Parkinson Onset? Twitch Between Thumb And Index Finger

Jul 14, 2013

I am 35 and I am experiencing a constant twitch between my left thumb and index finger. I thought maybe I had done something to pinch a nerve but it's been going on for a month now. It's driving me crazy. It's like my thumb is getting this signal to clench and it happens constantly when I am not using my thumb. It's completely involuntary.

Could this be caused by some sort of nerve damage, or is this a sign of something more serious like early onset Parkinson's disease?

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Skin :: Discoloration On Left Hand Index Finger

I have washed my hands just to see if it was dirt or something when I did yard work last night. The top of my finger is orange/bronze looking and I've researched it and it could be gangrene but I seriously doubt it, but never know. I came here to ask others what it could be.

I realized it about 2 1/2 hours ago at school during breakfast. I thought it was strange cause I have not ever seen it before. It doesn't hurt that I know of yet. Its just like below my nail not like underneath it but below it.

That's all I can really say about it right now. If anything comes up or affects any other places on me will let ya know

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Tingly Left Index Finger

So for a few days on and off my left index finger has been tingly. It's just the tip of my finger and it is on and off. I work as a server and use my hands a lot. I've been wondering if it's just a burn. It feels like there is a string around the first joint of my finger. Not to tight but just annoying. I can still move it and feel things so it's not completely numb just a little tingly. Thanks for any help you can give

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Wound Care :: Deep Laceration Couldn't Be Stitched On Index Finger

I have a pretty deep laceration to my left index finger but the way that I cut it they could not stitch so they put something they called liquid stitch on it to close it up which has worn off now. It has been 2 weeks now and my finger is very stiff sand I can not bend it at all. Also it aches from time to time and is very itchy. Should I be worried or should i give it more time to heal?

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Arthritis :: 1st Knuckle On Index Finger Is Pretty Swollen / Stiff And Fairly Painful

I have had this for over a week, and it seems to be getting worse.  I am 33 and in very good health.

The 1st knuckle on my index finger is pretty swollen, stiff and has a fair amount of pain when I bend or touch it.  I have already been to urgent care, and was told it was not infected due to no heat or redness.  I was given Ibuprofen and a splint, told to follow up tomorrow if no improvement.  They sugest bloodwork to test for uric acid or arthritis.  he said possibly gout, but that is usually more painful.  I do eat a high red meat diet, with higher purine foods- ie aspargus and beans.

I do not recall injuring it enough to cause anything like this.  i do crick my knuckles- old habit I am slowly breaking- but that has never given me problems either.  I have started cold compress today and occasional war, Ill see what that does.

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Clicking And Pain In My Left Ring Finger. NOT Trigger Finger?

I am 18 and back in May I guess I "jammed" my finger. I say I guess because I really don't know WHAT exactly happened. My two dogs got into a little fit and when I was separating the two of them I don't know what I did, but I really messed up my finger. After it all happened my hand hurt REALLY REALLY bad. It also started swelling pretty much immediately. I waited a couple days and then went to the ER because I figured maybe I dislocated my finger or something. They did an X-ray and came back and said there was nothing wrong, and probably a sprain so they sent me home with an ace bandage and some ibuprofen. Fast forward to now.

The swelling in my hand has gone away after about two months of not moving it a lot and keeping it wrapped up. But each time I completely straighten (like I am stretching my hand) out, my ring finger makes a clicking noise and kind of pops up. Moving it certain ways, making a fist, putting pressure, pulling, or grasping something wrong hurts extremely bad. I can feel it move down at the base of my finger (like my last knuckle). It has caused a problem for me because it hurts with most normal things that I do. Even typing this is irritating.

So I finally went to an orthopedic and he looked at my hand and X-rays and said he isn't sure what it is and he recommends me to see a hand surgeon.

I did. I drove almost 2 hours each way to see this doctor and here's what happened in a span of 3 different visits.

He suspected trigger finger even though he said certain symptoms were odd. He gave me a cortisone injection into my left ring finger and OMG that was painful. But to be honest that pain from the swelling of the injection was about as bad as my hand felt right after it happened. But sadly that didn't help. So my doctor sent me to get an MRI. With the results of the MRI, he told me that he saw swelling in my finger and that he thinks is in the sheath but said he doesn't know what is causing that. So he told me he was stumped and should see someone who is more of a specialist and gave me a few names. None of them take my insurance.

So I decided to put all of my info out here and see if someone has had something similar happen or knows what might be going on with my finger.

I will also post below the "findings" on my MRI report.

"There is a focus of marrow edema involving the dorsal aspect at the base of proximal phalanx fourth digit and adjacent dorsal aspect head of fourth metacarpal with a focal small cortical invagination of the metacarpal which may be post traumatic in etiology from previous impaction. No discrete fracture or dislocation is appreciated at the fourth digit IP joints pr MCP joint. The flexor and extensor mechanisms and tendons appear intact. No significant sized joint effusions. No significant degenerative or arthritic bony changes are appreciated. Visualized musculature has normal signal. Subcutaneous tissues are intact."

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Finger Pain On Middle Finger And Knot On Knuckle?

Don't know how I've hurt my finger,but have a hard knot on knuckle,whole finger swollen can't bend very painful?What is this?

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Onset Of Blocked Nose That Is Getting Worse

I had a bout of what I think was sinusitis just before Christmas, which I think was brought on after taking a flight. The symptoms cleared up after a week or so and I felt much better. However, about a week ago, I suddenly developed a blocked and congested nose which has failed to resolve itself. I have been using a sterimar spray and nasonex spray for 14 days now. I have also been taking Ibuprofen three times a day for 14 days and wonder whether this has brought it on!?

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Onset Of Menopause? Heavy Bleeding Big Clots

I am 43 years old and I have been on my period for the last 10 days. I haven't been in any extreme pain as far as cramping goes no more than normal. But I've had periods of real heavy bleeding and some pretty big clots. Is it the onset of menopause or is something major going on.

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Depo-provera :: Back Pain And Onset Of Osteoprosis

I have been on depo provera (birth control shot) for about 2 years now. You get a shot every three months and that's pretty much the only thing you have to keep up with. Well I finally went to the doctor about my horrible back pain that I had been experiencing for about a year. He told me that the reason for my back pain was because of the shot! he said he was treating more and more women for back problems because the depo shot causes osteoporosis by completely shutting down your estrogen levels!!! he told me "basically you're like a 65 year old woman who could shatter her hip if you fell" he told me to get off right away. I am 19 and am diagnosed with onset osteoporosis because of the shot. The doctor said I can reverse some of the damage but not all. has anyone else had experiences with the shot?

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ALS :: Constant Twitch And Tingling Foot?

It all started with muscle twitching all over about 8 months ago but now I have the "constant twitch" that I can't see and my leg is getting stiffer and it's got this constant tickly feeling all the way down to my foot it's not tingling just feels like a tickle....

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Bio Pro Thumb Implant For Arthritis Of The CMC Joint?

I have just read about a new procedure for surgery of the CMC joint in the thumb. It's a much smaller infusion, doesn't involve removal of a whole bone and is supposed to have a much faster recovery time and little loss of strength. It involves an implant called the Bio Pro thumb implant. 

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Hemifacial Spasm :: One Eye Twitch - MVD Operation

i am suffering HFS from five years. my one eye twitch very little from which i have suffered to see movement the things from eye. i suffered little twiching problem. in MRI scan report some error found. dr says for MVD operation.

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Bisoprolol :: Taking For 8 Weeks And Developed Eye Twitch

been on 2.5mg bisoprolol for 8 weeks suddenly developed a twitch in both eyes - have glaucoma and take ganfort 0.5mg daily does anyone have same problem only going to warfarin clinic for first time today and will need to mention this

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Nerve Disorders :: Finer, Thumb Pulsates - Involuntary Movements

I'm a 48 yr old female and would like to know..why ..on my finger next to my thumb pulsates and involuntary movements and wheels

t that's nerve twitches next to my thumb..on my left right handed.

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Skin Cancer :: Dark Line On My Right Thumb - Subungual Melanoma?

About 6 months ago It 'appeared as a dark line on my right thumb.

I went to the dermatologist and he told me that when in doubt I'll have to 'do a biopsy. between 45 days. It's not 'too much time to wait in your opinion?

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Hemifacial Spasm :: After Stent Implant - Face Twitch, Droopy And Painful

A little over twelve years , directly after I had a stent implant in one of the main arteries to my heart, the left side of my face developed a twitch.  I mentioned the twitch to my cardiologist, and he said, "We all get little twitches. it will go away.  It didn't.  It progressively became worse and effected my trigeminal nerve.  The first neurologist that I was referred to recommended botox.  All that I got out of that was the left side of my face being, numb, droopy, twitchy and painful.  I went to several doctors and dentists in Spokane.  The dentists told me that my teeth were not causing the pain and the neurologists kept prescribing me the same prescriptions.  I also tried physical therapy and acupuncture.  I had two teeth extracted with the hope that it would relieve the pain.  I decided to get proactive and read about microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery.  I found that they performed MVD in Seattle at the University of Washington.  I e-mailed a detailed description of my symptoms, and they made an appointment to see me.  The surgeon (Dr. Rostomily) that I met with asked me, "How long I have you lived with that condition."  I told him, "A little over seven years," he said, "I don't know how you have done it."  Fourteen days later I had the surgery and when I woke up I was free of the twitch.  That was in 2010.  I still have the nerve pain on the left side of my face.  I am positive that if the neurologists in Spokane had referred me to the U of W Medical Center once that I was diagnosed, that I would also be free of the pain.  Last week I started seeing a Physical Therapist (PT) and after the session there was improvement.  Hopefully the sessions with the PT will eventually lead to a pain free life.  My advice:  If you develop HFS and it gets worse, don't delay ... get MVD surgery.    

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You Do Not Die Of Parkinson You Die With It? Confusing

Many professionals and the charity PD uk sat that you do not die of PD you die with it...BUT The world Health Organisation receive statistica from the UK about the Number of Deaths Caused By PD in the UK...PD is one of the leading causes of deaths in the UK... I haved PD and suffer from anxiety but it occurs to me on  a regular basis that the lack of knowledge and information that is presented to us by a community of experts that all disagree is causing more confusion not only for the sufferers of pd , the public also find the whole thing a non starter. It is an illness for which there are no clear up to date definition and is therefore just seen an old person's shaking complaint

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Parkinson :: Apomorphine Challenge - Anyone?

i've been asked to do the apomorphine challenge has anyone done this,and with what side effects.

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Difference Between Parkinson And Parkinsonism?

My father (now 81 yrs) was diagnosed with Parkinsonism some years ago. My understanding is that Parkinsonism is considered to be a "cousin" of full-blown Parkinson's disease. Is it as bad as Parkinson's?

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Dystonia Related To Parkinson?

Is dystonia related to parkinson's?

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