Pregnancy :: Arm / Hand Cramps - Leg Falling Asleep?

Aug 20, 2014

Is it normal? Im currently 16 weeks and 4 days. My arm and hand is cramping up n my leg is falling asleep. I ate a banana to see if it helps

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia- Very Hard Time Falling Asleep

I am 7 weeks along and experiencing insomnia, I'm having a very hard time falling asleep and when I do rest I wake up about once an hour, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Sleep Disorders :: Forget To Breathe Just As I'm Falling Asleep

I'm curious if anyone else experiences this. Just as I cross the line from being awake to falling asleep, it seems like my body just forgets to breathe. I jolt myself awake and just get right back to sleeping. I don't notice it every night but sometimes it happens a few times before I'm fully asleep.

I'm otherwise a healthy 32 year old male. I go to the gym multiple times a week and don't have any other major health issues other than occasional teeth-grinding at night. I don't snore heavily and I typically wake up rested when I do get to sleep early enough.

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Strange Feelings After Falling Asleep - Possessed? Or Hallucination?

I am a 14 year old male and for the past 1-2 weeks, i have been experiencing strange feelings suddenly after falling asleep. Most of the time (In regards to religion) devilish. It started one night when I suddenly go to sleep and feel a rush go up my body, then a tap on my left knee. I disregarded it thinking i was just about to have a nightmare. About 5 minutes after that, i go to sleep again and feel another sudden rush up my body and a tap on my right bicep. This time i heard a slurred voice (I cannot recall what it said but i do believe there was laughing.) I finally got sleep and told my mom the next morning. These things had not happened again until 4-5 days later when I went to sleep and i get a sudden rush up my body but instead of a tap, I have no control over my body. After 30 seconds of not being able to move myself (Note, this was not sleep paralysis because I gained control over my body.) I regain control but then I feel another sudden rush through my body and a tap on my left leg again with another slurred voice. I want to know what is going on with me, am I being possessed? Or am I just hallucinating? I want to know your guys's thoughts and what I should do.

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Sleep Disorders :: Involuntary Rapid Jabbering Before Falling Asleep

This is driving me crazy for the last year! Most nights I don't get a lot of sleep so I am often overtired. When I am about to fall asleep I will have lots of sudden episodes of rapid nonsensical utterances. My husband calls them AbbaDabbaDoo episodes, lol. The sounds are always different and often very loud. Sometimes I will even yell out. This all happens before I start to fall asleep or even feel I am drifting off. Often I am awake reading, on the computer or watching TV. Even when absorbed in a fast hockey game I can emit these sounds. There is no denying I am awake but, I am still tired. I was tested for Myoclonic Epilepsy but, it was negative. I do have Sleep Apnea and use C-Pap. I also have Myoclonus mostly with leg jerking but sometimes worse. The sudden blurting out episodes often co-inside with the leg jerks. Has anyone ever had this or even heard of it. I can get no answers from my ENT or Neurologist. I don't know where to go next in trying to get an answer. Is this just merely another version of sleep starts?

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Sleep Phobia? Terrifying World - A Fear Of Not Falling Asleep

I'm really hoping someone can help me here as I recently seem to have entered a terrifying world - a fear of not falling asleep.

This is slowly taking over my life...

In a nutshell, a few nights ago I lay awake all night unable to sleep. The thought of not sleeping was the main reason I couldn't drop off. The thought stayed with me the whole of the next day and so another restless night ensued. Then on the third night, as soon as my head hit in the pillow, my heart started palpitating - at the thought of not sleeping. Every time I thought I was dropping off my heart would beat stronger.

I'm not overly worried about anything else at the moment so it's not as if that's keeping me awake to extremes.

5 days in I'm exhausted and desperate for advice but I have seen my GP who prescribed me 28 Zimovane / Zopiclone

These seem to help me relax but I don't seem to stay asleep for long.

Normally I sleep for 7-8 hours on and off.

Basically the fear seems to override everything and keeps me awake no matter what.

I have suffered from some anxiety periodically but never relating to sleep and the fear of not getting it.

I'm generally a relaxed person, have my own company and need to be able to function and I'm totally at a loss as to how to calm the fear at night.

Has anyone been prescribed something that has worked or has anything other tips...?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Self Pleasuring With Cum On Hand Cause Pregnancy?

I am 16 and my boyfriend is 20, I was masterbating him, and he cummed, I got a little bit on my hand and wiped it off slightly on the palm of my other hand, I then got a drink so would of got the finger a little bit wet, then went back upstairs, so it would of been about 8 minutes after he cummed on my hand, I then masterbated myself, with my other hand, the one that I didn't use on him, could I get pregnant?

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Pregnancy :: Butt Cramps

I'm not sure if that's a pregnancy symptom but I've been getting them

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Risperdal? Erections Only While Asleep

I took risperdal for 3 months for my bipolar. now i have Ed. it's been  months since withdrawal but not much changes to that condition. i get erections when i'm asleep. but when i wake u they go within a minute.

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Zopiclone :: Fall Asleep But ALWAYS Wake Up At Least Once Or Twice During Night

I'm currently taking Zopiclone (7.5mg) and am now on my third consecutive prescription of it having had an initial 7 days (which didn't work), a further 7 days (which worked some of the time) and now have 14 days, which my doctor has told me to "take as and when needed".

The problem is, most of the time they just don't make me sleep. I become drowsy, fall asleep but then ALWAYS wake up at least once or twice during the night, regardless. I end up waking up feeling groggy and fuzzy headed.

Years ago I was prescribed Temazepam followed by amitriptyline, both for insomnia, but neither of those worked either. I think I'm running out of options.

I hadn't realised until very recently that 7.5mg was the higher dose of the tablets (as opposed to 3.75mg), but is it ok to take one and a half or two at night (occasionally) when I'm in desperate need for some proper sleep?

I'm already on Sertraline (100mg) and Propranolol (10mg x 6 per day) so I'm conscious of not being irresponsible with them... But I REALLY need to sleep!

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Pregnancy :: Unusual Morning Cramps After Sex

Last night hubby and I had sex and I woke up this morning with unusual cramps. I'm 35 weeks should I be worried?

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Pregnancy :: 38 Weeks - Light Cramps

So today in the afternoon I got a light period like cramp and I just got another one tonight. They both were not severe but they were just enough to let me know they were there. I haven't lost my mucus plug nor had a bloody show...should I start prepping to see my baby soon....this week maybe?

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Pregnancy :: Cramps And Light Bleeding

Im 10 weeks and im having very light pink bleeding and some cramping on and off but im also taking duphaston pills every eight hrs is it normal

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Pregnancy :: Sciatica? Cramps In Hip Or Back

Anyone else have cramp in hip or back. When I wake up in the morning, my left leg, hip and bottom have a sharp cramp for about 10mins. What can I do? 32 weeks pregnant.

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Pregnancy :: Cramps After Sex - Means Contractions (38 Weeks)

So my boyfriend and I just had sex and now im starting to feel like cramps. Not bad but like if I were getting my period. And when I walk sometimes it feels sharp. Are these the beginning of contractions?  Btw im 38+ weeks

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Pregnancy :: Cramps At The Bottom Of My Stomach - Contractions?

Been Having Really Bad Cramps At The Bottom Of My Stomach Right Above My Pelvic Area All Day And Everytime That Happens My Back Hurt Really Bad Could It be Contractions? 35 weeks

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Post Menopause Bleeding After Cramps Like Ovulation Cramps

I had what felt like ovulation cramps last week and tonight have vaginal bleeding, fresh blood not old.

I did this in 2012 after my mom died, was checked pap smear, uterine biopsy and I feel those hurt, it was all good, they thought it might of been stress related because it lasted only one day.

My abnormally normal periods were only 1-3 days, they were one coming in, one day of heavy bleeding, and spotting on third day. But every 28 days like clockwork with no issues there. In my 20's I was told I had endometriosis and when they went to do the ultrasound the cyst had went away. I didn't take it any further than that but never had children and never took birth control. Cramps were always very painful, had to curl up in a ball, always had severe back pain with them as well.

Last week they were like that not quite as bad but nearly.

Is this just a fluke you all think? Even menopause I had no symptoms, when I turned 50 it shut off like a faucet never again until 2012, and now.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Back Cramps Bad Pressure In Vagina (37 Weeks)

Im getting really bad pressure in vagina also cramps in my back too im 37w 4days. What could this be?

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Tender Breasts And Cramps - Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

I am 31 years old and I had a tubal done two and a half years ago. I have been having symptoms of pregnancy...tender breasts, darkening areolas, mild cramps, frequent name it I'm experiencing them. I have two children 7 and soon to be 4. I spoke with my obgyn and was told to take a pregnancy test. It came back negative. Was told to take another one in 2 Weeks. Is it possible to be pregnant after having cauterization done and having an ovary removed? If it is so I'm ok with it, but I'm worried it may be ectopic.

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