know, but that's all I've got.

If anyone's got some better advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Recovering From Shingles

I have been diagnosed with shingles nearly 4 weeks ago ..

I have commented on this forum before giving my view on alternative options on medication.. Through diet , vitamins etc ..

I did not take any antiviral or strong painkillers as I am very hypersensitive and allergic to a lot of these chemicals ..

At the moment I am feeling a lot better still in some discomfort have my good and bad days .. The pain I had has some what subsided .. I have a little burning in my right hand side of my back and my tummy .. But nothing to the pain I have experienced.. I feel I am on the meant and hopefully make a full recovery .. And I just wanted to give some hope and reassurance to those still in recovery ..

But it would be great to know if anyone has NOT taken any medication for whatever reason and made a fully recovery or has not had a recurrence in the past few years...

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How To Detect Shingles

Can anyone tell me if this could be shingles. I haven't been well since last October. I have upper back pain, gnawing pain that moves around. My ribs are sore, sternum, aching neck and shoulders, loss of appetite and feeling itchy

I feel better than I did in October but still have the aches. Had an ecg, chest xray, echocardiogram, bloods which were all ok. Would shingles have been detected with these tests? I have also felt short of breath at times and spaced out. I have no rash. The doctor said it was probably viral and to take pain killers. I have diagnosed myself with costochondritis or fibromyalgia but am beginning to wonder whether it id shingles.

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Shingles On The Lips Possible?

shingles on the lips possible?

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Shingles - A Sign Of HIV?

I'm 21 and recently got shingles on the left side of my buttocks 6 days ago about now. Well my doctor looked at it and said that what he "thinks it is". He gave me some antibiotics and did a skin culture, and I will be meeting with him again soon.

It happened out of nowhere one night I was at work. It was terrible pain, and very nasty, but seems to be getting better.

Another problem I've had, and idk if this is why it happened on my buttocks, but I've had chronic anal hemorrhoids or anal fissures over a year now. I recently showed my doctor that about 2-3 weeks ago for a normal check up and I will be seeing a specialist for that soon as well.

Im ultimately worried about HIV though, since I heard that's what can cause HiV in young people...

I've actually negative for HIV recently, and have only had one sexual partner since then but she was a sex worker. She seemed clean in appearance, but she gave me unprotected oral and I penetrated her vagina with a condom on after. I do not recall the condom breaking. I'm 90% sure about that, unless there was a small tear or something I didn't notice if that's possible.

One other note is that the day before my shingles breakout, I had diarrhea after an intense day of basketball. I am normally very active weekly, but this day I did play more basketball than usual and I was extremely exhausted after and then had stomach pain which lead to the diarrhea. The diarrhea was only that night though and haven't had any since.

Can anyone give me some knowledge on something like this?

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Shingles Without The Rash?

For the past week, I have had pain in my side...about the size of an apple. The skin is extremely sensitive to touch (even getting goosebumps makes me wince), and am getting sharp stabbing type pains. I went to my local emergency department. The nurse who looked me over first asked me many questions, and said that she believed I have shingles, although I don't have a rash. I have had shingles before, and it does feel the same...but when the Dr. came in, he said he has no clue going on, but that it can't be shingles without the rash. He didn't do any bloodwork, nothing. I know for a fact that a person can have shingles without a rash. What is even more confusing is that he prescribed me a muscle relaxer, some Naproxen, and a script to go to physiotherapy. Why would he do this if he doesn't know what it is, and why would he rule out the shingles without any tests?

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Eye Shingles - Nothing Helps

About 5 weeks ago my right eye started to feel extremely painful to the point I ended up to A&E, The diagnosis was that I had a cornea cut and I was given some eye cream, over the following couple of days things go much worse, again back to A&E and still cornea cut, finally I was able to go to an Optometrist who quickly told me that the cream I was given were absolutely no help as I had Eye Shingles, and she prescribed VIRGAN,she also made a follow up appointment as I am half blind (left eye)..... 2 weeks passed and started to feel better, however follow up app and apparently shingles were still there. I was given tablets against the viral after 10 days I feel it has gone worse where I am unable to look in the light at all and I am at a loss..... I would go back to the Optometrist on Monday but losing faith and not sure what else they can do as obviously I am pretty much at a loss (no punt intended).... anyone has had experience with eye shingles and what were the best "products" provided?

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Shingles :: Neosporin Helps

I did some research on an infection rash that I started seeing develope on my thigh and I have found out that it is shingles...On the onsight of the blisters I have put neosporin on really seems to help and within 3-5 days has started to heal...worth a shot...give it a try!!!

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Difference Between Shingles And Hives ?

I'm a 27 year old woman and I've recently developed an extremely itchy rash on my back and hives- only on left side. At first i thought it was hives but usually when j get hives they are whitish but these are more red and some have a scabby surface. I haven't had any "pain" or burning but the itching is bad enough to where I can't sleep. This is around the 6th day with them. I will post a picture of what they looked like the first day vs now.

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Recurring Impetigo Or Shingles?

I took this disastrous trip to Greece (I was completely healthy before the trip) and upon my return last April within a few days I started having this sore growing larger everyday on my chin. Somewhat yellowish and had a 40 C temperature for a week and very sick for another week. I took Doxy for two weeks which apparently did not eradicate the bacteria.

Two weeks later while a big red spot remained on my chin I started having another sore on my back but the doctor diagnosed (by observation) that this sore was shingles (i had shingles on my leg 4 years ago) so prescribed me Valtrex.

Then I started having another yellowish sore on my lower back last month which is likely a return of impetigo since it itches a lot with no pain and the doctor prescribed me 250 mg twice a day erythromycin for 3 months. I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and the sore appears healing however as a result (of likely my immune system weaken by impetigo) I came down with a second shingle in less than a month!!!. Not to mention chest infection last week too on the top of everything else So it appears I am now in a cycle of impetigo and shingles. How I can get out of this vicious cycle I have no idea. I have never been in a similar situation. is returning impetigo (followed by returning shingles, third or fourth in 4 years and second or third in a month) a norm. I asked my doctor to give me higher dose of antibiotics or a stronger one but he refused. What are my options to end this vicious cycle.

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All Shingles Symptoms But NO Rash?

I had classic shingles symptoms but never got the rash (and my doctor diagnosed as shingles).  Left side only, numbness, itching pain on one side of my neck/shoulder.  Antivirals reduced pain and itchiness but I still remain totally numb there and occasionally having itching or slight pain at 8 weeks out.

Now my lips and the end of my tongue feel different...not numb or painful but just different enough that I notice it. I am trying not to be a hypochondriac...but it worries me that it is not Shingles and something more neurological- MS...etc... My gut tells me this is all related to the shingles but.... 

Has anyone else had a similar experience with symptoms like these? 

My understanding that blood tests are fairly inconclusive..

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