Movement Disorders And Clonazepam After DaT Scan, MRI And SSEP

Jul 21, 2014

After 18 months of symptoms and various medical tests for eg DaT Scan, MRI and SSEP 

Just started on clonazepam and see specialist neurologist again in Aug, can anyone advise what questions to ask and has anyone with this condition tried clonazepam ? Was also supposed to start on propranolol but am worried because I have low blood pressure so will discuss this at next app.

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Movement Disorders :: Difficulty In Writing A V R And D

Recently when I find it difficult to begin certain letters, such as 'a', 'v', 'r' and 'd', when I am writing. I am studying Physics, and so write a lot of maths. I have never previously had any trouble writing letters, and consider myself to have neat handwriting. I have tried different pens, pencils e.t.c, and worry this might have some link with Parkinson’s disease, which runs in my Dad's side of the family. I am a male aged 18.

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Movement Disorders :: Benign Familial Essential Tremor

wanting to contact others who have the same condition. Sometimes it is genetically related or not.

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Movement Disorders :: Tardive Dyskinesia And Involuntary Movements

I'm struggling to cope with having tardive dyskinesia and can't stop lip smacking/tongue movements every day.

It's so embarrassing, not to mention socially weird. I feel a real freak and don't know if I can cope with having this for the next however many years.

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Sleep Disorders :: Rhythmic Movement Disorder When Sleeping

I have looked on many websites for discussions on this, then stopped because it didn't cause much worry, but only recently am I trying to find help, which is hard to find. I post and post and it seems that nobody has any answers or even cares to answer. It is a very big concern of mine. I have many anxiety issues, I developed borderline personality disorder, and also suffer from general anxiety, all stemming from childhood. I have also rocked myself to sleep since I could remember. (Which I don't remember much below age 12). I am currently 18, and never had a problem coping with my RMD as it was harmless and all around soothing. Even in public or talking about something I was uncomfortable with I would subtly rock(Didn't even know till bf pointed it out) But I am now currently 17 weeks pregnant. I had no trouble sleeping during the first trimester as I was tired all the time, but now I'm having troubles sleeping and I'm afraid my RMD will cause harm to the baby, as I am aggressively rocking my whole body from head to toe back and forth for literally hours. I'd wake up with knots in my hair from it. My boyfriend would be able to wake me up too and stop me as I do it subconsciously, but he now sleeps through it. But I have woken up twice from it, and it really worries me that it will harm my little angel. It generally when I have nightmares(Which I do almost every night or I just don't dream)..or when I am stressed I believe. I really don't know much about it but I will be talking to my doctor about it (but I'm sure she will just tell me to find coping methods), but I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this and what their first hand experiences were & how they coped with it because counseling and meds are something that haven't helped and I really can't or want to take any medication now as I want my baby to be as healthy as possible.

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Movement Disorders :: Tremors/involuntary Slow Finger And Hand Movements At Rest

I'm seeing a neurologist next week because of the above symptoms.   I'm a 68 year old woman and my GP said it's the way my body is aging!  I'm not so much worried (about for example Parkinson's) as intrigued.  I know lots of people suffer hand and finger tremors but I am a bit unnerved by my hands and fingers moving very, very slowly on their own.  As I stop typing for a moment my right little finger has raised itself from the keyboard as if it were being pulled but very very slowly.  My whole hand will slowly curl and even my arms will move on their own if I am "at rest".   It's probably something with no explanation but I wonder if anybody else who has been diagnosed with a neurological/muscular  condition has experienced this symptom.  I do feel as if I am trembling right through my body and my feet will also move independently if I keep still long enough. I don't seem to have any other Parkinson's symptoms.

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Anxiety :: Weening Off Xanax For Clonazepam

been on Lexapro for a month, started small 2.5, then 5mg, stayed there and upped to 10mg finally. I feel like a Zombie, BUT I still have anxiety all day long and some nights. I'm taking xanax 3 times a day now, and that works while it lasts... but its just not long enough. .5. Dr tried to cut me off cold turkey, so I fought it, made an appointment...i understand its not a long term solution but my panic and anxiety is so out of control. Just driving to the Dr. is hell on my body.. the nurse wouldn't tell me my BP today, just said its very elevated, well yeah! I hate going...pulse flying 120...even my veins stick out and my fingers turn almost blue...the veins in them anyway. I cant handle scared i'm going to keel over in there..even deep breathing does no good when i see my blotchy off colored hands and fingers. I've lost so much weight,was 165, now 145... in such a short period of time. Never thought id say this....but man i wish i was hungry and don't have to force food. I'm now drinking ensure just for extra vits and calls...its so very hard.

Anyway...dr gave me xanax to take once a day.. and Clonazepam 3 times a day.....does this sound right? He said its safe to take them both... the clonazepam (sorry if) i'm spelling wrong) is .25. Doesnt this mean im taking even more benzos then my normal 1.5 xanax daily? I guess he's trying to ween me off the xanax and get me on the Clon. Very confusing to me.... does this sound right?? Has anyone else tapered from one to the other this way?

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Thyroid :: What A 6.7% Uptake Means In Scan?

Can someone explain what a 6.7% uptake means in regard to a thyroid scan? I took a radioactive pill 6 hours prior to the scan. Hyperthyroidism is suspected, which was the reason for the scan.

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MRI Scan Show Up A Non Functioning Gallbladder?

I have been having pain in my upper right abdomen for about 4 months. It can be extremely painful contraction like spasms, lasting from 2 hrs to 10 hrs.

​I have had blood tests that have shown liver function issues. I have had an ultrasound that showed a contracted non functioning gall bladder.

​I have recently had an MRI scan that was normal according to my GP, I was given this as the consultant felt I may have a blocked duct that was causing the liver function abnormalities?? I am still waiting to see the consultant regarding the scan results.

​Daily I have sharp twinges just under my ribs on the right side which lets me know something is still going on.

​Can a gallbladder start to function again? Would an MRI scan show up a non functioning gall bladder?

​I am confused and surprised that the mri results have not backed u the other results. I cant get to see the consultant for another 3 weeks!

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CT Scan Showed I Had Mild Prostatitis

In short, I (27) was diagnosed with bladder neck stenosis and underwent BNI surgery 4 months ago. I was unable to pee at all. My urinary symptoms are much improved and although my flow rate is still on the low side (15ml/sec), I can fully empty my bladder.

I was in the hospital for a week before doctors diagnosed the reason for my urinary retention. A CT scan showed I had mild prostatitis.

Now I feel I have recovered somewhat but about 2.5 weeks ago, pain associated with prostatitis returned. I went to a Urologist who told me to get a few tests done: CBC, Urine DR, bladder PVR and uroflowmetry. He also prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. The tests seem to be normal with the exception of 4-6 pus cells in my urine. I have not returned to the doctor since.

The pain went away in about a week but has returned. No fever, just a mild constant pain in by upper buttocks area which gets better in the morning. I also have occasional burning pain between my scrotum and anus. My penis feels sore as if I just ejaculated. Occasionally there is sharp pain in the shaft of my penis. I am also experiencing frequent nocturnal emissions. My libido is almost non-existent but when I try I am able to achieve a decent erection.

I have had these symptoms on and off for a few years but although annoying, I did nothing. My GP just tells me to take painkillers. I have read about the kinds of prostatitis and nobody has been able to tell me what exactly is wrong. I have taken 4 rounds of antibiotics (7-10 days) in the last 4 months. It may be of bacterial origin; I was diagnosed with epididymitis 6 months ago with prostatitis symptoms and it cleared up with Cipro.

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What Caused Scars On Your Lungs Just From A CT Scan?

Is it possible to tell what caused scars on your lungs just from a CT scan?  Do different causes look different?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 4D Anatomy Scan Was Amazing

I'd my anatomy scan this morning and it was absolutely amazing she even done a 4d scan which I wasn't expecting and my boy is super cute chewing his fists and er... peeing!

He's 13 ounces in weight

I'm sooo happy loved the 4d seeing his lil face... do they look like their 4d when born?

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Disc Prolapse :: Get An MRI Scan, X Rays Not Good

I’m Male 33 years old and now have 2 prolapsed discs.

My first Prolapsed disc started back in March 2006. I started with back pain, which got progressively worse. Pain shooting down the left leg / couldn’t walk properly and my back started to bend over to one side. After going through my GP I got referred to a Neurosurgeon. He sent me for an MRI scan. The disc L5/S1 had gone completely and was compressing my nerve. If I hadn’t had the operation I was one step away from cauda equina syndrome.

After the op everything was fantastic back to work and NO pain.

November 2007 the pain started again and I was sent for an epidural injection. This seemed to work until April this year (lasts about six months) when the pain came back. So back into the MRI scanner I go and I find out that the disc above L4 has pro-lapsed slightly and is just touching the nerve.

So now I’ve got to try an epidural again and if it doesn’t work it’s back under the knife!

At the moment I’m off work walking like I’m 80 years old and completely fed up.

In conclusion

1: If you’re suffering get your doctor to refer you to a Neurosurgeon.

2: Get an MRI scan this shows everything up. X-Rays are no good. You can pay for a scan if you want to speed things up. You can also pay for a consultation with a Neurosurgeon if you have the money.

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Liver :: Nuclear Scan Detecting Cirrhosis?

What is the sensitivity of liver nuclear scan in detecting cirrhosis?

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GI Scan Revealed A Small Polyp In The Gallbladder

A recent upper gi scan revealed a small polyp in the gall bladder. I know nothing about this particular one, although I know you can get them in the bowel. Will it need an operation ? Is there any particular drug treatment for them ?

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Pregnancy :: LMP Due Date Or 8 Weeks Ultrasound Scan?

Which is more accurate your LMP due date or 8 weeks ultrasound scan due date?

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Kidney CAT Scan :: Enlarged Adrenal Glands

I recently had a kidney cat scan. It showed mild enlarged adrenal glands on the right kidney.  What would the treatment be?  My doctor doesn't seem to worried about this.  I'm seeking another opinion.

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Thyroid :: What A Parathyroid Scan Entails? How Long Does It Take?

I am being referred to a surgeon to discuss a parathyroid operation. I am waiting to go for a scan. Can anyone tell me what the scan entails? I know dye is put into you. How long does the scan take?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Bad Reaction Following A Spinal MRI Scan?

Has anyone suffered a bad reaction following a spinal MRI scan?

I suffered (and am suffering) terrible muscle pain and muscle weakness following an MRI scan one month ago.

My scan was standard (i.e. without a contrast dye being injected into the blood - I know the dye sometimes causes problems) and I have so far found two people who have suffered a similar reaction.

It feels as if the scan has "stirred up" my immune system to produce inflammation in muscle and joints in my right leg and right arm.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ultrasound Scan Showed Follicles?

I had sex on 19 June with my long-term boyfriend; we are both 18. It was our first time and we used a condom. I was not on the pills. Last Thursday, I went to a gynecologist to have a vaginal ultrasound since I have always had irregular periods. The scan showed one big follicle surrounded by multiple smaller follicles so the doctor suspected I could have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) . He suggested no treatment was required as I am young. So, about chances of pregnancy: my last period came on 12 June and ended on 17 June; I have not had another one yet. I am aware that chances of conception just after period finishes is low, especially we used condom. Also, I might as well not be ovulating this week due to PCO. However, is there a small chance that I am pregnant? If ultrasound showed that I have a mature follicle and smaller ones, does it mean it is impossible that there is a fertilised egg in the uterus simultaneously? Am I being overly obsessive over safety or should I go for a home pregnancy test? I have talked to my boyfriend but he is at the moment away.

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Abdominal Pain :: CT And Nuclear Scan Reports Negative

I have chronic dull pain to the mid-lower quadrant, mid-point between the pubic bone and navel. The pain has increase gradually during the past years. It began in the spring of 1989. At first it started as a nagging pain, with the movement of the vehicle while sitting. I saw a doctor and he dismissed as just extra fluid in the prostate. Recently has a C.T. to determine if it was a hernia, with negative results. I had a nuclear scan to see if there was an indication of a tumor or cancer. The report was negative. The sensation appears when sitting and lying down. standing relieves the pain. The pain gives a sensation of an urge to urinate. At times its an extreme urge to urinate. Urination does relieve temporary the pain. The pain radiates through the penis to the head of the penis and gives an urge to urinate. There is pain to the touch feels 2-3 inches deep. I have an enlarged prostate with symptoms. Taking medication. Low PSA. Urologist says its not related to Prostate.

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