Schizophrenia? Hearing Voices In Head And Shaking While Writing?

Apr 16, 2016

I've been hearing voices in my head and my hands would shake when I would write, I also have been under a lot of stress and I can't  concentrate on my school works, I've also been very dizzy lately...

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Schizophrenia :: Schizophrenic Voices In The Head For Few Years

Explanation: the voices started in the head like they're entities searching for me on the streets, everywhere. Then I realized it was nonsense, and then they transformed to real voices like a man transforms to a werewolf. Not the persons walking on the street for me like before and I could see them. Then came the dead, yes and I thought for a long time I m media. Cause they banged on the upper floor and I couldn't do much. I also believe I can control them with visualizations so as they can. Some med just put me asleep or take down my aggression from me, but they don't interact with voices, exactly. So, am I media, six sense activated, or just having those schizophrenic voices in the head for few years, and am I chronically attached to that disease, I wonder? How did someone broke them, cause I m battling with them with my thoughts and still have no result on winning them. I talk with them everytime I hear them and so the talk-talk begins. I think talking to them is good, otherwise they would swallow me like a candy bar.

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Schizophrenia :: Two Voices Talking To Each Other About Me

So I've never been to a Dr about this...

For ad long as I can remember I've heard two voices talking to each other about me. It made me really anxious and sad. I didn't really think it wasn't normal until like I was 12 and told my mom about it.

Its always been just those two until lately I started anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and they've pretty much stopped. (I'm 26 now and only been on the meds for 2 1/2 years)

I had a cat scan of my brain 4 years ago (I was 22) bc I was in a super mild car accident. Never followed up but it had said that my cerebral sulci ventricles were advanced for my age.

When googled I found it could be linked to schizophrenia.

Is it possible that I have schizophrenia but it's really mild and controlled? I know it would have come out by now..

I hate doctors and feel awkward and a hypochondriac so that's why I never followed up with anything!

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Anxiety :: Physical Symptoms - Voices / Pressure In Head

I have been hearing multiple voices threatening my life constantly and tormenting me 24/7 since 1/1/14, but mine goes beyond just voices. I just woke up and began hearing voices. First day the voices made me see demonic face patterns on walls and patterned surfaces. That stopped after the first day. Since then, they have been giving me all kinds of physical torment from pulsating head pains and stomach aches to anything u can possibly name except external cuts or bruises. They can inflict pokes, itches, scratches, and pain of all sorts on any parts of the body including the eyes. I have no idea what this is but it's not just psychological. I have no history of mental illness and am straight as an arrow as far as drugs and alcohol.

I believe this may have started when i recorded myself sleeping about 10 months ago and listened to it for 2 weeks. Then I stopped. I heard voices in the recording of all sorts when amplified. Didn't think much of it. Then on 1/1, i woke up with voices in bed. I am new to paranormal and considered this to be Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). I am thinking that I may have opened a portal when I head the voices in the recording.

This is so bizarre beyond words.

I am not even religious or christian but the initial story they would play on me was that they were Succubus, Lucifer, and Jehovah. That lasted for 3 days or so and now they just constantly keep saying that they are my demons and they are essentially controlling my body functions to some extent. Their voices are 24/7.

I have so much more to say, but too much to type out. They use the slightest emotional change in me and amplify the side effects into physical symptoms. Like slightest of anxiety you might not normally notice is amplified and i would get physical side effect symptoms as if I was having massive anxiety. They are constantly causing pressure sensations in the head.

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Shaking From Head To Foot

I have been seriously ill the last 2 months to the point i've been too ill to go to hospital apts and when attending an eye clinic was so ill the doctor sent me through to A&E. my blood sugar level shot up to 12 then fell to 2.4 i was given a sugary drink and it settled down but was so scary (new symptom) i was shaking from head to foot,heart rate was high and i nearly passed out. its happened 4 times since. i've had a headache for 5 weeks so bad it's affecting my sight. also nerve pain and weakness both arms but painful at the same time. what seems to be vertigo but not spinning just a feeling my head is moving.neck pains and cracking. feeling run down and very ill my weight has continued to drop now underweight and malnourished. I've been to my GP countless times and A&E no one can offer any help and there's no concern or urgency to find out what's happening to me. just given me endless pills that have not helped at all. what can i do to get the help i need NOW?

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Panic Attack - Heart Beating Fast And Shaking - Squeezing My Head

I suddenly started feeling not myself like out of body and my heart is beating so fast! I can't stop shaking, feels like someone is squeezing my head and really hot I hate this it feels like I'm gonna loose control

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Panic Attack? Hearing Things In My Head

i've been having weird problems i have been getting extremely depressed lately and i've been hearing things in my head which makes me lose my mind because its painful to think about it and i just end up having a panic attack and i don't know what to do. i don't even know what's wrong with me but i feel like im suffering can anybody help me. if there's anything wrong what should i do. if theirs a treatment please help me because it's killing me more and more inside i am also a 17 year old male and i have a history of high blood pressure.

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Movement Disorders :: Difficulty In Writing A V R And D

Recently when I find it difficult to begin certain letters, such as 'a', 'v', 'r' and 'd', when I am writing. I am studying Physics, and so write a lot of maths. I have never previously had any trouble writing letters, and consider myself to have neat handwriting. I have tried different pens, pencils e.t.c, and worry this might have some link with Parkinson’s disease, which runs in my Dad's side of the family. I am a male aged 18.

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Hearing Loss :: Partial Hearing Loss With Clogged-up Ear

About a week ago, I was at home at the computer (I believe I was listening to music at the time), and I noticed that the hearing in my left ear had been significantly diminished (but not completely gone). About a minute (perhaps even less than a minute) later, it returned completely to normal, and so I assumed that it was just ear wax or something, and everything was fine now. However, a few seconds to a minute later, it went back to being diminished again. I can't remember for certain if I felt anything physically when all of this happened, but there may have been something that I felt in my ear - which led me to believe it was probably just ear wax.

I have researched on-line for possible solutions to this kind of problem, and I have tried every possibility that I could - peroxide, warm olive oil, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth shut, blowing as hard as I can with my nose and mouth and other (good) ear shut, nasal decongestant (which successfully clears up my nose, but doesn't have any effect on the ear), hot steam bath, Similasan Ear Relief drops that are supposed to clear up water in the ears, jumping up and down with my bad ear tilted toward the ground, jogging, and of course trying to dig out ear wax with the ear wax curette that I have. Unfortunately, nothing has worked, and my hearing has been about the same ever since a week ago when it went out (diminished) for the second time.

I have been able to remove a lot of ear wax with the curette, and sometimes it seems to make it a little better, but it never restores my hearing to normal. Sometimes I feel like I am right at the spot where it is clogged up (if indeed clogged ear wax is the problem), because the curette seems to be hitting a spot that's clogged with ear wax (judging from what it feels and sounds like), but then when I dig out a bunch of ear wax at that spot, my hearing is still the same or perhaps only slightly better. Perhaps I am actually pushing the ear wax further inside, which was mentioned as a possible negative effect of trying to remove the ear wax yourself. Also, I am wary of not poking too hard or too deep, as that was also a warning given at the sites I visited in my research.

Swallowing never seems to do anything, but it's interesting that when I have a strong belch, I can feel pressure inside that left (bad) ear, and it really feels like it's about to burst out and expel whatever is stuck (if it's the case that something is stuck), but it never does. Maybe whatever is stuck in there [ear wax, presumably] is just in so tight that nothing seems to be able to remove it. However, the odd circumstance that occurred when the problem first originated - which is the fact that it got better right after getting clogged up, and then got clogged up again - would seem to suggest that there may be another reason for this happening, other than plugged-up ear wax.

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Head Injuries :: Puking After Hit My Head Against A Concrete Wall

Last week.. I slipped and hit my head against a concrete wall. Just layer there for a few minutes, then when I got up I started puking. I didn't think much of it. Went to school and practice for two days and was getting really light headed and haven't done physical activity since.I have been dizzy and lightheaded and everything is kind of foggy. I don't have any swelling or bruising on my head and don't have any headaches. Not sure if I have a concussion or something worse? Starting to worry if I should go to urgent care now or just schedule an appointment?

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Nervous System :: Head Pressure/dizziness/head Fog

I've been having those 3 symptoms for about 2 months now. I'm a 22yo male, 6 feet tall, 160 lbs.

The head pressure was the first to show up. It feels like if someone is pressing their palm against the top of my head, its very light and 80% its not bad or painful, its just -there-, but sometimes the pressure rises up and it can be quite overwhelming, making me having to stop whatever I'm doing.

Painkillers used to work, now they don't anymore, although I think it's because I started to use them way too much.

Since about 2 weeks ago, I started to have dizziness and head fog. It's like if I'm "typsy" all the time.

This all started a few months after I had to quit my job since I'm preparing myself to live in another country, I'm short on cash and I have arguments about various things related to that almost daily, making me think that this might be an anxiety issue.

3 days ago I had to go to the hospital because my BP spiked up (180/104), and since then the pressure/head fog became 10x worse. I keep catching myself hyperventilating throughout the day, having cold sweats and hot flashes.

Thoughts keep racing in my head that I have a brain tumor and how that would wreck my life even if its a benign one.

Something that makes me feel better is that I'm not having any seizures, nose bleeds or actual real bad headache, its just a weird pressure, which calms me down a bit at the possibility that its a tumor.

Also, sleeping is the only thing that makes the pressure/dizziness go away, although it gets bad again throughout the day. Today I've tried to oversleep a bit to see if it was a sleep deprivation issue and it made the pressure better but the dizziness way worse.

I've already scheduled a cardiologist/neurologist, but I can only go friday so I still have some days to worry myself to death over this.

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Head Injuries :: Dent In The Head After Hit And Fall

I fell and hit my head 2 days ago. There is a dent in my head and it feels mushy/soft. My neck is also sore in the front on both sides. Do i need to worry about this?

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Trimethoprim :: Vomiting And Shaking Within 10 Minutes

My wife had a bladder infection (the second within a month) and was prescribed a 7 day course of trimethoprim. On the 7th day (having taken the last tablet) she began vomiting and shaking - within 10 minutes of this starting she become disorientated and lost her memory. She was immediately hospitalised and given a MRI scan of her brain plus various blood and urine tests but all tests proved negative. For 24 hours she suffered from extreme short term memory lose. She could not remember events that had happened just 10 seconds before hand. Very scary. I have found this web site on the second day and am relieved to see she is not alone and that the events she is experiencing are probably related to trimethoprim. 36 hours later she is still bed bound (now back at home) and has a bad headache and hot/cold sweats, neck pain and diarrhoea. Sleep seems to be the best aid but she is finding it difficult to sleep as her brain is a hive of activity trying to reconstruct the lost bits. The only drug she is now willing to take is paracetamol which helps a little. Thankfully her short term memory is now working again. How this drug has obtained a licence is a question that needs to be asked

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What Are The Possible Causes Of Schizophrenia?

What Are The Possible Causes Of Schizophrenia?

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My Son Had A Seizure This Morning - Shaking, Clenched Fists

My son 16 years 10 months of age had a seizure this morning while partying post school exams with his friends wherein they had food from KFC, played XBox games, watched a movie and gossipped till 330 a.m. The seizure happened soon after he was woken up at 8.30 a.m. to be taken home from his friend's place. His whole body was shaking, fists were clenched and he was drooling. It lasted for close to 45 seconds after which he slept for 10 minutes; then woke up and could talk normally. He of course doesn't remember anything happening to him.

Previously he had febrile seizure at age 4 for which he was treated & had never had an episode since then.Then, he was on a dose of Valparin which was stopped at Age 6 after two incident free years.

This incident has left me worried & tense. I would like to know from you how serious this might be and what are the next steps.

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Alcohol And Shaking (tremor) - Functioning Alcoholic

I am a mature adult female, I drink heavily. I'm a functioning alcoholic. I do not drink before work or when I have an appointment. But after I'm done for the day I often drink to the point where I cannot remember the next day. I have developed a tremor, that's an easy way of saying it, I shake during the day. Even after I've had nothing to drink for 4 or 5 days it persists. This is something that I noticed with my mother, who was also a functioning alcoholic later on in her life. I noticed it later on in her life. I'd like to know, is this a given for alcoholics or should I be looking for a deeper meaning?

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Menopause :: Internal Tremors, Shaking, Jitters

The only way to get through this "transition" in the best possible way is to stay informed as to what is going on with our bodies. Being as though every woman is different, what may work for one may not work for the other. But knowledge is key to being able to live our lives the best and healthiest way possible.

With that being said, I came across some information on the internal shaking and jitters. Now this info may not apply to you, but if if does, by all means take it and do more research on your own to help yourself. Some of the first symptoms that I experienced that started to really ramp up anxiety for me is the racing heart and the internal shaking. I felt the the shaking in my chest and stomach mainly, but I could feel it all over. At times I would get the racing heart with it.

The shakiness and jitters first. We already know that the decline in estradiol can affect blood sugars, and digestive issues. For some the shakiness and jitters can be due to the blood sugars and dietary changes can help to stable that during peri/meno if you are not a true diabetic. It can also be due to anxiety and adrenaline surges. The other possibility can be digestive related. Since the digestive system is affected by declining hormones we digest food slower and have more gas than we usually do as well as an excess of stomach acid. I since have been diagnosed with GERD as many women do in peri/meno and I do have excessive gas and stomach acid which causes that burning feeling. For me what has been causing that internal shaky feeling in my chest and stomach is stomach acid putting pressure behind the breast bone which irritates the vagus nerve that can cause the anxiety type symptoms. If I chew a tums or take an acid reflux tablet the internal shakiness and jitters stop. Drinking chamomile tea, ginger capsules or tea, tums, rolaids, omeprazole, zantac, cal/mags or whatever you choose to use calms the stomach acid, calms the vagus nerve and neutralizes excess gas. Also when the vagus nerve is irritated it can cause heart palps and that is why when your reflux is acting up the excess acid pushing the vagus nerve can start palps. Now again this may not be the case for all, but it may be for some. So I thought that I would share the info just in case it may help you.

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Depression Since I Was 14 And Now Schizophrenia

I'm now 26 and I've suffered with depression since I was 14. The depression started after I started have some other reality type issues. The confusions around reality, and many thee things, is what I believe lead to my depression.

I've been on meds since last summer trying to find the right one that works.

So the reality confusions I've been experiencing...

For quite a few years now I've felt like I'm someone else, it varies as to who the someone else may be. Sometimes a famous person, sometimes a friend or family member.

I'll be sat in a room, or driving in my car, and I feel like there is a whole bunch of people who are there with me.. Sat in the room or the car.

I have full blown conversations with them, sometimes in my mind and sometimes out loud. Sometimes the conversations last for a few minutes, or sometimes it will be over an hour.

The conversations will vary, it could be about what's on TV in that moment, or a random thought that's appeared in my mind.

This is constant..

Three months ago my depression took a dive and I had a full breakdown. I'm now in a place where my psychiatrist thinks I can go back to work on 1st June, which I'm glad about.

Should I mention about my confusions around what's real/who's real.. And what/who isn't? I'm scared to do this, but wondering if I may have Schizophrenia..

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Low Blood Pressure :: Dizzy Spells With Legs Shaking

My blood pressure is 110/53 and I have these spells where my legs start shaking and I feel like i'm going to pass out. My vision gets blurry. Should I worry.

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24 Hours After Masturbation :: Anxiety, Shaking, And Vertigo Attack

19 year old, white, male.

This is kind of long. But I’m desperate and I need help. Thank you for your time!

First of all, a brief history of my medical issues.

6 years ago, I started having chest and back pains.

* Visited many doctors: Cardiologist, General Physicians, Chiropractors

- Figured out it was skeletal issues

* Found an osteopath who was able to "adjust" me every few weeks. Good temporary relief.

Began seeking out a more permanent solution.

* Heard of The Yardley Institute - a specialty chiropractic center that focuses on the Atlas bone

- Turns out my atlas bone was twisted 5.5 degrees, and was pinching my spinal cords, causing all kinds of pain

- They were able to adjust it, making me feel normal again.

- Unfortunately, the adjustments haven't really been holding, and I've been having to be adjusted every week or so.

Naturally, this has caused me some stress. I am constantly tired and unmotivated to do anything. I find myself short of breath, and in pain when simply standing. I loose balance, as if I were out at sea - my legs feel like they’re swaying underneath me. It’s difficult to walk very far because of this.

A month or so ago, I began having these strange attacks:

- Heart rate elevates significantly

- Excessive shivering/shaking. (Feels like adrenaline throbbing throughout my entire body.)

- I get clammy and cold to the touch

- Short of breath

- Pressure in head, like blood isn't escaping

- Pressure in chest and shoulders

- Naturally, very fearful of death.

- Absolutely no energy. I can barely move without being exhausted.

- Very dizzy + a lot of vertigo.

The first time it happened, I went into the ER, fearing heart problems again. They tested heart, blood, lungs, and did X-rays. Everything came back perfectly fine. They gave me some anti-anxiety medicine via IV in the hospital which seemed to calm me down and made me feel normal again. They dismissed me from the hospital without any medication because they didn’t want to say it was anxiety without more proof.

A few weeks later, I saw my life-long physician. He seemed to think it was anxiety, and gave me some minor anxiety medicine: Fluoxetine Tablets USP (10mg). I take these once a day, and they seem to calm me down overall, but do not prevent the attacks.

ALSO, I think the attacks I’m getting now that I’m on Fluoxetine are different than the attack I had which put me in the ER, even if they were extremely similar.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed something a bit concerning. Exactly 24 hours after I masturbate, one of the attacks happen. I notice that it originates in the back of my head, right where my neck connects to my skull. It always happens as I’m trying to fall asleep. Everything tenses up, and I feel as if I have to clench every muscle in my body in order to relieve this throbbing, dizzying sensation. It hits hard at first, causing me to jolt up, as if I wasn’t in control of my muscles, and then settles into the shaking, pressure, and clamminess. It comes in waves, each wave lasting 5+ minutes until it works it’s way all the way through my body after 3-5 cycles. I often have to hold someone’s hand or have physical contact with something sturdy in order to feel stable.

It is absolutely miserable and terrifying.

The last time I felt one of these attacks coming on, I was able to stand up, clench a pillow, and walk around for 4 hours, which prevented the full attack from kicking in. I was able to sleep eventually, but as soon as I woke up, all the symptoms came back, and the attack hit me. It’s was like I was able to hold it back long enough to sleep, but it HAD to get through my system, so it did so as soon as I was conscious again.

As far as diet and exercise: I do cardio nearly every day as well as take multi vitamins, fish oil, D, and C. I haven’t had alcohol or a smoke since my ER visit, but I hardly ever drink or smoke anyway. I’ve also avoided caffeine except for the occasional soft drink. I eat healthy, especially of late. I try to limit cheap, processed food, as well as sugar, just because I feel like it only makes my symptoms worse. I have been tested for allergies and anemia, both of which came back negative.

Some more - possibly helpful - information:

1. Throughout all these skeletal issues, I have had my neck cracked and twisted in many ways by doctors and myself. I try not to crack it, but sometimes, It helps reduce tension that builds up.

2. Occasionally, I get muscle twitches. My tricep, under my eye, my neck, etc. They don’t go away until I wake up the next morning.

3. For the last 6 months, I have been trying to find work and a car. On top of this, I am hung up on a girl. I want to ask her out, but I am unable because of all these physical and work/car issues. Spiritually, I am constantly terrified and confused. Basically, I have major worry about my future, and I can’t fix it.

4. My anxiety and symptoms always get worse near the end of the day. Sometimes, I can’t focus on anything during the evening’s without feeling vertigo/dizziness.

5. I’ll often wake up with symptoms, but they’ll go away as soon as I eat breakfast.

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Nerve Disorders :: Shaking Hand - No Grip And Weakness

For the past couple of months whenever i get tired or stressed my left fingers & hand shakes uncontrollably and i have a bit of weakness and cant grip my hand properly. I've been to the chiropractor a couple of times in case it was my neck causing it but they say my neck is fine.

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