Am I Pregnant? :: Pain And Fluttering Near My Uterus

Feb 5, 2014

could i be pregnant? for the past 2 weeks i have been having uterus pains and fluttering near my uterus. im not sure on what i should do because i recently had a miscarriage in june 2013.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Fluttering In My Uterus And Lower Abdomen

I been having fluttering in my uterus and lower abdomen along with movement. I stay dizzy and sometimes I feel light headed. And here lately I been getting sick to my stomach. Could I be pregnant again? And I been having unprotected sex for three days straight ..

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Am I Pregnant? Have Fluid In My Uterus

My doctor had me get a sonogram because she thought I may have endometriosis. While this wasn't true, I do have fluid in my uterus, and on top of that, my thyroid levels have dropped just over the past month. I think I may be pregnant, and my doctor seems to agree with me, but I'm not sure. I'm only nineteen. Are there any other reasons this stuff is happening or could it be that I'm pregnant?

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Two Miscarriage And Again Pregnant With Septate Uterus

I am 38 years old had two miscarriage last year. I came to know that I have a septate uterus (4.2mm and 4.8mm) before conceiving. Now I am 6 weeks pregnant and am scared. Please advise, I don't want to experience the same pain and heartache.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pressure In My Uterus Area

The past few days i have had pressure in my uterus area. It is the worst when i have to pee but once my bladder is empty it dies down but i can still feel pressure. I had my period May 8, 2014 for 3 days. I do have unprotected sex with my husband. Could i be pregnant and if so when can i test?

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Pregnant? Cramps, Diarrhea, Swollen Uterus And Darker Nipples

Dec. 25 me and My boyfriend had unprotected sex, we were using the pullout method but I don't think he pulled out well about a week later we had sex again on the 27, 29, 30, and 31 we still used the same method. on the 27 we used a condom but it ended up coming off inside me (I got it out). And around the first of January I got a really small out of light pink discharge then later on that day it turned brown then stopped , this was weird because I don't spot before My period. the next day (jan. 2) I started bleeding really light and it lasted for about 5 days (My period was suppose to start around the 10) and I always have real bad pms symptoms but I didn't. couple days go by and I start getting real tired than before and I keep getting light headaches. My stomach begins to feel nauseous, and I get small cramps in My lower abdominal area right above My vagina. these feelings last for almost a week or two, and yesterday I happened to notice the area near My uterus (between the vagina and belly button) to look a little swollen My nipples darker (or I'm Just seeing stuff) I got diarrhea for about a day and now I keep getting little cramps in abdominal area. so I was wondering could I possibly be pregnant?

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Fertility :: Novasure Ablation - Rebuilding The Lining Of Uterus To Stay Pregnant?

I had an novasure ablation done in 2010 and have not had a menstrual cycle since however I have had a chemical pregnancy. I would like to know how to rebuild the lining in my uterus to stay pregnant.

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Hemifacial Spasm :: Daily Fluttering In My Left Eye

I have just been diagnosed with Hemifacial Spasms at the age of 46 - since suffering from daily fluttering in my left eye. Thankfully at this stage it is still only affecting the left eye (I have had this since May last year) and hasn't spread anywhere else. I am beside myself with panic that I am going to end up abnormally deformed and disfigured very soon as it does start to include the rest of the face. Can anyone give a complete novice regarding HFS some advice. I only got the letter yesterday and don't see my Consultant until April and I am out of my mind at the outlook prognosis and what to expect. Is it really going to leave me looking disfigured permanently?

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Gabapentin :: Side Effects - Fluttering In My Chest

For over a year now I have been suffering with severe back pain, some days worse than others, recently it has been hard to get through the day, I am on tramadol and an anti inflammatory tablet - recently my Doctor put me on gabapentin, within minutes I had a headache and cough - within hours I started to suffer from "fluttering" in my chest - having only taken a few tablets I decided I would rather put up with the back pain than the side effects - has anyone else had any of the same problems.

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Leg And Knee :: Fluttering Explodes Into Cramps In One Muscle And Spreads

I am suffering terrible fluttering in both legs below the knee, sometimes the back of the knee too. The fluttering then explodes into a cramp in one muscle which spreads to one or more others as I try to manipulate or stretch the first. The cramps are agonizing and last for up to 10 mins! When they finally subside the fluttering returns and the cycle keeps repeating itself. Rest and cold are sometimes factors. I would say I'm generally healthy and fit, I don't drink much water and sometimes I wonder if coca cola or diet coke make if worse. I have also recently done atkins diet but have been eating normally for a week or more. I can go weeks with no cramps then be plagued for a month! Its driving me mad and keeping me awake! HELP!!

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Women :: Pain In The Uterus After Sex

I am going to the doctor in a week but I wanted some possible ideas of what it could be on here.

I am a 19 year old girl, I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. STD free. I am on the birth control Implanon. But its gone now. We have sex about every other day. He is bigger than the previous guys I've been with.

The last two weeks have been a bit of an issue. Sex feels fine, but right after we're done I have this pretty bad pain in my lower abdomen, where my uterus and cervix is. It just feels exactly like very bad period cramps. I have no other symptoms. I am supposed to be getting my period in about a week. The only change I can think of is he has been lasting longer lately, to where he's inside of me for 45 minutes straight. The pain only lasts for about 10 minutes after we have sex.

Is it possible he is being too rough and too long in me which is causing pain? I am a petite girl. Or is it something else? Sorry, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Could it be an infection?

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Uterus Pain After 3 Hours Of Sex

I had a sex yesterday morning. after the 3 hours of sex i have a continuous pain in uterus for more than 30 hours ....

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Fibroid Over Uterus, Sigmoid Colon And Uterus Are Cohesive

Since last 01 year, I am suffering from acute pain around the vagina. MRI explained that Fibroid over uterus, sigmoid colon and uterus are cohesive with each other. Doctors have different opinion. Help me to diagnose the problem and find out the actual reason of pain.

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Retroverted Uterus With Rectal Pain

I found out - during a transvaginal ultrasound - that my uterus is retroverted. Another doctor had felt my uterus through my rectum (have had problems with rectal pain) and thought that my uterus possibly was enlarged. This was not the case, but it is retroverted. Has anyone had problems with that? Mainly, I'm thinking problems related to the uterus affecting other organs, such as the rectum.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pregnant On Depo Shot? Back Pain, Cramps, Dizziness

I've been on the shot for 2 years . Im due for another one in a few days but I don't want to take it until im sure im not pregnant. Me and my boyfriend had sex 2 weeks ago and a week ago and the day after the last time I've been feeling pregnant. This would be my second child but with my first a test couldn't tell until I was almost out of my first trimester but i knew right away that I had to be. Now it's different because I don't have a period since im on the depo. I've been having back pain, thigh cramps, migraines, tired, dizziness, and my stomach has been cramping and feeling weird. What do you think?

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Tilted Uterus - Pain To The Right Side Of The Vagina

I have a tilted uterus. Whenever I have an internal examination or pelvic ultrasound done with the probe I'll feel pain to the right side of the vagina. Does anyone know if it can be caused by the tilted uterus? Can't be my ovary it was removed years ago.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Uterus Tightening - Pain 5-6 Times A Day

I am nearly 18wks and often have tightening of my uterus/abdomen. It isn't painful, just uncomfortable. It happens 5-6 times a day at least.

Is this normal so early on?

Is it baby moving?

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Urogynecology :: Back And Abdominal Pain Due To Bulky Uterus

my wife is 32 years old & she is suffering from back pain & lower abdomen pain in left side & lower abdomen pain urinary  track problem my wife ultrasound report is bulky uterus size is 7.0x5.3x3.2 cm now I have do?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Thick White Liquid Discharge And Pain?

I am 23 yrs old and i have this problem that i have a white discharge from my vagina.

sometimes the quantity is less and sometimes more and sometimes doesnt happen. sometime back i got white thick discharge which was watery but it got stretched. i was like a chewing gum which i could take out by pulling off my vagina. after it dried on panty, showed as light yellowish lump or so. it also came out after bowel movement or even pee.. the quantity got lesser on its own , then i had my xams and that time it again started but was not the type i told, it was just simple liquid which when dried got into flakes.

after that for sometime it almost stopped except for after orgasm.

currently its like usual discharge but in a lesser quantity only.( also i got more red lumps like small mass during my period flow)

i dont know and worried regarding this. is it normal?

ALSO The second thing is that when i get aroused the vagina gets wet but now it pains while getting wet naturally unlike before.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Discharge And I Am In Pain

I have brown discharge in my knickers not much I have pains in my back also and have not had my period yet does this mean it's on its way or could I be pregnant

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Pregnant? Pain In Stomach After Anal Sex

had anal sex with girlfriend .. now worried if she will get pregnant.

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