Raynaud's Phenomenon :: Iloprost Infusion - Ulcers /chilblains

Feb 26, 2016

I have had raynaud's for a couple of years now I get no break from it at all I have primary raynaud's I have ulcers on my toes chilblains on all of my fingers i'm in constant agony i've tried medication to no effect nifedipine /losartan/amlodipine and just last week had an iloprost infusion up to now no effect I was wondering does anyone else have it this bad

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Chilblains :: Erythromelalgia And Raynaud's

Is there anyone who has both these conditions? And if yes, do they flare at the same time?

I have had raynaud's since a child (am now 57). I think erythromelalgia has been gradually getting worse since perimenopause began in the early '90s.

But only over recent years has this gradually gotten so bad that I'm relatively lame and housebound

My feet, hands and face are affected. The feet are worst. The NHS rheumy tried my on low dose vasodilator which had to stop cause it made all my symptoms much worse, apparently permanently.

When both conditions flare together my feet are sort of the colour of raw meat. This has been happening daily for nearly 1 year.

The erythromelalgia association website is v helpful, but even on the raynaud's & scleroderma org website it's hard to find anyone with EM, let alone both EM & RP.

If you are out there and have any tips for how to manage these 2 conditions.

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Raynaud's Phenomenon And Family History

If someone in your family has raynaud's should I be tested.

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Raynaud's Phenomenon With Numb Feet

i have Raynauds. I am not taking any meds so far. It is more related to anxiety then cold. But cold affects as well. It started in my hands but now seems to be in my feet. They get white and blue. And when I wear shoes my feet get numb. I've had all the tests for diabetes and nerve damage and that's all negative. I'm healthy. I run outside for 38 years. I don't drink or smoke. Drs don't believe this is from Raynauds but I do. 

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Developing Raynaud's Phenomenon For Both Partners In Relationship

My partner got this the same time as me.  Is this something that normally happens?

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Raynaud's Phenomenon :: Cured With Natural Remedies

Let me tell you I had full blown Raynaud's. I'd need roughly one hour recovery from an attack. Blue fingers white fingers, pain - the lot. I've got low blood pressure so I can't take medication. I have to go to hospital for a week for iloprost infusion. Anyway let me tell you what cured me. I take 3 pills. Butcher's broom, odorless garlic and gingko biloba. I had been taking just Gingko (which didn't work) but I was advised to take Butchers Broom in Holland and Barrett, they also said buy fish oil but I didn't like the thought. Anyway, it's only been 5 days but you could describe me as having bad circulation now but not Raynaud's. I've washed my hands with cold water, gone out without my mittens and I'm ok. I went to an event and minutes after entering I was shaking hands. My hands were warm!! You cannot imagine what it feels like to not have cold hands anymore. I was ready to saw my fingers off. This 'spring' has been awful but now I'm no colder than anyone else . Please buy these natural remedies, it'll change your life.

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Raynaud's Phenomenon :: Nifedipine - Diltiazem - Shaking Hands

My doctor put me on nifedipine 30mg for my Raynauds but was not helping. So she put me on Diltiazem 60mg has anyone  been on this for there Raynaud's? If so have you had side effects like your insides are jumping around and  jittery/shaky hands?

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Raynaud's Phenomenon :: Nasty Side Effects Of Nifedipine

I was diagnosed about 4 months ago. It was a discussion about my symptoms but no tests were done and I was prescribed Nifedipine but like many, I suffered nasty side effects so stopped but I didn't feel that it helped my pain. I have never had the colour changes or swelling and I never have any pain at night. When I first get up in the morning my feet feel perfectly normal but once I have been on my feet for 10 minutes or so I feel them start to feel sore and as the day goes in the stinging gets more severe and is coupled with severe aching in the balls of my feet and episodes of them wanting to cramp. Does this sound like Raynaud's?

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Duloxetine :: Numb Feet - Burning And Chilblains?

I've been taking duloxetine 30mg for 2 weeks for anxiety. I've been noticing my feet - mainly my toes will go numb for no reason. Also, if I'm cycling to work and it's cold they will get very cold and stay numb for a long time afterwards (very unusual - the weather's much better now than it was a month ago). I've also got chilblains on my toes. Also I get burning feet at night time which drives me crazy! It keeps me awake and I have to sleep with my feet out of the duvet.

These side effects aren't as bad as sickness and insomnia etc (which I got with citalopram) but I'm worried as they are not on the side effects list I was given. I noticed that duloxetine is actually supposed to treat numb and burning feet in diabetics with nerve damage. So I'm slightly worried that this drug is having adverse effects on me and actually giving me nerve damage!

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Herpes :: HSV 1 - Blisters And Ulcers - May Have Contracted It?

I recently had some irritation following sex with a girl who I know gets cold sores on occasion.  On the shaft of my penis, near the head there is an abrasion of sorts that is mostly painless and I never saw blisters.  It doesn't seem to heal, but I've had similar problems in the past; once that skin tears, it seems to take months to heal.

My question is, should I be the slightest bit concerned that I may have contracted HSV1?  I went to my doctor and I find that most doctors really have no clue about STDs; she said it could be herpes, but it wasn't typical.  Anyone else have an opinion?  Do blisters usually show up and hang around for a while before they begin to look like ulcerated skin?  Is the pain from these sores usually obvious?

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HIV :: Through Food - Ulcers In Mouth - Non-sexual Way

About 7 weeks ago I had been to a roadside food stall. The guy preparing the food wasn't wearing any gloves while preparing the food. Within a minute of preparing the food, I consumed it. I didn't notice any cuts, or bruises on the guy's palms but I couldn't get a close look. Also, I had a very very small ulcer in my mouth (Otherwise my mouth is in good shape) .

I'd like to know if this was a low risk situation and I need to get tested for this?

What's worrying is that I had a very small ulcer then and the food wasn't heated to kill the possible HIV if at all present.

Also, have you ever heard of, even outside your organisation, of any HIV infection through food or through any other non-sexual way?

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Painful Mouth Ulcers - Losing My Voice A Lot Lately

I've got a question regarding really painful mouth ulcers, I feel like my mouth is full of them right now and just general mouth pain sometimes I can barely open my mouth for the pain in the back of my mouth and jaw, my tongue has a yellow coating a lot of the time Does anyone get this?

I'm finding it hard to deal with it the pain is incredible , then it disappears But a few weeks later will be back I do gargle with salt , use dissolving tablets the gp have corsodyl mouth wash etc I've been losing my voice a lot lately.

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Vaginal Health :: White Ulcers - Herpes?

3 days ago i noticed i got some white ulcers looking things in and on my vagina.every time i look up the causes and symptoms it say herpes. It really hurts when i pee and they use to hurt until o started soaking in a baking soda bath. What can i do to heal them without going to the doctor

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HIV Prevention :: Mouth Ulcers/canker Sores?

about a month ago I messed around with a guy who was HIV positive and newly diagnosed without medication since then I been freaking out. I never had unprotected anal sex and I never will. What I did with this guy was deep kissed he had chapped lips I gave him a blow job no ejaculation on my mouth but I'm sure there was precum he rimmed for like 7 minutes and also grind me hard felt hard pressure & was with brief underwear I want to know my risk my mouth became sore 4 weeks after my exposure.

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Sore Throat Or Mouth Ulcers After Taking Carbimazole?

has anyone had side affects to do with bone marrow, ie sore throat or mouth ulcers after taking carbimazole, if so how long was you taking them before you noticed these side effects?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Sore Throat And Mouth Ulcers

has any one had a really unbearable sore throat and mouth ulcers i have suffered with htis for 15 months and finding it unbearable, as i cant enjoy anything, and am fed up of docters and a and e.It feels like the ulcers are in my esophacus and i have a horrible wheeze when i lie down.I have had 2 cameras through the nose and had a barium swallow today.My stomach is very bloated all the time and i feel shattered all the time because the pain wakes me up the camera didnt show any cancer thankfully awaiting the results of barium swallow. I take omeprazole and gaviscon.

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Ulcers :: Cabbage Juice Cure To Treat Gastritis

Some doctors cured their patients of ulcers in the mid 20th century with cabbage juice. Supposedly they got some relief after 4 days and most of them were cured after 7-10 days.

Here is how to proceed: one has to drink 200 ml of fresh cabbage juice 5 times a day, so every 3 hours. I am going to mix mine with one apple in the morning (if I can take the acidity of the apple), and other vegetables (carrots, spinach, celeri, fennel) the rest of the day to make it more tasty.

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Rhinitis :: Nasonex Nasal Spray Causing Stomach Ulcers, Gastritis?

i have been suffering with headaches and the doc said i have rhinitis, so gave me nasonex nasal spray which i used for several months which eased my symptoms, although then suddenly started getting stomach problems, like gastritis i could not eat felt really unwell for weeks doc said i prob have an ulcer but was unlikely to be the spray that had caused it  and put me on omeprazole which eased my symptoms after a few months i stopped the nasal spray, however i started the nasal spray again as i was having headaches and straight away got these bad pains like acid reflux gerd ulcer type pains, im sure its the steroid spray has any one else had any experience like this many thanks

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Joints Ache, Ulcers In My Mouth, Acne Around My Jaw Line

After being very ill for over a year I was finally diagnosed with UC I've not managed to get into remission yet I'm on two foam enemas a day and eight tablets plus three iron tablets. I feel so miserable I don't feel like myself anymore I'm constantly tired and weak, joints ache, ulcers in my mouth, acne around my jaw line which has slightly improved since being in the medication. I feel very alone my family and friends have no idea how bad UC is and to be honest neither did I before I was diagnosed I never thought id ever feel this ill I've always been such a positive motivated person, up for going out, walking having fun now I don have the energy at all my sex drive has disappeared and some days I just don't want to get out of bed the only reason I do is to get my son to school! I just want to feel normal again ! Has anyone any advice or suggestions that could help, to be honest I've not been oven any advice on diet although I am a vegetarian and have been since I was 8 I'm now 34!

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Prednisone And Stomach Ulcers (Zollinger Ellison Syndrome)

I really need some advice. A few weeks ago I started getting severe pains in arms, shoulders and legs which came on almost overnight. I couldn't move my arms in bed or roll over and getting out in the mornings it was like I had aged 20 years. Well you all know the symptoms. Could hardly get off the loo or downstairs. All the usual symptoms. I saw my physio who I have been seeing on and off and he thought it could be Polymyalgia. My late mother had had it too. After a blood test at doctors he has put me on Prednisolone for a week to see if things improved. Reading the contra indication it seemed like it was a no no for me as I have a rare condition called Zollinger Ellison Syndrome that means I produce excess Gastrin and therefore stomach ulcers. I have already had 2 perforated stomach ulcers and hence have a small stomach due to surgery.  I am on 40 mg of Omeprazole for life to safeguard another ulcerI also have osteoporosis although this hasn't caused a problem. Since starting the Prednisolone I have had severe heartburn so emailed my gastrointestinal surgeon and he said I have to choose between more stomach ulcers or a better quality of life i.e being pain free. What a choice is that. I am with a new partner who is 7 years younger than me and suddenly I have gone from a dynamic 63 year to an 89 year old.


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Oral Lichen Planus (8 Years Old Child) - Mouth Ulcers And Mystery Fevers

My son was diagnosed with OLP when he was 8..... But his mouth ulcers started when he was 3!  He's 10 now. He has good weeks and he has Horrible weeks.  No one has been able to help us relieve his pain.  We do have some meds prescribed but none are miracle drugs (I know that doesn't exist. . I just wish it did). The medicine prescribed to him is Methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet - 6 at a time once a week. Also he's to take folic acid with this med.   He's not started this yet because he must have blood work done routinely since there is a chance this med will effect his liver .... And he's terrified of needles.  He uses Chloraseptic mouth spray very often for the pain. He misses school very often. He sometimes has "mystery fevers" and feels just awful inside. He gets bad headaches. I read on one thread that someone mentioned an OTC med for thrush and an enzyme for candida.  I think I might try that for him.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for me?  My sweet boy is in pain and has been for so long and I'm worried that his childhood is being negatively impacted by all these mouth ulcers.  

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