Hemorrhoids :: Spot/lump On My Butt Crack

Oct 21, 2014

I've been in a bit of pain for the last 2 days, when I noticed yesterday a spot like lump has appeared just above from my anus, along my butt crack. I've researched online and several medical sites have advised that it should disappear after a few days but itself. But the pain is unbearable when sitting or lying and I'm really starting to worry. Anyone know how to reduce the pain.

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Skin :: Pimple Where My Butt Crack Begins

I'm 15, and this has been going on for a few months, but I have some kind of pimple or something right where my butt crack begins, and it's in between my cheeks. It kinda hurts when I sit down but only in certain positions. Just earlier I pushed on the area something came out, it has no color or smell but it's wet and I can tell it's there, and now it's like a little red spot possibly an Opening but can't get close enough to look at. It's right on the end of my tail bone. I've did some research and came up with "pilonidal cyst" which it could be but i read up on it and it is a possibility but I'm thinking it could just be a pimple.

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Spot Like Lump Next To My Anus

I have a small spot like lump next to my anus and I have no idea what it could be. I am so embarrassed to go to my doctor straight away and was wondering if anyone could be of service?

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Skin :: Purple Spot On My Butt

Today I discovered a blue purple spot at the top of my butt near the crack. It isn't raised but it is sore when I touch it. What is this? It looks like a very small bruise but I don't remember falling so i don't think it is.. I'm very nervous about it because I had an abscess around this time last year and I had to have it lance which was very painful and i don't want to go through that again. However, this bump looks quite different from the abscess I had. Please help!

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Hemorrhoids :: White Hard Bubble By My Butt Hole

I have this white hard bubble right by my butt hole and it don't hurt and its not a pimple its been there for years it hasn't gotten bigger or anything but I'm worried about it's the size of a pea.

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Hemorrhoids :: Butt Pain, No Blood, Throbbing And Fullness Feeling

Can someone give insight? Been to doc, told hemorrhoids. Along with anal tear. Should I move on to a second opinion?

Still lots of pain, no blood any more. Throbbing , fullness feeling. She diagnosed me Monday and gave me some foam that has done nothing.

Been on miralax as well, no improvement.

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Penis :: Lump/spot On Male OrganQuite Painful

A couple of days ago I noticed a lump on the shaft of my penis just an inch or so from the bottom. I chose to ignore it until the next day as it had gone bigger and quite painful when touched or if I wore skinny jeans or slept in a certain position. The spot/lump had increased in size and remained red, but it seemed to have a bit of white/yellow growing in it.

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Hemorrhoids :: Lump After Anal Sex?

I had anal sex for the first time 2 days ago. We used a condom but we skipped the lube part. I'm not sure how far he got as it was painful and we stopped.

The morning after I went to the bathroom for #2 (been a little constipated for the past few days) and there a small amount of blood when I wiped. I also just noticed a pea sized lump just outside the anus. It's pink/purple/skin colored and sensitive to touch. I also feel discomfort when I sit or go to the toilet but it's bearable.

Is this consistent with hemorrhoids?

What can I do about it and when should I see a doctor (I don't have an insurance yet)?

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Hemorrhoids :: Gone But Hard Lump Remains?

I am a healthy 26 year old female and i had my first bout of hemorrhoids about a month ago. they came on suddenly with pain, swelling, and itching. i don't remember being constipated prior to the hemorrhoids but i do sit and drive for long periods of time due to work. i treated the roids myself with sitz baths, apple cider vinegar, and witch hazel. i also paid much closer attention to my diet to ensure being regular with a soft stool. it's about 5 weeks later and i feel as though the hemorrhoids are gone, but i believe i am still dealing with a fissure that will bleed just a little bit after a bm. this fissure is located closer to my perineum. i also have a skin tag on my perineum because roids basically stemmed from that area. i continue to have a sore lump (pea sized or smaller) next to the fissure i'm dealing with. it typically hurts more and swells a bit after i have a bm. i'm nervous this is an abscess but i'm wondering if maybe it's an internal hem that just gets swollen after a bm?

additionally after a bm i have a pain in the anal area but it feels a little higher up and like there is a ball inside my anus. i did research on this as well and believe i found a diagnosis that is really close to what i'm experiencing called levator ani syndrome. does anyone know anything about this and if my roids could have caused this condition? i have muscle relaxers in my medicine cabinet because of a back injury. i find that after i have a bm and this pain increases i take a muscle relaxer and the pain subsides...

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Hemorrhoids :: Grape Like Lump Coming Out Of My Bum

So I've had piles on and off for years but nothing like what I woke up with on Saturday morning! I literally have a grape like lump coming out of my bum! So painful I can hardly sit and so scared to pooh I'm not eating or drinking!

It's blue in colour what the hell is it?! Tried normal of shelf piles cream and suppositories and ice but not going down! How long will I have this for and will it burst if I have to pooh! Scared I will bleed to death lol it looks like a vein!

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Fleshy Lump?

Today after passing a stubborn stool I noticed a small, soft-ish fleshy lump outside of my anus. From what I've read I think it might be a hemorrhoid, but I don't know for sure since it seems like those are supposed to be hard. There is not bleeding, it is painless and is most noticeable just after using the bathroom or straining, and I suspect will retreat entirely if I leave it alone and go back to my usual diet. (I ate horribly today because of the holiday. I am prone to digestive issues and what I find I need to avoid persistent abdominal pain and stubborn stools completely includes 4-6 servings daily of fruit, 3-5 of veggies, and yogurt a few times a week. I ate almost none of those things today or yesterday.) Finding a lump down there has me really nervous, and I wanted to make sure it will be okay if I don't rush off to the doctor to get it looked at immediately. Obviously if it becomes painful or bleeds I will go ASAP. If it doesn't go away in a few days would it be safe to just leave it for two weeks while I finish my classes? If it does appear to go away should I still be concerned?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump And Cancer Scare

Dr has assured me that it is one pile but after a bowel cancer scare, I worry about anything abnormal! It is just inside my anus and no pain, itching or blood. The ointment has had no effect after 10 days or so. It could have been there for much longer, I just might not have noticed it. I did strain when I was able to have bowel movements again after the tumour was removed but usually they are quite soft. I think I panicked and overdid it in case there was another blockage. How long before they disappear? I am worried that it is not piles but the beginning of another cancer problem.  I just wish it would go away! 

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump Right On The Opening Of My Anus

I have discovered a small lump right on the opening of my anus.

It is about the size of a pea and looks almost blue or black in colour.

It feels exactly the same as a pea - solid behind the skin covering it.

I am extremely worried as I don’t know what it is. It is very sore, especially when passing stools.

Initially it wasn't painful at all and now it is. Yesterday I got it little open using surgical blade and small amount of blood came out.

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Hemorrhoids ? Swollen Anus - Now Pea Sized Lump On Opening

I have had a swollen anus for about 2 months now, it was painful to begin with and then settled down but now there is a little pea-sized lump on the anal opening that is tender. I can push it back in and it usually come out on the toilet along with some swelling. My knickers are wet today, also with slight urge to itch anal area. What could this be? Is it haemorrhoids? How should I treat it?

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Hemorrhoids :: Small Lump On My Anus Which Is Extremely Sore

I have a small lump on my anus which is extremely sore. I was hoping to get some advice of a diagnosis and treatment required to get rid if it. I have recently had anal sex. It's almost like a swollen blood vein that has popped out.

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Hemorrhoids :: Bean Sized Lump Around My Anal Sphincter

Hello. Today While showering, I noticed I have a strange bean sized lump around my anal sphincter. The lump moves under my skin when I touch it, and seems to not be stationary. The lump appears to be white in color, although I admittedly have had trouble getting a good look at it.

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Hemorrhoids :: A Lump/cyst Looking Thing On The Opening Of My Anus

I am a 28 year old male. I have a lump/cyst looking thing on the left opening of my anus. It was red in color yesterday and very sore. Today when I got off work, I found that half of it is black. It bleeds very little ( only when wiping) and I am not sure if it leaking some clear fluid or not. It is about the size of a quarter. Is there any diagnosis you could give me. Or possible home remedies to try and fix the problem.

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Recovering Crack Addict Using Suboxone And Xanax

My brother is 45 yrs old. Recovering crack addict. I just found out he is taking 2 8mg sub ones a day and is mixing them with about 7-8 Xanax bars. I know this is dangerous. Just need to know how dangerous. I've taken his Xanax bars. But I was told that if u mix the two it gives him a heroin like high? Is this true?

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Hemorrhoids :: Flesh Coloured Lump At The Opening Of My Anus Hole

I'm 14 i had for about 3 days now!!! I don't know what to do when i sit it hurts but only when i sit it's almost covering my whole anus hole, I'm embarrassed of telling any one, I don't wanna trouble my parents either, should I pop it, what should I put on it, can I use hydrogen peroxide. This lump I have is pea size skin colour unnoticeable even when I poop( I know don't judge) only when I sit down, what are the procedures, how can I avoid this or is it permanent......

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Skin :: Wine Color Spot On Arm ... Age Spot?

Did anyone ever notice to suddenly appear on the arm a small spot of deep wine color of the size of a little fingernail? Then I believe with time it turns brown. Yes, I'm a senior and I'm afraid these are old age spots, but I'm puzzled that they should appear as a wine color. I only noticed this twice in my life. My other age spots appear just brown.

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Dermatology :: Spot Next To My Navel? Liver Spot Or Something Else?

A couple of years ago I noticed a brownish spot appeared next to my belly button. A friend told me it was probably just an age spot / liver mark (although I am 20). Yesterday, I noticed it was flaking off and itchy. Today, it looks like this. Reddish but white in the middle. I'm really concerned and have been anxious over this since last night. Does anyone know what this could be?? (The redness around my navel has been there for a while too.)

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