Recurring Shingles :: Small Patch On My Forehead Pain Radiates Down On Face

Jun 11, 2014

I am 40 years old and have been suffering from recurring shingles since I was 25. They are always a small patch on my forehead and the pain radiates down one side of my face. The nerve pain lingers for several weeks and sometimes months after the blisters are healed. I have been told the vaccine is only given to individuals over 50 and I have also been told that since I get shingles frequently the vaccine would not help me.

I typically get them several times a year and the sun is the worst trigger for me. Since I get them on my forehead it is a bit difficult to prevent.

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Shingles? Red Patch On My Back - Chest Pain

After a short flight I started experiencing sharp pains in my right chest..... 5 days later was at outpatients where they tested for everything cardiac and pulmonary..... Was sent to family Dr who asked if I had a rash anywhere and my husband said yes as he noticed a red patch on My back while doing up my hospital gown. I had been a bit itchy in that spot... Anyhow I do not have any pain at rash site just the severe pain in my chest. Dr says the pain can present along any nerve.... Has anyone ever had shingles symptoms like this ?

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Recurring Shingles

I'm 21 and have had recurring shingles since I was 9... I used to get it about once a year but have had it 7 times in the last 2 years. It used to knock me for six for about 3 weeks but I'm getting better at recognising the early symptoms so that I can have my acyclovir prescription ready and waiting for when the spots come out! The first thing I notice is that I find it uncomfortable to wear my bra (I always get shingles on my side) and then I get that distinct "been hit by a bus" feeling... Absolutely knackered, deep muscle aches and a little nauseous. And then joy of joy, the shooting pains begin! This is the part I find most difficult to cope with, I get really sharp pains drilling down my side and a dull pins and needles like feeling that is continuous. I don't get alot of blisters, just one or two, but they are always inside a mottled rash about the size of a side plate.

I have seen numerous doctors about this who have all said that it's rare, esp for my age, but that's about it. I guess there's nothing that can be done.

The only advice I can give about recurring shingles is just try and get good at recognising it early! And then try and chill until it goes. Useless, I know, but that's all I've got.

If anyone's got some better advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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Recurring Impetigo Or Shingles?

I took this disastrous trip to Greece (I was completely healthy before the trip) and upon my return last April within a few days I started having this sore growing larger everyday on my chin. Somewhat yellowish and had a 40 C temperature for a week and very sick for another week. I took Doxy for two weeks which apparently did not eradicate the bacteria.

Two weeks later while a big red spot remained on my chin I started having another sore on my back but the doctor diagnosed (by observation) that this sore was shingles (i had shingles on my leg 4 years ago) so prescribed me Valtrex.

Then I started having another yellowish sore on my lower back last month which is likely a return of impetigo since it itches a lot with no pain and the doctor prescribed me 250 mg twice a day erythromycin for 3 months. I have been taking it for 2 weeks now and the sore appears healing however as a result (of likely my immune system weaken by impetigo) I came down with a second shingle in less than a month!!!. Not to mention chest infection last week too on the top of everything else So it appears I am now in a cycle of impetigo and shingles. How I can get out of this vicious cycle I have no idea. I have never been in a similar situation. is returning impetigo (followed by returning shingles, third or fourth in 4 years and second or third in a month) a norm. I asked my doctor to give me higher dose of antibiotics or a stronger one but he refused. What are my options to end this vicious cycle.

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Shingles :: Recurring Every 4-5 Months

I have shingles, I am 33 years old, female, and shingles re occurs with me every 4-5 months. I do not have a lower immune system or anything else, my Doctor puts it down to stress related but I don't think I am stressed. It is really painful, and my skin is really sore to touch. It appears on my left side on my bum cheek and the pain is all down my left side. Each attack I get the pain gets worse. My doctor has now given me a repeat prescription for the antibiotics and I have codipar pain killers for the pain. I sympathise with anyone who has shingles. Roll on the day they find a cure.

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Acne :: Small, Round, Rough Patch Of Skin On My Leg?

Okay, so for a few years I have had this patch of skin on my leg. I'm seventeen and I swear I can remember it being there for quite a while now. It has not changed in size, or color --- and it is not raised around the edges. I have had no other patches like this pop up. It has stayed in the same place since I can remember.

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Recurring Shingles - Spots Appear In The Same Place?

I'm 36 and had my first outbreak in early June. The rash appeared on my right front abdomen. This week I started feeling like I did last month -- very tired, very nauseous and yesterday two spots appeared on my rt. breast. The physician's assistant I saw today took one look at the spots and said it wasn't shingles because it wasn't in the same area as last time. Do reoccurring shingles have to appear in the same place? Can an outbreak only produce one or two spots?

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Recurring Shingles :: Sharing My Experience

I'm a 35 year old female and have had recurring shingles for about 7 years which occurs anything from 3-7 times a year and occasionally back to back. It is always a small cluster of itchy/stinging spots at the base of my spine and thankfully, the only other symptom can be overly sensitive skin down the back of my thighs. It is the only 'illness' that I ever suffer from - I never get colds or other 'bugs' that seem to plague everyone around me. So, the main guidelines about shingles are very general and should not discount anyone who suffers from this if they fall outside the norm for the condition i.e. over 50, poor immune system, you only get it once, spots appear on the sides, chest or face etc. as I don't fit any of these but have had tests and confirmation.

My advice to anyone else who suffers from this is - do try to get antiviral medication like acyclovir as it will minimise the frequency of outbreaks, try the cold sore patches from the chemist (Compeed is the brand I use) - they can be costly but keep the area clean and covered to prevent spreading and definitely seem to clear it up more quickly and with less scarring and, finally, try not to touch the area at all outside of treating it. I have become good at recognising the early symptoms and the earlier I act on it, the less troublesome it is. I have also made a connection with using sunbeds as a couple of outbreaks have occurred shortly after using one so minimise UV exposure of the area (not usually a problem when it's on your bottom!).

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Chest Pain :: Radiates And Shoots All The Way Down

What could be causing pain on the right side of my chest that is quite severe and sharp. I also am developing strong pain down my right arm. It radiates around my upper arm and shoots pain all the way down to my finger tips. My right chest, upper right arm and right hand are where most of the sharp pain seems to be. Causes?

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Hot Pain Radiates Up The Left Side Of My Neck

I have degenerative disc disorder, bulging disc in my lower back and neck, severe pain with numbness in my arms and hands that wake me up throughout the night. It's worse when I lay on my right and left side, I also get a hot pain that radiates up the left side of my neck. It seems to be getting worse.

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Shingles :: Swelling On Face And Eye Area

I was diagnosed with shingles yesterday and I have started taking Valtrex as prescribed.

I went to the walk in clinic 4 days ago because my throat was sore, and my glands in front of my ear and behind my ear were super sore and swollen. He prescribed Amoxil and said I had a sinus infection (and I do have cold symptoms). I also had the rash at the time, but not as bad as now. I actually had spots on my forehead before all of this..but I assumed I was breaking out in acne or something.

It is on my face!! All on the right side of my forehead, making my right side of my face swell as well as my right eyelid and under my eye is swelling! I look horrible.

I did go to the eye dr today to have it checked out, and my eye is fine and there isn't any corneal nerve involvement.

What can I do for the swelling?! I am a 29 year old female with two young boys to look after!

The pain of the shingles isn't that bad for me, I just feel like my hair is in a tight pony tail on that side.

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Shingles :: Bright Red Spot On Face - After Effects ?

It is now two months since I had an attack of facial shingles. Although I am almost totally recovered, I still have bright red spots on my face which are not blisters and are not crusting over. They show no sign of fading and still (rarely) itch. Is there anything I can use to get rid of them? I've tried calamine lotion and am currently rubbing an ointment containing aciclovir on them. I'm worried they may be permanent - I have sensitive skin and can't use make-up to conceal them.

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Shingles On Face / Head :: Swelling On Eyebrow And Jawline

I was diagnosed as having Shingles on Friday at the doctors. I started itching on my forehead Tues night and by the next day my forehead had all red marks on it? I didn't realise you can get shingles on your face? 

I have had horrible pain on/off since, swelling on my eyebrow and jawline near my ears?

Anyone else had this? How long will it last? Also should I be off work with it?

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Shingles :: Bumps In My Hair/scalp Now Grows To Face And Body

Anyone else experiencing shingles type symptoms but it's not following the normal pattern?

I was diagnosed with shingles october 2013..... It was located on my right head/face/ear area. I remember having bumps in my hair/scalp... above my ear, weeks to few months prior to official diagnoses. Since then I have a continuous recurrence and take antiviral daily. However the pox shows up on other areas now on face and body.

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Little Pimples Over My Shoulders, Face, Neck, Back - Shingles After Effects

I am 27 years old and I had chicken pox when I was 2. When the shingles came out, it took me down like nothing else. It has been almost a month since I noticed the rib pain. It started with sharp rib pains that hurt really bad and thought it was my spleen. Then about 4 days later I noticed a round sore right under my breast where the rib pain was occuring. Then a couple of days later, it showed up on my back, directly across from the other ones. I had no idea what this was... I waited to go to the hospital because I thought it was poison ivy! I waited about 8 days to go to the hospital. Had I had known what it was, I definitely would have gone immediately. Oh, the pain was excruciating! Ibuprofen did not even touch it. I was prescribed Acyclovir, Prednisone, and a cream that did not help. I was also prescribed Dilauded for the pain and Promethazine for nausea. It has been a week since I finished all of the medication. The shingles are almost gone but there are about 4 really bad areas and they do not look like they are healing. Since last week, I have developed little pimple like things all over my shoulders, face, neck, back and buttocks. I have no idea why they are there. Did anyone have the same reaction? They will not go away! Please help!

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Small Shaving Nick On Face Wont Go Away

I must have had what looks like a small shaving nick near my smile lines for around a year. I don't know if I just keep taking the top off it when I shave or it is something else.

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Men :: 17 - Late Puberty, Small Penis And Baby Face

Im 17. Voice really high. baby face. Got patchy pubic hair. 5'11 100 pounds. My penis hasn't grown since like the age of 13. Grown a little bit but not much. am I hitting puberty or in the starting phase for it thanks.

My parents said that my uncle and my dad were late bloomers as well thanks for the help have a great day.

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Dermatology :: Small Pea Sized Painless Hard Pimple On Face

I have got a painless hard bump on my face below my right eye and it can be moved when touched ... It is pea sized and has been there since 9 months and its not going away on its own... It is brown/skin colour and do not cause any pain... But it looks bad and thats why i want it to go...!

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Recurring Stabbing Pain In Back - Sciatica?

I have had the typical sciatica for years on and off nothing debilitating so I am familiar w/the pain in the buttocks and moved down the leg etc but this is different so if anyone has had this please let me know I'm so confused...a month ago I actually went to ER w/pain behind my thigh that felt like I was being stabbed...then it would stop and come back 10-12 seconds later lasting about 2-3 seconds and VERY painful did this consistently for 6 hrs and disappeared as fast as it came! GONE for 1 month until this past Sat started again altho not as constant ..until the past hr I have had it every 30 seconds and I cannot fig out what causes it ...or what it is ..the ER gave me Valium and my reg Dr said take magnesium altho my levels were within range. I almost feels like I was tasered or stabbed (have really never experienced either but seems like that's what it would feel like) so do you think this could be sciatica?

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Neuropathic Pain :: Pain On Left Side Of Face - Tingling In Lip And Tounge

I suffer with pain on the left side of my face in the form of tingling feeling in the lip, gum, tongue, nostril and eye. Have been on amitriptlyne for a while and then on gabapentine and pregabalin but the last two gave me awful side effects so have come off them and just taking painkillers at the moment, but they don't do much at all. Has anyone tried a Tens Machine?  

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Neuropathic Pain :: Red / Dry Eye After Shingles

I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago with shingles and unfortunately it was on my head, forehead and around my eye, which was very painful and uncomfortable, My vision is ok  but I keep getting a very sore and pink eye, and have been told at the eye clinic that it is dry eye and I now have the same type of  drops that I was given weeks ago. Has anyone else experienced  sore itchy  eyes so long after getting shingles and if so, any idea how long it lasts? my eye gets SO itchy and sometimes I have to rub it which I suppose is just making it worse!! There seems to be nothing i can put on my eyelid to stop the awful itching

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