STDs :: Rash On Groin - Herpes Or Infected Hair Follicles?

Mar 7, 2016

I noticed a rash where my groin meets my thigh, it was a bit itchy but the feeling went away a couple days ago, i was looking at it today and the skin is very dry, peeling a bit and some hair follicles appear inflamed, look like pimples. is this a mild genital herpes outbreak? i am a male and had protected sex with a women about 2 weeks ago, i had some burning sensations after the first week but they all but went away and came and went during times of high anxiety, but these hair follicles are really freaking me out.

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Little Bumps On Genitals :: Hair Follicles Or Herpes?

Notice this i have never had sex. It was hot all week and i was hot and sweaty tell i took a shower. One night after exercising i was shaving in my genital area i got in the shower and noticed there were little bumps that looked like acne. It doesn't itch. Is it herpes or hair follicles. 

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Bump On The Side Of My Penis - Infected Follicles, Ingrown Or STD?

So I am switching jobs and I have medical check up scheduled, I haven't had any recently, so the paranoia of googling every symptom started with me, 2 days after searching I have less than 1 inch very small red dot not a bump on the side of my penis bottom doesn't hurt at all, I have ingrown hair problem with my beard and also acne, always wearing tight boxer shorts, not that much sexually active, never paid for sex or involved in a high risk sex activity, after googling for hours if not days, I am confused as to if this is just an infected follicles an ingrown hair like what I get on my beard or an std syphilis or something, I read that STDs are like region based probability I am in Europe and never noticed anything on my partners like a similar red dot rash or anything, so I just need to clear up my mind a little bit before my medical check up so I thought of posting here.

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Herpes? Infected Mouth And Sores On Vagina

Two weeks ago I had sex with this guy, and gave him a little oral, surprise surprise he never called me back again. Then on Saturday I had sex with this guy a couple times and I have him oral, and he gave me oral, down to my anus (tmi).

I had no symptoms or anything until this past Monday when my clitoris started itching and my butt was sore like when I wear thongs too much. Then it started burning and I went to the doctor and I have a UTI and blisters amd ulcers down there. Possibly herpes.. Also, my monroe piercing in my mouth got infected Monday and I had to take it out. My lip is swollen with pus and I have a white bump on the side of my tongue and a sore throat.

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Penis :: Hair Follicles On Shaft

I'm 16 and I've had these inflamed hair follicles for a while now. It goes along the dark line on my shaft, the circumcision 'scar'. And it spreads out at the base to my ball sac. It's uncomfortable and looks weird. If I want oral sex I don't want the girl freaking out like I have herpes or something. And when I have an erection they get hard. How do I get rid of them?

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Lupus :: Rash In Groin?

I was first diagnosed 19 years ago. My rashes are becoming more intense. Is it possible or has anyone experienced lupus rash in the groin area? If so, what did you use to lessen the 'fire' feeling.

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Small White Pimples On Penis Base And Shaft Like Huge Hair Follicles

August first I had sex with a random girl,but I used a condom. During the intercourse the condom broke,it didn't take me more then 15-20 seconds the most to realise it and I stopped right there.  A week or two later I shaved,but it was my first time using a buzzer,usually I trim it with scissors.  Id say 2-3 weeks after the shaving(40 days after the sexual intercourse) I saw that small little white bubbles in a ring shape had occurred at the base of my pennis,and in a straight up line on the left side of the pennis.  they're not painfull at all, they would get a little itchy when pressure is put on them like the laptop,the belt or skinny pants. Its almost new years eve now, I popped most of them out,and they seem to crust and disappear after I pop them,some disappeared itself but new ones keep coming out,especially after my second shave with a buzzer again. When I look at them, they're like huge hair follicles that just pop out ,and hair comes out of almost all of em. They've reduced in numbers but never disappeared. I don't remember me getting sick after the sexual intercourse,don't remember any fevers or stomach pain,except for 2-3 days ago,i had a slight stomach pain but probably it was cuz of too much drinking,now its gone. it still feels ticklish a little bit down there.what could it be guys?any ideas? please tell me its not herpes....

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STDs :: Rash And Scratch On Butt

My right butt has these rashes and I hate scratching them. I am too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about it. I took a detailed picture of the area....

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Large Pimple Forming Under My Groin Pubic Hair

Just a few weeks ago I've noticed what seemed to be a large pimple forming under my groin pubic hair. over the course of about a week it grew to the size to where it was easily popped and blood and white puss came out just like a normal pimple. then it healed and i thought everything was fine, but about a week later i noticed another one forming an inch or two from the first one. After shaving it spreads more. Can you suggest me any medicine

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STDs :: Tingling And Red Rash-like Mark Around The Tip Of My Penis

I recently had protected sex (protected oral and penetration). After sex I showered and tried to force out urine (which I had to force out because I didn't really need to go). I also cleaned the penis tip with a pressurized shower head. That night I noticed a red rash-like mark around the tip of my penis. That went away the next day but since then for the past 4 days my penis has felt very sensitive, like as if it's constantly being rubbed, which makes me feel like I need to urinate. There is no discharge or burning sensation when I urinate. Could this be an STD or perhaps something less sinister related to the forced urination and pressured shower head?

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STDs :: White Spot / Rash On Penis

A question regarding a painless white spot or rash on penis.  It was transparent at first but seems fairly visible now.  It was a little itchy like a mosquito bite sensation before but feels sort of like normal flesh.  It is white in colour and does not have any noticeable fluid accumulation underneath.  I did have unprotected sense roughly a month prior to this situation.  

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STDs :: Red Rash And Bumps On Penis Shaft

About 3 months ago i noticed a small bump on the bottom of my penis shaft. The next day there was about 5 to 7 and only 1 crater looking very small bump on the tip. It went away after a week. I went to a doctor who said it had To be herpes and u took an icg or igg urine test and hsv 2 came back but the doctor said it's not very accurate. On my 2nd visit he said there's no way it's herpes and that it looks like warts so he zapped or burned half of them which really hurt. He referred me to a urologist who said it could be anything and gave me antibiotics which didn't do anything. I have been staying away from sex and stopped mastyrvating because every time i do the red crusty rash shows up around my penish on the top of the shaft or and small bumps that go away after a few days the red rash looks like chaffing based on what i researched and i don't have an answer for the bumps. Again, the bumps or rash show up right after sex if masturbation. Have a red rash with somewhat cracking dry skiing under the top of the penis on my shaft. There is no discharge. No pain or burn when i pee.

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Herpes :: Can HSV 1 Cause Groin Pain?

I have herpes type 1 and i have been experiencing groin pains. I haven't have sex with anyone since i got tested and I didn't test positive for HSV2. This my first outbreak, should i be worried?

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Herpes Negative But Enlarged And Tender Lymph Node In Groin

Back in Jan. I had a lymph node in my groin (only one side) that felt hard like a pea and was tender when I pressed on it. It lasted about 4-5 days total with no other symptoms (no flu like symptoms, no lesions, etc). This occurred about 10 days post contact. Since my previous negative tests for HSV 1 and 2 I've only had unprotected contact with someone who told me he has never been tested for HSV but has never had symptoms (he's 24). I believe him completely on this. The unprotected contact was maybe 5 minutes or so for two different occasions in total where I believe I was on him without either of us having underwear on. I only did this at all because I had been drinking. Should I be worried about the lymph node? Should I get another IGG at 3 months (so next Tuesday) and would it be accurate? I don't have HSV 1 (at least according to my test).

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Herpes And STDs With Licking On Penis ?

This stripper licked my penis briefly a couple of times, from the bottom to the top. She did not put my penis into her mouth and she did not suck me. Total exposure was probably 5-10 seconds.

After this occurred i told her to stop, left the room and masturbated without washing my penis first.

I could not see an active cold sore, but it was dark.

I had a type specific IGG blood test about 2 years ago and i was negative for both HSV1 and HSV2 at that time.

I am currently 7 days post exposure and i have had no symptoms other than the post-exposure regret amplifying normal skin sensations.

1. How much of a concern is this exposure for HSV?

2. I know that the virus needs to be 'massaged' in, but i am concerned with the act of masturbation afterwards this may have been a possibility.

3. I know that a primary outbreak can take up to 14 days, but is more common in 2-5 days. Would you say that this exposure, coupled with 7 days and no outbreak mean that i am likely home free?

4. Can I engage in regular sexual relations with my wife?

5. Am i at risk for any other STD's?

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STDs :: Yeast Infection Or Herpes?

I can't get officially tested for 4 more days, and it's clouding my vacation. I'm terrified that I have herpes. I know it's not prudent to ask the internet to try and diagnose me, but hopefully people on this forum are knowledgeable enough to give some advice. I either have a yeast infection or herpes.

Background: On Monday I completed about 10 days of antibiotics (yeast infection?). I also had sex with my new boyfriend for the first time two weeks ago, and again a few days ago (herpes?). We used condoms both times, but I know now that herpes can still spread. I didn't notice any symptoms on him. I should have asked before we had sex if he's been tested for anything, I asked him a couple of days ago and he assured me he's never noticed he had anything & the army tested him for major STDs (not sure if this includes herpes).

Symptoms: On Monday I was feeling nauseous all day and threw up. On Tuesday I had a 100 degree fever and body aches. I know that first HSV infections can lead to flu-like symptoms , but I also had just been in 3 international airports a few days previously and was jet lagged/sleep deprived so my immune system could've been iffy. Tuesday afternoon I notice slight itching around my vaginal opening. Wednesday morning I wake up and my vagina is caked with thick white discharge and the slight itching around my opening stayed the same. Some thick discharge continues. Today (Thursday) the itching isn't too bad. I woke up and checked myself in the mirror and notice a few slight, uncolored bumps around my vaginal opening. I didn't notice them when I checked Tues/Wed but it could have been due to insufficient lighting. I also shaved down there a week ago so they could be razor irritation? But I bet I'm kidding myself and they're herpes blisters. ****.

Does it sound more like herpes or a yeast infection? Should I buy an OTC yeast infection medication today?

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STDs :: Herpes Or Fordyce Spots

I'm a male, 25 years of age, who has braces, so I chronically get some ulcers in my mouth due to the braces and drinking and such. This past week I drank an abundant amount of alcohol. I also smoked some dabs (very concentrated form of marijuana) which I normally never do. During the week I drank out of multiple random beverages that people had drank out of. I also kissed a girl/ she gave me oral sex, which happened about 2 days ago. I messaged the girl asking if she had ever come into contact with any STD's. She said no. I have an ulcer or two in my mouth and on my tongue that I chalked up to heavily drinking and the braces (figure I may have bit my tongue being so drunk). They looked fairly normal compared to any other ulcers I had received in the past and began healing as usual. I noticed some small white bumps or spots (because they aren't really bumpy) on the upper part of my lips and in the corner of my mouth (still on my lips). When I do research on the bumps they closely resemble the pictures I see for Fordyce Spots. They don't really resemble the pictures for oral herpes.  They aren't posing any problems of pain either. I was heavily exposed to the sun this week (almost everyday) and didn't really possess the best hygiene. I went to the doctor today and he really wasn't much help because he didn't even really look at my lips. Just asked if I had been sexually active, I told him yes and what happened. Then he automatically assumed it was probably herpes and prescribed me some meds. Then said to come back in two weeks and get tested. I plan on getting tested this week and then again in two weeks as well, but I'm not sure if it's Herpes or the Fordyce Spots or just me being paranoid. Or if it could be something caused by smoking the marijuana and heavily drinking. I also don't know if it's an allergic reaction of some type. But I'm freaking out.

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STDs :: Protected Sex, But Unprotected Oral - Herpes Or Syphilis

I am straight male in my 30's.

Today I messed up and had sex with a sex worker. The sex was 'protected' at all times - we used a condom. HOWEVER, she sucked and licked my testicles and the very base of my shaft. Sorry to get into the details, but perhaps this is important - we had short vaginal and somewhat rough anal sex. No artificial lubricant was used. I didn't inspect the condom in details afterwards, but it seemed OK.

My last shave 'down there' was 2 days ago. Now I notice that my skin is still somewhat irritated (red bumps), although I don't see any obvious cuts. There is the possibility of micro cuts, though...

Needless to say, now when the sane judgment came back to me, I have a few questions/concerns:

1. What is the major STDs I should be worried about now? It is my estimate that it is Syphilis. I am not really worried about HIV (condom didn't break) or Herpes (it is now kind of common). Genital warts - slim chance, there is a 100 strains and only a few cause the warts.

2. Assuming I have caught Syphilis, am I immediately contagious to others, or first I have to reach 1st or 2nd phase of the disease?

3. Is Syphilis contracted when it penetrates into the bloodstream (i.e. there has to be a CUT), or as soon as skin (any skin) touches the lesion. If there is no lesion whatsoever, how contagious is it still?

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Herpes Or Folliculitis Or Ingrown Hair After Shaving

I was shaving one day with a razor, then two days later i noticed a couple of bumps by my grown. two of them had a white head and i popped them.. just once though. it's kind of crusty... i don't know why, maybe because i tan and my skin is dry? but i haven't been sexually active, and have had one parent the last year, that i know doesn't have anything...they do not itch, hurt, burn, or anything... i did have some vaginal discharge but it was white and clear milky kind of, just leak out of me for a second or so.. i don't get burning sensations when i pee or anything. but sometimes i do get itchy but not only on my vagina... when i get an itch down there i just itch it for a second and get itchy somewhere else like my back or something.

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Gonorrhea :: Have I Infected My Girlfriend?

month of Feb 2014 i have sex with my ex girlfriend month of March 2014 i have white discharge every morning, pain in urinating and itchy sensation go to urologist and he said i have gonorrhea without any test, he describe me an injection and medicine 2x a day for 1 week. the symptoms gone and after a month its there again, then my doctor describe again a medicine, then symptoms are gone again then few months its there again. few months without taking anymore medicine the symptoms are gone. i thought i have no gonorrhea. then

month of May 2015 i have a girlfriend we always have sex, he had no symptoms of gonorrhea in past months until when we 8 months {month of January 2016} we have sex and a day after we sex she said she's pain while and after urinating and itchy inside of her vagina. (note: she have 2 ex boyfriend that she have sex with before we. 1st relationship; they both virgin, 2nd: the guy is virgin)

*and i have no other sexual partner, im loyal to her
*i have no symptoms of gonorrhea for almost 2 years

Question:1. have i infected her? my gonorrhea is still there?

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Flu And Ear Tubes Infected - Pressure And Diminished Hearing

I just had tubes put in both ears 6 days ago. I got the flu and had both ears infected. The pressure and pain is gone, but now I'm talks by ina tunnel and my hearing is diminished. I think I'm draining, because when I use my ciprodex drops...I swear I taste it in the back of my throat. How lucky big is this gonna last? Will my hearing go back to normal? Will the tunnel in my head stop?

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