Penis :: No Foreskin Retraction At All

Jul 20, 2012

I have never been able to pull my foreskin back at all - as in, not even over the head of my penis. Is this a problem and should I get it looked at?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction, My Foreskin Is Very Hard

I am male 33 years and recently read post regarding foreskin foreskin is very hard that it cannot go back. while masturbating penis produces enough penis is hard so that foreskin cannot get back.does it seems to be any problem while having sex? 2)during erection of penis the tip of penis seems to be conchy shaped.can my penis be inserted into my partner without any problem.

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction For The First Time

I'm 17 years old and am no longer a virgin. im uncut and have been having sex for about a year. up until now, there have been no problems with sex ( no condom ). but recently, due to a ha****b gone wrong, my foreskin was fully retracted for the first time. i've done some googling and found out that i was supposed to be retracting my foreskin frequently as a child, which i didn't do. when it retracted, it was really sensitive and during sex it felt like the head of my penis was about to explode, and it was really tight behind the head. it also got stuck but i managed to get the foreskin back over. my question is, what kind of stretching methods can i do to loosen my foreskin? and about the sensitivity of the glans area, will it desensitize over time? because its making me cum really fast due to the sensitivity.

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Penis :: Permanent Foreskin Retraction?

I have read a few posts about permanently retracting the foreskin and I've tried this myself, however, sometimes the foreskin rolls back over my penis head when I don't want it to, mostly from moving and not when I'm lying still. Is there a way I can help keep it retracted before it permanently stays that way?

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Penis :: Forceful Foreskin Retraction

I want to ask you something serious.... Well 2 days ago I masturbated aggressively(I removed my penis skin completely).... Everything was fine till then but from the next morning my penis had started paining... (I think A vein is paining) consistently I am feeling like as if my penis is just dead... & THERE has been no erection since then...please advise me what should I do.... & I can't even share this problem with anyone.... It's not at all going well....

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction And Pleasure

My boyfriend is 22 and says that it hurts to retract his foreskin past a certain point. I have a decent amount of sexual experience, but this is my first time with someone who is uncircumcised. He's said that he hasn't really gotten anything that we've done in bed (i've tried masturbating him and giving him oral). I'm just wondering what's really going on. I've never had a problem pleasuring a guy before, so why is foreskin making it so different? I'm just lost. Can someone please help?

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Penis :: Hard Foreskin Retraction

When my penis is not erect, i am able to pull the foreskin back with no problems and wash n stuff fine. but when im erect my foreskin seems to be covering the head of the penis, is this normal? i've heard that during erection the foreskin is supposed to go back by itself? because my skin still cover my penis during erection does this mean i have that phimosis condition.

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction Implications?

I’ve recently heard that penis foreskin is supposed to retract automatically when erect without having to be “manually” pulled back and should stay retracted until the erection goes. I’ve also heard that if that is not the case, it can lead to several implications. I’m uncut (and plant to stay) and during erection and intercourse my foreskin is not totally retracted – during intercourse it is sliding up and down. So, I’m wondering weather that can cause any implications?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Circumcision?

I'm 18 and I've not once been able to retract my foreskin, i thought people with their foreskin should not be able to see the "Red end" but apparently we are, this may seem alien but I've...never seen another man, with foreskin (all the dodgey porns are circumcised) go from normal to erect so I didn't know weather this should happen or not?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction When Erect

I'm a 14 year old male. I haven't had sex yet and ejaculate about once a day. However i am concerned because i cannot pull my foreskin below the penis head when i am erect. I have been stretching it for a couple days and it seems to be getting a little better bit by bit but how long do you think it will take to stretch all the way? will it affect sex? should i use baby oil or something like that to help it go back easier?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction Manual Or Automatic?

I'm 17 and uncut. I have never retracted my foreskin, nor tried to retract it, partly due to fear. I was just wandering, for my first foreskin retraction, should i be getting an erection and letting the foreskin retract automatically or should i manually pull it back, and whether it should be flaccid or erect.

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Head Is Out And It Is Very Sensitive

I am really nervous. I am 14 years old and my foreskin has gone off the head and retracted back the way. Now the head is out and it is very sensitive and hurts when anything touches it and I am finding it very comfortable

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Penis :: Hard Foreskin Retraction On Erection

I can pull my foreskin totally back when I'm flaccid. But when Im erect, I can only pull back it over the head. The foreskin "collects" under the head, but won't pull back any further. There is foreskin there, it just won't pull down the shaft when erect!

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction, Half Way Down The Shaft

I'm 15 and get my foreskin half way down the shaft is that normal

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction Slightly Swells The Head

My foreskin is easily retracted when the penis is not erected, it also can retract when it is erected but the only problem is that, when erected and retracted, the foreskin is tight and slightly swells the head. Although it is not tight enough for the skin to retract (it just needs a little pushing), should i just continue stretching my foreskin ?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Doesn't Retract Fully

I'm 19 years old and my foreskin won't retract on its own, both while flaccid or erect. I never knew it was supposed to. I have had sex before, both with and without a condom, and a few times during sex the foreskin was forced down below the glans. However, it was very painful each time and I thought it wasn't supposed to do that and so I moved it back up. For me it is much more comfortable to have it covering the glans. I've never had any infections or problems with my penis or foreskin either and sex was always ok. I'm still worried about this though, especially after reading that it was supposed to retract, is this a problem I need to consider and have fixed or is it okay that my foreskin doesn't retract fully?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Phimosis? Frenulum Breve?

16- i think i have a problem, during erection i can only pull my foreskin back just behind the glans and it bunches up there, but when not erected it can be pulled back but bends down when the frenulum prevents it from going any farther. Allso where what would be the tip of the foreskin when not retracted is being pulled back, it seems to almost strangle the shaft, is this a problem? possible phimosis? frenulum breve?

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction - Cannot Fully Retract While Erect?

I am a 17 year old uncircumcised male, and when erect I cannot fully retract my foreskin, i.e. over the glands, but it does go back about cm from the glands with minimal discomfort. While flaccid I regularly retract the foreskin all the way to clean although the bit of skin connecting the  foreskin gets a little tight. Will sex be painful or complicated if I cannot fully retract while erect?

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How To Do Foreskin Retraction?

I've literally only just discovered that to retract my foreskin properly i need to pull it entirely over the head of the penis. correct me if i've got this wrong.
But does this mean that i have to pull it back completely behind the glans? i just tried to pull it back in the shower and got to the very edge of the head of my penis and when i tried to pull it back over my penis it wasn't very easy, obviously panic set in and i thought that i wouldn't be able to pull it back over my penis head, didn't fancy this as i've got a field trip starting in the next few days where ill be stuck with my penis rubbing in my trousers all day :(
So my question is, how far should i retract my foreskin, and if the skin seems to become stuck again how do i go about retracting it?

Also should i try to retract my foreskin whilst the penis is erect or will this cause fractures in the skin?

Pretty worrying time for me as i've only just found out that the foreskin is even able to go this far, i only found out because i noticed that it was very far back after a blowjob i had a few days ago.

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Foreskin Retraction - Wont Go Down All The Way

I'm 15 and i have the problem that my foreskin wont go down all the way i can achieve it at girth but when erect the glands enlarge and the foreskin where it connects to the glands stings. I'm young but i don't know what to do will it grow or stay the same or do i need to stretch it out. if so how should i stretch it .

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Foreskin Non-retraction - Stays Retracted

I have easy retraction of foreskin before/during sex or whatever. My problem is that, afterwards, the foreskin stays retracted, rather than naturally moving back into its normal position while flaccid. I must do this manually - it is not painful at all it is just that the foreskin sometimes repeatedly retracts even after I intervene. Is this 'normal?' Should I be worried at all?

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