Large Pimple Forming Under My Groin Pubic Hair

Jun 13, 2016

Just a few weeks ago I've noticed what seemed to be a large pimple forming under my groin pubic hair. over the course of about a week it grew to the size to where it was easily popped and blood and white puss came out just like a normal pimple. then it healed and i thought everything was fine, but about a week later i noticed another one forming an inch or two from the first one. After shaving it spreads more. Can you suggest me any medicine

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Pimple Type Lump On Eye, Arm, Cheek And Groin Area

A week ago i observed a pimple type lump on my left eyelid area, and searched for the the same on net and found that it is known as sty OR stye in medical term. The same type of lump is on my cheek, right arm and on the groin area. The 4 old ones are getting better without any medicines, but 2 more are observed on the groin area, one on lower cheek and one on the same eye but upper side. Pls advise about the disease and what will be the remedies for the same.

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Puberty :: Over 30 And No Facial Or Pubic Hair

I am a male over 30 years, married and have a 2 year old kid. However i do not seem to grow any facial hair and have very minimal/no pubic hair over my body. I have little on my private parts and under arm... but absolutely no public hair on my face or legs. I wanted to know if there are any tests to determine my problems and to fix them. Just for a record, my dad and other close family that i know of have very good pubic hair.

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Found A Blister Where My Pubic Hair Grows

Okay so I'm 18 years old female, a few weeks ago I found a blister where my pubic hair grows, this morning I went to the doctor - he told me he was unsure whether it was a genital wart as there is just one singular wart for the past few weeks. I really don't know how I could've caught this and I have had one sexual partner who I have had sex twice with using condoms carefully each time. We were both each other's first sexual partner. I am confused as to how I may have an std and I am very scared and embarrassed!

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Women's Health :: How To Shave Pubic Hair

What should young girls do when they don't want any pubic hair? I understand shaving is not the best option but I don't have another choice because I play volleyball in little spandex and I don't need to be worrying about people seeing anything.

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Premature Puberty :: Breasts And Pubic Hair At 7

i went through premature puberty, but my mom ignored it. I started showing breasts and pubic hair at 7. i had my first period at 9 and a half. i achieved my adult height by 12 years. i still fit into clothes i had at 12. my breast size, height hasn't changed since i was 12. i'm 25 years now and my 6 year old daughter is showing signs of premature puberty. i know how harrowing the experience is and i will help her fight this. mothers and parents in general, don't ignore this, help your children!

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Genitourinary Prolapse :: Shaving Pubic Hair Before An Operation

I know people have asked about shaving pubic hair before an op and surgeons say not to because it increases the risk of infection, but I didn't realise that the same also applies to shaving legs!  Just read in the Mail today that you shouldn't shave legs within a week before an operation, for the same reason!  That's news to me!

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Early Puberty At 7? Breast Budding, Pubic Hair And Body Odour

My daughter is 7 yrs old and has had symptoms of breast budding, pubic hair, body odour and hormonal mood swings (really difficult in managing her distress) since she was 6. I had to attend GP 3 times before he would refer to Paediatrician. Waited 5 months for that appointment to be told yes she all the symptoms and come back in 3 months and we will monitor. I was told not to make a fuss and tests will be undertaken when they deem appropriate. I am really concerned that she displays PMT behaviours 3-4 days every month (same time each month) and is distressed herself as she says she cant help it, but doesnt want to be angry.. is any other parent experiencing this? I have now got school on board and awaiting advice/support from school nurse. I am also going back to GP.

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Large Labia Minora And Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Area

I want to remove my bikini area pubic hair however I'm extremely embarrassed to go as I have large labia minora hanging down and they show while I'm standing and my legs are closed is that normal

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STDs :: Rash On Groin - Herpes Or Infected Hair Follicles?

I noticed a rash where my groin meets my thigh, it was a bit itchy but the feeling went away a couple days ago, i was looking at it today and the skin is very dry, peeling a bit and some hair follicles appear inflamed, look like pimples. is this a mild genital herpes outbreak? i am a male and had protected sex with a women about 2 weeks ago, i had some burning sensations after the first week but they all but went away and came and went during times of high anxiety, but these hair follicles are really freaking me out.

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Bowel Disorder :: Large Rectocele And A Large Rectum

I have just joined this forum, but been reading it for a while. I have had no surgery yet, don't even know if it will be offered, but am already suffering from many of the problems mentioned in this thread. I have a large rectocele and a large rectum. Consultant not sure what to do- proctogram inconclusive. Since I saw the consultant a couple of weeks ago, things seem to have got dramatically worse- needing more Movicol. Also tried a suppository today.Rectal pain and numbness. The consultant may examine me under anaesthetic. I also have another problem which is complicating everything- venous insufficiency- like varicose veins- have to wear compression stockings all the time and elevate my feet as much as possible. I am convinced it was caused by straining on the loo, so from what you are all saying, there is no guarantee that surgery would prevent straining.I just don't know what to do. Surgery sounds so risky, but I can't live like this. I could try Peristeen I suppose, if they thought it suitable for me. Might also try the Milk of magnesia if I can get my hands on it.

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Eye Care :: Large IOL Available For Large Pupils?

I apparently have very large pupils. I had cataract surgery, and the first lens created unmanageable halos, starbursts and ghosting.  A larger replacement IOL of 6.3MM optic diameter improved but did not remove these symptoms, and it does not stay in place. I have been told this is the largest lens available but have seen references to 'older' lenses as big as 7mm. My surgeon suggests stitching the existing lens in place.  Are larger lenses available (I am in Canada) and should a larger lens be used?

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Hair Loss :: Anemia (low Iron Level) Losing A Ton Of Hair Each Day

I began seeing bald patches on my head: one rather large one and 2 smaller ones. I also am losing a ton of hair each day. I have been diagnosed with a ferritin level of 8 and an iron level of 28. I am taking 325 mg of iron 3 times a day along with other vitamins. Approximately how long before I see an improvement in hair fallout and regrowth. I am also seeing a dermatologist for corticosteriod injections to help with regrowth in the completely bald spots. I am strongly considering shaving my whole head?

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Hair Loss - Hair Has Become Small And Too Short

I suffer from the problem of hair loss before marriage at the age of 19, where he was my hair loss, which is a dense tuft and continues to now (24 years old) so my hair has become very small and too short

Use Pantene Shampoo

To know what to make .....

I want advice and guidance and your directions even know the main reason

What are the required medical tests ....

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Breast :: Pus Discharge From The Pimple

I am 25 yr old unmarried female. I have got a small wound on my breast and it started discharging pus when i pressed it. I applied some antibiotic ointment there thinking that it's a normal pimple but it did not dried up till 2 days and whenever i touch it, puss is coming out.

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STD :: Red Pimple Like Bumps All Over My Thighs, Herpes?

For the last two months now, I have had red pimple like bumps all over my thighs. (Just like pimples on a face, are spread out) They are red, about the size of a pimple, and have white heads. The same puss in pimples comes out but they are harder to pop. About a month ago I got them, popped them, and they all seemed to clear up. Now their back, they are very itchy and painful. There's probably around ten on each thigh, after they pop they bleed and then scab over. I heard other people's questions that it sounds similar too, but it also sounds like herpes. I always pop them and touch the puss, but it never spreads like herpes does. (At least not yet.) herpes or no?! Please help I am 19 year old male and this really worries me!!!!! If it's herpes j have no clue what I am gonna do as I am a first responder!

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Cancer? Pimple-Like Spot On Scrotum

45-year old male. A few weeks back I noticed a red and inflamed pimple-like bump (possibly a pimple) on the very bottom area of my scrotum. It stayed red and tender for a few days and eventually became much less irritated and much less red. Now, several weeks later, it's still there, still looking simliar to a pimple, but not as bad as it did the first days. I guess my main reason for posting is to relieve my mind that this isn't a cancerous cyst or lump. It doesn't go deep beneath the skin, it is the size of a pimple, it might be a pimple. Would a cancerous bump or lump or lesion be similar to this? Anybody want to ease my mind or have me race to the doc to get it looked at? Thanks for reading and for any replies.
I haven't had any sexual relations in some time, so an STD is out of the question unless my hand gave it to me.

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Penis :: Pimple Like Bumps On Shaft

Recently I started noticing very small bumps on the lower end of my shaft where it starts off and close to my testicles. They are lighter than my penis skin tone and are very small like pimples.

The only un-protective sex I've had is performing oral sex on a female, and I've received unprotected oral on my penis and kissing of course. Other than that, I have NOT had unprotected intercourse.

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Sexual Health - Men :: Pimples In Pubic Area

So i have been getting a lot of pimples in my pubic area by the stem of my penis but no pimples are on my penis and i don't know what to do to get rid of them please tell me how and what to do! and what it is that i have!

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Penis :: Bumps Around Pubic Region And On Shaft

I am a 17 year old male and i have been experiencing this weird problem for about 6-8 months now. I am very sexually active, and have been very unsafe, so i got STD tested a few weeks ago, but everything came back negative. (what a relief) These bumps don't really go away, and they seem to be spreading like wildfire they started on the pubic area region right above my penis, and spread onto the shaft of my penis, and they just seem to be working there way all around it. They are not pimple like bumps, they are just little bumps, that are squishy, and red. occasionally one will pop from me itching, (there is little or no itching from them) I also have had a spot underbelly of my penis that opens up like a cut everytime i drink beer, can anyone tell me what this is, and it seems if i put hydrocortisone on the cut thingy it goes away but comes right back after i drink. As for the bumps i tested negative for genital herpes so IDK what this is?

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Women's Health :: Pubic Folliculitis - Virgin ?

I'm a 17 year old girl and recently I've noticed that I have this red bump thing on my pubic mound that looks kind of like a pimple, but I've done some research and I think it's folliculitis? It's a little bit sore and I'm scared to try to pop it, it also seems to have a yellowish puss inside of it.  Is that what it is? Or is it something else? Either way what should I do to treat it without going to a doctor? I'm terrified because of this, its worrying me to death. Also, I've never shaved my pubic hair before and I'm a virgin if that makes a difference.

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