Pregnancy :: When Periods Will Start After Giving Birth

Oct 15, 2014

Hey already mommas , i'm a ftm and I was curious of how long after you give birth do you start getting your periods again ?

And also is it really heavy and worse cramps ? Or does it go back to normal ?

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Sex After Giving Birth

How long did you ladies wait after giving birth to have sex again? I know 6 weeks but i highly doubt i can go that long and plus we want to try and get pregnant again a.s.a.p.

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Pregnancy :: Swollen Nose - How Soon It Will Go Down After Giving Birth

How soon will it go down after giving birth?

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Pregnancy :: Breast Sore / Hurt After Giving Birth

Yes I had a Cinco de Mayo baby delivered at 11:42 at night. He weighted 8 pounds and 16 ounces. I love him so much.  But after giving birth my boob's hurt so bad and sore. Anything I can do to relieve my pain in my boob's. Help

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Cystic Fibrosis :: Small Chances For A Long Life After Giving Birth?

I am a twenty five years old pregnant woman. I found out that I am pregnant only few days ago. But now there is a problem. I have cystic fibrosis. This concerns me very much. I heard that women with this kind of illness have small chances for a long life after giving birth. Is this true? Also I am very worried about my baby. Will there be any problems with it?

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Contraception :: When To Start The Pill In Connection With Periods

I've recently just been to my doctors and asked to go on the pill. However, I am unsure when to take my first one, I'm due to come on my period in about 2 weeks, however I go on holiday around the same time, and I don't want to be on whilst I'm away.

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Menstruation :: How To Make Periods Start Early?

I am going through really really bad period pains ...

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Contraception :: Cerelle/Cerazette Stopped - When Periods Start?

I was wondering if anybody could help or possibly share their experiences? I stopped taking Cerelle on the 1st July 2014 due to suffering from migraines, since coming off it I haven't been using any contraception on order by my GP due to suffering from migraines. I was wondering how long it took other people's periods to come back? I have had spotting now and again but nothing else, it will have been 9 weeks tomorrow since I stopped taking it and my GP told me they would return to normal quite quickly.

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Menstruation :: Masturbation Makes Me Start My Periods Late?

ok help me please i havent started my period yet i am 12 years old and i masterbate will masterbating make my period start late?

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Menopause :: Skipped Periods Then Start And Vice Versa

I'm just curious if anyone going through this has skipped periods then start, then skipped then start. I thought this was part of peri but maybe not?

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Birth Control :: Continue Taking The Sugar Pill Or Do I Start The Active Pill

I used to be on the pill a while ago and I recently decided to go back on it. I accidently took the sugar pill on my second day of having my period not realising I was meant to start taking the active pills. Can I continue taking the sugar pill or do I start the active pill?

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Birth Control :: After Emergency Contraceptive Start The Oral Contraceptive?

I have taken an emergency contraceptive within 48 hours, I also take an oral contraceptive, how long until I should start the oral contraceptive again? And if I can start right away would it effect the bleeding which usually occurs as it is a sign (apparently) that it has worked?

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Pregnancy :: What Does The Start Of Contractions Feel Like?

Is it like pressure n yur lower back and n the front lots of pressure and belly is hard?nd feels like im pushing?

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Pregnancy :: When My Baby Will Start To Kick?

18 weeks and I want to know when my baby will start to kick? How will I know when she will kick.

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Pregnancy :: When Do Stretch Marks Start To Come Out

I'm 19 weeks pregnant.This is my first pregnancy. And I was wondering when do stretch marks start to come out? I'm currently using cocoa butter. I hope that works cause I don't want any stretch marks.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Fever - Start Of A Miscarriage?

I'm 12 weeks and thought I WAS done with vomiting and nausea but today I Feel feverish and nausea all day long I'm worried it mite be an infection. Or a. Start of a miscarriage?

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Start Feeling Movements?

Ladies When Did You First Start Feeling Movements With Your Little One? At How Many Weeks ? & Is It A Boy Or Girl?

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Pregnancy :: When Baby Movements Will Start?

when did you mommy's first start feeling your baby's move inside you? Im 14 or 15 weeks now and my sister said she could feel her baby move. by 16 weeks

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 During Periods?

Sir can i take unwanted 72 during periods?

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Birth Control :: Irregular Periods And OCP

I am 23 years old. I already have a baby and after that I had irregular periods like lasting for more than 15 days with heavy bleeding. So I took microgynon Ed for three months and still my periods are not regular. So can I continue taking pills? And I have a plan for 2nd baby. After stopping this pills can I get conceive or they I'll stop fertility temporarily?

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Birth Control :: Having Sex Right After Periods - Safe?

My boyfriend and I wanted to have sex the 2nd time around. We are both 19 years old and still not ready for any pregnancy. We were planning to have sex the day after my period (which I think would be on March 26) and we agreed that he should STILL wear condoms for extra protection. We used condom before, before he reach climax he pulled out of me, removed the condom and worked on his buddy for about 3 minutes and ejaculated. Someone on other site that pulling out with condom is unsafe, that's why i'm a little confused now. So my questions are:

1. Is our plan of having sex right after my period okay as one of our birth control methods?

2. Is pulling out (w/ the condom on his penis) before he ejaculates really unsafe?

3. Sex right after period ends plus condom: are there still any chances of me getting pregnant?

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