Movement Disorders :: Tardive Dyskinesia And Involuntary Movements

Apr 12, 2016

I'm struggling to cope with having tardive dyskinesia and can't stop lip smacking/tongue movements every day.

It's so embarrassing, not to mention socially weird. I feel a real freak and don't know if I can cope with having this for the next however many years.

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Movement Disorders :: Tremors/involuntary Slow Finger And Hand Movements At Rest

I'm seeing a neurologist next week because of the above symptoms.   I'm a 68 year old woman and my GP said it's the way my body is aging!  I'm not so much worried (about for example Parkinson's) as intrigued.  I know lots of people suffer hand and finger tremors but I am a bit unnerved by my hands and fingers moving very, very slowly on their own.  As I stop typing for a moment my right little finger has raised itself from the keyboard as if it were being pulled but very very slowly.  My whole hand will slowly curl and even my arms will move on their own if I am "at rest".   It's probably something with no explanation but I wonder if anybody else who has been diagnosed with a neurological/muscular  condition has experienced this symptom.  I do feel as if I am trembling right through my body and my feet will also move independently if I keep still long enough. I don't seem to have any other Parkinson's symptoms.

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Nerve Disorders :: Finer, Thumb Pulsates - Involuntary Movements

I'm a 48 yr old female and would like to know..why ..on my finger next to my thumb pulsates and involuntary movements and wheels

t that's nerve twitches next to my thumb..on my left right handed.

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Involuntary Jaw Movements?

Wondering if anyone else has this same problem? I have unwanted movements of my jaw that are becoming more frequent to the point I'm affected by this problem most of the day. My jaw will move from center to the left side, or other times in a back and forth direction... these forceful jerking movements are extremely fast, occur repetitively and once they start they go on for hours. At other times my mouth will pop open unexpectedly or it will slam shut really fast and hard like a bear trap, my teeth gnash together when my jaw slams shut. My teeth are in decent shape, considering... but I'm starting to worry lately about how much more abuse my teeth can take before they start getting knocked out.

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Bowel Disorder :: Involuntary Movements And Leakage

I've been struggling with involuntary movements and leakage as long as I can remember. I'm currently on medications that may cause constipation and it looks like I can not discontinue them until further notice. It's embarrassing and can't really find a cure for it. I've tried many things such as

1. fibre supplements
2. kegel exercises
3. stool hardeners
4. Stool softeners
5. probiotics
6. natural fibres

I've tried most things under the sun and I am currently on the waiting list to see a bowel specialist. Is there anyone who has or had similar experiences?

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Toe :: Sustained Involuntary Movements - Dystonia? Seizures?

Just wanted to know if anyone had ever come across this before. Our older son has had constant movement back and forth toward the other toe for over 4 months. Have gone to doctors and no one knows what it is. Also, has had muscle spasms in chest and back and sometimes down to the abdomen on both sides.

Going for MRI next week, but was wondering if anyone had had this before. One doctor thought it was from seizures, but the movement never stops. Is there a type of seizure that never stops? Also, have done some research on dystonia. Does dystonia have movements like this. Also, there is no pain from movement on toe. But, does have pain in chest and back. X-ray came back normal.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - Anxiety :: Involuntary Movements?

I have recently started cbt therapy following a traumatic death experience. During my therapy session I started to get involuntary movements that i knew were happening but I had no control over...

My therapist didn't say anything about them and I didn't ask just wanted to get out at the end. All she suggested was maybe now is not the right time for exposure therapy and to consider less invasive counselling first.

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Cyclizine Reaction - Oculogyric Crisis - Involuntary Facial Movements

I had surgery to remove a kidney stone last month, I was given cyclIzine to take home along with pain meds. After a day of taking the cyclizine tablets all of a sudden I felt really on edge and strange and had gone from being quite sedated from pain meds to breathing unusually. I had involuntary movements in my face and neck. It progressed into difficulties talking, my gp told me to stop taking cyclizine immediately. 2 days later the symptoms were worse so my gp gave me procyclidine to stop the symptoms. The following night they got even worse and apparently it's called oculogyric crisis, felt like I was fitting. Being treated with sedatives now which have really helped, it's a month later now though and I had a series of episodes last night of oculogyric crisis. Has anyone else had similar experiences and how long did your symptoms last?

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Sleep Disorders :: Involuntary Stretching?

Should I consult a Doctor about involuntary stretching? I am 67 year old woman in fairly good health- very sctive. This has been going on for several months and supplements have not helped.

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Neurological Disorders :: Involuntary Snorting Every 45 Seconds

My 30 year old daughter has been doing this for the last several years. She can resist doing it for a while, but typically snorts every 45 seconds or so when she doesn't feel a need to limit it. It's loud and unpleasant. She says it feels like she can't breathe so she is actually snorting in her throat more than her nose. She feels like her throat is tight and not letting in enough air. I know it's bothersome for her, but it is maddening for those she lives with.

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Painless Muscle Twitches

I've been having involuntary painless muscle twitches all over my body but mainly my right thumb. My neck twitches as well, like a quick pull of my chin to my shoulder. I also get strong jerks (my whole body) while trying to fall asleep. I also feel lightheaded. What is could be causing this?

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Muscle Tensing & Contorting -dystonia?

I often involuntarily tense up and sometimes contort my muscles into painful positions—for example, arching my back deeply or sharply pointing my foot/toes. This occurs randomly, and many times every day. It happens in 1-3 areas of my body at a time, in varying combinations—including my jaws (clenching), tongue, back, hands, arms, buttocks, legs and feet. I don't realize I'm doing it until it starts to hurt! Once I'm aware, I can force the muscles to relax, but it just happens again after 10-30 secs, or if not that soon, a few minutes later (in the same part(s) of my body, or different one(s). It makes my muscles (and sometimes the joints) very fatigued and painful. I thought maybe it was anxiety, but it happens when I have little-to-no anxiety at all, and I've tried relaxation methods, stretching, anti-anxiety meds, all with no success. Someone I know told me that my symptoms seem very similar to the early symptoms of her dystonia. I don’t really know anything about dystonia, so if someone could tell me if this problem sounds like dystonia or not.

P.S. I’ve been diagnosed with: Asthma; ADHD; Constant Headache; Fibromyalgia; GERD; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Idiopathic Tachycardia; Migraine—without aura; Depression; several musculoskeletal conditions (right shoulder, right knee, left foot); Keratosis Pilaris; Eczema; Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome; and Hypothyroidism. I also have the following symptoms that doctors haven’t yet diagnosed or attributed to any of my already diagnosed conditions: Ear Problems: pain (right ear, spreads to the neck just below ear, and to the surrounding facial area), stinging and itching sensations deep in the right ear, and bilateral paroxysmal tinnitus; Eye Pain/Visual Problems: left eye pain (accompanied by a gnawing numbness around that eye), bilateral eye pain (separate from aforementioned left eye pain), poor night vision, “trailing” (after lying down), and “ghosting” (upon exertion); Numbness/Tingling—entire left side of my body; Altered Taste—constant odd tastes—metallic, bitter, sour/citrus; Dizziness and Poor Balance/Coordination; Fainting/Falling; and Hair Loss.

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Sleep Disorders :: Involuntary Rapid Jabbering Before Falling Asleep

This is driving me crazy for the last year! Most nights I don't get a lot of sleep so I am often overtired. When I am about to fall asleep I will have lots of sudden episodes of rapid nonsensical utterances. My husband calls them AbbaDabbaDoo episodes, lol. The sounds are always different and often very loud. Sometimes I will even yell out. This all happens before I start to fall asleep or even feel I am drifting off. Often I am awake reading, on the computer or watching TV. Even when absorbed in a fast hockey game I can emit these sounds. There is no denying I am awake but, I am still tired. I was tested for Myoclonic Epilepsy but, it was negative. I do have Sleep Apnea and use C-Pap. I also have Myoclonus mostly with leg jerking but sometimes worse. The sudden blurting out episodes often co-inside with the leg jerks. Has anyone ever had this or even heard of it. I can get no answers from my ENT or Neurologist. I don't know where to go next in trying to get an answer. Is this just merely another version of sleep starts?

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Movement Disorders :: Difficulty In Writing A V R And D

Recently when I find it difficult to begin certain letters, such as 'a', 'v', 'r' and 'd', when I am writing. I am studying Physics, and so write a lot of maths. I have never previously had any trouble writing letters, and consider myself to have neat handwriting. I have tried different pens, pencils e.t.c, and worry this might have some link with Parkinson’s disease, which runs in my Dad's side of the family. I am a male aged 18.

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Movement Disorders And Clonazepam After DaT Scan, MRI And SSEP

After 18 months of symptoms and various medical tests for eg DaT Scan, MRI and SSEP 

Just started on clonazepam and see specialist neurologist again in Aug, can anyone advise what questions to ask and has anyone with this condition tried clonazepam ? Was also supposed to start on propranolol but am worried because I have low blood pressure so will discuss this at next app.

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Movement Disorders :: Benign Familial Essential Tremor

wanting to contact others who have the same condition. Sometimes it is genetically related or not.

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Sleep Disorders :: Rhythmic Movement Disorder When Sleeping

I have looked on many websites for discussions on this, then stopped because it didn't cause much worry, but only recently am I trying to find help, which is hard to find. I post and post and it seems that nobody has any answers or even cares to answer. It is a very big concern of mine. I have many anxiety issues, I developed borderline personality disorder, and also suffer from general anxiety, all stemming from childhood. I have also rocked myself to sleep since I could remember. (Which I don't remember much below age 12). I am currently 18, and never had a problem coping with my RMD as it was harmless and all around soothing. Even in public or talking about something I was uncomfortable with I would subtly rock(Didn't even know till bf pointed it out) But I am now currently 17 weeks pregnant. I had no trouble sleeping during the first trimester as I was tired all the time, but now I'm having troubles sleeping and I'm afraid my RMD will cause harm to the baby, as I am aggressively rocking my whole body from head to toe back and forth for literally hours. I'd wake up with knots in my hair from it. My boyfriend would be able to wake me up too and stop me as I do it subconsciously, but he now sleeps through it. But I have woken up twice from it, and it really worries me that it will harm my little angel. It generally when I have nightmares(Which I do almost every night or I just don't dream)..or when I am stressed I believe. I really don't know much about it but I will be talking to my doctor about it (but I'm sure she will just tell me to find coping methods), but I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this and what their first hand experiences were & how they coped with it because counseling and meds are something that haven't helped and I really can't or want to take any medication now as I want my baby to be as healthy as possible.

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Bowel Disorders :: Small Movements

I sit and try to have BM and while doing so, my legs go numb from sitting too long. The little I do have them is small and ribbon like. 2 or 3 droppings each time. Stomach hurts all the time. Gassy all day and night. My stomach makes the worst sounds.Thought maybe colon is packed tightly or something. I eat a lot more than I use the bathroom. Maybe do a parasite and colon cleanser?

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Bowel Disorders :: Maintaining Balanced Movements?

I dont know what book to buy im a person who wants to learn about maintaining normal sized and hydrated defecations and so have to learn about the ways of reading the feelings of the digestive system like what its calling for and also the observation reading of defecated feces and then what to learn and what to consume or not and there maintain balanced bowel movements.

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Bowel Disorders :: Painful, Odd Bowel Movements

I have had IBS for 20 years, and have been treating it with fiber therapy pretty successfully. In the last few months, i've had some odd bowel movements. the first one i noticed was long and thin and tough, like an elastic. i thought tapeworm, but my stool tested negative for worms. i can't explain it, but after wiping and checking it flings itself off the toilet paper a fair distance. I'm afraid to ask my doctor because he scoffed at me when i told him that i thought i had worms. i had a colonoscopy for my 50th birthday in august and everything checked out. Any idea as to what's happening?

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Men :: Involuntary Ejaculation

I'm male of age 29. it happened to me a couple of times that when I was traveling on bus I had ejaculation with orgasm. prior to that ejaculation I was having a strong urge for urination?

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