Movement Disorders :: Tremors/involuntary Slow Finger And Hand Movements At Rest

Feb 5, 2015

I'm seeing a neurologist next week because of the above symptoms.   I'm a 68 year old woman and my GP said it's the way my body is aging!  I'm not so much worried (about for example Parkinson's) as intrigued.  I know lots of people suffer hand and finger tremors but I am a bit unnerved by my hands and fingers moving very, very slowly on their own.  As I stop typing for a moment my right little finger has raised itself from the keyboard as if it were being pulled but very very slowly.  My whole hand will slowly curl and even my arms will move on their own if I am "at rest".   It's probably something with no explanation but I wonder if anybody else who has been diagnosed with a neurological/muscular  condition has experienced this symptom.  I do feel as if I am trembling right through my body and my feet will also move independently if I keep still long enough. I don't seem to have any other Parkinson's symptoms.

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Movement Disorders :: Tardive Dyskinesia And Involuntary Movements

I'm struggling to cope with having tardive dyskinesia and can't stop lip smacking/tongue movements every day.

It's so embarrassing, not to mention socially weird. I feel a real freak and don't know if I can cope with having this for the next however many years.

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Nerve Disorders :: Finer, Thumb Pulsates - Involuntary Movements

I'm a 48 yr old female and would like to know..why ..on my finger next to my thumb pulsates and involuntary movements and wheels

t that's nerve twitches next to my thumb..on my left right handed.

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Cymbalta (Duloxetine) :: Severe Hand Tremors

Has anyone had this happen?  I had gone up from the 20mg dose to the 40mg dose and was doing better.  Less depression and the goal was to ease my fibro pain (I currently take Gabapentin and Tramadol) and eventually stop taking Tramadol.  I suddenly started shaking.  I had muscle jumps (can't think of another way to describe it) in my  legs and I literally shook so bad I couldn't turn pages on my Kindle without trying a few times.  It was disturbing.

The doctor called me back said to go back to the 20mb dose.  I continued to shake...but it lessened.  I am now going off it by taking it every other day (20mb) and can't get the Dr. to return my call.

I have tried all the Fibro drugs.  Lyrica didn't work.  Savella caused bad rapid h/b.  Effexor caused muscle jumps in my legs too (but not hand shaking).

If I continued to take it would the hand tremors go away?  No one can answer that.  Pain is worse since I have eased off so it was actually working.  I want to continue if it will lesson, but I don't know if it will.

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Involuntary Jaw Movements?

Wondering if anyone else has this same problem? I have unwanted movements of my jaw that are becoming more frequent to the point I'm affected by this problem most of the day. My jaw will move from center to the left side, or other times in a back and forth direction... these forceful jerking movements are extremely fast, occur repetitively and once they start they go on for hours. At other times my mouth will pop open unexpectedly or it will slam shut really fast and hard like a bear trap, my teeth gnash together when my jaw slams shut. My teeth are in decent shape, considering... but I'm starting to worry lately about how much more abuse my teeth can take before they start getting knocked out.

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Bowel Disorder :: Involuntary Movements And Leakage

I've been struggling with involuntary movements and leakage as long as I can remember. I'm currently on medications that may cause constipation and it looks like I can not discontinue them until further notice. It's embarrassing and can't really find a cure for it. I've tried many things such as

1. fibre supplements
2. kegel exercises
3. stool hardeners
4. Stool softeners
5. probiotics
6. natural fibres

I've tried most things under the sun and I am currently on the waiting list to see a bowel specialist. Is there anyone who has or had similar experiences?

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Toe :: Sustained Involuntary Movements - Dystonia? Seizures?

Just wanted to know if anyone had ever come across this before. Our older son has had constant movement back and forth toward the other toe for over 4 months. Have gone to doctors and no one knows what it is. Also, has had muscle spasms in chest and back and sometimes down to the abdomen on both sides.

Going for MRI next week, but was wondering if anyone had had this before. One doctor thought it was from seizures, but the movement never stops. Is there a type of seizure that never stops? Also, have done some research on dystonia. Does dystonia have movements like this. Also, there is no pain from movement on toe. But, does have pain in chest and back. X-ray came back normal.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Anxiety :: Involuntary Movements?

I have recently started cbt therapy following a traumatic death experience. During my therapy session I started to get involuntary movements that i knew were happening but I had no control over...

My therapist didn't say anything about them and I didn't ask just wanted to get out at the end. All she suggested was maybe now is not the right time for exposure therapy and to consider less invasive counselling first.

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Cyclizine Reaction - Oculogyric Crisis - Involuntary Facial Movements

I had surgery to remove a kidney stone last month, I was given cyclIzine to take home along with pain meds. After a day of taking the cyclizine tablets all of a sudden I felt really on edge and strange and had gone from being quite sedated from pain meds to breathing unusually. I had involuntary movements in my face and neck. It progressed into difficulties talking, my gp told me to stop taking cyclizine immediately. 2 days later the symptoms were worse so my gp gave me procyclidine to stop the symptoms. The following night they got even worse and apparently it's called oculogyric crisis, felt like I was fitting. Being treated with sedatives now which have really helped, it's a month later now though and I had a series of episodes last night of oculogyric crisis. Has anyone else had similar experiences and how long did your symptoms last?

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Arthritis :: Hand/finger Cramp

I have hand and finger cramping whenever I try to bend my left middle finger. The knuckle at the base of that finger is very red. I do have ulnar compression at the left elbow and weakness of the left little finger as a result. But I have not had this problem before. Any ideas on relieving the cramping until I can see a doctor? Is neurontin likely to help? Yesterday I had no problem with this finger.

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HIV Prevention :: Blood On Hand And Under Finger Nail

a while ago my friend cut his hand and some of his blood got onto my hand and under my fingernail.  I noticed dried blood under my fingernail the next morning.  

1. would the virus be dead before it touched my hand ?
2. can the virus get through under the finger nail ?
3. does dry skin and paper cuts allow entry into the bloodstream?
4. is this a no risk situation?
5. no need to test? .

i just need clarification as I'm not 100% sure.

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HIV Prevention :: Finger Or Hand Touching Condom

I was very scare and worried about my recent expose. during the April 14, i was visit the CSW. there are not any sexual contact, handjob and fingering or body rub happen in the expose. what i did is i ask for the CSW masturbate herself then i ask for passing me a condom as i would like to fingering her with protection. the concern part is that the CSW may have some vaginal fluids when she open the cover of condom for me then i got touch the condom and put my right hand finger into the condom but the end i dint fingering her as my nail is too sharp and i suddenly don't want to do that. but i got watch my hand and check again and again, i could not find any significant cut or fresh bleeding on my two hand or fingers. all my memory can recall is i got ask her to use another hand to pass me the condom.

1. may i know the risk of hiv and std from the incident?
2. can the hiv risk occur if the vaginal fluids contain of the surface of condom?
3. can the hiv risk occur from object? is the condom consider an object?
4. should i go for test?    

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Knot On Hand :: Pointer Finger Swelled Up And Hurt Bad

hello all, 2 months ago i wrecked my dirt bike, my thumb bent back and touched my wrist. my hand, thumb, and pointer finger swelled up and hurt bad. after a few days i noticed a bruise running from my elbow all the way to my hand. now the pain is mostly gone as well as the bruising , but i have a small hard knot right where my pointer finger and thumb come together. is this a torn tendon or should i get this looked at like i should have in the first place..


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Skin :: Discoloration On Left Hand Index Finger

I have washed my hands just to see if it was dirt or something when I did yard work last night. The top of my finger is orange/bronze looking and I've researched it and it could be gangrene but I seriously doubt it, but never know. I came here to ask others what it could be.

I realized it about 2 1/2 hours ago at school during breakfast. I thought it was strange cause I have not ever seen it before. It doesn't hurt that I know of yet. Its just like below my nail not like underneath it but below it.

That's all I can really say about it right now. If anything comes up or affects any other places on me will let ya know

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Slight Swelling And Pain In Hand After Breaking Finger

I recently broke my left ring finger, 4 months ago, now slightly below my index finger is a small lump that looks like it is my tendons. This lumps starts a raised line in the center of my hand, proceeds up by my index finger as well as slightly splitting off towards my middle finger. I also have light pain in my hand, especially after I do something with it. Also my finger still feels very strange to move and bring down to my palm. It also is sometimes slightly stiff. The line/lump is what I would describe to be my bone or tendons.

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Arthritis :: Middle Finger Of Left Hand Is Locking Itself

Had this condition for about 1 year blood tests do not show any problem so why is this happening?

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Fracture Proximal Phalanx, 4th Finger, Left Hand. Surgery Or Not?

I broke the ring finger from the left hand and have consulted with two trauma specialists in hands, yet one recommended surgery and the other not. 

Can someone tell/confirm me if my case really requires surgery or not and if it´s not required, will the sensitivity and finger mobility affected?

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Humerus Fracture - Limited Hand And Wrist Movement Due To Nerve Damage

I am 2 week into my broken fracture in my humerus just above the elbow

The doctors undertook surgery and after the surgery they did say my nerve was damaged in the process as I had a metal plate inserted to put back the broken bones together if that make sense.

Whilst I understand the fracture will take a while to heal I am real concerned about my nerve injury I can't move my thumb freely, I can't move wrist at all I can bend my fingers but I can't straighten

My splint is tight so I do loosen this and try to do exercise with my hand.

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Sleep Disorders :: Involuntary Stretching?

Should I consult a Doctor about involuntary stretching? I am 67 year old woman in fairly good health- very sctive. This has been going on for several months and supplements have not helped.

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Neurological Disorders :: Involuntary Snorting Every 45 Seconds

My 30 year old daughter has been doing this for the last several years. She can resist doing it for a while, but typically snorts every 45 seconds or so when she doesn't feel a need to limit it. It's loud and unpleasant. She says it feels like she can't breathe so she is actually snorting in her throat more than her nose. She feels like her throat is tight and not letting in enough air. I know it's bothersome for her, but it is maddening for those she lives with.

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Painless Muscle Twitches

I've been having involuntary painless muscle twitches all over my body but mainly my right thumb. My neck twitches as well, like a quick pull of my chin to my shoulder. I also get strong jerks (my whole body) while trying to fall asleep. I also feel lightheaded. What is could be causing this?

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