Sciatica And Hard Exercise

Apr 17, 2016

I have Sciatica with a lot of bulges and other misc. sundries, and am being supervised by an orthopedist. With his blessings I am being treated by an acupuncturist with quite good results. Recently, the acupuncturist told me that I can no longer do "exercise " walks which I used to do for 35 minutes/ day at a hard pace because the disks between the lumbar vertebra are very narrow to non-existent. She says casual walking is fine, but that doesn't offer much exercise. She is suggesting that I find something else. Was wondering what else is there. I don't swim; she is thinking about a commercial health club . Any thoughts? Any possibilities she could be wrong on this? She has seen the MRI report.

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Spinal Cord Conditions/Disorders :: Can I Exercise With Sciatica?

I've been dealing with severe sciatica pain that radiates from my lower back down to my calf. It sometimes gets so bad I cannot move. I've been seeing a chiropractor for the past two weeks and we've discovered I have a tilted pelvis and curvature of the spine; aside from my dx, the adjustments don't seem to be helping.

My question is, should I still be exercising with this pain or is it worsening the pressure and inflammation of the nerve?

**I am a gymnast and athlete so I spend a lot of time at the gym do hardcore lifting and HIIT. My chiro said to focus on stretching but it hurts so bad I can barely manage it.

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Exercise :: What To Eat Before Working Out!

Is it good to east before you start working out? What to eat which will give you extra energy. Share here

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Pregnancy :: What Type Of Exercise Is Ok ?

What types of exercises are okay. I'm only 5 weeks now, but would like to continue to exercise.  Are there any lifting restrictions.

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Pregnancy :: What Exercise Can I Do Besides Walking

I am 7 months and I want to exercise besides walking because I walk all the time so I'm looking for two. I don't want to hurt my baby so what can I do?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Exercise While Pregnant

Anyone know any safe exercises I can do? I'm only like 5 weeks but my 1st is 10 months and I haven't lost all the weight from my 1st pregnancy. I gained a lot.

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Bisoprolol :: Safe To Exercise ?

After a mild episode of unstable angina I had a single stent inserted in 2010. Since then I take the usual quartet of ramipril (2.5 mg), bisoprolol (2.5 mg), aspirin and simvastatin. I started Phase 4 rehab in January 2011 and now go to the Gym 2/3 times a week. The man aerobic component is a 20 minute row. I was advised not to allow my heart rate to exceed 75% of [220 -73 (my age) -30 = ] 97 but as I became fitter the average HR during rowing is 105 and the peak 111-113.

I feel fine, have never experienced any cardiac symptoms and the HR drops below 80 within 60 secs of stopping.

Am I taking a big risk? If not are there guidelines on HR during exercise for people like me?

I also have Parkinson's (no tremor) and exercise is very helpful in maintaining lung function and muscular tone so I have two reasons for exercising!

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Exercise To Go Into Labor?

Do you have to walk or exercise for you to go into labor because I really just stay inside most of the time.The only moving I do is clean.

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Can You Exercise With Pityriasis Rosea?

I got diagnosed today by a dermatologist after ten days of suffering and wrong diagnoses by GPs. He gave me some Elocon to apply but did say that steroids usually have little/no affect and keep using calamine. He also gave me Atarax 25mg tablets as I told him I have been taking double doses of Piriton antihistamine at night to help me sleep and stop me itching with no effect. He said that I should also moisturise with E45 on top of any topical treatment.

He did however say something that contradicts a lot that I see on the internet. He said I can continue to take baths, saunas and exercise as this does not affect the condition. The internet is full of warnings against this.

Has anyone had it and continued to exercise? I have become a real gym bunny for once and don't want to stop training til this thing goes.

Thanks for advice re head and shoulders. I just applied some in the shower and then went for 4mins on the sunbed. I am fair skinned and burn easily but seem fine from it. ! I am desperate for this thing to go and have bought an immune-boosting multivitamin.

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Exercise After Nasal Cauterization?

I had my nose cauterized not even 3 hours ago, it was the left side and I have the right side due in two weeks. Since I got home I've been researching what I can expect etc and I've read a few articles that suggest avoiding exercise for the next week or two? Is this necessary? I go to the gym 6 days a week and do a mixture of long runs, short and intense interval runs, weights and core work. When can this be resumed? I also train in boxing however I was fully expecting to have to put this on hold for however long it takes for my nose to heal but when will I be able to carry on with this and get hit without risking undoing what the doctor has done to my nose? On a separate note, my nose is quite sore, its extremely runny and I feel like I have a cold, when can I expect to feel like my normal self?

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Stress :: No Exercise On Xanax

I was doing exercise on Xanax and after 3 months my body fell apart. Heart hurt w/ palpitations, could no longer digest properly, breathing became difficult and labored throughout the night and day. Esophagus problems. Saw MANY doctors, no one could help me! I thought I was dying. I found the cause to be 0.25MG of Xanax! I thought I was going to die with all of the symptoms my body was displaying. Cost me $40,000 dollars for all the specialists I went to see. No one could help me. When I got off Xanax my body slowly came back. Do yourself a favor and stay away from XANAX. This is a very dangerous drug!

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Exercise After Stapedectomy? When And How Much Is Allowed

I'm 4 weeks in after a stapedectomy. Got advice to avoid lifting but also as much exercise as possible for the next month still  (except for walking). Any ideas on what other mild exercise I could do? Anyone had difficulties with exercise after stapedectomy/ or want to tell how did it go with it afterwards and what kinds of exercise they did/do?

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Weight Loss :: No Exercise But Eat Healthy ?

If I don't exercise but eat healthy will I still loose weight?

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Exercise To Help Flare Ups ?

I was just wondering if anyone has found any particular types of exercise that help flare ups? Or help to ease the pain... I read swimming is good but is there anything I could do at home? 

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Orlistat :: Staying Motivated With Exercise ?

Has anyone got an tips for staying motivated with exercise? i had a really good week last week, but im feeling a bit fed up and unmotivated to do any exercise?

I'm back on my tablets after having a two month break (due to gallstones!) and wondered what everyone else does for exercise.

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Pregnancy :: Exercise / Exhaustion - How To Manage

So how are we expected to exercise when we're so tired? I'm 22w,2d and always exhausted. I get less than an hours worth of energy a day. If I try to push past that I feel very ill. Even light stretching or reading a book is to much. I've only had maybe two weeks this whole pregnancy that I felt normal energy wise.  Anyone else going through this? If so, how do you get anything done? How do you exercise? And no, naps don't help replenish me.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Getting Itchy During Exercise

I have full body atopic eczema, i see a dermatologist frequently and i'm now on 200 mg of cyclosporine per day. It has really helped- but i still have a bit on my top lip (not lip lickers) and on my arms, its still a military operation with emollients and things but getting there.

I gave up the gym a while ago as my eczema was so bad but recently i've been wanting to get back into exercise. I've been doing it at home to control the symptoms but now i have bad patches all on the inside of my elbow. Does anyone have any ideas of how i can control this? I wear cotton clothing all the time- if i exercise its in sleeveless tops and shower straight after, emollients etc. my exercises only last for about 30 mins at the moment so its not too intense, can anyone recommend what i can do to stop/control this? i'm thinking of asking my gp for some dermacool to help with the itching and heat but if i want to exercise daily for my health then this is going to get out of control. any ideas?!

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Pregnancy :: Exercise Good Or Bad At 6-7 Months?

So I heard its okay to be active during pregnancy.. But is running bad? My aunt told me running was very bad around 6-7 months because it can "flip" the baby is this true? Did any ladies exercise while pregnant?

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Ramipril :: Cautious Approach To Exercise

I am old and have one leg, but I cycle, and enjoy it.

Thus, I know what roads are hard, what hills are very hard, or impossible, and I'm aware of the gradual increase in my ability to cycle.

So, when two things happened, it didn't take a genius to connect them.

1) I was advised to increase my Ramipril from 5 mg to 7.5mg (and eventually 10mg) daily. I increased it to 7.5.

2) I went on a 'normal' cycle ride; no other conditions differed. The first 'hard' road was difficult. The first 'very hard' hill was almost impossible. The first 'impossible' hill, I gave up and walked.

My thigh and leg muscles felt as if I'd done 10 miles, not 500 yards.

That, together with an increase in tinnitus (separate post), are leading me back to self-monitoring of my blood pressure, and a much more cautious approach to this drug.

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Migraine After Exercise - Aura (zig - Zag Lines)

I've been suffering from post exercise migraines for 12 years (since I was 11). Every time when I have muscle tension, I get a headache or migraine with aura (zig - zag lines). It all started when I was 11 and started to play tennis. After one year I stopped training and after that migraines were less frequent. But now, even if I walk, I have headache. I noticed that magnesium helps to reduce the pain, but migraines are still present.

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Kidney Stones :: Light Exercise?

Hello, I know i've got a 6mm stone - diagnosed with at a year ago. It caused me very intense pain a couple of days ago. Now the pain is on and off but that typical stone pain when on. It  may be a while until I can see a urologist, so I've got to self-diagnose and self treat to some degree.

Today I was feellng okay and then raked up some leaves for 20 minutes. Almost immediately I had intense pain. I'm just wondering if it was likely related. Also, if I have more chance of passing the stone lying down, and if so does it matter which side, or going about my day as usual - as much as I can given the bouts of pain. 

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