Strange Feelings After Falling Asleep - Possessed? Or Hallucination?

Nov 4, 2014

I am a 14 year old male and for the past 1-2 weeks, i have been experiencing strange feelings suddenly after falling asleep. Most of the time (In regards to religion) devilish. It started one night when I suddenly go to sleep and feel a rush go up my body, then a tap on my left knee. I disregarded it thinking i was just about to have a nightmare. About 5 minutes after that, i go to sleep again and feel another sudden rush up my body and a tap on my right bicep. This time i heard a slurred voice (I cannot recall what it said but i do believe there was laughing.) I finally got sleep and told my mom the next morning. These things had not happened again until 4-5 days later when I went to sleep and i get a sudden rush up my body but instead of a tap, I have no control over my body. After 30 seconds of not being able to move myself (Note, this was not sleep paralysis because I gained control over my body.) I regain control but then I feel another sudden rush through my body and a tap on my left leg again with another slurred voice. I want to know what is going on with me, am I being possessed? Or am I just hallucinating? I want to know your guys's thoughts and what I should do.

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Pregnancy :: Arm / Hand Cramps - Leg Falling Asleep?

Is it normal? Im currently 16 weeks and 4 days. My arm and hand is cramping up n my leg is falling asleep. I ate a banana to see if it helps

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia- Very Hard Time Falling Asleep

I am 7 weeks along and experiencing insomnia, I'm having a very hard time falling asleep and when I do rest I wake up about once an hour, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Sleep Disorders :: Forget To Breathe Just As I'm Falling Asleep

I'm curious if anyone else experiences this. Just as I cross the line from being awake to falling asleep, it seems like my body just forgets to breathe. I jolt myself awake and just get right back to sleeping. I don't notice it every night but sometimes it happens a few times before I'm fully asleep.

I'm otherwise a healthy 32 year old male. I go to the gym multiple times a week and don't have any other major health issues other than occasional teeth-grinding at night. I don't snore heavily and I typically wake up rested when I do get to sleep early enough.

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Sleep Disorders :: Involuntary Rapid Jabbering Before Falling Asleep

This is driving me crazy for the last year! Most nights I don't get a lot of sleep so I am often overtired. When I am about to fall asleep I will have lots of sudden episodes of rapid nonsensical utterances. My husband calls them AbbaDabbaDoo episodes, lol. The sounds are always different and often very loud. Sometimes I will even yell out. This all happens before I start to fall asleep or even feel I am drifting off. Often I am awake reading, on the computer or watching TV. Even when absorbed in a fast hockey game I can emit these sounds. There is no denying I am awake but, I am still tired. I was tested for Myoclonic Epilepsy but, it was negative. I do have Sleep Apnea and use C-Pap. I also have Myoclonus mostly with leg jerking but sometimes worse. The sudden blurting out episodes often co-inside with the leg jerks. Has anyone ever had this or even heard of it. I can get no answers from my ENT or Neurologist. I don't know where to go next in trying to get an answer. Is this just merely another version of sleep starts?

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Sleep Phobia? Terrifying World - A Fear Of Not Falling Asleep

I'm really hoping someone can help me here as I recently seem to have entered a terrifying world - a fear of not falling asleep.

This is slowly taking over my life...

In a nutshell, a few nights ago I lay awake all night unable to sleep. The thought of not sleeping was the main reason I couldn't drop off. The thought stayed with me the whole of the next day and so another restless night ensued. Then on the third night, as soon as my head hit in the pillow, my heart started palpitating - at the thought of not sleeping. Every time I thought I was dropping off my heart would beat stronger.

I'm not overly worried about anything else at the moment so it's not as if that's keeping me awake to extremes.

5 days in I'm exhausted and desperate for advice but I have seen my GP who prescribed me 28 Zimovane / Zopiclone

These seem to help me relax but I don't seem to stay asleep for long.

Normally I sleep for 7-8 hours on and off.

Basically the fear seems to override everything and keeps me awake no matter what.

I have suffered from some anxiety periodically but never relating to sleep and the fear of not getting it.

I'm generally a relaxed person, have my own company and need to be able to function and I'm totally at a loss as to how to calm the fear at night.

Has anyone been prescribed something that has worked or has anything other tips...?

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Fluoxetine :: Fear Of Surroundings And Strange Feelings

Hi - on fourth day of flu. Doctor prescribed them after telling him of my increasing inability to cope with just about everything. I am a hairy arsed truck driver and a few weeks ago started to have to think about things that would normally have been second nature - an example is when approaching a set of traffic lights I can see that a red light is showing but I have to think to myself 'does that mean stop or go'?. So far nothing untoward has happened thankfully - so I made the appointment with the Doctor before anything did. He promptly signed me off for two weeks!!

I had a similar problem eight years ago, a few months after a heart attack and 9/11. I was absolutely terrified of everything. I couldn't even go near a McDonald for fear of them being a terrorist target (no great loss there then!!).

Then as now I would start crying at the drop of a hat - though this time I have managed to hide it from the family. At work I find myself in a layby,head in hands and sobbing like a baby and wondering if it's all worth it.

I don't really feel suicidal - I'm too scared to try anything in case it goes wrong and I end up a cabbage !!. My wife is an absolute gem in these times as she is under a similar pressure to me but copes with it far better than me. Perhaps it's the 'man the provider' scenario that affects me as I feel I should be able to provide for my family better than I do. The wife had a few weeks 'between jobs' but had agency work here and there so we got a bit behind with things like the rent and HP payments on the car etc. I do all the overtime that I legally can (being an HGV driver means you can only work so many hours by law). She has a permanent full time job again now thankfully so I know things will slowly improve over time but I still can't get rid of the feeling that I have let the family down and that we wouldn't have been put in this situation if I had done something - but what?.

As you can tell my problems are 90% financial. Theory says that now we have more money coming in again that things will improve. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Even though I am signed off I am still worrying about work - is somebody doing my work properly - are they looking after my truck? etc.

As for the 'flu (20's) I have only been on it for a short time as you know but yesterday morning (3rd day) was awful - I felt as though I had swallowed some razor blades that were churning away in my guts cement mixer fashion. That seems to have subsided now - but now my poo smells!!. Oh well - we cant have everything. The only time I seem to be 'at ease' i.e. stress free is when I take the dogs for a walk. I like to go where there is nobody around - away from it all - and preferably not see another soul. But I have always been a bit solitary - I've always preferred my own company - perhaps that is part of the problem. When I used to do long distance work I may not have spoken to anyone for two or three days - bliss!!. My wife doesn't understand this as she is very much a 'people person'. Even now, I work alone and if I run into somebody (not literally) I start to feel tense just in case they say 'good morning'. I am willing them not to say anything because I feel that if they do they are invading my space. If they do say something I am always polite and respond of course as that's the way I've been brought up but inside I am saying 'You bastard - why did you have to talk to me - leave me alone and bugger off'.

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Sleep Disorders :: Hallucination And Sleepwalking

Hey everyone,

I've had a weird type of parasomnia for as long as I can remember, and I am unable to find a name for it.

It usually happens when I had an emotional day, and usually after 3 or 4 hours of sleep (in the middle of the night, so to speak). To be as clear as possible, I am going to give you last night's example: I work as a camera operator, and yesterday we had quite a difficult shoot, where I made a few mistakes. Nevertheless, I didn't feel too worried, as I know these things can happen. But then, when I wen't to sleep, I "woke up" at about 2:30 am with this feeling that I was right in the middle of a shoot. I was aware that there was nobody in my room, but I had this feeling that people could see me and hear me, like they were just behind my door. I wasn't scared - the main feeling really was embarrassment. When I woke up, I was dressed up (I felt like my coworkers could see me in my pijamas, and so I got dressed!), and some items around my bed had moved, like I had tried to make the place look more tidy.

Although I can't say that I was awake, I have very clear memories of what I was going through. I remember thinking at some point "no way, they can't be in my room, it makes no sense", but then the sensation took over again. That being said, I have no idea of how long it lasted, and I can't remember dressing up, although I can recall moving stuff around. I must also say that there were no actual hallucinations: I couldn't see no hear anybody. The best way I can describe it is this: it's like being in a room and knowing that behind the close door there are people, even though you can't hear them. Once again, it's not a scary feeling, it's just really stressful.

So... does anyone have experienced something similar? Does it have a name?

I must say I can easily live with this parasomnia, because it's not really giving me a hard time, but most of all I am quite curious, cause I've never met someone who has something similar.

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Schizophrenia :: Visual Hallucination After 5 Years - Possible?

I was diagnosed 5 years ago as a paranoid schizophrenic. I have allot of auditory hallucinations, but never once a visual one.

A week ago when I was in my room I stared at the ceiling, I have a wood one. Suddenly the marks and patterns on it started to move, then dance. I just thought that I must have been tired and went to sleep.

Since then it got a little worse. Every night the ceiling would dance for me. Then inanimate objects would start to bend and move around. The weird thing is that when my keyboard against the wall moves, the shadow casted on the wall by it, moves with it. I found this a bit odd.

Tonight was the worst case. The blanked on my bed puffed up and moves around, exactly like there was a dog underneath. My closet door handle would move up and down while the closet opens and closes, with no sound.

When my laptop's light went down and I stared at my own reflection, things got weird. My reflection's hands would move while I am sitting still. "He" would blink when I do not. Then my whole face started to change. It puffed up and my hair was longer. When I turned my face one way, he turned a different way and started smiling at me. And our eyes never made contact. When I looked into "his" eyes, he would look to the sides or roll them back.

Because I have had this illness for a long time I didn't go into a panic as I kind of got the jest of what was going on.

Since this was my first visual experience, I just want to know if this is the "norm" of it. I did not see anything that was not there, just things moving and getting distorted.

And does anyone know if the visual part can come for the first time after me having this illness for so long?

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Sleep Disorders :: Hallucination When Waking Up At Night

I have been experiencing hallucination when waking up suddenly in the night. The hallucination is usually a huge spider in the room and I always wake up people in the house screaming "look!" or "Oh my God". And in a matter of a minute or so the image disappears. I have ignored these hallucinations for sometime, but recently I hallucinated that their was someone in the room. I panicked but I could not move my entire right side. I some how managed to wake my partner and I could still not move. When I finally hard arm and leg movement back, it was difficult to move my muscles and felt I could not control them. I gets bouts of tiredness during the day and nap a lot. Is this a sign of narcolepsy? My grandmother had it. Should I worry?

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Bipolar Disorder :: Tactile Hallucination? Pinched All Over My Body

I am a 45 year old female who has bipolar disorder. i currently take 20 mgs of Abilify and have started lamotrigine about 5 weeks ago. I currently take 150 mgs. I have noticed lately that i feel like i am being pinched all over my body. Could this be a side effect of lamotrigine or am i having tactile hallucination? I don't see my psychiatrist for about 3 weeks and wonder if i should call him.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Risperdal? Erections Only While Asleep

I took risperdal for 3 months for my bipolar. now i have Ed. it's been  months since withdrawal but not much changes to that condition. i get erections when i'm asleep. but when i wake u they go within a minute.

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Zopiclone :: Fall Asleep But ALWAYS Wake Up At Least Once Or Twice During Night

I'm currently taking Zopiclone (7.5mg) and am now on my third consecutive prescription of it having had an initial 7 days (which didn't work), a further 7 days (which worked some of the time) and now have 14 days, which my doctor has told me to "take as and when needed".

The problem is, most of the time they just don't make me sleep. I become drowsy, fall asleep but then ALWAYS wake up at least once or twice during the night, regardless. I end up waking up feeling groggy and fuzzy headed.

Years ago I was prescribed Temazepam followed by amitriptyline, both for insomnia, but neither of those worked either. I think I'm running out of options.

I hadn't realised until very recently that 7.5mg was the higher dose of the tablets (as opposed to 3.75mg), but is it ok to take one and a half or two at night (occasionally) when I'm in desperate need for some proper sleep?

I'm already on Sertraline (100mg) and Propranolol (10mg x 6 per day) so I'm conscious of not being irresponsible with them... But I REALLY need to sleep!

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Olanzapine :: Bad Feelings While Quitting

I recieved super bad feelings when i got under 100% dose of olanzapine and couldn't sleep and up-ed my dose to 10mg (from around 6mg i guess). the feelings came when i was falling asleep.

it came like 3 times, like 70% of my cells were being pressured together.... (i'm describing the super bad feelings) it scared me A LOT when it happened and i am very scared to up my dose again because i think then these super bad feelings might come again...

they came for like 7 seconds these 3 times combined, these 3 times happened in like 1 minute. it would not surprise me if these super bad feelings were Life-threatening but i told my psychiatrist about it and he didn't know what it was but said that it was not Life-threatening.

so now i am trying to quit very slowly so i never have to up my dose again. lowering my dose by 0,625 mg each time.

i was hoping that someone here knows what these super bad feelings were and could shed some light on it. it would help me ALOT if i knew that these super bad feelings were not dangerous.

i'm not 100% certain that these feelings were caused by me uping my Olanzapine dose alot but i think so.

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Sex / Intercourse :: No Feelings / More Effort Than Pleasure

Basically ever since i can remember, sex has been more effort than pleasure. This is extremely annoying as it can take a lot of time before i can orgasm. I can reach orgasm it just takes a lot of concentration and effort. This is with and without a condom. There is only one girl with which i have had regular intercourse with however, i have had sex with three other girls. Often when i'm having sex i realise that i'm thinking stuff completely unrelated, and i thought that when you're having sex it just feels good. However i often can't even recognise if i'm inside the girl or not...i.e we'll be having sex, i slip out and keep thrusting because i don't even realise. I thought there might be an issue with damaged nerves or something. So recently ive stopped masterbating(i used to do it daily) in the hope that this helps, however i have not been able to test out whether this helps or not. My other issue is that i can have a full strong erection just from lying next to my girlfriend, yet the second we get down to have sex, i cant get hard, and when i do it's never rock solid. i'm not the nervous type, so i've put aside the possibility of it being an anxiety thing. Any other ideas? This is an extremely uncomfortable situation for me to be in as i really like this girl. Even when i can get hard enough, i often go soft rather soon (five to ten minutes later) and then it never gets as hard again. please let me know if you can help! thanks a million, by the way, with one of my exes i was fully hard without a problem, but like i said, with limited sensitivity, and since her i haven't been able to stay fully hard with other girls.

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Depression :: Doxycycline - Anxiou Feelings, Low Mood

has anyone had any bad side effects while taking Doxy, ie anxious feelings, low mood.   Do these side effects disappear when the course is finished?

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Heel Pain After Falling From Bike

Four weeks back I fell with my bike and seemed to hit my heel to the ground. I stil cant put much pressure on it, I can walk on my heel but I can feel the pain. It's better than 4 weeks back but not all good. Is there maybe something I can do to speed up recovery? When I press on my heel from the bottom there is not pain but on the sides an back of the calcaneus there is a lot of pain when I press, it's all around the edges of the calcaneus.

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Viral Infections :: Severe Cough With Feelings Want To Vomit

I've been suffering this type of cough for a month. I've got doctor medication, but seemed like not very helpful. When I cough after eating, I always feel like want to vomit. That feels totally horrible. The first week when I started to show a cough symptoms, I don't mind it that much as I think it's a seasonal flu. But after a while, it doesn't seem to get away. Is there any clue of what might had invade my body, maybe some kind of virus, or even parasit? Also, I had a bronchitis when I was 17. I am 20 now.

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Severe Anxiety And Depression - Tight Feelings In My Throat

I am currently severely anxious about everything even things that haven't happened or may never happen i am suffering from really tight feelings in my throat like around my voice box is this caused by the anxiety? I can't help thinking i may have cancer i worry constantly it's driving me crazy.

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Nervous System :: Weird Feelings And Negative Thoughts

It's been a rough two months. It started with possibly anxiety and then panic attacks. Fast heart rate, tingling feeling in hands, tight chest and as time goes by. Others symptoms. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I been on medication for a month already but still been feeling weird. I have good and bad days. Like yesterday, I was fine for the most part. Felt normal, then the feeling of being nauseous and thought of something is wrong with me came on. Lasted for about 40mins till I got home. This morning same thing, just a weird feeling. Discomfort in the chest area. Nauseous and the feeling something is wrong with me. I had an MRI of the heart, CAT scan of the brain and everything seemed fine. I do have to get an ultrasound for my thyroids and ct scan of the brain again to rule out MS. Other symptoms throughout the day (it varies) shooting pain in my right hand. Headache, dry mouth, chest discomfort, tired, anxious. Please, can someone help? I want to be my normal self again.

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Birth Control :: Wierd Feelings After Tubal Ligation

After having a tubal and cut off my bc pills my body is mad at me. Migraines, horrible shoulder/chest pain, no taste buds on my tongue, tired and sore,plus bleeding. I just want more information and can't find any...

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