Pregnancy :: C-section Due

Feb 8, 2016

Well im due may 2nd but my doctor still havent told me when my schedule c section is i just hope it goes well cause im still nervous i just hope everything goes well, is anybody else having a c section an due around may

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Pregnancy :: Second C-section After Emergency C-section

Has anyone ever had a repeat C-section after the first one was an emergency, the difference is during my emergency c- section I was put to sleep. I appreciate the heads up with the repeat but I'm extremely worried. Any advice or past experiences to lift my spirits?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Sex After C-section?

What was it like afterwards? Did you wait the whole 6 weeks as directed? I'm a ftm and had a cesarean 3 weeks ago and i know the time is coming soon for sex.

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Pregnancy :: Second C-Section - First One Was Emergency

I will be having a C-Section for my second child the first was an emergency C-Section so I'm not sure if I am able to choose to be put to sleep. Does anyone know if I have that choice?

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Pregnancy :: Can I Set My Own C-Section Date?

Do they let you set your c section date at 37 weeks when you are full term?

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Pregnancy :: C-section Experiences - Anyone?

I'm scheduled for a c section Wed. due to my little man's position and the doctor said a vaginal birth could be risky due to the size of my birth canal. I'm a ftm and this really dissapointed me. I'm really scared considering i've never had any surgeries before lol. Has anyone else had a c section? what was your experience? what should i expect?

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Pregnancy :: Induced Or C-section?

Okay how many mommies got induced and had to have a c section?

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Pregnancy :: C-section - How To Long To Wait For Sex Afterwards

How long did u ladies wait to have sex after getting a C-section?

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Pregnancy :: Another Cesarean (C-Section) Within 10 Months

This is my second pregnancy and my first was a terrible experience. 24 hours of back labor with no pain medication and then ended up being an emergency cesarean. My doctor told me I should absolutely not get pregnant for two years and now I am pregnant again only ten months later and I'm a little worried.

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced To Avoid C-section

I'm currently 38 weeks & 3 days. the doctor wants to induce me at 39 weeks & 2 days due to avoid doing csection b/c of her size. is there anyway I can naturally go into labor?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Measuring Big - C-Section?

Went to Dr this past Monday @ 35 weeks and had my last Ultrasound. Baby boy is already 6 lbs 13oz with 4 weeks to go. I feel like I'm gonna have a 10 pound baby!! Is there anyone of you mom's experiencing or have experienced this?? I'm delivering by c section for a 3rd time on December 8th, so not worried about pushing him out!

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Pregnancy :: C-Section (breech Baby) - Anyone Experience?

Iv been scheduled for a c section on friday Nov 28 due to my baby being breached.  I'm a ftm and wondering what a c-section is like

can any of u ladies share your experiences with me..

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Pregnancy :: C-section - What To Expect And How Long To Recover

Can some of you ladies who have had c sections tell me what to expect? Out of this entire pregnancy I think that is the only part that really scares me half to death.

I'd love to hear your stories & how long it too you to recover.

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Pregnancy :: 1cm Dilated 50 Percent Effaced - C-section?

So ended up having to go to er last night and was told that I was half a cm and 50 percent effaced! Then doc said I was full cm today but was given a shot last night to stop contractions cause they were every 15 mins ! I'm almost 38 weeks and supposed to have c section the 22nd. Now on major bed rest why won't they just take her ?

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Pregnancy :: Cesarean (C-section) And Normal Delivery - Same Anaesthesia?

So i want to know when having a c-section is the numbing process the same as a vaginal delivery this will be my first cesarean and im scared

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Pregnancy :: Cesarean (C-section) Scar Opening And Oozing

Why does my old cesarean section scar open? It's very painful, oozes and reseals sometimes? I've had 2 csections, last one is 13 years ago.

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Normal Delivery After C-section?

How long do you have to wait from a c-section delivery to have a vaginal delivery

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When Should I Go In For C-section?

Can anyone tell when should I go for section c as my doctor says I will not have a normal delivery.

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C-Section While You Are Awake?

Have u gone threw a c section and were awake. March 20 730am I'm scheduled to have my baby boy. Am nervous because half my body will be numb and I'm just a bit scared . let me know what anyone has gone threw.

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Had Three C-section - Nervous About The Fourth

I'm 39 and I've already had 3 c-sections and this pregnancy was a big shocker seeing how my kids are 12, 16 &20 so I'm really nervous about having a fourth and recovering. Has anyone had 4 c-sections or more? How was the recovery?

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Had Two C-section - Awaiting Third One - Anyone With Experience?

I have had 2 c sections and recovered well from both. Now I am heading for a 3 rd c section and I am now 37 yrs old. Wondering would the recovery be harder this time. Any of you ladies had any experience of this.

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