Pregnancy :: Being Induced To Avoid C-section

Aug 11, 2014

I'm currently 38 weeks & 3 days. the doctor wants to induce me at 39 weeks & 2 days due to avoid doing csection b/c of her size. is there anyway I can naturally go into labor?

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Pregnancy :: Induced Or C-section?

Okay how many mommies got induced and had to have a c section?

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Pregnancy :: Second C-section After Emergency C-section

Has anyone ever had a repeat C-section after the first one was an emergency, the difference is during my emergency c- section I was put to sleep. I appreciate the heads up with the repeat but I'm extremely worried. Any advice or past experiences to lift my spirits?

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Pregnancy :: 25 Weeks And No Stretch Marks - How To Avoid

So I'm 25 weeks and so far no stretch marks, my doctor said I'm gaining weight slow and steady like I'm supposed to and that's best way to prevent stretch marks. I know they're hereditary, I've read tips online but I was wondering what you ladies used and what works so I can try some new things even though I will probably still get them in my third trimester.

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Pregnancy :: Stretch Marks - Tips To Avoid?

I'm almost 24 weeks with my first baby :) Although it hasn't happened yet, I was wondering if any of you other expecting mothers have found something that makes you not get bad stretch marks?

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Pregnancy :: C-section Due

Well im due may 2nd but my doctor still havent told me when my schedule c section is i just hope it goes well cause im still nervous i just hope everything goes well, is anybody else having a c section an due around may

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Sex After C-section?

What was it like afterwards? Did you wait the whole 6 weeks as directed? I'm a ftm and had a cesarean 3 weeks ago and i know the time is coming soon for sex.

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Pregnancy :: Second C-Section - First One Was Emergency

I will be having a C-Section for my second child the first was an emergency C-Section so I'm not sure if I am able to choose to be put to sleep. Does anyone know if I have that choice?

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Pregnancy :: Can I Set My Own C-Section Date?

Do they let you set your c section date at 37 weeks when you are full term?

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Pregnancy :: C-section Experiences - Anyone?

I'm scheduled for a c section Wed. due to my little man's position and the doctor said a vaginal birth could be risky due to the size of my birth canal. I'm a ftm and this really dissapointed me. I'm really scared considering i've never had any surgeries before lol. Has anyone else had a c section? what was your experience? what should i expect?

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Pregnancy :: C-section - How To Long To Wait For Sex Afterwards

How long did u ladies wait to have sex after getting a C-section?

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Pregnancy :: Another Cesarean (C-Section) Within 10 Months

This is my second pregnancy and my first was a terrible experience. 24 hours of back labor with no pain medication and then ended up being an emergency cesarean. My doctor told me I should absolutely not get pregnant for two years and now I am pregnant again only ten months later and I'm a little worried.

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Pregnancy :: Baby Measuring Big - C-Section?

Went to Dr this past Monday @ 35 weeks and had my last Ultrasound. Baby boy is already 6 lbs 13oz with 4 weeks to go. I feel like I'm gonna have a 10 pound baby!! Is there anyone of you mom's experiencing or have experienced this?? I'm delivering by c section for a 3rd time on December 8th, so not worried about pushing him out!

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Pregnancy :: Anyone Who Has Been Induced

how does everything go? getting induced in the morning and want to know exactly what to expect

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Being Induced

I'm being brought in tomorrow morning to be started at 36 weeks, 4 days because I'm a diabetic and the baby has got to big leaving me no room and causing sickness! Anybody know any tips or ways to keep calm or what I can do to help myself?

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Pregnancy :: C-Section (breech Baby) - Anyone Experience?

Iv been scheduled for a c section on friday Nov 28 due to my baby being breached.  I'm a ftm and wondering what a c-section is like

can any of u ladies share your experiences with me..

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Pregnancy :: C-section - What To Expect And How Long To Recover

Can some of you ladies who have had c sections tell me what to expect? Out of this entire pregnancy I think that is the only part that really scares me half to death.

I'd love to hear your stories & how long it too you to recover.

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Pregnancy :: 1cm Dilated 50 Percent Effaced - C-section?

So ended up having to go to er last night and was told that I was half a cm and 50 percent effaced! Then doc said I was full cm today but was given a shot last night to stop contractions cause they were every 15 mins ! I'm almost 38 weeks and supposed to have c section the 22nd. Now on major bed rest why won't they just take her ?

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Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt When You Get Induced?

Does it hurt when you get induced?, I'm just curious.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Does It Hurt To Be Induced?

So I'm a first time mom... I'm 38 weeks today... I'm thinking of being induced at 39+1 days pregnant... does it hurt when they induce you and how do they induce you?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Being Induced - What To Expect?

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I'm being induced this Sunday coming (19th of April)

This is my first baby, and I have no idea what to expect.

Like I know the basics, they're going to use the tape first for 24 hours (checking me every 12 hours) and then if that doesn't work I get the gel for another 24 hours (again checking me every 12 hours)

And once I'm 3 cm Dilated they will break my waters, and put me on a drip to help bring on contractions..

I need someone who has either been Induced and or been Induced and had a natural labour.

I just want to know what I should expect happen, and does it hurt more being induced or just having Bub come natural. And what I can do once the tape is in to help speed up the labour.

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