C-Section While You Are Awake?

Mar 19, 2015

Have u gone threw a c section and were awake. March 20 730am I'm scheduled to have my baby boy. Am nervous because half my body will be numb and I'm just a bit scared . let me know what anyone has gone threw.

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Women :: Tubal Ligation And Ablation At Same Time In Office Awake?

I'm due to get both procedures done at the same time, in the Dr's office. They are giving me valium and something for pain during the procedures, is this normal to be awake during this?

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Pregnancy :: Second C-section After Emergency C-section

Has anyone ever had a repeat C-section after the first one was an emergency, the difference is during my emergency c- section I was put to sleep. I appreciate the heads up with the repeat but I'm extremely worried. Any advice or past experiences to lift my spirits?

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When Should I Go In For C-section?

Can anyone tell when should I go for section c as my doctor says I will not have a normal delivery.

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Pregnancy :: C-section Due

Well im due may 2nd but my doctor still havent told me when my schedule c section is i just hope it goes well cause im still nervous i just hope everything goes well, is anybody else having a c section an due around may

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Sex After C-section?

What was it like afterwards? Did you wait the whole 6 weeks as directed? I'm a ftm and had a cesarean 3 weeks ago and i know the time is coming soon for sex.

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Had Three C-section - Nervous About The Fourth

I'm 39 and I've already had 3 c-sections and this pregnancy was a big shocker seeing how my kids are 12, 16 &20 so I'm really nervous about having a fourth and recovering. Has anyone had 4 c-sections or more? How was the recovery?

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Had Two C-section - Awaiting Third One - Anyone With Experience?

I have had 2 c sections and recovered well from both. Now I am heading for a 3 rd c section and I am now 37 yrs old. Wondering would the recovery be harder this time. Any of you ladies had any experience of this.

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Pregnancy :: Second C-Section - First One Was Emergency

I will be having a C-Section for my second child the first was an emergency C-Section so I'm not sure if I am able to choose to be put to sleep. Does anyone know if I have that choice?

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Pregnancy :: Can I Set My Own C-Section Date?

Do they let you set your c section date at 37 weeks when you are full term?

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Pregnancy :: C-section Experiences - Anyone?

I'm scheduled for a c section Wed. due to my little man's position and the doctor said a vaginal birth could be risky due to the size of my birth canal. I'm a ftm and this really dissapointed me. I'm really scared considering i've never had any surgeries before lol. Has anyone else had a c section? what was your experience? what should i expect?

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Will They Try A Vaginal Delivery Before C-section

Im currently 35 weeks and will be turning 36 weeks on saturday.im getting scheduled for a c-section in 4 weeks also this is my second pregnancy my first was a c-section as well.My problem is that i dont want another c-section i tried talking to my doctor about it but hes not letting me have vaginal delivery at all. I'm scared to get a c-section because i already know how it feels to have a cut on your abdomen. Now my question is if i was to go into labor or if my water breaks before my scheduled c-section and i go to the emergency room would they let me have a vaginal delivery or not?

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Pregnancy :: Induced Or C-section?

Okay how many mommies got induced and had to have a c section?

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Breastfeeding :: C-section 34 Weeks - No Milk

I just had a c section at 34 weeks yesterday and im trying to breastfeed but im not producing milk. Any suggestions or idea's that would help.

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Low Fever And Rash In The Month After C-section

I was pregnant with my first child when the following happened;

- at 27 wks began to have multiple lymph nodes swollen along both sides of my neck

- low grade fever which was controlled by taking a paracetamol

- dark urine color

- at 28 wks I was admitted to hospital and started to have severe oedema

- blood results showed my uric acid, creatine and alk phosphate, ferritin, c-reactive were high - with WBC critically high

- Hemoglobin, RBC, platelet, Albumin was low

- I had difficulty breathing (constant heart rate of 135), a scan of my heart showed it was lacking liquid

- blood pressure was fine

- Baby was taken out via c-section at 28.5 weeks where my condition worsened before starting to get better

- in the month after baby was taken out I continued to have low grade fever and developed a rash

- My blood work returned to normal in 2 months after being admitted to hospital with steroids

The doctors never found out what the cause was, please advise if you have heard of a similar case?

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C-Section :: Green Vaginal Discharge

i ' m having green water type discharge without any smell from my vagina and now its been 2 months since i delivered my baby ....

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Smelly Discharge From C-Section After 33 Years?

i has a c-section 33 years ago. About 4 months i noticed it has a smelly discharge and it itches. I am 53 have NO insurance or a doctor.

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Pregnancy :: C-section - How To Long To Wait For Sex Afterwards

How long did u ladies wait to have sex after getting a C-section?

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Dangerous To Get Pregnant Months After A C-section?

Who in here had a c section with their first and later was pregnant right away? Is it dangerous to get pregnant months after a c section just curious?

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Pregnancy :: Another Cesarean (C-Section) Within 10 Months

This is my second pregnancy and my first was a terrible experience. 24 hours of back labor with no pain medication and then ended up being an emergency cesarean. My doctor told me I should absolutely not get pregnant for two years and now I am pregnant again only ten months later and I'm a little worried.

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Breastfeeding :: C-section Delays The Milk?

I'm having a c-section on Saturday at 37 weeks. My concern is that I want to breastfeed but I'm hearing that my milk won't be ready until a few weeks after birth. Is there any pills Or teas I can take to help with the milk flow?

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