Nose Polyps One Side Of Nose

Oct 14, 2014

I get a nose polyp more on one side of nose than the other, also the ear on that side also has a lot more problems with blockages and pain and whatever. Researching online I saw some posts saying that it is unusual for it to be more one side than the other and can be cancer! Now am worried sick. Please tell me your thoughts but please don't say stuff like go to the doctor.

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Enlarged Face And Nose Due To Nasal Polyps?

When they say that your face and nose can enlarge because of nasal polyps, what does this mean? Face enlarge as in widen? Thank you. This is bothering me because I am already highly disappointed in my appearance.

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Nose / Sinus :: Nasal Polyps Removed With A Laser In The UK?

Does anybody know whether it is possible to get nasal polyps removed with a laser in the UK?

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Nasal Allergy, Polyps - Alternate Runny / Blocked Nose

I have suffered with all year round hay fever / allergy symptoms for over decade. I have had several operations and procedures .. turbinate widening, polyp removal, bones straightened .. some repeated efforts to no real avail ...

The side effect has been that my sense of smell is non existent .. I just put up with the alternate runny / blocked nose etc etc

The one development of late has been strange, when in the shower I often clear my nose rather robustly as its the best way to blow in an unrestrained manner .. I have now noticed that I suddenly get a very sweet flowery taste / smell when i do this .. My daughter jokes that its brain fluid .. hopefully not.

Anyone with any ideas as to what it might be?

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Anxiety :: Cold Sensation In Nose And Throat When Breathing In Through Nose?

i'm having really bad anxiety about this and it goes away when i don't think about it or focus on it, could this just be a side effect of anxiety?

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Nasal Polyps :: Breathing Difficulty, Stuffy Nose, Facial Pain And Post Nasal Drip

I have just been diagnosed has having Nasal polyps. My symptoms have been so bad that I haven't worked in 14 years.  I have the usual symptoms of breathing difficulty, stuffy nose, facial pain & a post nasal drip.  I also have other symptoms like dizziness/lightheadedness, blurry vision, pressure in my head.  I feel like I am walking on a bouncy castle 24/7.  i wanted to know if anyone else who has nasal polyps, has ever experienced any dizziness or eye sight problems. I have had my eyesight checked recently and its near perfect yet I cannot see properly.

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HIV Through Nose?

I am a teacher in a low income/ high poverty area. On Friday, I was working one on one with a special needs student. I wiped my nose with my hand and I felt something wet go into my nose. I am freaking out. I didn't see any blood (at least I don't remember seeing any) but is it possible for HIV to be transmitted in this way?! I know the kid was sick that day so it could have been a number of things, and I recall using hand sanitizer a few moments before that may not have dried completely? But I did not smell the alcohol in my nose.

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Nose Is ALWAYS Red - Allergy?

My nose is ALWAYS red. Some days worse than others but it's always red. There are also very thin, subtle red veins on the bridge of my nose (I have a "hawk" nose), again, some days worse than others.

I also have a lot of allergy problems. Went through a period of time when I had three sinus infections, one after another. I was diagnosed with allergy induced asthma as well although I don't take the montelukast I was prescribed.

Is it possible that my nose shape has anything to do with this? Or is the redness a skin problem and the allergies environmental?

Honestly, the redness bothers me more than the annoying breathing problems.

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Pregnancy :: Dry Nose?

Now that winter is here the air is so dry and I wake up every night in pain from my nose and throat being so dry. I already have a humidifier in my bedroom but is there anything else I can do to make it stop. I've tried a few things already like setting out bowls of water around the house, a steamy shower, boiling water, and a warm compress. Anyone know anything else?

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The Base Of My Nose Always Swollen

The bottom of my nose where it meets the top of my lip is constantly swollen on 1 side, it feels like the nose bone has been pushed to 1 side and cannot be moved back, (at least not by me anyway) my nose is also always running and blocked any ideas ?

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Swollen Nose / Nostrils Off And On For A Day Or Two

Male age 30. I have been facing a strange problem where left or right nostril swells up suddenly for a day or two and goes off.I don't have any pain in them, I take steam and it relaxes a bit. It usually stay for more than a day. The swelling happens alternately on right/ left nostril from outside. It looks a weird.I have shown that to an ENT who recommended a CT scan while I had this swelling. I found little sinus problem but the doctor was not able explain the cause of the swelling.

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Pregnancy :: Nose Getting Bigger

Its bigger, I swear! I hate it. Everyone always said I had a button nose and now its all round and bigger. I've heard its a symptom but cant figure out how it could be.

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Tinnitus :: Being Hit In The Nose In A Soccer Game

I developed tinnitus about 1-2 months after being hit in the nose in a soccer game. It deviated my nose nose, but I didn't think too much of it. Later though I started to get a ringing in mainly my right ear but it was sometimes both sides and felt like it was coming from inside my head. At first I thought it was just headaches from stress.

I had it for about 2 years. Very bad at times. I couldn't sleep properly. Couldn't be in silence. I was very very hard not to be angry. I couldn't control my anger and headaches at times. My 2 young kids and wife had to at the bad times stay clear of me. One of the bad times I got so angry over nothing really significant that I smashed my head into the wall and made a hole in it. Il never forget my 4 year old daughters face, she cried so much. It turned me into an animal.

I saw gp doctors, and the best ent doctors I could get to. I tried all types of things, laser light treatment, always having background noise on (even during sleep). But no one could exactly determine the cause or treatment.

Eventually I had a nose operation to fix the deviation in the nose. I couldn't breath through it hardly at all, and thought it may help the tinnitus. It took a while to get the operation because I had to wait on the public system. But if I knew it would have helped so much I would have paid to get it done privately.

Post operation almost straight away the tinnitus was gone. I can breath better. I sleep with out waking up during the night. Life is good again.

I heard a few others mention that nose spray to clear their nose helped. And that helped me to ounce I figured out the nose could be related to tinnitus. I used 'Dimetapp 12 hour nasal spray'. But it's not good to use too many days in a row apparently.

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Acne :: Under Nose And Chin Area

17(almost 18)y/girl. I have a (BIG) problem with acne. My forehead and my cheeks look great, but my nose, the area under my nose and especially my chin look awful. I tried several things, but my pimples don't disappear. When a pimple almost disappeared another 1 or 2 appear. My confidence is low because of this and I sometimes I'm depressed because of it.

Maybe it's that my T zone is kind of oily, but my cheeks are normal. Like during the day I can feel that the T zone is oily, especially the chin.

I don't know what to do anymore. I am tired of concealer and foundation.

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Terrible Acne Situation On My Nose

i'm 18 years old. Im very depressed because of terrible acne situation on my nose .What might help me ? 

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Cold Nose And Pit Of Throat - Allergy ?

I've had weird symptoms . When I breath I have a cold nose and pit of throat, sometimes it burns. I find that I find it weird to breath. When I breath in my throat is cold and fluttery and my nose is cold. I also have tinnitus and a headache. Could this be a allergy or deficiency? I am a 46 year old woman.

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Rhinitis :: 20 Years Of Runny Nose

i've had a constant runny nose since i was about 12. I never really give it much thought until about 3 months ago when my symptoms became unbearable. I can't taste or smell anything, i'm sneezing every day and my nose can just drip clear watery fluid out at any moment. I read somewhere about reducing dairy products but that didn't help. I finally went to the doctors and was prescribed a nasal spray that hasn't helped, but he has reassured me that they can try other things. I have always been able to tell when the timer on the central heating has gone off because my nose will start to run, even when i was a little girl. I can't believe i've put up with it for so long! I've got a new appointment next week so hopefully after reading all your stories i'll be able to influence the doctor.

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Onset Of Blocked Nose That Is Getting Worse

I had a bout of what I think was sinusitis just before Christmas, which I think was brought on after taking a flight. The symptoms cleared up after a week or so and I felt much better. However, about a week ago, I suddenly developed a blocked and congested nose which has failed to resolve itself. I have been using a sterimar spray and nasonex spray for 14 days now. I have also been taking Ibuprofen three times a day for 14 days and wonder whether this has brought it on!?

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ENT :: Paining Crackling Noises Around Nose

I think I have been experiencing what I believe are sinus issues for almost a year. I have been to two ENT's and they put the flexi camera up my nose, advised a slight deviated septum and gave nasal drops.

I also had a CT scan was they said was clear, slight inflammation on the right sinus, but other than than cleat. My nose is rarely blocked but I have terrible crackling, popping behind my nose and it even seems to be above my palate. I get phlegm/mucus at the back of my throat, often lumps of it, but not down my nose.

I have a constant pain up my right nostril.

The popping and crackling appears to be getting worse, almost a bone crunching sound. I often feel a painful pressure behind my nose or at the side of it, and then a horrible sensation of movement to relieve the pressure.

I get headaches above my right eye and often feel like I have been hit on the right side of my nose. The cracking noises come from both sides of my nose.

I am now also experiencing tooth and gum ache, and woke last night to popping sounds in my mouth, almost above my palate, but cannot be sure.

My ears frequently feel full too. As I previously mentioned my nose is never blocked, and its not full of mucus, so in that respect I do not feel bunged up!

I dont know where to go from here, ENT told me there was nothing more he could do on the results of my CT scan.

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Sinusitis :: Firm Lump Under Nose?

Side of face is tender and swollen. So I thought sinusitis maybe? But there is a firm large lump under my nose on my lip, that goes up into my nostril and around the side of nose. I do have a GP appointment later. Just wondered if lumps were a symptom? Or maybe it's a cyst or something??

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Flaky Red Nose And Peeling Skin

I've been having issue with my nose. some red marks sometimes, and when I touch or apply some force onto my nose, it becomes red. Every morning, my nose becomes very flaky and the skin peels off. I do use moisturizer after washing my face. It has been like this since August. But after some time when I don't do anything with my nose, it has the normal color of my skin but, it still have a bit of redness on my nose.

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