Recovering Crack Addict Using Suboxone And Xanax

Oct 6, 2013

My brother is 45 yrs old. Recovering crack addict. I just found out he is taking 2 8mg sub ones a day and is mixing them with about 7-8 Xanax bars. I know this is dangerous. Just need to know how dangerous. I've taken his Xanax bars. But I was told that if u mix the two it gives him a heroin like high? Is this true?

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Substance Addict (Heroin) :: Using Suboxone To Taper It Off

I have been a heroin addict for 5 years, it was a half gram a day, sometimes more, I recently decided I don't want to live like that anymore, so I decided to try suboxone to first break the junkie routine I had established, and immediately began tapering. For example, I took 8 mgs day 1, 4 mgs days 2 and 3, 2 mgs 4-8. My plan is to keep cutting in half every four days, until day 16, being my last dose, am I crazy? I feel OK, and like I would probably be fine if I had jumped today, but that's probably the half life messing with me?

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Substance Abuse :: Tramadol Addict Former Oxy Addict

i've been taking tramadol for 7 months...realizing now that i want to stop taking it I can't!  Terrible terrible sweats, upset stomach and so many tears.  Any advice?

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Skin :: Pimple Where My Butt Crack Begins

I'm 15, and this has been going on for a few months, but I have some kind of pimple or something right where my butt crack begins, and it's in between my cheeks. It kinda hurts when I sit down but only in certain positions. Just earlier I pushed on the area something came out, it has no color or smell but it's wet and I can tell it's there, and now it's like a little red spot possibly an Opening but can't get close enough to look at. It's right on the end of my tail bone. I've did some research and came up with "pilonidal cyst" which it could be but i read up on it and it is a possibility but I'm thinking it could just be a pimple.

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Hemorrhoids :: Spot/lump On My Butt Crack

I've been in a bit of pain for the last 2 days, when I noticed yesterday a spot like lump has appeared just above from my anus, along my butt crack. I've researched online and several medical sites have advised that it should disappear after a few days but itself. But the pain is unbearable when sitting or lying and I'm really starting to worry. Anyone know how to reduce the pain.

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Recovering From Shingles

I have been diagnosed with shingles nearly 4 weeks ago ..

I have commented on this forum before giving my view on alternative options on medication.. Through diet , vitamins etc ..

I did not take any antiviral or strong painkillers as I am very hypersensitive and allergic to a lot of these chemicals ..

At the moment I am feeling a lot better still in some discomfort have my good and bad days .. The pain I had has some what subsided .. I have a little burning in my right hand side of my back and my tummy .. But nothing to the pain I have experienced.. I feel I am on the meant and hopefully make a full recovery .. And I just wanted to give some hope and reassurance to those still in recovery ..

But it would be great to know if anyone has NOT taken any medication for whatever reason and made a fully recovery or has not had a recurrence in the past few years...

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Urology :: Recovering From TUIP

I'm only 27 and had an appendectomy a few weeks ago for perforated appendicitis with peritonitis. Following removal of the catheter, I couldn't urinate. They said it would get better, but three days later I went home with a catheter. 1200ml urine was drained. The surgeon suspected urethritis with a spasm of the bladder sphincter.

I was hospitalized 2 days later, and a Urologist told me to wait a few more days. We waited 4 days and there was not much improvement following catheter removal. Further diagnostics were performed. Urodynamics showed a severe obstructed flow and bladder outlet obstruction. CT showed a mildly heterogeneous prostate: prostration and urethritis.The Urologist concluded I had a stricture considering I was having a split urine stream for as long as I could remember and an epididymitis episode 3 months prior.

Cystoscopy was performed and a small incision was made at the bladder neck. I was catheterized for 5 days and after it was removed, the flow was much stronger than I can remember. I had some bloody discharge for the first 10 days. That was followed by lots of bleeding and clots in my urine for the next 15 with burning upon urination. I was given antibiotics. Bleeding stopped at 4 weeks. I have had two wet dreams so I don't have retrograde ejaculation which was a big concern.

Now my only worry is erections. I had really strong nocturnal erections in the first few days (even with the catheter). However, erections were painful in the sense my urethra felt like it was on fire. These erections woke me up several times at night.

The pain at night subsided but now I find that my morning erections are not rock hard. Sometimes, when I touch my erect penis, the burning pain stings. I get erections through stimulation too. But sometimes, especially when I touch my penis it hurts. I really haven't tried to achieve a full blown erection because of this fear. This burning pain occurs when I'm flaccid but that is rare. Sometimes, I also get a dull pain in the tip of the penis. In fact, my whole system feels "sore" as if I had sex only a few hours ago. It's been almost 5 weeks. I had contacted my GP when the pain first started and Urologist a few days later but they don't think much of this. I can't seem to find anything about this online.

Once I can get pain-free rock hard erections, I'll be much happier to have had the surgery since my urinary symptoms have improved. I had never considered a slowish split stream to be a problem before.

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Mononucleosis :: Recovering From Mono?

I am 52 years old. I just discovered that a recent blood test came back positive for mono markers. My doctor told me that I am RECOVERING from mono but I can't remember EVER having mono! I've been suffering from fatigue and body aches (along with shortness of breath) for 3 months now. So, how long is this going to last and how is it possible to be recovering from something I don't ever remember having?

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Hip Replacement :: Staples Out And Recovering

I'm now 15 days post op and had my dressing removed and staples out yesterday. It wasn't very pleasant as the scar area has always felt raw from surgery as a child. The scar is over an old one but a little longer, so happy as originally was going to have another (3rd) scar!

The nurse couldn't believe I no longer have any swelling and have no bruising. I have hardly any pain in the hip now which is unbelievable. Just wondering if that's normal at this stage or because I'm none weight bearing on that leg?

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Recovering From GERD With Breathing Issues

I've been diagnosed with GERD. Going for endoscopy this week. Feeling better since it started back in January. But now I am extremely weak. I am tired all the time. I do have a lot of responsibilities, but just cannot seem to get enough rest. Been taking vitamin B12 complex, everyday. That helps but wears off. Had a sore throat that came and went within 4 days after I attacked it vigorously as soon as I felt it. I changed my diet. Sometimes it feels like I am struggling to take in breaths.

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Recovering Bipolar :: Smoking Weed Afterwards?

i've been bipolar for over a year i was diagnosed with affective bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms in october last year. i believe i'm getting better my mum and doctor says so. I was wondering if there is any way of smoking weed again after i recover just because it helps me to relax sometimes and i miss that feeling, will it trigger anything with my bi polar after i get better. ive only done it once while on meds and it didn't affect me at all?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Recovering From Labrynthitis

I am hoping to hear from people who are recovering from labrynthitis.  I had my first episode of vertigo a month ago and am struggling to feel balanced again.  The difficult part of it for me is knowing when to push and exercise my brain and when to rest.  I have been going to work, but am finding that by about 2:00 p.m., I am spinning and very uncomfortable.  If I work the whole day, my evening is totally awful - very very dizzy.  Any suggestions?

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Premature Ejaculation - Porn Addict And Masturbation Since Teenage

20 years old. I am still a virgin and unfortunately I have been a porn addicted my entire teenage year and masturbating for many times. I am beginning to have a relationship but I am afraid that I am suffering from PE. So many times that I get aroused when watching porn my fluids keeps coming out then I can't help it when I feel the urges to masturbate . It takes only a full minute or so after being completely aroused. I am terrified of this problem and I hope I don't have it. I am currently cutting back on all porn sites. But How can I be 100% sure that I suffer from PE and If I am, How can I treat this problem? please guide me and I hope.

One thing to mention is that when long time passes without porn or masturbation I can feel my urges stronger and I erectile easily so is this an indication that I don't have PE or that It will take small time just to recover from this issue because I fear that I will ejaculate soon after entering my girlfriend. Or It will be normal to ejaculate easily the first few times only then I will adjust to the feeling?

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Substance Abuse :: Functioning Methamphetamine Addict (snorting Only)

While I understand the negative effects of methamphetamine, in general.  I constantly read anything I can get my hands on about the addiction, but I've never found information that is directed toward me.  I am a 47 year old mom, who eats and sleeps regularly, plus I always take my vitamins.  I don't smoke or use meth by injecting, I've only ever snorted it.  I want to be clean, but am terrified of the comedown.  The thought of needing days to sleep it off seems impossible because I need to work in order to stay afloat and keep my family fed.  Most information I've read is for the person who binges, uses it for sex, or abuses it by smoking or injecting.  I'm a functioning addict, and have been for 20 years except for when I was pregnant.  My children are all intelligent beings with no emotional problems.  I'm a productive member of society.  I volunteer at school and I work very hard everyday.  I also have a very dirty little secret and need help to to stop.  Can anyone recommend any type of reading for a situation like this?  

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Women Sex Addict :: Overly High Sex Drive - Is This Normal

I have a very high sex drive. I am a female. I do not know if this is normal. I'm 19. I want sex everyday several times a day. I am dating a guy that I have known very well over the past six years. (He's 21) I find myself wanting it all the time now. I have been sexually active since I was 14 but this just started a couple months ago and not so normal for me. I'm not the type that wants sex allll the time, well at least I wasn't. I am very much in love with my boyfriend. We have a great relationship except he often gets frustrated w/ me bc I am wanting sex all the time. (Don't get me wrong we have a fantastic sex life, but apparently i want it to much) I get upset when he turns me down and it makes me feel unattractive an I'm starting to feel self conscious about my body and starting to wonder if he's just losing interest in me. He tells me nothing is wrong with me an he loves me an so on but I keep finding myself in this predicament. He says he too has a high sex drive but why doesn't he want it as much as me? Is something wrong with me? Am I a sex addict? What can I do to fix this problem. Masturbation doesn't really help me. I'm tired of wanting sex all the time and he gets aggravated when I try. He often says I try to hard. But if I want it I can't help it. I need help. Please do not put rude comments or say that I should not be having sex at my age. I am an adult an am very aware of my actions and I am responsible. I just need to know if there is anything I can do about this.

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Pregnancy 12 Weeks - Heroin Addict - Now Clean And On Methadone

I am a Heroin addict of 7 years. I have been clean on and off for the past 2 Years. I have been on 50mg of Methadone Maintenance. I did not find out I was pregnant until today I am 12 weeks. In the 12 weeks I was clean 30 days then used for one night then got clean for 18 days and then I've been using hard for this past past week and a half. I am not going to pick up again. I am on methadone but I am going into rehab to detox the methadone as soon as I am in my second trimester. So I only want to know if any other women have been through this same thing. Used during first trimester and stayed clean the rest of the pregnancy. Is your child healthy? Are there any complications? Because of my use would it be smarter of me to abort because I honestly don't know the damage I have done? I will not have an addicted baby to ANYTHING! And I also don't want any complications. Please give me any advice. I am already taking prenatals, eating extremly healthy, proper hygiene, and dr check ups are scheduled. I will take care of this child the best that I can. I am just anxious to know if the damage I caused from using early in pregnancy is already done?

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Alcohol Consumption :: Living With A Recovering Alcoholic

I have lived with my partner for the past 4 years and when I met him he liked a drink, but at the time, it seemed just sociably.  As the relationship progressed, so did his drinking, if we were out socially he would end up so drunk and quite embarrassing on a number of occasions.  The drinking stepped up a notch when we bought our own place and for the past 3 years it has become a problem within the home more times than I care to mention, going from barely being able to speak, not wanting to do anything unless there was alcohol involved in the activity, making promises and reneging on them, wetting the bed, starting arguments when there was nothing to argue about, the culmination of this behaviour has been that 2 weeks ago he moved into the spare bedroom where he drank a bottle of vodka every night on his own, only to pop downstairs to start an arguement with my sons or me.  I told him I wanted out, house to go on the market and go our separate ways.  With that he made an appointment to see his doctor, who in turn said if he continues drinking what he drinks, he will be lucky to live beyond another 4 years... he is only 40 years old.  He has confessed to me since the visit to the doctors that he's always drunk more than he should and has struggled with alcohol for the past 20 odd years.  He has moved to his parents to start his detox and has to go back to the doctors in two weeks to let him know progress there has been, also he's been to a meeting with  Inclusion, previously Homer, it was just an initial chat, they have given him some material to look through. He will go through an assessment following on from the next doctors appointment, and will then be assigned a key worker who he can chat to and will support him.  I suppose what I want to know is how I'm supposed to behave towards him, whilst I still have feelings for him, I'm not sure I want to sign up to be with him forever as I just can't believe he will never touch a drop again.  He's emailing me saying he still loves me and wants to get married when he's sober, but what's the reality of that?  Do I tell him the truth that I can't stay with him or do I give him time to start the road to recovery without any stress from me?

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Getting Off Suboxone

I've been an addict for many years on and off, but over the last 2 yrs I've mostly been doing the suboxone treatment daily. I so want to get off of these once and for all,and if I scroll back into the suggestions on here, I can probably find what I'm looking for,as to advice in getting off them.I can sure use some helpful advise or remedies from some of you that have been on suboxone and gotten off of them.

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Heart Disease :: Amphetamine Addict - Possible Heart Attack?

I'm going to be completely honest and as thorough as possible, I'm an addict, and I've had an addiction to stimulants for the last year and a half (consisting of about 95% amphetamine usage, never used methamphetamine). I usually keep my doses anywhere around 10-60mg cause I never wanted to over do it. Unfortunately, last week I dove in deep to my addiction due to a recent break up, about 4 days ago I did around 130 mg spread out through the day, I felt fine until I took my very last dose (30 mg about), at that point it only increased negative side effects.

After a while of feeling odd and stuff, I began to have trouble breathing and chest pains (I can't remember which started first), it kind of felt like they coincided, but I still would get very minor and infrequent pain without breathing, it felt like I couldn't take a full breath of air, and when I did the chest pain would kick in (more), it felt like a tightening pain. My left arm soon became somewhat numb and tingly, not numb like when you accidentally sleep on it, but just a little numbing that felt like it stretched down my arm through a single vein, the numbness was generally more intense under my armpit and bicep area, and would intensify when I rubbed certain areas. I had a very sore/stiff neck, especially around the area between my shoulder blades and neck, it wasn't on one side, it was mostly in the middle (my neck and back are still sore after this experience, as well as the tingling sensation in my arm but its not at all that bad, and it comes and goes). I had anxiety during this event, and I felt like when people would talk to me I wasn't truly comprehending what they would say, but yet I still was able to reply to them, I just didn't say much or think about what I was saying, I only could pay attention to what was happening to me. I felt like things were kind of slowed down and I was very fatigued and zoned out. I felt as if I was slowly meeting my demise. I believe I got cold sweats a couple times, but not much. I had some heart burn later that night, and the next but its gone.

It came across to me that maybe this was a panic attack but the pain lasted 2-3 hours, after that it wasn't horrible, but it was still somewhat there, and the mental aspect of a panic attack wasn't that intense. I also do think that my left arm may just have "mouse arm" (cant remember medical term), cause I use a computer a lot, a part of my muscle/tendon in my hand has been sore for a while, and it is somewhat acting up now as I type. I really am not sure if a lot of this is me overreacting, or just a placebo effect (I hope so). I've had minor chest pains since I was 13 (I just turned 18), and every time I went in to get my heart checked out, they said I was fine, and that I had a slight irregular heart beat but it was nothing to worry about and a lot of people have it but don't know.

I also have this weird problem with my thought process either that started the night of the incident, or I haven't noticed before. The only way I can explain it is as if my brain buffers for a moment when I go back and forth between two thoughts, it's like I over excite the neurons responsible for those thoughts and I end up overriding my brain for a brief second with confusion, then it's fine. I do have some chest pains now, but it isn't very often, and honestly happens mostly when I think about it or worry about it (same with the left arm), which is why I think I could be conning my self about this entire incident, because I've had panic attacks before but they weren't as bad and were more mental than physical.

It's dumb of me but I never went into the doctors cause 1. I was too paranoid to go in, and 2. I don't want to worry my mom or waste her money just so the doc's (possibly) find nothing. I haven't lately because all I've been doing is researching about this stuff, off and on I think I'm fine and then I don't. So I came here to settle it once and for all, I have a doctors appt. next week anyways so if you guys don't think its serious (I don't, but it could be denial) I'll just wait until then, if it is then I'll go now. I know everybody says "If its your heart then don't risk it", but every time I go in for my heart, it's always nothing.

My family nor myself have a history of heart disease, diabetes, or just flat out obesity. I'm very fit, just oddly muscular for my age, but I don't work out as often as I should now-a-days. I also smoke cigarettes, and my heart pains/arm numbness do come back a bit when I have a cig, but then again it could just be my head. The last time I had any form of a heart test was probably about a year or two ago, it was an EKG and I believe a blood test, but my memory is a bit foggy in that area. My heart rate is normal, I don't know about my blood pressure, but I believe I got a test for it lying somewhere around my house. My last dose of amphetamines was today, yes I know its stupid, but it's literally my last dose (I weaned myself off).

Oh and I did have sex last night, being in the moment I may have over did it (I usually get this feeling just without the numbing), my heart pounded like hell, I got heart burn during it, my left arm and leg became pretty numb, I was kind of tremor-ish, and that's it. Once I orgasmed the numbing went away (except for under my armpit area), and my heart was fine, but beating pretty fast (110bpm).

So do you think I likely had a heart attack? Or do you think it's something else? Or a combination of things? Or simply nothing but a placebo affect or panic attack? And by the way how long does numbing of the left-arm and chest pains last after having a heart attack?

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Getting Off Suboxone Or Not? After 18 Months?

I've been on suboxone a little over 18 months and I wouldn't even question getting off suboxone but I feel like it's taking away all of my emotions by this point and making me irritable. This week I wanted to do h so bad but I didn't and I haven't had a problem with cravings on Suboxone.. I'm also a junior in college so I'm worried getting off will mess up my studies and focus. I know I'll be at risk but I miss having emotions and feeling things. My doctor also holds over my head and won't let me off of it if I don't go to meetings but he knows my problems with them and I feel like he won't do it because of the high check of prescribing suboxone. My cravings also scared me this week and what's the point of being on it if I just have to wait like 48 hours and I can do dope which is super easy to wait.

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Coming Off Suboxone!

I am taking suboxone for 6 months, going doing little by little. I am at a quarter a pill. but i got these percocet from the hospital, plus I have been really been wanting to get off the suboxone anyway. How would I go about doing that. I have some klonopin here as well, so I could take those as well. But I really want to get off of those suboxone.

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