Hemifacial Spasm :: Daily Fluttering In My Left Eye

Jan 8, 2014

I have just been diagnosed with Hemifacial Spasms at the age of 46 - since suffering from daily fluttering in my left eye. Thankfully at this stage it is still only affecting the left eye (I have had this since May last year) and hasn't spread anywhere else. I am beside myself with panic that I am going to end up abnormally deformed and disfigured very soon as it does start to include the rest of the face. Can anyone give a complete novice regarding HFS some advice. I only got the letter yesterday and don't see my Consultant until April and I am out of my mind at the outlook prognosis and what to expect. Is it really going to leave me looking disfigured permanently?

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Hemifacial Spasm :: One Eye Twitch - MVD Operation

i am suffering HFS from five years. my one eye twitch very little from which i have suffered to see movement the things from eye. i suffered little twiching problem. in MRI scan report some error found. dr says for MVD operation.

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Hemifacial Spasm :: Botox Or Surgery At 66?

I have had this condition for almost ten years and although not painful it has altered my life by reducing my confidence.

i recently enquirer when at one of my Botox appointments if there were any new treatments and was told that surgery was now more successful.I have been offered an operation on the N.H.S. And am going through the decision .As I am quite a fit 66 year old I really don't want to be having Botox for possibly another 20 years!

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Hemifacial Spasm :: After Stent Implant - Face Twitch, Droopy And Painful

A little over twelve years , directly after I had a stent implant in one of the main arteries to my heart, the left side of my face developed a twitch.  I mentioned the twitch to my cardiologist, and he said, "We all get little twitches. it will go away.  It didn't.  It progressively became worse and effected my trigeminal nerve.  The first neurologist that I was referred to recommended botox.  All that I got out of that was the left side of my face being, numb, droopy, twitchy and painful.  I went to several doctors and dentists in Spokane.  The dentists told me that my teeth were not causing the pain and the neurologists kept prescribing me the same prescriptions.  I also tried physical therapy and acupuncture.  I had two teeth extracted with the hope that it would relieve the pain.  I decided to get proactive and read about microvascular decompression (MVD) surgery.  I found that they performed MVD in Seattle at the University of Washington.  I e-mailed a detailed description of my symptoms, and they made an appointment to see me.  The surgeon (Dr. Rostomily) that I met with asked me, "How long I have you lived with that condition."  I told him, "A little over seven years," he said, "I don't know how you have done it."  Fourteen days later I had the surgery and when I woke up I was free of the twitch.  That was in 2010.  I still have the nerve pain on the left side of my face.  I am positive that if the neurologists in Spokane had referred me to the U of W Medical Center once that I was diagnosed, that I would also be free of the pain.  Last week I started seeing a Physical Therapist (PT) and after the session there was improvement.  Hopefully the sessions with the PT will eventually lead to a pain free life.  My advice:  If you develop HFS and it gets worse, don't delay ... get MVD surgery.    

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Pregnancy :: Lower Left Side Of My Back Has A Spasm

It's been a week since the lower left side of my back has a spasm. Doctor said I have to walk it out. I'm 36 weeks and ready to have this baby already! Cold compresses work for only a little, the pain is excruciating. Anyone else gone through this?

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Cervical Spasm, Neck Pain, Left Arm Pain, Numbness, Heart

I dont know i have cervical spondylosis  , but MRI said i have a cervical spasm < now even  after eating food my heart rate increase some times and there are weird feeling  all day long in the chest ,pain in arm .. i feel tingling numbness, in legs ,arms , shouledrs some time. disbalance when i just stand up 

Mty Doctors are sending me to neurologist,Cardio , Rheumatologist,Internal medicine . 

nothing solved . Heart is ok , ECG is ok, x-ray of heart is ok.Blood test was ok ...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pain And Fluttering Near My Uterus

could i be pregnant? for the past 2 weeks i have been having uterus pains and fluttering near my uterus. im not sure on what i should do because i recently had a miscarriage in june 2013.

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Gabapentin :: Side Effects - Fluttering In My Chest

For over a year now I have been suffering with severe back pain, some days worse than others, recently it has been hard to get through the day, I am on tramadol and an anti inflammatory tablet - recently my Doctor put me on gabapentin, within minutes I had a headache and cough - within hours I started to suffer from "fluttering" in my chest - having only taken a few tablets I decided I would rather put up with the back pain than the side effects - has anyone else had any of the same problems.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Fluttering In My Uterus And Lower Abdomen

I been having fluttering in my uterus and lower abdomen along with movement. I stay dizzy and sometimes I feel light headed. And here lately I been getting sick to my stomach. Could I be pregnant again? And I been having unprotected sex for three days straight ..

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Leg And Knee :: Fluttering Explodes Into Cramps In One Muscle And Spreads

I am suffering terrible fluttering in both legs below the knee, sometimes the back of the knee too. The fluttering then explodes into a cramp in one muscle which spreads to one or more others as I try to manipulate or stretch the first. The cramps are agonizing and last for up to 10 mins! When they finally subside the fluttering returns and the cycle keeps repeating itself. Rest and cold are sometimes factors. I would say I'm generally healthy and fit, I don't drink much water and sometimes I wonder if coca cola or diet coke make if worse. I have also recently done atkins diet but have been eating normally for a week or more. I can go weeks with no cramps then be plagued for a month! Its driving me mad and keeping me awake! HELP!!

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Vascular Disorders :: Numb Left Leg And Strange Scars On Left Side Of Stomach

I have had a numb left leg for about 5 months now from my thigh down to my knee and it seems to be getting worse and going down to the rest of my left leg. I also have these weird scars that look red or bloody from the inside and there is 3 of them and they showed up out of nowhere overnight. My doctor has given me blood tests and MRI's and nothing has shown up abnormal.

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GCA :: Spasm In Esophagus

For GCA, I just dropped from 40 to 30 msg of prednisone. Suddenly I thought I was having a heart attack. The righting pain on chest and back would not let up. We were told to go to the ER where after a second hour and medical help while hooked up to who knows, the pain began to ease. I am now on antacids and tums. Eileen, I think I dropped too many mgs. I love the super go slowly taper, no more than 10% drop. Now I have to convince my rheumy. Has anyone else had severe spasms? I did not know what was happening .

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Gastroenterology :: What Causes Spasm During Cholangiogram?

I was diagnosed with gallstones last 2014 but I only had my gallbladder removed through open cholecystectomy recently last November 29, 2015. The surgeons placed a t-tube drain and discharged me with it. They scheduled me for cholangiogram December 17, 2015 but the result showed that there's still a faint filling in the common bile duct so they scheduled for follow-up cholangiogram on January 4, 2016. During the second cholangiogram, this time there was a distinct pain during the procedure so they had to stop it. Two hours after, I know something was wrong because I felt cold then my temperature shoot up to 38.9 degree Centigrade. I felt slight pressure at the lower abdomen like I feel an urge to defecate and a few minutes I vomited. I was hospitalized, given antibiotics and hydrated. My doctor told me that it was an expected outcome after a cholangiogram. He said he would refer me to a hepatobiliary surgeon. I was checked by the specialist and told me that basing on the results there's still fragments left that's why a SPASM occurred during the cholangiogram. He's gonna perform a t tube choledochotomy. As of the moment, I noticed that I lost weight (8 lbs) after my hospitalization, continuously experienced itchiness and bitter after taste during meals. I also felt an on and off tingling sensation just below my operative site. Do I need to ask for second opinion?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Brain Spasm

I am sitting at work, like always, when all of a sudden.... inside my head (in the top, middle, and behind my forehead) I began to feel what seemed to be a muscle spasm.  What?  Rationalizing, I think... Our brains are muscles. Right?  So it could be a muscle spasm.  Whoa... I feel dizzy and lightheaded for a little bit.  Now, I feel like my head is full (stuffed full) of cotton or something. It isn't in my ears.  It wasn't my eyes.  It was "in my head".  WOW.

I experienced this sensation of by brain shaking that was followed by dizziness. The "brain shake" felt like a jolt and then vibration/spasm that lasted about 5 seconds.  I feel like the room is spinning and tilting and I was about to fall over (even though I was sitting down). The dizziness lasted about 2 minutes or so. The weird feeling of fullness in my head is still there.

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Spasm :: Whole Body Wants To Stretch And You Can't Stop It

Does anyone experience body spasms kind of like your whole body wants to stretch and you can't stop it this only happens to me during the night .

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Horrible Muscle Spasm In My Back

I have horrible muscle spasms in my back, sometimes they seem like cramps though. I turned 18 about a month ago, will a doctor prescribe me a muscle relaxer for this? Is there a different class of medication to look into that might be more effective? My dad recommended baclofen. I have read about some health complications using this though. Not asking how to get a RX. WILL they write me one or blow me off as an 18 year old drug seeker, and WILL it help (possibly). I've done trigger point injections, deep tissue PT for years and nothing helps. The problem comes back like a week after stopping and my insurance only covers x appointments. My therapist noticed my ribs keep elevating up and need popped back in place. This may be due to muscle spasms? I'm just tired. Tired of pain, doctors not doing anything, and nothing changing.

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GERD :: Choking And Throat Spasm

Ok. 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis/mild esophagitis. I had a recent endoscopy which showed almost normal . Anyhow, a few months ago I was sleeping one night and i was awaken violently with the sensation something was choking my throat like a spasm I swallowed hard and the spasm went away . Any thoughts as to what that episode was??

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Esophogeal Spasm

My symptoms are very sharp chest and back pain often also going around the ribs and they do feel like a heart attack. The only thing that relieves them is if I can make myself burp over and over to release the contraction. It seems what brings mine on is positional in nature - bending forward, even slightly or waking in the middle of the night with an attack, probably from bending forward in the fetal position without awareness. I was given nitroglycerin, which helps some but I wonder if anyone has found other things that work that do not involve drugs. I read somewhere that peppermint oil in a little water works but when I'm in the middle of one of these severe attacks I do not have the wherewithal to go get peppermint water. They feel that dire in nature, like it has to be relieved immediately! Again, only the burping regime has helped but not so great to have to do when out in public.

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Nervous - Muscle Spasm, Twitching And Burping

For the last 3 days I've had muscle spasm on my right side-it doesn't hurt. It's more like twitching. I have been burping-maybe gas. I have worked out a lot but haven't since this started. I was just wondering if anyone gets these. I did soak in Epsom salts tonight but the twitches still happening. I have read people do get these-it just makes you nervous as you feel a loss of control over your body.

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Abdominal Pain :: Spasm In My Stomach For Nine Days

I have had a "spasm" in my stomach for nine days. It it located about an inch to the left of my belly button and up a little higher. It feels like a mild labor contraction, though I'm a 48 year old female and not pregnant. It can also be described as a strong "butterfly" feeling. I have tried an anti-spasmodic medication, a muscle relaxer, and anti-inflammatories, though NOTHING relieves it. It spasms about every 10 seconds and lasts for about 1-2 seconds. My doctor couldn't feel a spasm. I've tried massage, heat, castor oil---nothing is helping. Any suggestions as to what it could be or how I can stop it from spasming?

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Oesophageal Achalasia / Spasm :: Choking Feeling

I have suspected bilateral diaphragm paralysis and increasing difficulties breathing and swallow king. Weak and short breath on inspiration and expiration and barely sleeping. Are there any exercises can be done at this late stage as now have impending feeling of doom. Have been told intervention is pointless.

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