Lichen Planus :: Cetraben, Dermovate, Dermal, Doublebase Cream Didn't Work

Aug 31, 2014

I have got lichen planus on arms very bad, legs, vulva, oral and now starting on my chest. I have used cetraben, dermovate, dermal, doublebase cream, hydrocortisone, calamine lotion, aqueous GP been excellent.

Also Tramalgin, betnovate for below and am now tearing my hair out with sleepless nights with itching.

I go to work like a zombie and it's so embarrassing having to scratch, they say the monkeys here as a joke.

This has gone on for 6months waiting to see the dermatologist. I had a vulvar flare 4 years ago and was ok up until early this year.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermovate Steroid Cream Not Working

Still using dermovate steroid cream twice a day, soreness is getting worst, haven't been able to wear underwear for a week!. Feeling so depressed, feel so alone .

Can anyone give me advice?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermovate Will Work?

I've just been given diagnosis of lichen sclerosus and been told to use dermovate. I feel a change in clitoral area, does the use of steroid improve skin around this area? I still have great discomfort with burning and stinging!

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Does Clobetasol Cream Work?

Since being diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus last February,  through trial and error, I have discovered, sometimes painfully, what works for me with regard to using Clobetasol cream.

When I initially had the typical white LS plaques, which were on the inside of my Labia Minora,  I used Clobetasol and it worked quickly, and effectively, and I think it took around a week for them to clear up, using it twice a day, and fortunately they have never returned. Also when I have had pain, and soreness on my clitoris, I will use it twice a day for around four days, and I have found it to work really well for clearing this problem  up quickly.     

However, Clobetasol did not work for me when I had a sore area (a lesion) about half an inch away from my Vjay.   I applied the cream carefully, and the next day I had a seriously nasty red rash running everywhere, and up the crack of my butt!! and so I stopped using Clob in that particular area after that, and the next time I got a tiny sore in a similar area I bathed in salt water and used baby cream, Desitin I think it was initially, and I think I used vaseline before bed, but  only for the first couple of days, after that I switched to bathing and then using hardly any talcum powder on a powder puff to make sure that there was no moisture down there whatsoever, and this worked really well.  I have found sore areas need cream initially, but then  they need to be kept dry, and after a few days my sore area cleared up!  So for me, using Clob on my Vjay works, but for on the surrounding skin not so much.

With regard to maintenance, I don't use the cream.   My Vjay looks normal, no white patches, cuts etc and so I don't see the point of applying cream to areas that show no visible sign or symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus.  I do believe in the routine of spraying after using the bathroom, drying and lubricating, this I think stops fusing from occurring and so it is an important routine to have, of which I always stick to rigidly! this is what works for me.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Coconut / Olive Oil And Sylk Vaginal Moisturizer Didn't Work

I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this? I tend to find something will work for me down there, then it does not. For example: coconut oil has been quite soothing in the past, lately it just irritates me no end. 

I tried Olive Oil but it wasn't that great. The Doctor prescribed Sylk vaginal moisturizer and that can either be Okay or not. 

Has anyone else got other 'comforters' for LS? Mine gets sore and stingy as opposed to itchy.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermol 500, Cetraben Lotion And Then Clobetasol

I am a little confused because the doctor that I had seen (I am in the process of finding a new doctor) had briefly told me to put on Dermol 500 lotion, Cetraben Lotion, and then Clobetasol- in that order? Is this correct? Also, she did not mention how long I should wait in between each application. If anyone could provide me with some advice on that- it would be very helpful! 

A few days ago I posted about feeling worries about applying clobetasol cream on what I have left of my labia. Since the skin is thinned out, should I still apply the ointment on this area. I have been applying clob on the skin that has fused over my clitoris. I had sent the doctor I had seen a few days ago about where I should EXACTLY be applying the clob and her response was 'on the affected areas' (that was extremely helpful)...

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Still Itchy After 3 Months Of Dermovate

I went for my 3 month follow up gynecologic appointment, after 1month of Dermovate cream everyday, 1 month every other day and the final month of twice weekly. I have followed DR Goldstein's application advice throughout this time.

I am still incredibly itchy. My gynecologist was surprised that I was still itchy after the treatment cream and spoke vaguely that 'one day I should be able to do without the cream but if you are still itchy, use it as you need'. My understanding is that I should never fully stop using the cream.

This was how it was left due to my appointment taking another twist which I shall post in a different discussion. 

So, what do I do in regards to the cream. Shall I use it daily again to blast the itch and hopefully stop it? It's awful.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Dermovate Ointment Gives Me Thrush

I turned 60 last year.  However, I don't look it, and get away with being mid 50's.  Unfortunately diagnosed with LS recently.  Sex was always a problem and I thought it was thrush I was immediately getting.  However, it turned out to be LS.  But I still get uncontrolled thrush as well.  The Dermovate ointment which I have to use daily at the moment gives me thrush!  Can anyone help with an alternative.  I am so very sore and depressed.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Taking A Break From Dermovate?

For the first time in many years I have no white patches. My GP has suggested that I take a month off the dermovate to give my body a break. Has anyone done this?

At the same time I feel that even though the white has gone, more bits of me are shrinking and I'm feeling a bit panicked by it.

Hanny when you say that your fusing is almost gone, is that the fusing closed that dilation is helping with, or are your labia unfusing and coming back? I'm also dieting. I was doing it twice a week but that isn't quite enough for maintenance so I'm going to go back to every other day. An aromatherapist also recommended Jojoba and chamomile essential oil which I haven't tried yet. Coconut oil works well for me as maintenance, but I'm always hoping to find the magic ingredient that helps me move forward rather than stand still. Aren't we all? I will feed back when i try it.

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Lichen Planus - Will I Ever Be Able To Have Sex Again?

I have been struggling to have sex with my husband for almost a year now. I have excruciating pain every time we try.

He is a great person and understanding but there is no hiding the fact that it is a struggle for him (and me) that we are not able to have sex. The pain is incredible and as much as I try to grin and bare it, it is impossible to achieve penetration.

I was diagnosed with LS just a week ago after a biopsy and have been given dermovate to use once a night for 4 weeks. Had anyone used this and seen an improvement with vaginal pain? How long did the medication take to work?

Has anyone had severe sexual pain and overcome it after medication?

I'm desperate, I'm 26 and can't spend the rest of my life not having sex. What if I would like children later?

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Stopping Dermovate For A Month To Give My Skin A Rest?

For the first time in many years I don't have any white patches and my GP has suggested that I come off Dermovate for a month to give my skin a rest. I'm sure there's still fusing going on though I don't have any itching either.

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Lichen Planus :: 2nd OLP Laser Treatment

My 1st laser treatment was unsuccessful so i went to see an oral surgeon who specializes in laser ablation on soft oral tissues This time the procedure was much more invasive and treated like an actual surgery.  The doctor removed the top 3 layers of epithelial tissue off the side of my tongue where the OLP was I he went much deeper than my 1st doc).  I had the procedure friday and am still in considerable pain and discomfort. I am unable to speak and chew so i have been pretty much drinking my meals through a straw.  Thankfully i have a supportive girlfriend who has been cooking and pureeing all the food for me  I went to the doc today for a post-op exam and he said it was healing properly.  I have been taking vitamin C, D, zinc, glutamine and lysine for immune support and to help heal the tissue.  Right now my tongue looks like a mess but i am hoping it heals up and the OLP is a thing of the past.  Unfortunately i had to cancel my weekend travel plans and missed my good friends wedding in the process, so i've been a bit stressed and sad.

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Lichen Planus :: Laser Treatment For OLP? Anyone?

the first oral surgeon i went to recommended it and i am now thinking this may be a good idea. I believe its similar to a scraping where it stimulates new cell generation and heals the damaged tissue. 

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Lichen Planus :: Probiotics Or Gluten Free?

I Am only the merry go round of LP. Off prednisone 5 days and it comes back in my mouth hands and vulva. I was trying and still am trying a shot of wheatgrass every am, probiotic yogurts and super 8 probiotic capsules. Have been doing this for three weeks and symptoms got worse so doctor has put me on steroids again...20mg as opposed to 40 mg the last time..I have been a naughty girl and am not taking them as I am trying to lose the stone in weight I put on during my last course. 

I have read so many posts and now think if there id a connection between candida and Lp. I am thinking of going gluten free.....does this work?

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Oral Lichen Planus :: Erosive Variety

I was diagnosed with this 18 months ago. I was referred to hospital for biopsy which was traumatic. The doctor held my tongue and stuck needle straight in. The pain was so severe I passed out. My gp commented that he thought my treatment was brutal and unacceptable.

I was then referred to a different local hospital (we live between the 2) and was treated with kindness. I had further biopsy which was painful but bearable. Unfortunately this doctor now wants to refer me on as steroids are not sufficiently effective in controlling my OPL.

I have an appointment this week at Bristol Dental Hospital and am terrified of yet another biopsy. I am also frightened of being experimented on by students (not in general but in this instance).

has anyone any experience of this hospital? 

I don't know anyone else with this disorder and feel quite isolated 

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Burning Mouth Syndrome/Oral Lichen Planus

has anyone had or have burning mouth syndrome before having the Oral lichen planus?

i had the BMS about 6-7 years before getting OLP. 

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Lichen Planus - Aids, Cures And Treatment Options?

I want to start a thread that concentrates on anything that helps - or anything tried that doesn't help.

I've been prescribed Dapsone, Allegra and Advantan - no improvement after 14 days

I've read that Ultraviolet B was completely successful for 70% of patients after 10.9 weeks and I can email that study to anyone interested. Ultra Violet B is provided by the sun but one person on this forum reported getting worse after spending time in the sun.

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Lichen Planus :: Itching Vulva Flare Up - Unable To Sleep

I have been going through a second flare up and dermovate is not working. Now been given protopic as not responding to steroid creams. I need advise on the itching which is literally driving me mad and the lack of sleep is interfering with my work now any advise on creams, diets etc!

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Hemorrhoids :: Botox And Laser THD Didn't Work

Basically in april 2015 i went to consultant for pile treatment, he advised me to have them treated by injection, i went ahead with this procedure, for a week i was fine then i noticed the itching and pile/pain had returned went back to my consultant he told me he thinks it was a fissure and to take creams and come back to him in 3 weeks time for further consultation.

alas 2 weeks later i was in severe pain and discomfort and phoned the consultants office that i was in bad pain and was told the consultant was on holidays and would not be back for a further week!

at this stage i was told by my doctor to attend hospital a+e for emergency

treatment ,this i did and was told to present myself at the hospital fasting from night before to see a new consultant---Phew it gets worse!

arrived at the hospital new consultant in fairness said he would put me under a full GA and see what is going on there

the following morning he told me yes indeed the piles were back there was one internal and one external and that i was better off going for the laser treatment called THD, which i booked in for the following week this was at this stage mid may had the procedure and for 2 weeks felt great
however on the third week i was in severe pain in the anal area and knew something was wrong (bearing in mind i was told the THD procedure has a 90%success rate..presented myself back to the consultant in hospital had to go under a full ga again he told me afterwards that the procedure had not worked for me for fu..s sake i was one of the 10% that it did not work for so i was booked in for the following week to have the piles which i was now told one of them was thrombosed removed by surgery so have had this done in mid june and have been in terrible pain since, especially after bm to the point where all i could do is sit/lie in the house all day taking pain killers stool softeners and baths every day. every time i phoned the consultant i was told it takes time to heal so after 7 weeks of severe pain id had enough, i went to my doctor got a letter of him to see the consultant urgently as i was in severe pain meet with the consultant am now booked in again for early next week this is what he said the wound is healing however it is a time thing, he will have a further look at me to see if there is something else causing this awful pain he said there is no fissure but wants to give me a botox injection in the anal area to help with the healing, can anyone please advise with this as i do not want to get any worse pain than i am in presently sorry for the long rant but this is actually what happened to me it has changed my life whereby in the last 6 months being in terrible pain and discomfort and am now wary about this botox injection

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Threadworm :: Ovex / Pripsen Didn't Work

I've had worms since last September which is almost 7 months. The worms are white and small. I've take ovex about 10-15 times in the past 6 months. I've taken pripsen about 4 times. Neither have worked.

My nose has been itching and really bad itching anus which is depressing me. Could this be anything other than threadworms(which I've sent a stool sample and sticky tape test off and all come back negative).

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Prostate :: Urolift Procedure Didn't Work

I am healthy non smoking 65 year old, very active physically and overall healthy. I had the urolift procedure done May 23 2015 at which time the surgeon installed 5 clips. Prior to surgery I was on 8 mg of flomax which made it possible for me to urinate.I did wear a catheter bag for awhile then. After surgery I was on 4mg of flomax for approx. 1 month. I was able to urinate adequately for about 8 weeks. Never but once what you would consider a flow. At about the 9th week I started slowing down again until it got to the point (about 11 weeks) where it took me 8 minutes to start peeing and then it took two more times in the next half hour to finally eliminate somewhat completely. Now in the 14th week  of post op I'm on 8mg of flomax right back where I was before surgery.I am now considering what options are available to me now.

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