Nuvaring A Way To Get My Sex Drive Back Or Stop Weight Gain?

Sep 10, 2014

So I've been on the Nuvaring for 11 months now, this is my 12th starting. Unfortunately I have a lack in my sex drive, my boobs have gone from a C to a DD, I've gained about 10 lbs, I have been getting headaches, and I have a huge increase in my appetite. I know every woman has different reactions to different birth controls. Are the headaches normal? That's my biggest concern and is there anyway I can get my sex drive back or stop my appetite and weight gain? It's driving me crazy, my pants are too tight and I need all new bras, dresses and shirts! This is becoming an expensive prescription.

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Impotence :: Low Sex Drive And Weight Gain

Here's what has been bugging me for a while. Namely, Im having occasional impotence problems and low sex drive. I also put on a few extra pounds which is also quite a turn off. I want to take up exercising in order to reduce my weight, and since I like cycling, I'm thinking about starting with it but the problem is that I don't know whether it can have some bad effect on my impotence. Any ideas?

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Contraception :: Weight Gain After Removal Of Nuvaring

Has anyone on this forum gotten new info about this issue? I have been on nuvaring for 3 years. I removed it 6 weeks ago and have gained 16 pounds!!! I am 5'1 so this is a HUGE gain for me, and it is all in my stomach ( I look pregnant and always have an uncomfortable bloated tummy) I have been in a fitness program for 1 1/2 years,5 days a week. (I'm actually a fitness trainer now). I follow the paleo diet and train class 4-7 times per week. Yes I have the occasional cheats but nothing has changed in the past 1 1/2 years except removing nuvaring. I can't help but think this is the culprit.

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Nuvaring :: Weight Gain, Anxiety And Depression

I started taking nuvaring a month ago, around the same time I started exercising and eating healthy. I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks, and now, a month later, I have gained 5 pounds back. I am still eating healthy and have started exercising twice a day for an hour each time, and I'm still gaining weight. Which leads me to my other issue, anxiety and depression. I have always had anxiety, but I only ever seem to get depressed while on birthcontrol (which this weight gain is really not helping). I am running out of options for birth control and I don't know what to do. I need a form of birth control that isn't going to make me gain weight and cry all the time.

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NuvaRing Side Effects - Weight Gain, Acne And Mood Swings

1) Weight Loss- I put Nuvaring in 3 weeks ago & 5 days ago I took it out so that i could get my period (&did) but within this 5 days i have lost 6 pounds. I am 19 years old & weighed 112 but weigh 106 as of today. It is not that I  feel disgustingly full, I just don't have any interest in food & when i do try to eat it is almost as if i get sick of eating, if that makes any sense?

2) Acne- I am drastically breaking out on my hairling & chest.

3) Mood Swings- I have extreme highs & lows in my mood to the point where find myself crying for little to no reason at all but then I am over the top loving & happy.

I am just wondering if these side effects are normal to all birth controls or if I should considering switching to a new one

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Norethisterone To Stop Periods But Weight Gain ?

I was prescribed norethisterone by my gp, after I went to see her with periods lasting 2 weeks, this started within a year of me being sterilised at the age of 40.

Since taking them I have experienced bad skin, spots, no mood changes,but most of all I have gained over half a stone in 5 months, i have always watched what I eat and still do, I cant seem to move a pound. I am stopping the tablets today, to see if my periods have sorted themselves out, I will be interested to see if the weight comes off, Has anyone who gained weight with these tablets, lost the weight when they stopped.

Ill will keep you posted to see if my weight does return, and what affects I have after coming off them.

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Antianxiety Drugs :: How Can I Get Off Paxil And Stop The Weight Gain?

Also what is a half life of a medication like paxil? i don't even know what half life means can someone please explain it?

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Birth Control :: Pill Makes Me Psycho And Nuvaring Kills My Sex Drive

Almost two years ago, I started taking the pill (Junel FE1/120, or something like that). At first it was everything I wanted.

Every month on the first day of my period, I would get really sick. I would get nauseous and dizzy and everything hurt so badly that I couldn't get out of bed most months. Junel fixed that. Those problems went away immediately.

Then came new problems. Junel made me crazy. My blood pressure and heart rate were always really high and I would have panic attacks at little to no provocation. I couldn't function. I cried all the time, and I got really depressed. I started doing really poorly in school and couldn't handle daily life.

Last June, I switched over to Nuvaring. Craziness gone! But so is my libido. I never want to have sex anymore, and what's the fun of being on BC if you never are in the mood? All I've gained from Nuvaring is 30 lbs.

Does anyone know of any better options that won't make me crazy, but might not kill my sex drive?

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Nuvaring - Chances Of Getting Pregnant Back To Back Packages?

I have been using nuvaring since last may I believe haven't gotten pregnant but recently started doing back to back nuvarings. I am experiencing some symptoms I would if I were to be pregnant but I'm not sure if it's a side effect or what my chances are getting pregnant back to back packages. I do have nuvaring in place right now.

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Weight Gain On Prednisone - Just Water Weight?

All I have eaten while on the 40mg pill for five days is fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains. I've drank lots of green tea and water.

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Nuvaring - Gained 30 Pounds Weight After 6 Years Of Use

I have been on and off birth control since I was about 12 years old (I am now 24). I have been on the nuvaring now for at least 6 years and have gained around 30 pounds and recently haven't been feeling right. So almost two weeks ago now I took it out for good. Well, I felt great for the first week.. even lost 3 pounds! Now for the past three or four days I just haven't felt "right". I have felt hot, (checked my temp and im normal) headaches, tired, had horrible cramps after having sex, and just off. Question is.. is this just my bodies reaction to not having the added hormones anymore? Has anyone else gone through this? I feel like im losing my mind. My poor husband has been taking care of me all weekend and I just want to feel normal again. Help!! Also, I do not want to be on the ring again and I cant even remember to take pills. I am not anywhere near ready to have a baby. Any suggestions on other alternatives? We have tried using condoms but the husband isn't exactly "Getting his" from using them. I feel terrible!!!

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Nuvaring Fell Out During Sex - Should I Put It Back After 3 Hours?

Recently My nuvaring was taken out for sex, and yes I know you don't have to, but I do because of the painful friction when its not inserted deep enough. I realized the next morning that it was out still (more than three hours), and put it back in like the pamphlet says.. Only I didn't realize that I was in my third week, which comes with different instructions. Not knowing what to do, I left it in and took it out on my normally scheduled day. Now I have my period and my question is should I put a new ring in now, on the first day of My period, or on the day I would have taken it out had the cycle not been interrupted, or should I put it in a week from day that that I took it out the first time? I took it out Thursday put it back in Friday morning and took it out Sunday. Now today my period started. What do I do? How long should I use extra protection for?

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22 And I Wish To Gain Weight

I'm 22 years of age and I wish to gain weight. Please assist me on what to do.

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Nuvaring Fell Out During Sex - Back In Within 3 Hours, Could I Get Pregnant?

Nuvaring fell out during sex in which he ejaculated inside me. I didn't notice until the next day and re-inserted the Nuvaring about 15 hours after it fell out. I need to know if the sex I had last night could have gotten me pregnant. Do I have to take the morning after pill or will I be fine since I had it in consistently before the sex and put it back in the next day?

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Low Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Anyone else have low weight gain with their pregnancy? Did dr show any concern, and was baby alright

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Carbimazole :: Weight Gain

I have today been diagnosed for the 2nd time with an overactive thyroid.

The first was about 6 years ago and I was put on 25mg of Carbimazole a day. Unfortunately my weight went from a 12 1/2S to 16st once I started the tablets. I took the decision to stop them as I suffered from some of the side effects and my white blood cells were being affected. Since stopping the tablets my weight has gone down (from 16st to 9st) and people say I look great.

I have been told today that I should restart the tablets as my T4 is now instead of the norm of 10 to 25 gone up to 70. I am worried that if I start the tablets my weight will go up very quickly. I have all the symptoms, shaking hands, lump in the throat, can't stand heat etc.

Having been in this situation before I am very worried and not sure what to do even thought I have told my doc my concerns re weight gain.

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Pregabalin :: Weight Gain?

Does anyone else feel they are putting weight on? I have only been on it for a couple of weeks but feel bloated and as if I am putting weight on fast.

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Sertraline :: Weight Gain?

So I have been on 25mg of sertraline for a little over a month now and my dr just upped my dose to 50mg. Opinions on weight gain would be appreciated.  A few years back I was on celexa and gained over 30 pounds (i've lost most of it now but it took forever and I do not want to get that heavy again)

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Tibolone :: Weight Gain

Has anyone got any information about weight gain and tibolone? Just been prescribed it but am a little scared about side effects.

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Gabapentin :: Weight Gain

I've put on soooo much since starting it and it's really getting me down, has anyone else experienced this and how can I loose weight if I'm still on it?? is there a similar drug people have found better!

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Mirtazapine Will Help Me Gain Weight?

I have been prescribed 15mg for 2 weeks for depression which has lead to severe weight loss Iam 5'5 and weigh just under 7 stone which makes me look horrible, so horrible I can hear people talk about me in the street, I look terrible. Before taking the medication I was aware of my weight and have always made special efforts to eat regular but still could not maintain a good weight. I have only been on mirtazapine for a few days, and have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to see how I'm getting on and maybe to up my dosage. I haven't had any hunger cravings like I have heard people talk about and I'm really worried that I'm going to be the only person ever not to gain weight from these meds. My weight really adds to my depression and stops me going out the house, I want to gain 2-3 stone. But don't think this would be possible as I already eat a good amount of food every day. 

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