Pregnancy :: Drinking A Lot Of Caffeine ?

Sep 27, 2014

Does anyone have a problem with drinking caffeine? I want soda or coffee more than ever since I've been pregnant. I'm 29 weeks. Have you known a pregnant woman to have complications with pregnancy due to drinking a lot of caffeine?

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Pregnancy :: Having Caffeine And Soda ?

I know caffeine is a big thing while pregnant, but lately I've been drinking soda everyday. And coffee I've been craving it, I don't want to drink coffee and soda in the same day. Could I be drinking to much caffeine? I don't want it later on being my fault for drinking to much. I cant help it sometimes. The past 2 days I haven't drink any soda nor coffee, but right now I'm craving some coffee.

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Pregnancy :: Affects Of Caffeine ?

Lately i have been drinking alot of coffee and i guess it has an affect on the baby? Do any of you ladies still drink caffeine while preg? Why is caffeine such a bad thing anyway?

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Pregnancy :: One Caffeine Drink A Day ?

I was just curious if it's OK to have at least one caffeine drink a day? I'm a ftm and I will be 33 weeks tomorrow.

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Pregnancy :: Drank A Frappe With Caffeine In It

I accidentally drank a frappe today forgetting it had coffee in it .. Omg Is this bad? I barely drink coffee tho?!

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Soda And Caffeine Craving

I'm always needing soda or something with caffeine

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Pregnancy :: Wanting Pepsi - Going Caffeine Crazy

I normally do not like Pepsi but for some reason I am wanting Pepsi like crazy!! I know it's not good for the baby but I have been drinking it here and there trying not to drink too much.

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Pregnancy :: Drink Teas, Caffeine, And Soda In Moderation ?

Should I drink teas, coffee, and sodas in moderation or not at all ?

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Pregnancy :: Drinking Beer

I want to ask something. Most of you will think that I am mad or something. I am pregnant. I have found out that yesterday. I have one habit that is usually associated with men. I like to drink beer or two daily. Often, I drink it after a meal. Can I drink beer in pregnancy? I will not drink every day of course.

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Drinking Beer In Early Pregnancy?

Hi. I am a guy 35 years old and I have a wife that is pregnant. She is in fourth month now, but she drinks beer from time to time, even though I tell her not to do it. She isn't a heavy drinker but still, it frightens me. Tell me. How bad is drinking beer in the early pregnancy?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: All Day Nausea - Drinking Hot Water With Fresh Ginger

This is my first pregnancy and I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I've got all day nausea  (no vomiting) and like a dull ache in my stomach from hunger but can't seem to stomach much.

What have you found effective with taming down the nausea? I've been drinking hot water with fresh ginger but not getting much relief.

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Pregnancy :: Alcohol - Drinking Till 6 Week 3 Days

For a little background I had been having some family issues recently and was drinking 6-7 shots most nights.  I live a healthy lifestyle besides the alcohol and am 26. I suddenly realized i had not had my period and found out I was pregnant.  My husband and I had an ultrasound the next day and found I was already 6w3d.  I immediately stopped drinking but I am terrified. Is there a possibility that the baby could come out of this ok? I know babies are most at risk for FAS in the first tri but I thought it was mostly apparent when mothers drank the entire pregnancy.  I need to find a way to move past this

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Blepharitis :: Caffeine Effects ?

I've read on several postings about sufferers deciding to give up caffeine in an attempt to aid blepharitis. I was just wondering if anyone had any information about the link between caffeine and blepharitis and whether anyone has given it up and seen their symptoms improve? Do doctors recommend this.

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Supraventricular Tachycardia :: Avoid Caffeine

I was diagnosed with SVT years back and have had 2 ablation ops with no success. Too near my AV node. Exercise is the main catalyst for an episode with myself(rapid heart,sweating,have to stop, feel faint) but have the odd flutter and increased heart rate at any time. However i have stopped drinking Caffeine and what a difference. I have not had any episodes whilst out running for about 3 months now( used to be every other run) and have confidence in entering 10k runs and completing them without having to stop. I am going to start playing squash again and really test out my hypothesis.Also, i am not noticing my heart jumping or bouncing during the day now. Just wanted to share this with others as stopping caffeine as really benefited me. I check all labels on soft drinks and obviously no coffee or tea.

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Nicotine And Caffeine Causing Bad Reactions To Me

Recently, I have been having really bad reactions to nicotine and caffeine. After consuming either of them, I find myself in a confused and agitated state. I feel focused, but it feels as if my thoughts are blocked and I can't think properly. I find it hard to understand basic life situations. I even find it hard to speak and understand language. I also seem to lose my short term memory and all of my actions feel meaningless. I never used to have a reaction like this in the past. In-fact, I used to benefit from nicotine and caffeine greatly. They helped me manage my symptoms of ADHD. Also, I quit consuming either of them for at least 2 months, and once using them again, I still experienced this effect. Why is this happening to me?

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Pancreatitis :: Caffeine, Coca Cola, And A Lot Of Tea Cause Pain

I was diagnosed with CP about a year ago. Since then I have quit alcohol, fatty foods, and exercising a lot. However, I noticed that although the pain had subsided, I was still getting this annoying pain from time to time. I finally got to know that coffee, coca cola, and a lot of tea during the day was causing the pain. Now I only drink one tea bag 3 times daily and the pain has gone. Hope this will help some of my friends with similar problem.on this forum.

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Depression :: Insomnia - Tried Less Caffeine, Relaxing And Setting Up A Bed Routine

For the past 2 years i have had trouble with my sleep, but more so in particularly this past year. It takes me up to and over and hour to fall asleep and even then on average i only get about 5 hours sleep on a good night, and am tired constantly throughout the day. This past year it seems worse as its effecting my eating habits and mood. I tend to forget to eat anything because i just don't get that feeling of being hungry and my moods seem to have completely flipped, I'm more short-tempered and emotional. I have tried everything to help me sleep better. less caffeine, not using technology before bed, setting up a sleep routine, relaxing before sleep. Nothing seems to work, and i'm a bit dubious about going to my GP because i don't know how they could help me.

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Allergies :: Acne And Fast Heart Beats With Caffeine

Is anyone else allergic to caffeine like I am? I break out instantly in acne and my heart beats extremely fast.

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Kidney Stones :: Triggered By Caffeine /coffee /cokes ?

i've had severe kidney stone pain recently and already had two water infections as a result, I don't have my CT scan till next week so I will have to wait to see where they are and whether they are small or big etc and how to move forward.

The question I have is what is most likely triggering them?

Last week I spent 5 days with no pain I felt on top of the world, I returned to work and after doing my shift all hell broke loose and my pains were severe enough for me to go to A&e. i again got an infection which meant i've been bedridden for the last 5 days.

I'm terrified of what to eat and drink.

the only thing i can say i've been drinking a lot of recently is diet cokes and plenty of coffee.

if someone can tell me that these types of drinks or caffeine is general can be a trigger i will have to give them up as i cannot just have one or two a day.

Can someone who has maybe been through my kind of circumstances give me advice on foods or drinks which may cause these triggers?

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Ulcerative Colitis :: No Alcohol, Sugar, Dairy And Caffeine - What Else?

After being ill over the Christmas with 12 to 15 toilet trips daily always with blood decided to try anything to get it under control, since December 28 I'v had no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy ,no caffeine im now on x3 oral 1200 mezzanine x1 suposit

i now have little no blood loss and average 5 toilets trips but still blotted and look pregnant was advised to try so changed to green tea during day tick tock tea evening taking olive leaf tablets omega 3 oil was told to try activated carbon but read it cancels out the meds?

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Eye Swelling When Drinking Beer?

I was wondering if there was anyway to stop eye swelling when drinking beer? When i drink beer only my right eye will swell, but if i drink enough it will go over to my left eye. When i would drink clear beverages like vodka or Smirnoff nothing would happen. is there any way to stop this?

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