Regional Pain Syndrome :: Foot Cold On Bottom And Warm On Top

Apr 25, 2016

I have been dealing with the first few months of CRPS which started as burning hot and has changed to a freezing foot that turns blue or purple. Lately I have noticed the bottom of my foot will be ice cold but the top of my foot is normal temp, my toes are like ice. Is anyone else experiencing this? I am battling the workers comp nightmare right now and I hate to tell them about this as it may complicate an already horrible experience dealing with them.

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Foot / Ankle :: Heel And Bottom Of Foot Pain

It is my right foot only. Heel pain, and basically all of my foot. I wear inserts plus an extra heel cushion. I been to the foot doctor and gave me a antibiotic and he recommended icing and heating and stretching bottom of foot. Any other suggestions?

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Foot / Ankle :: Pain On Outside Bottom Of Foot! Is This Normal?

I had PTTD reconstructive surgery on Feb. 24th. I am still NWB and in the hard cast.

I have been good about icing and elevating, and now the swelling is rarely an issue. However, now that the cast is much looser, I am very aware of the feeling that my foot is turning inwards... as in...It feels like i'm "standing" on the outside of my foot. If I prop the foot up so that the bottom of my foot is all fully touching the bottom of the cast, I have significant pain along that outside area from what feels like right under my ankle to just below the ball of my foot. Is there any chance that I am healing "crookedly" due to the cast being loose? Although I can't put weight on it, just straightening my leg completely will cause that "rolling out" and pain.

On an unrelated note:

Is there anything that I can do for nerve pain at this point in my recovery? I am no longer taking the "heavy" pain medication. I am just taking Advil and Tylenol. I am finding, however, that these do nothing for the nerve pain. Is there anything that I can do besides going back to narcotics? I'm wary of taking them for too long, but the real issue is that I would rather be clear-headed.

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Anyone Cured Regional Pain Syndrome ?

Has anyone out there with CRPS managed to return to work?

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Foot Disorders :: Lot Of Pain On The Outside Bottom Of My Foot

I'm having a lot of pain on the outside bottom of my left foot. It came on pretty suddenly and has gotten worse over the past three days. It's not that swollen, but I do have very poor circulation to my hands and feet. I now have some bruising on ankle and shin that are specific to the areas that start feeling pain when it really starts hurting. In the morning it feels better but it only takes a little bit of walking for all the pain to come back.

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Fibromyalgia Vs. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

to understand fibro pain more 

look up complex regional pain syndrome on the NHS choices page its a fairly new article only placed there  today .your find it very interesting and might be a step forward to you understanding your pain better.

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Experiences? Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy / Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I am interested in anyone who has been diagnosed with RSD if you wouldn't mind sharing your story. How soon after injury you were diagnosed, who diagnosed you and what changes you saw and when. Do you have all symptoms like skin and nail changes and when did this happen ? My dr recons I have it but I'm still not convinced though I do have signs of it and no other explanation as to why I still can't walk five months post ankle break.

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Constant Hot Left Foot And A Cold Right Foot?

What does it mean to have constantly a very hot left foot and a cold right foot?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Groin Swollen Glands - Tender And Warm

swollen neck glands are pretty common I know, but do many of you also get swelling in the groin area as well?  This is new to me.  I have not had a good week and earlier in the week I had swollen neck glands which I am familiar with, sore throat, aching muscles etc but today found a swelling in my groin which is tender and warm. Should I be worried?

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Had Lumbar Microdiscectomy - Bottom Of My Foot Is Numb

I just had a lumbar microdiscectomy yesterday on the L5-S1 disc. Right after I woke up and got up to walk in hospital I noticed the bottom of my right foot feels asleep. I never had this problems before. The reason why I had the surgery was from sciatic pain down my right leg going into my calf. I have had back problems with a herniated disc for 2.5 years. My latest flare up was sciatic pain for 3 months straight, I had a spinal injection, was in physical therapy, on pain meds and had no relief. I finally made the decision to go through with the surgery. My leg pain is completely gone, back incision hurts, but my main concern is the bottom of my foot is numb. Has anyone had this problem? I called the spine surgeon this morning and waiting for his call back. I was unable to speak with him after surgery because I was his 4th surgery of the day, he spoke with my husband when I was in recovery.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy :: RSD, CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Yes, I successfully cured/healed RSD! It is possible!

I effectively "cured" RSD with holistic treatments. I encourage anyone who suffers with RSD consider the holistic regime I created for myself. You can do it too.

Brief explanation of my RSD journey:

Once, I, too, suffered severe Type II Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy to my right foot and entire right leg up to my hip which presented itself after auto accident injuries stemming from both fractures and a ruptured plantar fascia in my right foot.

I was fortunate I had an early diagnosis (from my Chinese Doctor, who called it "nerve damage" and was first to diagnose RSD. Only because I was "pro-active" and pursued another opinion regarding my symptoms outside the closed box of conventional/allopathic medicine, which was the only treatment medical insurance will pay for.

After my initial nerve damage diagnosis, I brought this vital diagnosis to my allopathic doctors (who actually missed diagnosing it despite my detailed description of the pain and symptoms) who then concurred with my Chinese doctor's diagnosis and for the first time in my life I heard the words Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.

I refused allopathic treatment of RSD (4-6 "nerve block" treatments were recommended to begin by several MDs, including anesthesiologists, sports medicine doctors and Podiatrists). Why? Intuitively speaking, I considered the nerve block procedures to be far too invasive and risky, and which required general anesthesia (additional risks), the use of a fluoroscope (unhealthy exposure of radiation), injections of cortisone and a long acting local anesthetic marcaine, and worse, the end results were NOT at all promising.

Instead, I committed myself to a more holistic approach toward healing because I trusted the wisdom of the body's ability to heal.

Immediately upon my nerve damage diagnosis, about 6 weeks after the auto accident, I began my daily regime of holistic treatments, which included acupuncture, naprapathy, osteopathy, physical therapy, physical exercise physiotherapy which I did for the next 6 months. (As a precaution, in case I did not gain immediate results from my holistic regime, I did arrange advanced appointments with an anesthesiologist to perform nerve blocks. However, I later canceled these appointments because I began to gain positive results relatively soon after I began my holistic regime to heal RSD.

After the first six months of intense daily regime of holistic treatments, my acute and horrible symptoms slowly began to disappear. Gradually, the dark reddish-brown discoloration of my foot and leg began to fade, the inflammation/swelling slowly began to reduce, and the distorted and abnormal shape of my right leg and foot improved (which my husband likened to a "slab of red meat" that "looked like something hanging in a butcher shop"). The over the top excruciating nerve pain (which was off the charts, not in the 1 to 10 range, when asked I rated it "100+++!") to the slightest touch or even a sheet touching my foot was far too painful to bear, slowly began to dissipate into the 1 to 10 range. The complete loss of normal ambulatory function with my right leg and foot (I required a wheelchair or crutches to hobble around on my left leg) began to slowly improve after much treatment and with my determination to be pain free, to walk, run and dance again, I "pushed through the pain" with the physiotherapy machines and "re-learn" how to walk again. I literally reprogrammed my brain to walk again.

About six months into my holistic regime, I was again able to walk on my right leg and foot without the aid of a cane or crutches. However, each time I flexed my right foot to walk, it was painful, far too painful to walk long distances. I rated it an 8 on the 1 to 10 scale when asked by an anesthesiologist which I deemed completely unacceptable live with the rest of my life.

This anesthesiologist, with whom I had a 6 months post-RSD diagnosis exam (for medical insurance purposes) was the director of the pain clinic at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, CA. This anesthesiologist, who would have otherwise performed nerve block treatments on me had I surrendered to them, wrote in my medical records, "patient sought alternative treatments with acupuncture, osteopathy, naprpathy for treatment for RSD and achieved remarkable results..." My Kaiser podiatrist wrote, "patient had miraculous recovery from RSD with holistic treatments..." My Kaiser internist, my private St. Francis Sports Medicine, a medical doctor, my Kaiser physical therapist all wrote similar comments in my medical records which not only validated my intuition to take the risk to explore holistic treatments but provided substantiation that they were effective and beneficial which forced my Farmer's Auto insurance company to eventually pay for my holistic treatments which were all rejected. Two years later I was reimbursed for all my holistic treatment costs.

I want to offer another perspective into the closed, blocked mindset dogma of allopathic medicine and doctors. During my final exam with the anesthesiologist(as previously mentioned), although this doctor was quite expressive about her amazement of my then-recovery with RSD, she still remained stuck in her dogma when we discussed my pain level. She actually told me that I had reached the limitations of any more recovery because I had passed the 6 months window of time for nerve damage. She said, "I am sorry but I am afraid you will have to learn to live with the pain."

This director of Kaiser's Pain Clinic which treats RSD patients continued to reinforce her assessment that I would not improve, that I reached the limits of any possible recovery. She told me how lucky I was, how much better off I am than most of RSD patients who never get better and only worsen, etc., and I assumed she meant that I would waste my time and money if I continued with holistic treatment.

She shook her head when I told her I wanted to continue with acupuncture treatments until I was completely pain free. She may have meant well and didn't want me to have high hopes of recovery and then experience failure, or whatever. This anesthesiologist, who performs nerve block treatments, gave me all the information of what she knew based upon her 20+ years of experiences with RSD patients.

Fortunately, I did NOT accept her prognosis. Instead, I passionately said, "Doctor, I trust the wisdom of the body to heal and I shall continue with acupuncture treatments until I am completely 100% pain-free. I'll be damned if I willing to live with this pain and can't go for long walks, run or dance the rest of my life because a jerk ran a stop sign and plowed into me!"

Her expression spoke volumes. She was a bit astounded by what I said but not one word of encouragement was spoken. There was a long uncomfortable pause between us. Finally, I said, "One day I will return and prove to you that I am pain free and then you can bring in an acupuncturist, a naprapath, and an osteopath into your pain clinic to help RSD patients.

It took another six months of treatment before I was completely pain free and before my right leg matched the color and size of my left leg. My internist/primary doctor was thrilled by my recovery and accredited it primarily to my "positive attitude and determination." Kaiser wasn't interested in accepting my recovery was due to holistic treatments. Instead, it was just considered "miraculous" remission of RSD which, of course, does NOT give any credit to all the beneficial holistic treatments I had.

I am still pain free after 11 years and walk miles daily and go dancing twice every week. I am grateful for all of my holistic doctors, I hope my allopathic doctor learned from my experiences and success with curing RSD.

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Foot / Ankle :: Pain Outside Of Foot After Flat Foot Surgery

I am 7 1/2 weeks post of from Flat Foot Surgery and the outside area of foot from where my incision ends from the double calcaneal osteotomy up to my little toe the soft tissue is halfway numb and very painful. Has anyone else experienced this and if so how long did it last.

I am not sure how long it takes the soft tissue to heal to a point where it does not hurt when you are not walking. Or is what I am feeling nerve pain. I started PT this week and am PWB. My doctor thinks I will be in a shoe in 3 weeks and I don't know at this rate how that could be possible. I am icing a majority of the day for sure after I do my PT exercises.

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Back Issues :: ALIF Cold Foot

I had ALIF L5S1 revision surgery on 12-4-2014

To repair a failure to fuse after TLIF

In 2012. The past week my left foot at various times during day is ice cold. I started using a digital thermometer to measure and the bottom of my left foot would be 84 degree at same time my right foot is 97degree. My left leg and foot is the leg I have had problems for years along with my back pain. My left foot will return to normal temperature and then get ice cold again. I cannot figure a specific behavior pattern that may cause this. Anyone have any ideas? I am having usual back and leg pain as well.

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Foot / Ankle :: Grayish Toenails And Cold Feet

I have suffered from cold feet for as long as I can remember. My feet are almost always cold and that is nothing new to me. Last year I did have a problem with some toenail fungus and I was able to take care of it. Even though the nails grew back now, they are still quite thick, Perhaps still recovering.

What I have noticed is that they are often/mostly (? at least when I am not wearing shoes I can notice this) a greyish bluish color...

Is this always related to bad circulation or could it be related to a fungus that is hopefully recovering?

I also have leg cramps of late - not sure it is associated as I recently switched jobs and went from sitting down most of the time, to standing up most of the time - so perhaps this had an affect on my legs.

I am mostly worried about cardiac related issues... of course I can go run to the doctor but they will just bounce me around to other doctors and I am curious to hear from people that might have first hand experience

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Sciatica :: Leg / Foot Cold And Pins In My Private Region

So I got told on Saturday by a medoc doctor I've got sciatica, he didn't really check me over very much if I'm honest, since it all started its got worse in the few days my leg and foot is very cold to touch and I keep getting pins and needles in my private region, was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what I should do, I've got doctors today but not sure how best to go about all of this, big problem is I'm 13 weeks pregnant so they are very limited on what they can do and give me.

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Foot / Ankle :: Flat Foot Reconstruction, 8 Weeks Postop With Heel Pain

I am currently 8 weeks post op from a very extensive flat foot reconstructive surgery . I was excited to start partial weight bearing this week starting w 25 percent in a boot.

My problem is I have sharp pains coming from the bottom of my heel which I am thinking may be from the screws from the calcaneal osteotomy. This is making it very difficult to put any pressure on my foot when weight bearing ?

Has anyone experienced this ? Did it go away on its own? Was there anything that helped this . I am afraid I will not be able to proceed the wt bearing with this continued heel pain.

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Foot / Ankle :: Bunion Surgery Pain & Swelling In Ball Of Foot

I am 7 and a half weeks post op after a Lapidus & an Akin procedure. I was in cast until last week and have managed a tennis type shoe and a sandal on so far.

The swelling has been bad as expected with full weight bearing, but the real pain is in the ball of my foot and my big toe does not lie flat, but rather sits elevated. I think the ball of the foot under the big toe is swollen so that may be the cause? I can only walk for a few minutes properly before the pain becomes too much and I am limping and walking on the outside of my operated foot. I can usually cope with pain so know this must be fairly severe.

I am doing my toe bending exercises and think that already the range of motion is not too bad.

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Lower Back Pain, Bottom Rib Cage Pain

I've always had back pain in some form, but however, for the last few weeks especially, there has been horrible pain. To explain where the pain is, the major part that has a lot of pain to it, it like on the right side of my lower back, and I can feel something in there when I lay down on my back especially, something throbbing, and when it twitches really bad, it is almost like a shock. I can feel something near my spine when I twist and turn as well that hurts. I have to be careful how I move a certain way, because the pain makes me jerk a little bit. Another example of this is I had to go to a job interview where you had to go through a physical. The nurse told me to lie down on the bed there, and then she took my right leg, bent it at the knee, and slowly pulled it to the right. As gently as she did this, my lower back hurt a lot when she had done that. There was one time about 1 one week ago where that pain in my back seared up a little bit, and then went down my leg, almost felt like maybe the sciatic nerve was pinched or something. But that went away, but the pain in my lower back is still there.

Now, I do have a hunch back. I always have, and its growing worse. I'm overweight too. I've been sick for the last year, and haven't been able to drive or work. I am going out though this month with a friend to make some money doing low impact work. I sit at my computer, scrunched over yes, and its hard to remain straight. This makes the bottom of my rib cage hurt so much if I sit this long of a time. It feels like something is missing in there somehow.

To give you some stats on me:

I'm 25
Height is 5 foot 11 inches
Weight is 272 pounds
Belly is big lol, chest is small. My grandma told me the other day i looked like I was pregnant.

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Chest Pain :: Months Of Pain All Around Bottom Of My Diaphragm

I have had a problem with pain all around bottom of my diaphragm for several months. X Rays, sniff tests show right side is higher than normal but no help offered thus far. All around he bottom area is extremely sore to touch and can't bear to lie on either side. If you press along bottom it is extremely tender. Gallbladder has been removed.

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Plantar Fasciitis :: In Right Foot, Pain In Left Foot

I have suffered with plantar fasciitis in my right foot for about a year now.

It originally started after a knee operation and a torn calf muscle after an accident.

The pain in my right foot is so unbearable that I opted for a steroid injection last year. I watched some of the youtube videos to see that some numb the area first then inject.. Not my GP...Straight in with the steroid and it was so painful I kept saying "Oh my god oh my god". Well it didn't work and I know that I will NEVER have another one. The pain is more than before.

My left foot has now got a pain across the top of the foot.inferior extensor retinaculum I think it's called.

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Foot / Ankle :: Nerve Pain On Top Of Foot

It has been quite a while since I have been on here. I had surgery on Mar 14 to repair a tendon and release the nerve that runs on the top of my foot. I have had severe nerve pain since the surgery. I could only get so far in rehab - because of the severe nerve pain. I had a cortisone shot about five weeks ago - it was somewhat helpful. I can finally let a sheet rest on the top of my foot.

However, it is my right foot. It is extremely painful to drive - and basically impossible for me to be able to drive more than 25 miles without pulling over to alleviate the pain from the nerve. I still cannot wear anything more than sandals as I cannot let anything touch the top of my foot. Now mind you, it has improved some. It used to be the entire top of my foot. Now it is mainly the toes and about 3 inches up from my toes - it is so severe it has put me in tears more than once. I have been living with some friends of mine - about 25 miles from where I work. The problem is that I own a house about 52 miles from work - one way. There is no way I can drive that far - and don't think that will get better anytime soon.

I see my surgeon again on 8/16/13. I am willing to try another cortisone shot - but someone else has strongly recommended I cut the nerve to alleviate the pain. If he cuts the nerve - I will not have any feeling on the top of my foot for the rest of my life. I have asked him if I would be able to drive, etc....and he commented that cutting the nerve might actually make driving/pain worse?

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