Pregnancy :: Hysterically Crying For An Hour - If This Is Normal?

Jan 3, 2015

Every week I break down and hysterically cry for a hour or to if this normal?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Crying

So I was scheduled for induction at midnight. The doc came in to do an ultrasound and my baby flipped and is now breech! I just had an ultrasound yesterday morning and she was head down. Now I'm scheduled for a c section at noon tomorrow and I hate it. I wasn't too happy about induction to begin with but I really don't want a c section! First preeclampsia and now this, this little girl has been nothing but trouble lol. Didn't have all thus fuss when I was pregnant with my son.

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Pregnancy :: Crying For Everything

I get so emotional for every little thing. I started crying because I was hungry! I feel like a crybaby

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Pregnancy :: Overly Emotional - Crying For Everything

lately i dont know what is going on with me., the other night my husband turned away from me and i felt like my heart broke into a million pieces and i couldnt stop crying. i literally cried all night. i cry for everything., and now i get frustrated really easily. i cant stand anyone. i just wanted to know if it was normal? also my appetite has gone away. everything grosses me out and i end up throwing everything up anyway. help??

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Crying And Stinging Sensation Under Belly

I have been crying literally all day. My ex is just not helping at all and my stomach just hurts every time I cry. My little guy is active and moving I know being stressed out isn't so good but I just can't stop. The only time I'm not crying if I'm sleep or at work. Something doesn't feel right? I calmed down a bit but it might start up again in 10 minutes I need help. Can I take anti depressants pregnant? Will they prescribe me anything

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Pregnancy :: How Many Contractions In An Hour?

How many 5 min contractions are u suppose to have in a ....

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Pregnancy :: Less Than 10 Movements An Hour?

anyone at 28 weeks or more actually keep track of the 10 movements every hour?

Is less really a problem?

my baby moves around the same times everyday but there are certain times a day that  she doesn't but its always been the same since i could feel her move at 20 weeks. Like if she's sleeping or something so my question is, do you really have to call your doctor if for one hour she/he doesn't move at least 10 times?

Have any of your baby's had a similar rotation or schedule i guess you can call it, for movement?

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Pregnancy :: 1 Hour Glucose Test - What We Can Eat ?

In about a hr& 1/2 I have to take the 1 hr glucose test , I wasn't told to fast or anything but basically I have been , (TMI) I threw up all the food I ate yesterday non stop and I ate a pop tart at 4:30am ? Is will peppermints or crackers alter my results , I'm starving

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Pregnancy :: Failed 1 Hour Glucose Test

Okay I barley failed the 1 hour test I think its bc of what I ate the day before . So I have to do the 3 hour one monday . Has anyone failed the  1 hour one and passed the 3 hour one ?

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Pregnancy :: Failed One Hour Glucose Test

I did my one hour glucose test today, and failed my sugars were super high. I'm extremely embarrassed and blaming myself. But I also didn't fast the night before, I work late shifts so I come home and eat very late. Has anyone else failed the test? What happened with the three hour? Did you actually have gd?

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Pregnancy :: Fetal Movement - 10 Kicks In An Hour?

You hear about counting baby kicks and such. I read something like 10 kicks in an hour or something. My question is. .. how many times a day should you be able to count 10 kicks in an hour?

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Pregnancy :: 1 Hour Glucose Test - Nausea After Drink

In took my 1-hour glucose test this morning. It was horrible. I am praying I don't have to take the 3-hour one. I have been nauseous since. Anyone else get nauseous after drinking that awful drink?

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Pregnancy :: Failed The 3 Hour Glucose Test By 3 Points

I failed the 3 hour glucose test by 3 points. The Dr wants me to see a specialist. Show I be concerned? I've only gone 24-25 lbs and I'm 30 weeks pregnant. My baby is measuring small and fluid levels are dropping. So I already go to the Dr's constantly to be monitored. I just feel overwhelmed. They gave me steroid shots and are talking about inducing me soon. I don't know what to think or do. Anyone have some advice?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Trouble Sleeping? Toss And Turn At Least An Hour

Every night when I go to bed I toss & turn at least an hour because I can never get comfortable.  Once I eventually fall asleep and wake up to go to the restroom I can barely get up... my son has been head down since week 29 and I'm 32 weeks now.. it's like I have a lot of pressure in my pelvic area and in my vagina area to my thighs I feel stiff..  I literally have to hold on to the wall or bed for support so I won't fall... is this because he's head down why I'm experiencing pressure

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Pregnancy - 35 Weeks :: Baby Movement - 10 Kicks In An Hour Or 2

I am 35 weeks and so today i hardly felt my lil man kick. He does the 10 in an hour or 2, But it justs he hardly moved today.. is it normal? Or could he be tired? Anyone else experience it. I just wanna make sure its all peachy. I've  also had this pain in my left side today.. idk if that is relevant.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Failed 3 Hour Glucose Test - Have Gestational Diabetes

I am so upset. I was tested early at 15 weeks because both of my parents have diabetes. I know I didn't have diabetes because I had my annual physical with my general doc weeks before I got pregnant and no sugar issues. I failed 3 out of 4 of the tests. So I'll have to prick my finger 4 times a day and restrict the carbs in my diet. What should I expect? Is it a good thing that it if it was going to happen it was earlier than later? I just really need to hear from anyone who went through this or know of other women who  dealt with GD

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - What's Next Failed 1 Hour Test

What happens when you don't pass the 1 hr glucose test, they just called me and told me I didn't pass it and have to go back again next week...

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Pregnancy :: Toothache - Normal?

My back tooth - I have a toothache is this normal through pregnancy?

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Substance Abuse :: Crying All Day

Emotional. I ache.

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Fluoxetine :: Crying Spells

Upped my dose of flu to 40mg almost 1 month ago and I thought I was leveling out, as last week I felt very good, but yesterday I had crying spells most of the day, and I feel somewhat like that today, only not as bad. Has anyone else experienced this when they thought they were about over it and leveling out?

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Depression :: Crying Spells

HasAnyone else experienced this on sertraline.  Was feeling ok.  All of a sudden a dip in mood and crying again.

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