Oral Lichen Planus (8 Years Old Child) - Mouth Ulcers And Mystery Fevers

Aug 24, 2015

My son was diagnosed with OLP when he was 8..... But his mouth ulcers started when he was 3!  He's 10 now. He has good weeks and he has Horrible weeks.  No one has been able to help us relieve his pain.  We do have some meds prescribed but none are miracle drugs (I know that doesn't exist. . I just wish it did). The medicine prescribed to him is Methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet - 6 at a time once a week. Also he's to take folic acid with this med.   He's not started this yet because he must have blood work done routinely since there is a chance this med will effect his liver .... And he's terrified of needles.  He uses Chloraseptic mouth spray very often for the pain. He misses school very often. He sometimes has "mystery fevers" and feels just awful inside. He gets bad headaches. I read on one thread that someone mentioned an OTC med for thrush and an enzyme for candida.  I think I might try that for him.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for me?  My sweet boy is in pain and has been for so long and I'm worried that his childhood is being negatively impacted by all these mouth ulcers.  

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Burning Mouth Syndrome/Oral Lichen Planus

has anyone had or have burning mouth syndrome before having the Oral lichen planus?

i had the BMS about 6-7 years before getting OLP. 

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Oral Lichen Planus :: Erosive Variety

I was diagnosed with this 18 months ago. I was referred to hospital for biopsy which was traumatic. The doctor held my tongue and stuck needle straight in. The pain was so severe I passed out. My gp commented that he thought my treatment was brutal and unacceptable.

I was then referred to a different local hospital (we live between the 2) and was treated with kindness. I had further biopsy which was painful but bearable. Unfortunately this doctor now wants to refer me on as steroids are not sufficiently effective in controlling my OPL.

I have an appointment this week at Bristol Dental Hospital and am terrified of yet another biopsy. I am also frightened of being experimented on by students (not in general but in this instance).

has anyone any experience of this hospital? 

I don't know anyone else with this disorder and feel quite isolated 

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Oral Lichen Planus Can Lead To Cancer? Cheek Sores With White Lines

I think I have Oral Lichen Planus but I can't get a doctor to confirm it.  I have had mouth sores in my cheek area since 2009 and now my gums are very red and inflamed and have been told that I have white lines on my inside cheek area.  When I go to a dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I am always turned away because they don't like the looks of my mouth sores.  In 2013 I had doctor swab my mouth and send for testing and also did blood work but was told nothing showed up. I think she was looking for bacterial infection.  In the mean time, I continue with a very sore mouth.

I have a hard time eating anything because the sores are next to my bottom back teeth so eating irritates the sores a lot at night I sometimes bite the area with sores due to swelling so they pretty much never heal. 

I recently went to a new dentist and she too wouldn't work on my teeth but she gave me details as to her concerns and told me to get checked for an Auto Immune disorder.  I have since been to a doctor and had blood taken to check for that and then they sent me to  ENT.  He mentioned Oral Lichen Planus which was the first time I have heard of it.  He wants to do a biopsy and then he mentioned a steroid rinse. 

I also researched OLP and I have all the symptoms listed so I just don't understand how going to doctors since 2010 about the mouth sores, no one can figure it out?  Am I finally heading in the right directions for diagnosis?  I scares me that it has been left un treated for 5 years when I read that sometimes those with OPL can lead to mouth cancer. 

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Lichen Planus - Will I Ever Be Able To Have Sex Again?

I have been struggling to have sex with my husband for almost a year now. I have excruciating pain every time we try.

He is a great person and understanding but there is no hiding the fact that it is a struggle for him (and me) that we are not able to have sex. The pain is incredible and as much as I try to grin and bare it, it is impossible to achieve penetration.

I was diagnosed with LS just a week ago after a biopsy and have been given dermovate to use once a night for 4 weeks. Had anyone used this and seen an improvement with vaginal pain? How long did the medication take to work?

Has anyone had severe sexual pain and overcome it after medication?

I'm desperate, I'm 26 and can't spend the rest of my life not having sex. What if I would like children later?

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Lichen Planus :: 2nd OLP Laser Treatment

My 1st laser treatment was unsuccessful so i went to see an oral surgeon who specializes in laser ablation on soft oral tissues This time the procedure was much more invasive and treated like an actual surgery.  The doctor removed the top 3 layers of epithelial tissue off the side of my tongue where the OLP was I he went much deeper than my 1st doc).  I had the procedure friday and am still in considerable pain and discomfort. I am unable to speak and chew so i have been pretty much drinking my meals through a straw.  Thankfully i have a supportive girlfriend who has been cooking and pureeing all the food for me  I went to the doc today for a post-op exam and he said it was healing properly.  I have been taking vitamin C, D, zinc, glutamine and lysine for immune support and to help heal the tissue.  Right now my tongue looks like a mess but i am hoping it heals up and the OLP is a thing of the past.  Unfortunately i had to cancel my weekend travel plans and missed my good friends wedding in the process, so i've been a bit stressed and sad.

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Lichen Planus :: Laser Treatment For OLP? Anyone?

the first oral surgeon i went to recommended it and i am now thinking this may be a good idea. I believe its similar to a scraping where it stimulates new cell generation and heals the damaged tissue. 

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Lichen Planus :: Probiotics Or Gluten Free?

I Am only the merry go round of LP. Off prednisone 5 days and it comes back in my mouth hands and vulva. I was trying and still am trying a shot of wheatgrass every am, probiotic yogurts and super 8 probiotic capsules. Have been doing this for three weeks and symptoms got worse so doctor has put me on steroids again...20mg as opposed to 40 mg the last time..I have been a naughty girl and am not taking them as I am trying to lose the stone in weight I put on during my last course. 

I have read so many posts and now think if there id a connection between candida and Lp. I am thinking of going gluten free.....does this work?

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HIV :: Through Food - Ulcers In Mouth - Non-sexual Way

About 7 weeks ago I had been to a roadside food stall. The guy preparing the food wasn't wearing any gloves while preparing the food. Within a minute of preparing the food, I consumed it. I didn't notice any cuts, or bruises on the guy's palms but I couldn't get a close look. Also, I had a very very small ulcer in my mouth (Otherwise my mouth is in good shape) .

I'd like to know if this was a low risk situation and I need to get tested for this?

What's worrying is that I had a very small ulcer then and the food wasn't heated to kill the possible HIV if at all present.

Also, have you ever heard of, even outside your organisation, of any HIV infection through food or through any other non-sexual way?

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Lichen Planus - Aids, Cures And Treatment Options?

I want to start a thread that concentrates on anything that helps - or anything tried that doesn't help.

I've been prescribed Dapsone, Allegra and Advantan - no improvement after 14 days

I've read that Ultraviolet B was completely successful for 70% of patients after 10.9 weeks and I can email that study to anyone interested. Ultra Violet B is provided by the sun but one person on this forum reported getting worse after spending time in the sun.

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Painful Mouth Ulcers - Losing My Voice A Lot Lately

I've got a question regarding really painful mouth ulcers, I feel like my mouth is full of them right now and just general mouth pain sometimes I can barely open my mouth for the pain in the back of my mouth and jaw, my tongue has a yellow coating a lot of the time Does anyone get this?

I'm finding it hard to deal with it the pain is incredible , then it disappears But a few weeks later will be back I do gargle with salt , use dissolving tablets the gp have corsodyl mouth wash etc I've been losing my voice a lot lately.

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HIV Prevention :: Mouth Ulcers/canker Sores?

about a month ago I messed around with a guy who was HIV positive and newly diagnosed without medication since then I been freaking out. I never had unprotected anal sex and I never will. What I did with this guy was deep kissed he had chapped lips I gave him a blow job no ejaculation on my mouth but I'm sure there was precum he rimmed for like 7 minutes and also grind me hard felt hard pressure & was with brief underwear I want to know my risk my mouth became sore 4 weeks after my exposure.

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Lichen Planus :: Itching Vulva Flare Up - Unable To Sleep

I have been going through a second flare up and dermovate is not working. Now been given protopic as not responding to steroid creams. I need advise on the itching which is literally driving me mad and the lack of sleep is interfering with my work now any advise on creams, diets etc!

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Sore Throat Or Mouth Ulcers After Taking Carbimazole?

has anyone had side affects to do with bone marrow, ie sore throat or mouth ulcers after taking carbimazole, if so how long was you taking them before you noticed these side effects?

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Sore Throat And Mouth Ulcers

has any one had a really unbearable sore throat and mouth ulcers i have suffered with htis for 15 months and finding it unbearable, as i cant enjoy anything, and am fed up of docters and a and e.It feels like the ulcers are in my esophacus and i have a horrible wheeze when i lie down.I have had 2 cameras through the nose and had a barium swallow today.My stomach is very bloated all the time and i feel shattered all the time because the pain wakes me up the camera didnt show any cancer thankfully awaiting the results of barium swallow. I take omeprazole and gaviscon.

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Lichen Planus :: Vulvar - Affected My Breasts And Small Patches On My Torso

I have just been diagnosed with LP vulvar, it has also affected my breasts and small patches on my torso. I've had it for a long time and just didn't know what it was, with flare ups that come and go- everywhere but the vulva, which has been rather constant and suddenly got worse about a month ago. Been in agony with the vulvar part for the past week because taking antibiotics for an ear infection meant severe thrush also got thrown into the mix.

The doctor said it was unusual for someone of my age to suffer from lichen planus (I'm 26), so I have to go to a dermatologist for their review. I'm also an IBS sufferer, I noticed on a lot of other posts that many people that mentioned LP/LS also have IBS.

I've been given Trimovate but, so far, the only thing that stops the itching long enough for me to get to sleep is Vagisil, which I'm worried will cause problems long-term even though it brings temporary relief.

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow and don't know when/whether I'll get my sex life back with my amazing boyfriend. Feeling really rubbish

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Lichen Planus :: Cetraben, Dermovate, Dermal, Doublebase Cream Didn't Work

I have got lichen planus on arms very bad, legs, vulva, oral and now starting on my chest. I have used cetraben, dermovate, dermal, doublebase cream, hydrocortisone, calamine lotion, aqueous cream..my GP been excellent.

Also Tramalgin, betnovate for below and am now tearing my hair out with sleepless nights with itching.

I go to work like a zombie and it's so embarrassing having to scratch, they say the monkeys here as a joke.

This has gone on for 6months nearly...am waiting to see the dermatologist. I had a vulvar flare 4 years ago and was ok up until early this year.

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Joints Ache, Ulcers In My Mouth, Acne Around My Jaw Line

After being very ill for over a year I was finally diagnosed with UC I've not managed to get into remission yet I'm on two foam enemas a day and eight tablets plus three iron tablets. I feel so miserable I don't feel like myself anymore I'm constantly tired and weak, joints ache, ulcers in my mouth, acne around my jaw line which has slightly improved since being in the medication. I feel very alone my family and friends have no idea how bad UC is and to be honest neither did I before I was diagnosed I never thought id ever feel this ill I've always been such a positive motivated person, up for going out, walking having fun now I don have the energy at all my sex drive has disappeared and some days I just don't want to get out of bed the only reason I do is to get my son to school! I just want to feel normal again ! Has anyone any advice or suggestions that could help, to be honest I've not been oven any advice on diet although I am a vegetarian and have been since I was 8 I'm now 34!

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Autism :: 3 Years Old Child Can Only Speak HELLO

My son is aged 2.8years. when he was 1.5 years he could speak some words, some time last year January the house was changed. after the new one came the boy couldn't speak the words he used to speak and again you could find him seating some where looking as if he is stressed. When i arrive home from work he could come running to the door but this days he is not concerned at all. When i speak to him the words he used to he can't speak them again, You call him and he doesn't respond. I'm a worried Father, What do i do, i want him to remember what he used to do, to say. Where did we go wrong in bringing the boy up. He is turning three May 29th, he can only speak just one world "hello" he repeats that all the time. Is there a medication i can give him to change the situation?

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Infertility :: 43 Years And Desperately Need A Child

I'm 43 years and  I desperately want another child will it be possible?

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Child Behavior :: 5 Years Old - Aggressor And Inappropriate Touching

my niece just turned 5, and she seems to be the aggressor in the show and tell game and touching inappropriately for over 2 years now. she has had some sort of  incidents with all her cousins (5 kids both boys and girls). however none of the cousins have ever had any issues with any other kids.her mom has had several talks with her, she has been in time out, and even gone to counseling and nothing seems to work. some family history is her grandpa on her dad's side (which she has never met ) is a sexual predator.

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