Pregnancy :: Quitting Smoking - No Damage Before 13 Weeks?

Sep 25, 2014

I know I need to quit smoking. My dr said no damage is done before 13 weeks, but I can't quit! I've tried tapering, I've tried cold turkey, I've tried gum... nothing is working.

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Quitting Smoking :: 3 Weeks - Anxiety And Tingling On My Face

I just quit smoking about 3 weeks now doing good but last night i started having tingling on my face is this a part of Anxiety after you quit smoking.
I don't know i never felt this before till i stop smoking.

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Quitting Smoking (3 Weeks) - Chest Feels Tight And Always Inhaling

I've quit smoking for 3 weeks now after 32 years of smoking. I am using the patch and my doctor put me on zyban  when I saw her sept 5 because I couldn't stop crying. The crying has gotten better I feel terrible. I think I'm obsessed with my breathing to the point where I feel it all the time. My chest feels tight. I feel myself inhaling all the time. I've been to the emergency room twice now in two weeks. Chest films taken. They put me on high dose prednisone for. 5 days which made it worse! I think I'm going insane about this. I read that you should be coughing up old mucus etc... I'm not coughing at all. I think I need psychiatrist. Has this happened to anyone?

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Pregnancy :: How Long Smoke Stays In System After Quitting Smoking?

what if you stop but are still around it and inhale it is it still going to be in your system?

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Quitting Smoking After 17 Years - Tried Everything

I've been a smoker for 17 years now. I've tried everything and still can't quit. Any methods anyone can recommend that helped you?

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Will Emphysema Go Away After Quitting Smoking?

I would like to know that if I were to quit smoking now, will my emphysema go away? I have been smoking for 3 years and I am only 22 year's old.

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Easy Way - Quitting Smoking

Now, you've probably clicked on this link and have some serious doubts about what I'm going to say.

Quitting smoking is the easiest thing you can do and why? Because you don't want to do it in the first place.

Example 1: Let's say I invite you to your favorite food, would you say yes?

Of course you would, it's something you enjoy and it's free.

Example 2: What if I invite you to eat dog poo. Would you try it? Hey, it's free, right! But, you would probably say no.

So what do those 2 examples have in common? The #One you want to do and the other one, not so much.

Well, let's pretend I chase around the house, work and every area of your life, telling you to eat dog poo. Would you just give up and try it? Like really?

Because that's what addiction does it pokes you and chases you until you agree to do it.

I could write a whole essay on this, but I'll post some main ideas first and then will specify on some things.

Addiction is not a habit. Look it up in the dictionary. Not the same thing at all and the words are very different, even though they sound similar.

Psychiatrists classify addictions as a mental disorder.

So first admit and you've probably noticed that by being a smoker, you are different than other people. You think differently and you're aware that your life is dominated by cigarettes. When to buy, smoke etc.

If you smoke a pack a day, that's like 1 cigarette every 45 minutes, without counting 8 hrs of sleep. That is like brushing your teeth the same number of times a day. Doesn't sound like normal behavior right?

So, let's summarize this, smoking is an addiction that pokes you several times a day. And here comes the catch, why do you have to do it, just as the example with dog poo.

Because you think you are getting something out of it. Not the bad consequences, but you think it somehow lets you decrease your stress or keep emotions in control... etc..

There are two types of addictions, physical and mental. The mental part of the addiction is usually what makes it seem impossible to quit.

But there's an easy way.

Add your thoughts in some things I've said or ask more questions and I'll write some other posts that go deeper on why smoking becomes a problem and it's our mentality that makes us fail.

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Quitting Smoking :: Day One Champix

So today I swallowed my first morning Champix tablet., I got them from my GP 3 days ago,. but had a real mind battle before making that 1st move.,I have smoked for 50 years,. this as taken a big toll on my Health & pocket,..hopefully now I have come to my senses to quit this awful habit,,my life can take on more meaning..

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Quitting Smoking :: Chantix Helps?

I just went to the doctor and got a prescription for chantix today I picked it up and I have not taken it yet because I'm nervous about side and a little scared about quitting but also very hopeful that this work for me. Both my fiance and I smoke and have for many years but we both want to quit and are going to try. I have been reading these posts and decided to join and write my own because I know that I will need help and encouragement to get through this. Everyone on here seems very nice and encouraging so I hope with the chantix and support from my family and this site we can be successful!

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Quitting Smoking :: Wellbutrin Helps

I am a 60 yr old woman and I have smoked for roughly 35 yrs. I have attempted to quit at least 3-4 times seriously. I've always had the horrible cravings even when using patches etc. this time I had my mind made up to do it finally and I just happened to be taking 300 mg of Wellbutrin at the time and I had actually forgotten that this could be helpful. I asked my dr to call in a prescription for the patches which he did. Anyway to say that it was easy is an understatement. You can imagine then my surprise to find out after using the 2nd box of patches that I had been using just the 7 mg patches all along. It Had to be the Wellbutrin that made the difference !! I was very surprised but extremely happy to become a Non-smoker !! It's been 10 months and I have no cravings. and I feel great ! I would gladly promote the Wellbutrin to any current smokers that really want to quit. I have put on a few pounds but that is well worth it to be able to live long enough to see my great grandchildren someday I hope and pray !!!

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Quitting Smoking - Withdrawal Symptoms?

I quit smoking 36 days back. Took 21mg patch sometimes for first 4 weeks and then taking 1/2 of 21mg patch (by cutting it). Went through the craving -
- not having any more. Here is what bother me now:-

* Feeling fever but no temperature

* Pains around the eye (sinus), headache, usual discomforts that comes with fever

* If my back is touched with little pressure (or rather rubbed), it feels like burning. If I bend, I feel a pain on the left side of mid-spinal cord -- but when sit straight it does not pain. (I do lift 2 five gallon water refills once in a while to 1st floor -- if can be slip disk)

* Felt similar burning pain in some other part (but less) too -- arms and probably the head (touching hairs pains little bit)

* Took crosin -- night time sweating many times now but the heavy head goes away with crosin

* Morning cough out little pinkish cold once or twice

* Oxygen level is 95% on blood (tested few days before)

Do I need to go for medication/see a doctor now or just wait and watch (is it a kind of withdrawal symptom or an independent issue)?

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COPD :: Quitting Smoking After 48 Years

I have just been diagnosed with stage 2 copd (emphysema). I have smoked for 48 years. I am 65 and told I have lungs of a 95 year old. I am struggling to stop smoking. If I cannot how fast will my progression be.

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Quitting Smoking - Acupuncture Helps

I think Many people don't know that acupuncture is a great tool to help you stay away from cigarettes. Needles will not make you quit, but they will help you stay on track. Acupuncture will help by lessening withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are (not limited to): stress, anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and emotional distress.

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Pregnancy :: Smoking At 13 Weeks

I've been a little worried because my sister is 13 weeks pregnant and she was a cigarette smoker before she found out she was pregnant she is trying to stop completely but it's not that easy for her she has smoked about 6 cigarettes since she found out I am having her stay with me to make sure she doesn't smoke at all at least till the baby is born is she still on time to stop and how much do you guys think she has hurt the baby at 13 weeks

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Nicotine Addiction :: Feeling Ill After Quitting Smoking!

I quit smoking exactly 1 week ago today (though it feels much longer) after smoking for almost 7 years. 

For the past month and a half, I have had shortness of breath, which came on suddenly. I went to Urgent Care for it, and the doctor, after listening to me breath/listening to my heart, said "everything sounds good", and she said my shortness of breath is due to the fact that I have severe anxiety/panic disorder and a sinus infection. That was in the beginning of February... A couple weeks ago, my best friend's mom (who has been an ER nurse for over 20 years) listened to me breath, took my pulse/blood pressure, and she, too, said my lungs sounded "perfect", and my other vitals were good as well.
However... here I am, late March, and I still experience shortness of breath (though it has gotten somewhat better). 
Like I said, it's only been a week since I quit smoking (which I did BECAUSE I felt it might be why I was having shortness of breath), and the first couple of days? I felt great!

Now, I feel awful. I feel like I am dying. My depression has gotten much worse, my anxiety is acting up, I feel "empty" both mentally and emotionally... I have HA (health anxiety) and I fear I might have cancer, or COPD, or some such thing. 

Also, physically I just feel completely drained. I feel weak all the time, exhausted, sluggish, my heartbeat feels weak (to me), etc... I have difficulty thinking clearly, my concentration is horrible... 

But mainly what bothers me is how weak I feel... Sometimes I feel so weak that I am SURE I am dying. I lay there and think, "this is it, I am dying". It's absolutely terrifying! 

I use a nicotine patch, and it DOES seem to help when I have it on, but it only helps so much...

Is this all normal? Before I quit this past week, I had been quitting on and off for a couple months, but my "quitting" would only last 2-3 days. This is the longest I have quit smoking.

I just feel something must be terribly wrong with me... Could this all be just because I quit smoking? No one ever tells you what to REALLY expect when you quit... 

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease? After Quitting Smoking

I stopped smoking 6 months ago and to be honest feel worse for it. Currently i am suffering from

UC and mouth ulcers. I have never suffered with mouth ulcers before and my bowel has been painful since stopping smoking. What i need to figure out is this: is it worth taking up smoking again or do i need to put up with abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea, mucus and faecal incontinence and always

having to use pads. I am only 55 and feel like i am 85. I am beginning to think smoking is the lesser of the two evils!! Have read on many forums how people give up smoking and then suffer the indignities of UC. Is there any medical evidence on UC and stopping smoking? If not, why not?

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Quitting Smoking :: Dangers Of Electronic Cigarettes?

I'm new and concerned about my health I recently quit smoking and am using the electronic cigs. I feel great My concern is that it could be harmful as well. I know it is clearly a better choice than the poisons in tobacco does anyone know if there are dangers?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking - How Many Weeks Before Your Stopped?

I'm just wondering how many weeks all the smokers were when you stopped smoking?

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Pregnancy :: 4 Weeks - Want To Quit Smoking

Just got a positive pregnancy test. I'm 4 weeks in. Can anyone help me quit smoking cigarettes I don't want to hurt my baby. How did you quit if you are a smoker

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COPD :: Damage From 5 Years Of Smoking

Had chest xray done .I have no cough slight out of breath has I have asthma. doctor's have now told me I have mild change if my lung copd.when I asked does this mean I have the decease she said it might just be from the damage from smoking all those years so worried and stressed.  does this mean this is the beginning of a death sentence? not sleeping or eating.

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Smoking Weed Cause Damage To Your Heart?

Firstly I don't really smoke that much weed only the occasional joint with mates, but yesterday, some gave me a joint, so I had it to myself last night whilst watching some TV, I guess I smoked it all in quick succession (btw it wasn't a joint, it was a bit smaller, but bigger than the average cigarette size) anyways, I felt good after it, got good and funny sensations, like my limbs weight a lot, not being able to move because I was so comfortable, but then it went downhill, all of a sudden I felt my heartbeating, I tried to ignore it, but I guess once you think of something like that, its always in the back of your mind, I felt my heartbeat go crazy, and then I got horrible sensation in my heart area, like it was filling up, felt cold right in my heart then it felt like I was having a heart attack, as in pulsating and shooting pains, I was riving in pain on my couch, I genuinely thought "this is it, I'm going to die" it was the worst thing I've ever felt, after maybe 10 minutes of this unbearable pain, it went away, I thought it was over, I said ok, I better go lie down, big Mistake.

I walked/stumbled from my TV room to my bedroom, I was blind, it was like a headrush, but I literally couldn't see anything it was like being blind, but all I could see was like bright light, it was horrible, I lay down in bed, thinking I was dieing, I was like, I'm going to be like this forever, dizzy and my heart beating irregularly, I'm not going to get out of this, then I thought I was going to be sent to the looney bin, as no one would believe me, I lay down in bed, other strange things happened, I can't really remember then.

But then, the heart pains came back, just as long and as bad as the first time, I thought, I was actually dieing, couldn't get up to call a loved one, as was in too much pain, eventually it subsided, then I heard things like doors slamming, cars and vans driving past my windows, doors being knocked on etc, all at one, getting really really, deafeningly loud, it was weird I knew it was all the noises ever heard in the flat just played at the same time if you get me? I heard other noises as well, but can't remember them.

Then I tried to get to sleep, but the whole time, I was thinking this was a game, my mind was playing with itself, I thought someone maybe dipped the weed in LSD or something (but I don't think so now, as I didn't hallucinate, and its not economically viable for any dealer to dip their stuff in LSD) so anyways, I was thinking it was a game, I also thought if I went to sleep I would go into a coma and die, I was fighting for my life as such, it was so real and surreal at the same time, it truly was the worst experience of my life.

Throughout the course of my "trip" I had the heart pains, and weird noises thing again, and then eventually it wears off, still felt weird, paranoid and horrible, I sat up in my bed, to get some air or something, and said, OK I will watch some stuff on my laptop, I did, then my buzzer rang, I kinda freaked out, I thought it was my landlord, so I was like ohh c**p, but answered it anyways, it was my flatmate who was returning from a holiday, it was such a relief to see him, we went back into the sitting room chatted a bit more, then I went back to my bed to watch stuff on my laptop. I started getting better from there, I had a headache though, I watched a couple more hours of stuff on my laptop til my other flatmate came home, we had a beer (which calmed me down a bit) and watched TV, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning with a blinding headache, still here, I think my heart's still beating fast, but I dunno, I could be still a bit paranoid, but it was definitely beating a million miles an hour the whole of yesterday.

Should I see a dr? - I've had a new outlook on life since this happening to me, I want to do more things with my family (we live in diff countries) and just love my gf and friends more, you know? - I want to start eating healthily as well...

What should I do, can anyone advise?

TL;DR version:

smoked a doob, got high, got paranoid ( i guess ) thought I was having a heart attack, worst thing ive ever experienced, what should I do?

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