Propranolol :: Mood Swings And Panic Attacks - Side Effects

Jan 5, 2015

I've just started taking propranolol and i'm terrified at the rate it keeps making me change mood every 10 minutes from happy to crying.

how long has it taken to work for you guys and what do you do to combat the panic attacks? 

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NuvaRing Side Effects - Weight Gain, Acne And Mood Swings

1) Weight Loss- I put Nuvaring in 3 weeks ago & 5 days ago I took it out so that i could get my period (&did) but within this 5 days i have lost 6 pounds. I am 19 years old & weighed 112 but weigh 106 as of today. It is not that I  feel disgustingly full, I just don't have any interest in food & when i do try to eat it is almost as if i get sick of eating, if that makes any sense?

2) Acne- I am drastically breaking out on my hairling & chest.

3) Mood Swings- I have extreme highs & lows in my mood to the point where find myself crying for little to no reason at all but then I am over the top loving & happy.

I am just wondering if these side effects are normal to all birth controls or if I should considering switching to a new one

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Propranolol 40mg + Quetiapine 25mg - Mood Swings

Hi I'm currently on 40mg log propranolol for anxiety but still getting mood swings / sad phases so my doctor has added 25 mg quetiapine, the propranolol can make me tired so worried the quetiapine will worsen this?

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Cialis Side Effects :: Panic And Anxiety Attacks

I've had panic/anxiety attacks on and off for 2 years now which makes me very scared about taking anything. But my wife and I want to have another child and the last few months I cant seem to keep an erection through intercourse. I'm not in the best of shape which I am sure is a cause of this and I know I should see a doctor about it but I hate doctors and very embarrassed to talk about it. I found a guy on craigslist selling Cialis 20mg and bought some. I'm nervous taking them so trying to do some research on whether they may cause me some more panic/anxiety attacks. We have a sitter tonight and i'd really like to satisfy my wife as well as myself. I am guessing i'll try breaking one in half and see how I feel.

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Lisinopril Side Effects - Anxiety And Panic Attacks

I have been on lisinopril for a few months and I also have anxiety and panic attacks which was controlled with Valium but since I started lisinopril within a few days my anxiety came back along with the cough headache and now it's tearing up my stomach. I also get lightheaded and feel off balance.

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Depression :: Fluoxetine Side Effects - Frequent Panic Attacks

I've been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks. I had experienced frequent panic attacks and my doctor put me on 20mg a day. Initially I had all the usual side effects (although some of these could be the depression) - I lost my appetite and lost a lot of weight, I developed insomnia and had to take sleeping pills, and I just generally felt worse for the first month. Now I'm able to sleep at night without pills, I've stopped losing weight, I don't have panic attacks anymore and I usually feel ok. The only problem is that I've got an issue with grinding my teeth all day. It's starting to become very uncomfortable and annoying. It feels like my jaw is always clicking and popping, and often I have earache or a feeling of fullness in my ears. Is this a side effect that will go away after a while? It's been 8 weeks and I'm starting to think I might want to come off fluoxetine if this jaw pain doesn't go away.

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Propranolol :: Panic Attacks - Can Have A Drink Or 2 Again?

I've had panic attacks for a year and half now i take 40mg x3 propranolol and 10 mg x2 citalopram a day. Which has touch wood seemed to cease my attacks now for 4 months. 1st 1 was bad an hour and 10 mins of thinking i was dying plus i have 2 set of twins who were following me round watching it all.! However i really really miss having the occasional wine as i quit drinking and quit smoking weed a year and a half ago i wasn't a major pot head i had 1 or 2 j's on the night 2 chill me out. Now any sort of buzz puts me off so i quit everything including caffeine. So my question is is there any way i can have a drink or 2 again?!? i do miss my odd glass of wine but as soon as i try my heart races so i don't bother. Help any advice welcome i think i know what will be said! Just don't drink.

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Citalopram :: Decline Of Effects After 4 Weeks - Anxiety, OCD And Panic Attacks

I've been on 20mg of cit for just over 4 weeks now almost 5, and at first it was great. My mood picked up, anxiety went way down, and my OCD drastically went down. But now, I've been on a steady decline for almost 2 weeks and i feel like I'm at square one again. High anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, and no appetite and depression all over again. Obviously I need to something differently but I'm wondering if I just need an increase or just try a whole new med?

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Cerazette - PMS Like Symptoms And Mood Side Effects

I am unable to take pills with estrogen in them (due to a family history of blood clotting), and so have tried taking Cerazette to help with my PMS and period symptoms. My PMS symptoms are the worst between around Day 18/19 when progesterone is highest, so I was reluctant to take a pill that would introduce even more progesterone (especially an artificial kind), but as it is meant to suppress ovulation (which would ultimately reduce that progesterone peak) I decided to try it out.

Anyway, I started taking it around Day 20 of my cycle. At first things were REALLY good. Like it seemed to stop my PMS almost instantly and I was feeling great. A little bit more hungry, a bit of light nausea and headaches, but mostly feeling really good - a lot better than I normally would at that time of the month. On Sunday (day 27) my period was due, but didn't arrive, so I was really happy, but then randomly started feeling a little bit down in the evening in a PMS-like kind of way. On monday, I was mostly fine all day but then got a really irritable over one little thing in the evening. On tuesday, I felt yukky - very much like my usual PMS - I was cranky, tired, hungry and got upset over the silliest thing - And then started bleeding, and felt a lot better once the bleeding started. By thursday, I was still feeling a bit moody, hungry and insecure, and got a large pimple (and I never get pimples!) so I decided to stop taking it and didn't take my pill that evening.

On Friday, I actually felt worse! Couldn't concentrate much at all and was feeling really stressed out that I'd never find a solution to my PMS etc.

I think I want to keep going on Cerazette because I have had some good experiences on it (i.e when I first started taking it), but I'm terrified about the potential mood side effects and am worried it'll make me bitchy/anxious etc.

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Propranolol :: Choosing Severe Anxiety Or Horrendous Side Effects?

I had been prescribed proletarian for anxiety 10 mg  to take as and when I need to take them.This was about four weeks ago I leveled out at 3-4 tablets a day.. It took me two weeks for the symptoms and side effects to go and it was truly horrible getting there. After the side effects did settle ( although not entirely) on week three my doctor advised me to try to take them as and when I need to as I had gotten used to taking them at routine times of the day and not when the anxiety was present . I left the doctors surgery and didn't take another for a full week. I felt cured, perfect in fact for a full week. it seemed the doctor was right I was taking tablets for anxiety I didn't have.I had the best week ever No anxiety, no side effects. Completely me again. On the 7th day I woke feeling anxious, all my symptoms back again,unable to function. I took a 10 mg tablet and the whole list of side effects returned as strong as they were in the very beginning. Horrible. That was Monday.Monday was so bad. anxiety AND terrible side effects from the tablets.Tuesday I had anxiety in the morning but couldn't take a tablet as I still had the same horrible buzzing head from the day before, the anxiety eased off late afternoon, and today this morning the same.Horrid anxiety. I would like advice from people who take this as and when please, as right now I am feeling like my choice is either severe anxiety or horrendous side effects taking the tablets.

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Contraception :: Mirena (IUD) And Mood Swings

I posted yesterday on depression forum but after doing some research think the problem may be with the Mirena Coil.  I have had the coil for a number of years now.  I can't remember if I had any problems with my first coil but since getting my second one fitted in 2012 I just don't feel right.  My head is not clear and I seem to have a constant cycle of a couple of average/low mood weeks, followed by a week where I feel really low and anxious (I get the feeling this would be the week I would have menstruated) then the following week I feel on top of the world and can take on the world and round and round it goes.  I have now got to the point where I feel I can't carry on on this neverending cycle anymore.  Has anyone else had problems with moods with the Mirena Coil?  My mood swings are terrible and often feel angry and irritable.  I don't know if the problem is anxiety/depression or whether it is connected to the coil.  As it is I am thinking of having it removed, to remove that possibility if nothing else.  Anyone had the Mirena removed and then felt better?

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Menopause :: Mirena Coil - Mood Swings

i'm 45 and just had the hormone mirena coil fitted a few days ago due to having heavy and twice monthly periods for over a year painful as well. the reason i chose the coil is that i wanted to try anything other than medication-tablets which i am on a few too many,and for heavy bleeding too. side effects i was having with my periods are (Irritation at anything, sex between me and my partner were NON Existent-still feeling like this, argumentative, but since having the coil fitted i have feel CALM, me and my partner are trying to get back on track with everything but communication failed and i felt annoyed-irritated but calmer which i haven't felt in a long time... I would like to know if weight is an issue with the coil please let me if this part of hormone coil and if there's any relaxation techniques to help with my mood swings etc.

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Duloxetine :: Withdrawal - Mood Swings And Irritability

I would like to share with you my own experience with cymbalta. I have been taking this medication for a year(60 mg) my doctor prescribed it for depression and anxiety. After 6 months of taking cymbalta i was feeling better, my anxiety decreased and i was able to live a normal life. Now after a year i decided to wean off cymbalta. I decreased my dose to 30 mg for 3 month. And for the fourth month am taking 30 mg pill a day after another. It's been a week i started feeling nervous, my anxiety increased and and am having extreme mood swings and an irritability that quickly turns into rage. Adding to the previous am having nausea and nightmares. I know these are duloxetine withdrawal symptoms that my GP did not explain it for me when prescribing me cymbalta. I will be strong and am not giving up. I wish i didn't take it.

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Perimenopause 42 :: Mood Swings, Anxiety And Loss Of Libido

I'm almost 42 and have not been feeling right great for a few months. I'm on the pill so can't say much about periods but waking up in night feeling roasting but my skin is cold except for face. Worst thing is mood swings... I feel irritable all the time. At night when I can't sleep and dog snoring for example drives me crazy. Bloated too which feels awful. And digestive issues. Also feel quite anxious which is odd because I haven't felt like that before and loss of libido.

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Nuvaring :: Mood Swings, My Face Is Breaking Out - Miserable

I got the NuvaRing, it's been about two months. First month my it was normal. But now I'm having crazy mood swings, my face is breaking out, and it's a week before I'm supposed to take it out to have my period and I'm having heavy bleeding, very unusual, and horrible abdominal pains. I just took it out to let my body regulate itself again. It was making me miserable. I COULD take the pill....but I need to really discipline myself to take it everyday. I've let the internet scare me away from Paragard. But honestly I just need REAL opinions, suggestions, from real woman.

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No To Depo-provera Due To Weight Gain And Mood Swings

This contraceptive was the first and the worst that I tried. I put on weight, had terrible mood swings, headaches and a general feeling that something was not right. I was on it for about 9 months before I couldn't take it anymore. I would not recommend to anyone. Plus it hurts like hell for 3 days when you get the jab in you bum. Nothing positive to say about this.

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Tramadol Withdrawal :: Severe Mood Swings, Depression, Insomnia, RLS

I suffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis and so have been on all sorts of painkillers and medicines, opiate based seem to be the only ones that genuinely work. I have struggled with addiction until finally learning my tolerances and tapering etc. etc. so I can take them safely without doing myself in.

I tried Tramadol, they stopped me sleeping and effected my mood. I am also on an SSRI, they interacted and caused weird symptoms so I have stopped them and gone back to Dihydrocodeine so physical symptoms are pretty mild.

I am however suffering severe mood swings still; depression, insomnia, RLS, muscle pain...

It has been exactly a week, does anyone know how long these issues might last? As I am struggling at the moment, struggling to keep up with work and responsibilities. I know it will end, I am positive about this, just looking for a time frame!

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Mirena (IUD) :: Weight Gain? Mood Swings? Periods? Cramps?

I'm thinking about getting it at my 2 week post partum, anyone have experience with it? Weight gain? Mood swings? What happened to your periods? Cramps?

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Perimenopause 50 :: Mood Swings, Crying Spells, Dizziness, Forgetfulness

I turned 50 several months ago and I do believe i'm in perimenopause for at least the past year. The gyn I went to thought so just from talking/exam. I don't have medical insurance so i cannot even afford a doctor now to help me figure it all out...but after reading on the net i don't think it would be of any help anyway.

I think the only symptom i don't have is hot flashes or night sweats. About four months ago my periods started getting strange....from being every 28 days exactly to about being late by 2.5 weeks. I have mood swings, crying spells, dizziness, forgetfulness, very bad insomnia, very bad palpitations (especially before period) etc etc.

The dizziness and that brain fog get to me a lot. I was standing at an event the other night completely fine and then all of a sudden i got dizzy and foggy for about 2 minutes...and then...i was fine. It was very weird but got me nervous.

Now for the past few months I have been getting twitches in my eye. I assume I am dying and easily shrug off the fact that I work on a computer doing medical transcription about 12 hours a day and have really bad allergies and very very dry reality this could be contributing to the twitches. But i think I am now a hypochondriac. Today i am getting these odd little twitches in my side. I realize I just polished off 3 16 ounce cups of coffee, and anyone in their right mind would say you should consider that into the fact...but now I'm really getting nervous.

And as you all know, google our symptoms and we have some deadly disease. But after reading around i think this to may just be another perimenopause symptom with the fluctuating hormones. Its driving me nuts tho. I can lift weights and air conditioners etc lol without any problem so im not weak. But do you ladies get these weird twitches and things as well?

And the tiredness.....but it seems to only happen during the day. When I end work at 12 midnight i get a second wind and can stay up for hours. I know, that's not helping my daytime fatigue. And here i go with the brain fog gets all cloudy. This is ridiculous. Will i ever be normal again?

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Menopause :: Painful Joints - Mood Swings - Black Cohosh Can Help?

I have been suffering really painful joints particularly in my feet and legs. I get a sharp burning sensation on top of my feet every so often - what could this be? Also can black cohosh help as I really feel that it has calmed down my moods

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Fluoxetine :: Excess Worry, Feeling Guilty For Hardly Reason, Mood Swings

I've been on prozac 40mg 5 weeks and my mood is getting so much improved. But I am having mood swings, and I worry about everything. I feel guilt out of nowhere. I'm in college and I even feel guilty for going to see my partner 15 minutes away because of fear of my parents being upset. Because they gave me impression that they would like me to see my partner over the weekend and not on the weekdays. I am almost paranoia. I have this feeling of anxiety and guilt. Is this a side effect? Will this go away? It was not this way before.

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