Occipital Neuralgia - Radiofrequency Ablation In The Facet Joint Nerve Works?

Sep 5, 2015

I had no idea what Excruciating Pain was. Does Radiofrequency Ablation in the facet joint nerve work?

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Cervicalgia :: Occipital - Facet Joint Injections? Steroids?

Has anyone had facet joint injections c2, c3, or know how many years is safe to keeping burning the nerves? Or weak muscle and occipital pain to where to skull is out of place and you have to snap it back into place with swelling and pain. Or know anything about cervicalgia? Or steroids in the facet joints in the occipital, c1 joints? When does steroids injection start to soften the bones?

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Barrett's Oesophagus :: Radiofrequency Ablation With Displacer

My husband is having Radiofrequency ablation tomorrow and we are both very worried about it and hope it's going to be a simple operation but worried how he will be after for eating as he has lost a lot of weight already has anyone else has this treatment done...

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Headache :: Possible Occipital Neuralgia?

For nearly two years now, I have had a severe pressure pain at the base of my skull on the right hand side of my head.  It has steadily got worse, often flaring up whilst I have been in the gym, but now, like tonight, it has been throbbing/stabbing so badly that I am unable to sleep.

I have been back and forth to my doctor about 5 times so far and every time she has sent me for a blood test and concluded that I have low iron and to take supplements for that.  My whole family are susceptible to iron deficiencies and I am a regular blood donor who has never been turned away, so I am confident low iron has nothing to do with it.  

I was getting quite frightened that I could possible have an AVM in my head, or something putting pressure on my skull, so after much persuasion, my doctor referred me for a CT scan that came up 'normal'.  She called me and suggested that I keep taking iron tablets as this must be the cause of my 'headaches'.

I do NOT have a 'headache'!!  I keep reiterating to my doctor that it is a constant pressure in that area, sometimes my head even hurts to touch, but she is insistent that it is a headache.  Occasionally I get a pain behind my right eye and over the top of my head, so I am getting a lot better at wearing my glasses any time that I am reading or studying. I have looked online at my symptoms, and I think it could possibly be occipital neuralgia - does anyone have symptoms like this?  I have looked on other threads but there seem to be a lot of associated physical symptoms, for me it is just the head pain.

If you would believe it, my doctor actually asked me if I wear my hair up at night as she thought having my hair in a loose ponytail could be causing the pain. When I said I wanted a scan, she told me she would 'have to make something up' that sounded worse than what I told her because if she sends a person for a scan and it's not serious, she gets a slap on the wrist, as scans are expensive and she can only request three per month.

I am going back this week to discuss occipital neuralgia with her (let's hope she knows what it is!) and to insist on maybe an alternative treatment to injections or meds - maybe acupuncture?

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Neurology :: Headache Associated With Occipital Neuralgia?

I have had horrible migraines for 10+ years which have become chronic daily headaches, manageable, but daily. A year ago I started having horrible pains at the base of my skull on the right side, some days it is a horrible stabbing pain, some days it is just a dull ache, but it is always there. I saw my neurologist in May about the pain since it just would not go away, she really had no ideas for me, she thought it might be a pinched nerve but said she really didn't know, she started me on nortriptyline, after being on the nortriptyline for 2 months and no change, she switched me to gabapentin, I am now taking 1200 mg 3 times a day. Some days I notice a difference, other days no change at all. My Neurologist said to stay on it and it should be helping. About 3 months ago the same type of pain started on the left side of my neck, about 1.5 inches below the base of my skull, closer to the middle by the spinal cord than the outside of the neck, it felt like a muscle knot that wouldn't go away, for the first few weeks, thinking it was a muscle knot, I was trying everything to get the knot to go away, after no relief with heat, massage, ice, I saw my neurologist and basically demanded that we get an MRI to see what was going on, she said she didn't think that was necessary, but ordered it anyway. She said my MRI looked totally fine and that i should still stay on the gabapentin, but no more help than that. After that I decided to find a different doctor. I started seeing a physiatrist, specializing in neurologic issues. My first appointment with him was fantastic, right away he said from everything i am describing i have occipital neuralgia. He explained what it was, and that it is a tricky thing to get under control, and he really couldn't say what is causing it. He said that the gabapentin is what he would prescribe, and it probably is helping, just not taking the pain away totally. He did prescribe a cream to apply to my neck, that he said he has great results with. He said he likes to try this first before doing any injections. It is a special compound cream that is specially made at a pharmacy he uses, its a mix of baclofen, gabapentin, ketorolac, and lidocaine. Its hard to tell if the cream is working, kind of like the gabapentin, sometimes it feels great, other times the pain is the same...

My true issue and reason for posting is, I have had a bad headache on the right side of my head, it moves from the right base of my neck, around my ear to my front temple area. Throughout the day it is in a different spot and I can pinpoint exactly where it is, it feels like someone is stabbing a knife right in that area, but it lasts for hours, throughout the day it does get a little "better", but i can always feel it, when it gets "better" it just feels like a massive pressure in that area. I have been a headache sufferer for as long as i can remember, but this headache is different than any headache I've ever had, and it going on day 19. I have tried everything; my many different headache medications (including an injection i give myself), I've taken a dose pack of steroids along with some anti nausea medication my neurologist gave me, i have gone to get a DHE treatment from my neurologist, i have gotten a toradol shot, and pretty much anything else i could think of, and nothing is kicking this headache. After doing lots and lots of online research, it leads me to believe that this is related to my occipital neuralgia, not a "normal" headache. Has anyone has a headache like this before? Do you think it is related to the occipital neuralgia, or something else? Does anyone have any ideas to make it go away. Also, if anyone has any tips on dealing/treating neck pain from occipital neuralgia.

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Genital Herpes With Occipital Neuralgia?

Ever since I've contracted HSV2 my life has been a living hell! I've been having sharp pains all over my body , leg pains, itching sensation all over my body, and last but not least pains in the back of my head and neck which sometimes radiates to my scalp. can herpes cause this to happen? If so is it life threatening or deadly?

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Shooting Headaches For Months - Occipital Neuralgia?

Does anyone have problems with occipital neuralgia? I have been having headaches everyday going on 7 months now that are dull and cause shooting head pain. It travels from my neck, to the top of my head, behind my ears, and behind my eyes. I have had MRI's and CT scans, and everything has come back normal. I have gone to PT for 4 months and had 2 nerve blocks. Nothing has given me relief. I went to a new doctor yesterday and he suggested that I may have occipital neuralgia. I am desperate to hear about what has helped other people and to hear about how everyone else copes with this/if it has gotten better.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Occipital Neuralgia Lightheadedness?

I had bad head and neck pains and lightheaded/dizzy days for about 18 months. Would last a day or two then feel fine in between. Held down a super full time career and ran a home really well. Was successful etc. But since xmas when I had a major headache/pain in the back lower part of one side of my head which started boxing day and went on and on I saw a neuro who thinks it is occipital neuralgia. On gabapentin and awaiting some procedures in theatre to help (I hope!) Anyone else have this out there?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Chronic Migraines, Occipital Neuralgia?

My friend has had diagnosed with occipital neuralgia.  I am now living in my country of origin because I developed Parkinson at the age of 28. I kept receiving medication in the UK but opted out for DBS at this clinic abroad. They were so great that they offered me a job as I recovered. I told the doctors about my friend and they told her to come over for something called peripheral nerve surgery as they had a doctor visiting from the States. She initially exhausted all medication therapy and also nerve blocks, I think she used botox did not help her. Now she is migraine & headache free, happy, smiley person.

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Occipital Neuralgia - Metallic Taste And Cheek Numbness

I was told by my neurologist that's what I have which is fine I have a lot of the symptoms (burning in head, ache, sharp pains, etc.) however I would like to know if anyone else experiences a metallic taste with theirs?

Or bitter taste? Hard to explain the taste exactly but I noticed I only get this taste when my ON acts up.

My right cheek also feels numbish when it comes along. I have a nerve test for neuropathy in a few weeks (to see which kind I have) and have had CT/MRI of brain which was clear so the taste may be related to the neuropathy but it just seems weird it comes when the ON comes.

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Spinal Surgery :: Pain Stimulater For Occipital Neuralgia

I had this unit put in in Dem. 2013 but because of the lead trying to push through the back of my neck it had to be revised in August 2014.  Was doing great until January 19, 2016 when the lead again pushed entirely through the skin on back of my neck.  Now my insurance company will not approve for me to have another unit put back in.  I was free 90% of the time with my unit in and now I am back to having so much pain in this area.  It makes it very hard to have any quality of life except to wait around for another horrible burning pain that takes 3 mores days to overcome each time.  Has anyone else had their insurance refuse this especially when it worked great?

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Headaches / Migraines :: Possible Occipital Neuralgia? Pain At Base Of Head

I have not officially been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, but I am beginning to think that that is what I have been suffering from. I will be going back to a doctor soon (husband is military and we are currently getting ready to move to a new country...so it will be a few months before I settle and can get to specialist). In the meantime, I wanted some advice from others who deal with this. I am curious if this sounds like ON to you (I know you can't diagnose me...just curious if my story is similar to anyone else's) and what you do for the pain.

I am 25 years old right now. The headaches started when I was about 18 or 19 years old. It started on the right side of my head right at the base of my head and neck. I got them almost everyday. It was just a dull ache. Nothing awful, but definitely annoying enough that I would have to take advil (especially when I had class or work or something). As months went by and the pain continued, I started getting nervous that I had a tumor (I am a pretty big hypochondriac). I went to my doctor and he sent me to get a CT scan. Everything came back normal. The headaches continued. Went to a neurologist and got an MRI. Again everything came back normal. The headaches still continued. Went to physical therapy. Still not much improvement (granted, I don't practice the exercises he taught me very often). At this point, to be honest, I gave up hope. I took advil almost every day and learned to deal with the pain. I assumed it was just tension headaches. The pain has now gotten worse. The headaches are still only that one side of my head, but the pain spreads behind my ear and up to my right eye when it is at its worst. It feels like a deep ache and I constantly want to stretch or crack my neck or something (which doesn't work). I have a "knobble" that I use to massage the area. Applying a lot of pressure on it hurts...but in a good way. It sort of relieves the pain for the time being, but unless I take advil it will usually come right back and it will last for a few hours if I don't do anything.

I am a teacher and I obviously have to be at my best everyday. The pain makes it impossible, which is why I usually give in and take meds even though I KNOW I should not be taking it everyday. If I am just at home and have nothing to do, I try to massage the area and relax until it dies down.

Does this sound like it could be Occipital Neuralgia? Does anyone have any other idea of what it COULD be? I haven't had much help from doctors, so I sort of want to be armed with information the next time I go see one. I am sick of being told it's nothing when I am spending every day in pain.

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What If Occipital Nerve Stimulator Doesn't Work

If anyone else has had an Occipital Nerve Stimulator fitted and if it was a success. I had it fitted in March 2014 and had to have the wires adjusted as they were causing problems in my neck and not helping my migraines. I had about 5 week of some relief and my medication intake did reduce. However, in September of this year. I felt the machine stop working and had no sensation from it on one side of my head. Over the past week I am no longer able to bend my head over or reach my arms out without getting pain and a pulling sensation at the back of my neck. I have been sent for X-rays this week and am now waiting for the whole procedure carrying out again. I had high hope's on this operation helping. I understand it's not a cure, but I just need help with reducing the severity of my daily headaches/migraines. Has anyone else had equipment failure? 

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Facet Joint Injections - Anyone Has Experience

Since 3 yo I have had pain in my back and up until I was 12 they said that it was growing pains! they then said I had wear and tear at l3/4 and suffered everyday since but been a pain I know that's there but didn't stop me I just grit my teeth and get on! Every few years I have a flare up of it and knocks me for a few weeks then back to usual bearable pains!

April 2013 woken to numbness /tingling legs and feet 3 days later horrendous back pain and it hasn't left since! Been 15 month of living hell! I've tried pt many many times over the years and always made my pains worse! I've eventually seen PM who said they will do facet joint injections in July however I am due to fly on holiday 5wks later! I can't imagine coping on holiday being the way I am atm however if I get worse then I won't be able to go!

Anybody had facet joint injections? Any good for you ? All experience welcome please

I was taken 300mg X2 daily pregabalin (lyrica). 250mg x 3 naproxen daily and 30mg oxycodone 2x daily they have cramped my meds to now 50mg x2 lyrica, 60mg x1 duloxetine and 30 mg X2 oxycodone! All the meds do is take the edge of the pain but if having a flare up then nothing helps!

I have to use crutches constantly just can't walk without at least one because it causes to much pain in my lumber,hips, groin and my legs sometimes give way!

The things I have been diagnosed with are, ddd, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia. (They said I have loss if disc height and osteophytes too)

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Breastfeeding After Facet Joint Injections?

Has anyone breastfeeding had facet joint injection i've been told by 1 surgeon i can feed after 2 days another said 2 weeks and another not to feed again anyone any ideas which is right.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Trigeminal Neuralgia - Lyrica Works!

I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) as part of MS. I must say it is the most painful condition that I have experienced. Worse than labor pain even, and frightening because you don't know how long it is going to last.

Well, I have finally found a solution to the problem! I recently started seeing a pain management specialist to discuss alternative treatment for treating MS-related pain. The doctor is extremely compassionate and easy to talk with about pain, and about MS in general. Anyway, he suggested that I start using Lyrica to treat the TN, and it has worked like a miracle!! I have had zero TN episodes in 8 months.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Lyrica, which is very similar to Neurontin but much more effective. I no longer live in fear of a TN attack. Thank God!

If you or someone you know is suffering from TN, ask your doctor about Lyrica. You don't have to suffer!

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Backache :: Facet Joint Injections, Under X-ray Guidance?

I've been suffering with lower back pain (left side) and an MRI has shown a slight bulge on one disc, an impacted disc below it and degenerative disc disease in the facet joints. None of this is serious and the pain is like toothache when it flares up. I've been referred for physio, third session later, and am due to have facet joint injections, under X-ray guidance, on Monday.  Has anybody had these done? Are they worth it or should I put them off and give the physio a chance first?

I'm not afraid of needles, but had a steroid injection in my wrist some time ago and reacted to the fluid which felt like it was scalding from the inside out right up my arm, this lasted about 10mins or so and then wore off. So I am nervous about this procedure.  

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Spinal Surgery :: Fractured Facet Joint

8 months after my L1 compression fracture, another doctor (fired the first one) found out that one of the T12 facet joints is fractured (broken off in 2 pieces). I should have been operated on after the fall, but it's too late now. 

Could someone tell me what this could cause (what kind of pain)? I have local pain, and severe pain in the iliac area, after being active for a while, or after sitting for a while. 

I can sleep at night, but after 5-6hrs, I wake up because of the pain, can't continue to lay down. Very painful.

also, I still can't lay down on my back on a hard surface.

I'm scheduled for a nerve ablation T12-L1, both sides this Friday and Monday. I'm scared because of all what I read... 

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Facet Joint Syndrome :: Silent Migraine?

Update on my silent migraine - having seen new orthopaedic consultant today regarding possible SCM or silent migraine diagnosis - we hopefully move on a step as he thinks my symptoms might be being caused by facet joint syndrome in the back of my neck.  The good news is he is arranging some injections to help with the issue hopefully easing the dizziness and maybe stopping the weird head stuff that you get with silent migraines.  All sounds promising but I'm not holding my breath.  Maybe this could be your diagnosis too ?

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Adverse Reaction? Facet Joint / Epidural Injections?

I wanted to know if anyone had facet joint spine injections or Epidural injections for pain management, whilst taking Remicade?

I would really like to hear from you if it went fine and if you had any negative reactions, such as an infection, or any other adverse reaction after the injections?

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Back Issues :: 8 Diagnostic Facet Joint Injections?

I had a series of 8 facet joint injections into lumbar and sacral joints two days ago. This was supposed to be a test to see if the doc was in the correct area. So, no steroids yet, just anesthesia. However, after 2 days, my pain has not returned. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, just puzzled. How could this be? Has anyone had this test done and how long did it take the pain to return?

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