Pregnancy :: Smoking At 13 Weeks

Sep 9, 2014

I've been a little worried because my sister is 13 weeks pregnant and she was a cigarette smoker before she found out she was pregnant she is trying to stop completely but it's not that easy for her she has smoked about 6 cigarettes since she found out I am having her stay with me to make sure she doesn't smoke at all at least till the baby is born is she still on time to stop and how much do you guys think she has hurt the baby at 13 weeks

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Pregnancy :: Smoking - How Many Weeks Before Your Stopped?

I'm just wondering how many weeks all the smokers were when you stopped smoking?

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Pregnancy :: 4 Weeks - Want To Quit Smoking

Just got a positive pregnancy test. I'm 4 weeks in. Can anyone help me quit smoking cigarettes I don't want to hurt my baby. How did you quit if you are a smoker

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Pregnancy :: Quitting Smoking - No Damage Before 13 Weeks?

I know I need to quit smoking. My dr said no damage is done before 13 weeks, but I can't quit! I've tried tapering, I've tried cold turkey, I've tried gum... nothing is working.

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Pregnancy 24 Weeks :: Smoking - Dying To Smoke A Cigarette

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I've been dying to smoke a cigarette

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ENT :: One Swollen Tonsil For Few Weeks - Smoking?

I have one swollen tonsil. It doesn't really hurt but it's been like this for a few weeks and I've been smoking since January. Just wanted to know if this was anything to be worried about.

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Quitting Smoking :: 3 Weeks - Anxiety And Tingling On My Face

I just quit smoking about 3 weeks now doing good but last night i started having tingling on my face is this a part of Anxiety after you quit smoking.
I don't know i never felt this before till i stop smoking.

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Quitting Smoking (3 Weeks) - Chest Feels Tight And Always Inhaling

I've quit smoking for 3 weeks now after 32 years of smoking. I am using the patch and my doctor put me on zyban  when I saw her sept 5 because I couldn't stop crying. The crying has gotten better I feel terrible. I think I'm obsessed with my breathing to the point where I feel it all the time. My chest feels tight. I feel myself inhaling all the time. I've been to the emergency room twice now in two weeks. Chest films taken. They put me on high dose prednisone for. 5 days which made it worse! I think I'm going insane about this. I read that you should be coughing up old mucus etc... I'm not coughing at all. I think I need psychiatrist. Has this happened to anyone?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking Weed Bad?

Pregnant and smoking weed is it bad?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking - Inhaled A Little - Okay?

Someone was smoking a cigarette around me (knowing I'm 6 weeks pregnant) and I inhaled a little of it. I got up and went to another room! I hope my baby is okay!

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Smoking / Shisha?

Anyone smokes through prepregnancy? Cigarette or shisha ?

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Pregnancy :: Can Smoking Cause Infertility

Me and my boyfriend been trying to get pregnant for the longest and we still haven't gotten pregnant yet we both feel that something is wrong with it me or is it him? Can smoking cause us not to get pregnant? Or something else?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Braxton Hicks Everyday For The Last 3 Weeks - Should I Go In? (25 Weeks)

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my sixth child I have been having Braxton Hicks everyday for the last 3 weeks they are stronger and stronger last longerthey seem to be 5 to 10 minutes apart I have never experienced this with any of my children so this is My first child in my 30's should I go into the hospital and get checked out? Or not worry and just wait until the 19th for my appointment?

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Smoking - Beginning Or End Of Pregnancy? Which Is More Harmful?

Please don't judge me. Since June I started smoking cigarettes and it got worse the more I tried to quit. I finished my last pack yesterday and I'm determined to not smoke anymore because I don't want to harm my baby that had been healthy this whole way.  My question is it worse to smoke more towards the end of pregnancy than the beginning?  I stopped smoking the same month I found out I was pregnant n then stress had me smoking again n june to August

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Pregnancy :: 3rd Trimester - Smoking Due To Stress

I'm just now in my third trimester and have not smoked at all but i did smoke one because of the amount of stress I'm dealing with. The stress is unreal. I'm working full time. I don't want to go into early labor because of stress but I don't wanna smoke either what do I do?

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Pregnancy :: How To Quit Smoking Without Stress?

I just found out I am pregnant yesterday with my first child. More than excited for it, but I'm a smoker. I've been for years. I need advice, please. How do I quit ASAP without stress. Everyone around me smokes. I'm scared of the harm I'm bringing or could bring my child.

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Pregnancy :: Smoking An Occasional Cigarette?

How bad is it actually to smoke an occasional cigarette? What are risks? What can happen? Found out I was pregnant at nearly 2 months was smoking heavy before I knew I was prego. Now I'm mainly weaned off them..but still. Is it true it can increase chance of premature birth?

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Pregnancy :: No Smoking - Feel Like Ripping My Hair Out

My boyfriend quit when we found out we were pregnant. He quit with me. Now he's smoking again, has been for about two months. Honestly, I feel like ripping my hair out some days because I want one so badly. It takes everything in me to not grab one an hide it for a day when he is working. It was different when we quit together. But I just don't feel strong enough most days lately. And I want one so badly, it's a lot harder then it should be. I feel like I'm going to snap.

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Pregnancy :: Smoking Cigarettes - Tips To Stop?

I just found out I'm pregnant about a week ago with my second child and I do smoke cigarettes, but now I know I'm pregnant and about 4-6 weeks I'm trying to quit but the urge to smoke to still there even though I get disgusted when when I light one up. Can any one give me some tips to stop and also can it harm the baby at this point?

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Pregnancy :: Stop Smoking Without Being Cold Turkey?

I have been smoking for 6 years and it's so hard to just stop cold turkey.. Can someone please help me with a way to quit.. I am 9 weeks pregnant and life has already been so hard. I know I need to quit I just don't know how...

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Pregnancy :: How Long Smoke Stays In System After Quitting Smoking?

what if you stop but are still around it and inhale it is it still going to be in your system?

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