Pregnancy :: What Does The Start Of Contractions Feel Like?

Aug 1, 2014

Is it like pressure n yur lower back and n the front lots of pressure and belly is hard?nd feels like im pushing?

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Pregnancy :: How To Start Contractions After Your Water Breaks ?

Ok so my water finały broken last night but how do I make my contractions kick in ?! Help i don't want to be in dusted!  I have some cramping but nothing else. Just bouncing on my ball for now....

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Pregnancy :: What Can Cause Contractions?

I'm 39 weeks and I'm almost 2 cm dilated and 80% thinned out. My doctor said we're gonna talk about being induced, but I don't want to be induced but then again I don't want to wait any longer than 40 weeks. So what can cause contractions for me to dilate.

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Pregnancy :: Contractions Mean Your Dilating?

If you have contractions do it mean your dilating ??

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Pregnancy :: How Many Contractions In An Hour?

How many 5 min contractions are u suppose to have in a ....

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Pregnancy :: Close To Due Date But No Contractions Yet?

Anyone else close to due date but haven't had any contractions yet? I'm due in 3 days  and NOTHING! any mum's our there who didn't have any contractions/ Braxton hicks and still had baby on time? I don't wanna go over  and really need some positive stories.

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Pregnancy :: Sex To Induce Labour And Contractions

I'm a ftm n 40 w pregnant, i've been having sex regularly with my husband to induce labour. R8 after, I get these painful period like cramps n back pain, it goes on for a few hrs but then fades away and is completely gone, this has been going on for 3 days. Could my cervix be widening? I'm already 2 cm open.

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Pregnancy :: Slight Contractions At 21 Weeks

Can you have slight contractions at 21 weeks?? Im 21+3 and its almost like cramps but different?

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Pregnancy :: Contractions Every 30 Minutes With Discharge

My contractions have started to pick up, theyre one every 30 mins. Everytime I get one alot of discharge comes out.  This has never happened.  It is normal ?

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Pregnancy :: Contractions With Girl Are Worse Than Boy?

Okay so I keep hearing that contractions with girls are a lot worse then they are with boys. With my son I had contractions in my back none in the front. But now everyone keeps saying oh girls are a lot worse you feel the contractions all in the front. Is this true or is it just another old wives tale? I'm 32+4 weeks.

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Pregnancy :: Contractions - How Long To Wait

I'm 38 weeks 2 days.  I got checked today for dilation. I was 3.5 cm open. Well I've also been nonstop bloody mucus since yesterday. Doctor told me he should see me tonight or tomorrow because I am contracting. However I don't know how to count them. I feel some are longer and some are shorter so I lose track.  However the pain has increased.  He told to go in if they are 5 minutes apart, or bleeding like a period,  or water breaking. The pain is increasing.  Should I go??

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Pregnancy :: 36 Weeks And 3 Cm Dilated - No Contractions

Weird thing is that I haven't been having any contractions. I know what to do to bring them on and I've been walking but no contractions still. I was on bedrest but my Dr told me that's my baby girl is ready and I may as well be active as possible to get the labor process going.

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Pregnancy :: Due Date - Still No Contractions And Still Not Dilated

4 days to my due date , still no contractions & still not dilated ... Baby is high  !!! What's a girl to do

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Pregnancy :: Water Break Without Contractions?

Is it possible for your water to break without contractions? I am 39 weeks today and I think it has just happened to me.

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Pregnancy :: Labour? Having Contractions Every 5 Minutes

having contractions in every 5 min but pain is not getting hard for 1.5 hour ... Am I going to labour ? How long should I wait to call my doc ?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Can't Sleep Horrible Contractions Down My Sides

im so excited to go to sleep right now but I'm keep Getting horrible contractions down my sides to my hips and in my lower back....

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Pregnancy:: Having Contractions 10 Minutes Apart For The Past Few Hours

I've been having contractions 10 minutes apart for the past few hours....

Can this go on all night?

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Pregnancy :: Cramps After Sex - Means Contractions (38 Weeks)

So my boyfriend and I just had sex and now im starting to feel like cramps. Not bad but like if I were getting my period. And when I walk sometimes it feels sharp. Are these the beginning of contractions?  Btw im 38+ weeks

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Pregnancy :: Contractions - Cramping And Tightening Feeling?

Am I having contractions because its like this cramping & tightening feeling also painful but then it will let up a little & then back too being more painful...

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Pregnancy :: Cramps At The Bottom Of My Stomach - Contractions?

Been Having Really Bad Cramps At The Bottom Of My Stomach Right Above My Pelvic Area All Day And Everytime That Happens My Back Hurt Really Bad Could It be Contractions? 35 weeks

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait Once Contractions Started

i've been having bad contractions since yesterday today more on thursday i was 1 cm open is it posible that i could have opened more? Should i just go to the hospital and get checked out?

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