Natural Remedy To Stop Bleeding After Depo Shot

Feb 17, 2014

I've had 2 depo shots and stopped last month. I've been constantly bleeding for the entire time i've been on it and after. Ive read similar post about women bleeding almost a entire year after stopping the shots. I switched to the shot after bleeding constantly for 2 years on the implanon implant in my arm. Do you know of any natural pills i can take to even my hormones out and balance my body back to normal. I do not want to put anymore hormones like other birth controls in my body. I don't want to bleed any more and i'd rather i never used any type of bc ever! I tried the IUD and that made me get constant barlothian cyst that was pain n my vajayjay! Someone please help me. ive done a bunch of google searches and cant seem to find anything to take. i seen something about agnus castus to naturally restore hormonal balance... but problem with that is most ppl use it to get their period back not to stop from bleeding... so i don't know what to turn to. I was always the type of person to never want to use BC bcuz i didnt like putting foreign things n my body..until i got pregnant with my 2 boys within 2 years.. so i used BC after i had my last son n march 2012. And i was right .. this BC stuff has messed my life up. My husband is irritated bcuz im not wanting sex any more and i used to love love like A LOT. Now im too tired all the time and not in the mood.. so i decided to rule out ALL FORMS OF BC PERIOD. i want my old body back. I don't even get wet like i used to.. i cant believe i have to use lube and im only 24!I used to b so wet like all the time for no damn reason.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME WITH SOMETHING TO DO!! The blood is ill smelling and sometimes brown and old blood.I have no STD's at all. Been checked twice in 4 month period.

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First Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Bleeding

I had my first ever depot shot on Nov 20th 2014 I was fine for the first week than I got my period and it hasn't stopped since. after the 12 weeks I decided not to get my seconded shot hoping this would stop the bleeding because it is driving me insane but the bleeding continued heavy enough to go through 2 pads or tampons a day it is now the 14th of March 2015 and no change I am going insane my boyfriend has been great about the whole thing but I can tell he's not as happy anymore I'm getting more stressed and depressed because of it I need help / advice can anyone share any advice for me?? Any natural remedies anything that could help ?

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Depo-provera Shot :: Non-stop Brownish Red Bleeding / Spotting

Don't judge, & if you are keep your fingers to yourself.

I got my first depo shot on January 11th 2013!

I had unprotected sex On February 1st..I'm 19 btw.

Then on February 27th I had some red spotting the next day dark brown and ever since I've been bleeding/spotting non stop red and dark brown sometimes tan...but when it's brown and its during the day and I don't need to pee at that time so when it sits there where the dik goes in (pardon me) it burns that's happened only a few times && today is May 11th 2013 and I'm still bleeding/ spotting...I'm so confused...but this depo shot is WACK. I don't recommend it to anyone!! And I was supposed to get my shot on April 4th..but hell no that did not happen.

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Contraception :: Depo-provera Shot Causes Bleeding?

I have gotten the Depo Shot Birth Control last month and didn't get my menstrual period last month.But a few days ago,I started to bleed not a lot.When I urinate or wipe there is Blood.Should I worry about it? or is it from not getting it last month?

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One Depo-provera Shot :: Bleeding For Almost 6 Months

In January I decided to be put on birth control because my boyfriend at the time didnt want any babies or anything of that sort. I had a horrible time with the depo shot with continuous spotting through the 3 months. It was finally the end of march when my shot was supposed to be up and I did not want another dose. Well it is now the end of july and i have been bleeding every day since. Its not a lot but it really is annoying and i am starting to get worried. I am also terrified of doctors so that is my last resort. Did any one else have this problem? Will it eventually stop?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot Bleeding

Okay so I was on the depo shot since feb. Of last year (2013). I've been getting it every three months. Well I was suppose to get it on feb. 28 but I decided to stop. I was bleeding lightly before I was suppose to get the shot. After the day I didn't get it my period got heavier and now it hasn't stop. Is it normal or should I be concerned?

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Birth Control :: Bleeding After Depo-provera Shot

Okay so I'm 20 years old and been on depo for 5 years. I'll usually start spotting a bit a couple days before my next shot is due, I think they said that's normal because it's wearing off. Well my next shot isn't due for about 17 days and I bled a little the other day but it stopped right away. Well today I went to use the bathroom and it looked like I was on my period baaaad (ruined my white VS undies too ) so any ideas of why this is or what I should do?

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Clitoral Stimulation :: Bleeding After Orgasm - Depo Shot?

Everytime i masturbate through clitoral stimulation i bleed. It's not a lot. But i'm worried because i don't know what it is wrong with me. I've been on depo for almost two years could that be the cause?

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Birth Control :: Depo-provera Shot, Had Sex, Stopped Bleeding

I got the depo shot about 2 months ago in juvenile, it was injected into my fat around my stomach soon after i began bleeding spotting daily .. about a week ago i had sex and my partner ejaculated inside me , and now i've stopped bleeding . but why?

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Birth Control :: Breakthrough Bleeding From Depo-provera Stop?

I've had two depo shots. I got the first in June 2015, the next in September and I'm due for another one at the end of November. I experienced light bleeding/spotting during months July-Sept. After my second shot in Sept, I began to experience mild/heavy bleeding. It is said that bleeding would most likely stop after 6 months of using depo-provera.Should I wait it out or change birth control method?

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Pregnancy :: Natural Labour Or Epidural Shot - Pros And Cons?

I'm a first time mommy and will be delivering my first baby August 21. I'm scared..I hear it's one of the worst pains a woman goes through, yet worth it :) but my question is "would it make a difference if I get the epidural shot? I heard it just numbs the lower part of your body but not that much. Than I hear others that it does." I also hear from my mom and mother in law that I shouldn't and I should do it natural. I don't know what to do. I kind of don't wanna do the shot just because I also heard it causes back pain later on in life and plus every time I've gotten shots to numb me (example dentice) it never numbs me or works. It is probably way different than the shot they give you for labor but I just need some help and suggestions. I wanna hear from other moms that have gone through this I'm kind of scared too...

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How Long To Get Pregnant After The Depo Shot?

I went on the depo shot 2 months after I had my son because my husband and I didn't want any more children right now but I had my son in June and he passed away in october I to only had one depo shot in August was do for my second one in November and I also am trying to have another baby it's now April and I just got my first period after my shot...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Depo Shot After Pregnancy

After I had my little boy 3 months ago my husband and I had some fun before my 4 week check up. We were careful but mistakes happen and at my four week check up after baby and without doing a pregnancy test they gave me my depo. Now I have not started my period which maybe normal for some but not for me. I am getting worried about it. I am getting a rounded stomach and having cravings and food aversions.

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Depo-provera - Cramping After 2nd Shot

About two weeks ago, I received my second injection of depo, and after a week of having the injection I started having cramping in the lower part of my right abdomen. I keep up when I have my cycles on an app, and if I would've waited another week I would have been on my next cycle. Is the cramping PMS cramping or side effects of.the shot? I am Still new to learning about birth control and its side effects.

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Can You Get Pregnant On The Depo-Provera Shot?

can people tell me? can you get pregnant when you are on the Depo- Provera Shot?

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Sex 10 Days After Depo-provera Shot

I had my first depo provera  injection 10 days ago, and today my boyfriend ejactulated twice inside me. Could i become pregnant? Because it was only 10 days ago?

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Really Want To Get Pregnant After 4 Weeks Of Depo-provera Shot

I had my depo shot like 4 weeks ago and i had sex with my boyfriend tonight and i really want to get pregnant cause this is our first child together and i just want to know if I am going to get pregnant when i had my depo shot 4 weeks ago

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Spotting On The Depo-provera Shot - More Dose Of It?

on March 16th i got my first ever shot of depo provera. The first 4 weeks were great no side affects. Then a week after my period was due I started spotting and my periods only last 3 days this has been spotting for 2 weeks.  So I go to the doctor and complain that i am spotting for awhile and he gave me prescription for provera 10 mgs to take for 10 days. Isn't that stuff the same stuff the shot is made out of? How and will this help?

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Estrogen To Prevent Spotting From Depo-provera Shot?

I have heard that estrogen can be prescribed if you are experiencing spotting while taking the depo shot. I just had my second shot and am still experiencing the spotting! It started a lot sooner than it did the first time i got the shot. My doctor (family and my gyno) both say to just ignore the spotting. Which is okay when it is not heavy, but I went on the depo shot because a friend had suggested it to me. She said she experienced bleeding after the shot and was prescribed estrogen for it. She took it for 3 days and her periods and spotting stopped completely.

Now, my doctors will not prescribe me anything. My family doctor said he has never heard of this, and my gyno (which is the same doctor who prescribed her the estrogen) keeps saying ignore it. I went on my own with an old prescription of birth control pills and picked up a pack hoping it will work. I plan to take it today, however, if it does not work would one suggest picking up a OTC estrogen - if one exists? I'm in Canada. My friend says to try a new doctor, but I have been to many and another is just too much.

Originally my gyno was suggesting the IUD and with the horror stories I have heard I just wasn't interested which is why I went with the shot. The original BC pill had stopped working for me as spotting would occur (after 1 year or so) no matter which brand I would switch to.

I appreciate the help as I am quite concerned and just want the bleeding to stop at this point... My body now gives me no warning signs that bleeding will occur.

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Contraception :: Brown Discharge From Depo-provera Shot

It's my first time taking it. I am pasted the due date, no sex. Have no idea if brown discharge is bad for the depo shot? It kind of has a odor... Someone help me?

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Depo-provera Shot :: Brown Discharge With Odour

I took Depo shot 4 weeks ago, I have been having a brown discharge which its very smelly and unpleasant odour everyday and recently been bleeding irregular, help me on how can I stop the smell. Its embarrassing. Please help me

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