Migraine :: Nortriptyline Mild Side Effects - Numbness In My Legs, Feet And Hands

Mar 2, 2016

I've started taking 25MG of nortriptyline for migraines- my dosage goes up to 50 MG at the end of the week. The first few days of taking it, I experienced physical exhaustion and grogginess, as well as numbness in my legs, feet, and hands, but nothing too bad that impaired me. I also have felt more mentally focused. Any thoughts?

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General :: Burning In My Feet, Legs , Arms And Hands

I am a 40 year old male about 30 pds overweight. I developed sixth nerve palsy in February 2014 and it finally cleared up three months later on its own? In July 2014 I started burning in my left arm and hand. As time has went by until now the burning has got worse in both feet and legs up to the knee. I also burn in both arms and hands. I burn across my chest and left shoulder also some. I have had several blood test, MRI, nerve electro study. The Dr. Found that I failed my oral glucose tolerance test twice and a skin biopsy showed small nerve fiber damage. I am currently on metformin 500 mg 2 x a day and gabapentin 300 mg 3 x a day. The gabapentin doesn't help. I have taken lisinopryl hctz 10- 12.5 mg and citalopram 20 mg for several years, could the burn come from these medicines? Is it because of diabetes 2, even though my a1c has been only between 5.6 - 5.9? Any ideas on the cause or what to do?

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Neuropathic Pain :: Numbness In Both Feet And Lower Legs

I'm not sure Wat it is I have I have numbness in both feet and lower legs but my knees are in constant pain and buckle on random occasions or if I try and jog/run at the start of this I was detoxin of of alcohol addiction and that's when it started i've had and mri of my head and back bloods etc and all seems OK so it's leaving me and doctors scratching their heads?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Numbness, Pins And Needles In Feet And Legs

I had a mini flare 10 days ago and went up from 8 to 9 and half.  The last two days I have had extremely uncomfortable numbness and pins and needles in my feet and lower legs.  The numbness is so bad that I scratched my leg on my zip and drew blood, but hardly felt a thing.  I have a bright red weal there now.

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Nortriptyline - Was There Any Side Effects

I have just been put on nortriptyline for my pain has anyone else had this and did it work was there any side effects.

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Headache And Cheek Numbness On Right Side - Migraine?

I am 27 years old. For a few days I have had a headache on my right side which goes with a numb feeling in my cheek. I have pain down my right neck shoulder and arm which goes to my hand. I went to my GP today and he gave me painkillers Naproxen I think they are. I have took 2 already and due to take my third one. He told me I have a migraine.

I have left for 15 hours last night and another 3 today after coming back from my GP. I still feel tired. I have never had a migraine before but I am scared to death that this is not just a migraine.

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Migraine :: Side Effects Of Topamax 25mg

I am taking Topirol 25 mg ( Topamax) from last 1 n half year. It has helped to reduce my Migraine attacks but facing many side effects like breathing problem,dullness, tiredness, weakness,leg pain, Numbness and tingly feeling in hands and feet.Shall I continue taking it or not?

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Migraine With Aura :: Amitriptyline Side Effects?

Was diagnosed last year as having migraine with aura. started off with numbness all down my neck and left arm, confusion at times and the very odd headache. woke one morning and thought i was having a stroke... i was confused , completely numb and disoriented. went to A&E and was admitted for 5 days of tests and scans.

i had a MRI brain scan, MRI neck scan, CT brain scan, chest x rays, neck Xrays and every imaginable blood test you could imagine. all negative and clear, except for neck MRI showing a slight bulge in the c6/c7 disc but not impinging on any nerves.

so after seeing the neurologist i was sent home with the diagnosis of migraine with aura and given a 6 month prescription for amitriptyline.

after researching the amitriptyline i decided not to take it , as i didn't feel that the rare headaches i was getting were bad and as i have a young child with some medical issues i needed to be alert at night in case he needed me.

since june i was being suffering with a constant headache, on my left side, and when its bad it goes right in behind my eyes and across my forehead. it was coming and going but its been constant for the last few days and im wondering if this is really migraine.im also suffering from regular panic attack lately . does migraine last persistently for days or weeks, should the aura symptoms not disappear when there is no headache.... i am so scared that there is something else going on even though all tests were clear.... thinking of going to GP and maybe trying the amitriptyline but from researching it seems that preventative medication is hit or miss and usually comes with side effects.....

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Lansoprazole :: Side Effects - Swollen Ankles And Feet ?

does anybody else get swollen ankles and feet when taking lansoprazole, is this a side effect of this medication. i would like to see some answers to this. and do you get such a dry mouth.

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Migraine :: Gabapentin - Side Effects Long Term?

My husband has been suffering with unbearable headaches for 15 years. Over the last few months they have become so much worse to the point that he is in a ball, crying in pain, he can't see, can't walk, he was ranting during one attack that he was going to take all of the tablets he could find. He has no memory of saying these things when the headache has eased. He tells me the headache is there constantly but gets worse really quickly. He usually wakes up with the headache although they sometimes come on during the day. They are usually at the sides of his head above his eyes but swaps sides and sometimes goes down his neck. He gets them everyday for a week then has a few days to a week then they start again. He has had a number of GPs all of which have said he doesn't need to be referred to a specialist it is migraines as if it was anything 'serious' we'd have known by now ie nOt a brain tumour. He has had many preventative medicines but none have helped. His latest GP has prescribed gabapentin which was prior to his last and worst attack so far. When we explained what happened she merely raised the dosage and gave imigran for pain relief. I just wondered if anyone has been prescribed gabapentin long term for migraines and if there are any long term side effects as I've heard there are a number namely vitamin B 12 deficiency, pulmonary problems, long and short term memory loss.

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Ramipril :: Side Effects - Sickness, Numbness, Tingling

I am 41 years old and have been taking this drug for the past 7 years (As at April '09) I suffer from all the symptoms; sickness, numbness, tingling etc. I forget to take it more than I remember. The advice I give is:- unless it affects you as a driver then don't worry about it but if you are concerned then speak to your doctor. I am a professional driver (Coaches) and if I went off sick every time I had a side effect, I would never work again. Then I would get bored.

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Cyclizine Reaction / Side Effects - Chorea, Tremors, Affecting The Head, Hands, Feet and Face

I was prescribed cyclizine tablets for vomiting and nausea. I was admitted into hospital for a week in 2014 suffering side effects from taking Cyclizine. I am still suffering side effects.

Below are some of my side-effects:

Chorea, tremors, affecting the head, hands, feet  and face

neurological disorder characterized by jerky involuntary movements

disorientation, speech problem, blurred vision, hearing problem,

breathing problem and loss of balance.

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Metronidazole :: Prior To Tooth Extraction - Side Effects - Headache/migraine, Itching/sore Skin

I was prescribed a 3 day course for a possible dental infection I have, prior to having the tooth extracted. The side effects I am experiencing are tremendous, I have headache/migraine, itching/sore skin, vomiting, diarrhoea... Stopped taking them but only have 1 in the course left. How long do they last?

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Possible Mild Frostbite At -22 - Hands Red And Tender

I work in a freezer at -22 and yesterday stupidly without gloves I moved some metal shelving around. My hands were really red after and today are tender and have a tingling sensation. could I have possible mild frostbite, I felt a sharp burning pain at the time but there is no pain now.

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Migraine :: Withdrawal Information On Nortriptyline?

I was on Nortriptyline for a year for migraine prevention.  I found it was making me extremely tired and my heart race.  I unfortunately stopped it two weeks ago abruptly.  Does anyone know how long withdrawal symptoms last for.  Still feel jumpy, brain zaps, insomnia and headache.

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Migraine :: Nortriptyline - My Dizziness And Visual Symptoms Have Gotten Worse

Recently I have been diagnosed with a daily type of migraine which causes imbalance, dizziness and visual blurring although I don't always have a headache. The doctor put me on nortriptyline 10mg once a day at night. I'm on my second day and my dizziness and visual symptoms have gotten far worse? Is this normal and does it go away after a while? Feeling rather panicky as I struggle to even go to the shop. Nothing feels real. Any advice out there?

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Migraine - Nortriptyline :: Suffering With Severe Dizziness For 9 Months

I am taking nortriptyline which has been no help at all i feel suicidal i've lost my job because of it can anyone help?

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Thyroid :: Tingling In My Hands And Feet

I have had parathyroid surgery for high calcium and ever surgery I started having tingling in my hands and feet. Afterwards it spread throughout my body. I also experienced tingling on the right side of my face and also some dizziness. What could be the problem? Is there something I could do about it?

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Toddlers Skin Peeling Off - Hands And Feet

My sons skin is peeling off of his hands and feet. It's not painful for him and it doesn't seem to be itching. It looks like blisters but there's no puss. Now his nails are coming off. I took him to see pediatricians but none of them knew what it was. One thought it was eczema but it was ruled out after test. I'm really worried and want to help him. Does anybody have a clue or maybe have seen this before?

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Hypothyroidism :: Hashimoto's - Feet And Hands Are Always Cold?

So today I had an appointment with an endo for the second time. He said my thyroid levels are not normal and has diagnosed me with hashimoto's. He explained it has something to do with my antibodies or something. Could this explain why my feet and hands are always Cold?

Anyway, they are treating me straight away for it.

I'm still worried about adrenal Cancer and cushing's. But he said that Cancer isn't an option. And my blood pressure was fine so he doesn't suspect any adrenal problem

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Mild Pain/numbness In Arm Veins - Elbows Down To Fingers

I am extremely worried about my health at the moment. I am taking ritalin to study but my blood pressure seems to have increased a bit. Went to the doc he says its fine. Today my veins from my inside elbow to my wrist hand and fingers was in mild pain and numbness. I am 21 years old and have no history of any medical problems.

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