Hemifacial Spasm :: After Stent Implant - Face Twitch, Droopy And Painful

Jan 18, 2016

A little over twelve years , directly after I had a stent implant in one of the main arteries to my heart, the left side of my face developed a twitch.  I mentioned the twitch to my cardiologist, and he said, "We all get little twitches. it will go away.  It didn't.  It progressively became worse and effected my trigeminal nerve.  The first neurologist that I was referred to recommended botox.  All that I got out of that was the left side of my face being, numb, droopy, twitchy and painful.  I went to several doctors and dentists in Spokane.  The dentists told me that my teeth were not causing the pain and the neurologists kept prescribing me the same prescriptions.  I also tried physical therapy and acupuncture.  I had two teeth extracted with the hope that it would relieve the pain.  I decided to get proactive and read about microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery.  I found that they performed MVD in Seattle at the University of Washington.  I e-mailed a detailed description of my symptoms, and they made an appointment to see me.  The surgeon (Dr. Rostomily) that I met with asked me, "How long I have you lived with that condition."  I told him, "A little over seven years," he said, "I don't know how you have done it."  Fourteen days later I had the surgery and when I woke up I was free of the twitch.  That was in 2010.  I still have the nerve pain on the left side of my face.  I am positive that if the neurologists in Spokane had referred me to the U of W Medical Center once that I was diagnosed, that I would also be free of the pain.  Last week I started seeing a Physical Therapist (PT) and after the session there was improvement.  Hopefully the sessions with the PT will eventually lead to a pain free life.  My advice:  If you develop HFS and it gets worse, don't delay ... get MVD surgery.    

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Hemifacial Spasm :: One Eye Twitch - MVD Operation

i am suffering HFS from five years. my one eye twitch very little from which i have suffered to see movement the things from eye. i suffered little twiching problem. in MRI scan report some error found. dr says for MVD operation.

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Hemifacial Spasm :: Botox Or Surgery At 66?

I have had this condition for almost ten years and although not painful it has altered my life by reducing my confidence.

i recently enquirer when at one of my Botox appointments if there were any new treatments and was told that surgery was now more successful.I have been offered an operation on the N.H.S. And am going through the decision .As I am quite a fit 66 year old I really don't want to be having Botox for possibly another 20 years!

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Hemifacial Spasm :: Daily Fluttering In My Left Eye

I have just been diagnosed with Hemifacial Spasms at the age of 46 - since suffering from daily fluttering in my left eye. Thankfully at this stage it is still only affecting the left eye (I have had this since May last year) and hasn't spread anywhere else. I am beside myself with panic that I am going to end up abnormally deformed and disfigured very soon as it does start to include the rest of the face. Can anyone give a complete novice regarding HFS some advice. I only got the letter yesterday and don't see my Consultant until April and I am out of my mind at the outlook prognosis and what to expect. Is it really going to leave me looking disfigured permanently?

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Food Allergies :: Mouth Flesh Swollen / Bottom Lip Almost Droopy

Ate pineapple yesterday morning, noticed it was a bit tangy. By noon yesterday, my mouth was on fire, lips and mouth flesh swollen, bottom lip almost droopy. It's not better now, how long should it take to return to normal, if it is caused by pineapple? Have sore throat too, with some blistering on throat.

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ALS :: Constant Twitch And Tingling Foot?

It all started with muscle twitching all over about 8 months ago but now I have the "constant twitch" that I can't see and my leg is getting stiffer and it's got this constant tickly feeling all the way down to my foot it's not tingling just feels like a tickle....

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Bisoprolol :: Taking For 8 Weeks And Developed Eye Twitch

been on 2.5mg bisoprolol for 8 weeks suddenly developed a twitch in both eyes - have glaucoma and take ganfort 0.5mg daily does anyone have same problem only going to warfarin clinic for first time today and will need to mention this

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Parkinson Onset? Twitch Between Thumb And Index Finger

I am 35 and I am experiencing a constant twitch between my left thumb and index finger. I thought maybe I had done something to pinch a nerve but it's been going on for a month now. It's driving me crazy. It's like my thumb is getting this signal to clench and it happens constantly when I am not using my thumb. It's completely involuntary.

Could this be caused by some sort of nerve damage, or is this a sign of something more serious like early onset Parkinson's disease?

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Asymmetrical Crying Face, As I Age, My Face Twists More

I'm 40, and was born with ACF. As I age? My face twists more. My neck muscles are obviously larger on my right side, and now my neck aches from constant strain. My parents always said it was no big deal. Any help? I don't know where to go, I'm not sure my Dr. has ever heard of it.

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Kidney Stones - Still After Stent?

About a  year ago, I had a kidney stone, and stent put in.  I thought the stent would help me pass the stone.  The Dr. said that wouldn't happen, removed the stent 6 weeks later, saying he thinks I still have it.  To my knowledge I have not passed a stone,  people say if I did I would feel it.  I am now having pain, like a kidney infection, am a little worried it could be this stone.  The Dr. said it would make me really sick if I don't pass it.  It does hurt on the left,  where the stone was located, but not like before.  I don't have insurance and can't afford another ultrasound.  has anyone passed a stone with  stent in place?  I think I passed it when I had the stent and just have an infection.

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Stent For Coarctation Of Aorta

I was diagnosed very late with this condition. An acute GP noticed the murmur and was not convinced that all was normal. Test after test later it was confirmed. Months later i had a stent fitted which is 4cm x 2cm, I was not warned about the amount of bruising or the pain in the legs, 4 months later i am still having pain in the groin and the che chest. The cardiologist does not know why I have this pain that travels from my chest to my back and left arm. MY left leg feels heavy and numb down to the foot which is freezing cold at times again. I have started feeling tired and fed up with the whole ordeal. Yes i know i needed this procedure but through choice i would never have had it - my active happy go lucky lifestyle now revolves around this. When i get ill My poor GP has to send me into the hospital as they are not well versed with this condition. Can anyone tell me when will I feel well and strong again. Do you get back to normal? The hospital and the doctors have been wonderful but they just do not have the answers. They think it could be damage due to the surgery but not life threatening so at least that is something to be cheerful about. I would love to hear from other people that have undergone similar treatment.

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Pain After Kidney Stones And Stent

I had my first kidney stone in February of this year. I had lithotripsy twice on my right side and also a stent. The stent was removed after three days. I have had a constant stabbing pain where the stent once was. I have seen many different doctors and been to the ER several times. Each CT scan has come back negative for more stones and doctors cannot find a reason I am still in pain. Anyone have the same problem?

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Can The Contraceptive Implant Break?

I got the implant a week ago and have nocked it a few times. I'm a little worried that it will break. Any advice?

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Eye Flashes After Having A Titanium Implant?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced eye flashes after having a titanium implant.

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Heart Disease :: Jaw Pain After Stent Placement

My Dad had a Stent placed after a heart attack one week ago.  He has been having jaw pain all day.  Should we be worried?

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Kidney Stones And Parathyroid - Stent - How Long?

I was diagnosed with kidney stones and parathyroid disease in March 2010 whilst being in hospital as a result of high calcium levels (3.7 mmol/L) and significant pains in the back. A stent was inserted in order to help the kidneys and I went through a number of tests (Mibi scan, ultrasound, DEXA among others) for identifying the gland(s) that were overproducing the hormone for calcium (201 serum PHT). While I was told that the stent should not remain longer than two months and that I should have the stones removed as soon as possible, I have not been scheduled yet for the removal (ureteroscope). During the last month, the stent has become very uncomfortable, I cannot walk for more than 10 minutes and I feel very tired. I went to the A&E but I was offered only muscle relaxants and painkillers and I have not seen any improvement as a result of these. Simultaneously, I am waiting for the arrangement of the removal of the parathyroid gland.

Is there anyone with similar experience? Is it normal to have that long the stent and have these symptoms? And is there anyone that has gone through a removal of parathyroid glands? Any information would be most helpful.

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Kidney Stones :: Stent And Lithotripsy Isn't Working

Dec 29 emergency room found 2 stones 7 & 8 in size.  Put in stint, went to urologist 2 weeks later and 2 weeks after that had Lithotripsy, turned 2 stones into 5 that were at the bottom of my kidney.  3 weeks later had Ureteroscopy urologist said this would get rid of stones.  Went in today to have stint removed.  Blah, still have several stones.  I am beside myself and quickly loosing confidence in my urologist.  He told me to stand on my head numerous times a day in hopes that the kidney stones will float to the top and out (I am 60 by the way).  Standing on my head is going to be a feat.  Said come by in 2 weeks and we will explore options to remove the stones again...

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia After Angina And Stent

66 year old husband who has always been fit and healthy developed unstable angina and within three days was fitted with a stent.  This was at the end of January.  Not been feeling too great since a few days after and now the doc has said he is suffering from anaemia and will have to go for a colonoscopy.

hubby cant understand this as he was never anaemic before.

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Bio Pro Thumb Implant For Arthritis Of The CMC Joint?

I have just read about a new procedure for surgery of the CMC joint in the thumb. It's a much smaller infusion, doesn't involve removal of a whole bone and is supposed to have a much faster recovery time and little loss of strength. It involves an implant called the Bio Pro thumb implant. 

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Nexplanon Implant - How Long To Heal

How long does the implant insertion wound take to fully heal? I got mine inserted on Tuesday night and it has had a dressing on since. I took it off to change it tonight and it hadn't healed at all.

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Implant? Bloating, Constipation And Headaches

Me and my partner have had unprotected sex since we have been together, however this isn't a problem (so I Thought) because I have the implant and so far had it for 2 years .. I've never had a problem before but recently I haven't come on my period for two months, which I know is a side effect of the implant but i've always been regular with it anyway Hoyt I've been experiencing bloating, constipation, headaches, nausea gas sand and shortness of breathe, all of which I'm told are signs of pregnancy.
I did a wilkos own pregnancy test and it showed to be negative so why am I experiencing all these problems? Would it be best to try another one? 
 I've talked to my doctor and he believes there is no way of me being pregnant because of the implant however I've heard of people who have been pregnant while having it.
Im very confused and wondering if anyone could help? I'm also having my implant taken out on Monday!! Very undecided whether I wasn't that done now or not......  I don't have other signs like darker areolas or tender breasts however have had pains as though I was about to come on my period but I haven't and that was two days ago!

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