Sciatica :: Nerve Pain Returned In Both Legs After L4-5 Decompression

Apr 18, 2016

I am nearly 6 weeks post op decompression of L4-5 and have severe nerve pain returned in both legs. Up to now all I have been told is it is early days, but as time goes on, it is getting worse. Has anyone else any experience with this problem. I can't get an appointment with the surgeon for another 6 weeks and am getting very frustrated.

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Sciatica :: Muscle Weakness And Pain In Legs And Knees

I have always had the same symptoms with my right sided sciatica being buttock and calf pain worse on sitting but for the last few months intermittently and permanently for the last couple of weeks I have also been getting knee pain in both knees and leg / thigh muscle weakness worse on walking.

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Buttocks / Legs Pain - Sciatic Nerve After Foot Surgery

Did anybody have problems with nerve pain in their buttocks and/or legs especially the sciatic nerve after ankle/foot surgery? I am almost 5 weeks post op and I'm having pain in my left leg starting in my left butt cheek. I had a lot of work done on my left heel such as lengthening heel cord and cutting heel bone and shifting it. My heel has not been healing well. Doctor has me put clean bandage on everyday and then wrap it with ace bandage. He also put me on antibiotic. My heel does hurt.

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Red Feet And Legs From Sciatica?

Anyone else get red feet, or legs from sciatca?

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Sciatica :: Soreness On The Right Side Between My Legs

I have been being treated for sciatica fo the last month with various pain killers etc, It started in my left buttock and down my left leg. It then left the left side and went into my right front thigh. The doctors etc said it was because I had been overcompensating in favour of my left side. What else I was supposed to do when all the advise is "keep moving etc," However I also have experienced soreness on the right side between my legs. I have been to do some shopping and come back done in so I am sitting on a hot water bottle typing this

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Hallux Rigidus Surgery - 2 Months Post Decompression Osteotomy - Still Pain / Swelling

On Dec 3 I had a decompression osteotomy on my right toe for hallux rigidus. My doctor told me I would be running at 2 months and completely back to normal at 3. It is over 2 months and I still have a lot of pain and swelling. Running is out of the question and I am still limping.

I am interested in others' experiences with this surgery. I am supposed to have it done on the other foot as well, but I am simply worried that my right foot may end up worse off than when I started.

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Numbness And Tingling Legs? MRI And Nerve Induction Test Clear

i've had numbness and tingling in left leg for about 11 weeks now, have had blood tests, all clear, Nerve conduction test came back clear too.. now dr is sending me for an MRI scan as thinks could possibly be my back?

even though i have now back pain as such..

my leg still goes completely numb at times, toes strange tingly and right hand gets pins needles occasionally too

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Nerve Disorders :: Intense Cramps In My Lower Legs, Hips And Feet

On Sunday night my left leg started aching and I could barely walk because it hurt so much, also my hip hurt at the same time and my lower back on the left side, I stayed home from school for two days and then tried going there but that made the pain worse so both my legs started aching, it kind of felt like constant small cramps that sometimes got more intense, in my left leg it's my thigh and knee mainly and in my left leg my shin, I had to go home because the pain distracted me from being able to work.It later got a bit better but at night I had more intense cramps in my lower legs and feet.Today i've been pretty well, went to school again and now only my left leg is aching but not as much and mainly when I put weight on it but about an hour ago the left side of my face started to feel strange, I can't really explain it..but maybe a bit strained and also it burns, my jaw feels weird too.My parents says that I should not worry because I don't have any fever at all but I still want to know what the symptoms might be? I am going to see a doctor asap but there's no idea doing it now since I don't have a fever they won't take me seriously.Let me also add that I do not exercise and I sit behind my computer a lot, so it can't be some kind of injury.

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Back Pain :: Sciatica Pain Unrelated To Spine Bifida

I'm a teenager who suffers from Sciatica pain. Please note that doctors have not told me this, I googled it and Sciatica exactly describes my pain. I have Spina bifida occulta, but was told it shouldn't cause me any pain. Not sure if that is relating to my pain. I had an X-RAY and an MRI (I think) and the doctor said it was fine... but that still does not explain my pain? It's been going on for maybe 4-5 years?

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Back Pain And Sciatica :: How To Relieve Pain?

I've had problems with my neck and back since I was a child, but recently i've been having more problems with my back, i've had about 3 or 4 episodes of lower back pain but this time I have been diagnosed with lower back pain and sciatica, the doctor put me on codeine, but they didn't ease the pain and now nefopam which are basically doing the same, i've also been seeing a physio for the last 3 weeks, when he had a look he said my spine was twisted/curved and my right hip was lower than my left so I was walking lopsided, I feel like I'm going in circles and feeling fed up and in constant pain,

When I was born I was put in cast from above my hips to my toes as my hips/pelvis and legs weren't formed properly, I was in cast till I was about 2 or 3 years old, I then had an accident as a child and hurt my neck and back ...

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Sharp Nerve Pain In Groin Private Area - Vaginal Pain And Itching

Does anyone that has back problems have sharp nerve pain in their groin private area? I have had back problems for years and sometimes would get a sharp pain up my vagina. After a bad muscle strain in my back and using the elliptical machine I've had twitching and burning all over but also in my private area. Like around my **** it will twitch or vibrate, and then I will get the sharp shooting pain up my vagina and around my butt. I notice it more if I bend over that's why I thought it might be my back. I remember when the stabbing pain started I thought it was a female problem and my OBGYN said everything looked normal with my cervix and my paps have always been normal so she didn't know. She seems clueless.

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Diabetes :: Nerve Pain? Severe Pain/tingling In Feet/ankles

My 50 year old husband has been a Type 1 diabetic since he was 21. It was a late presenting of juvenile diabetes or so they said then. He has always done well managing his diabetes, wearing a pump for the past 15 or so years. In the past week or so, he has begun to have severe pain/tingling in his feet/ankles - mainly at night when he is trying to go to sleep. He usually has to get up and walk several times before he can finally sleep - he is only getting about four hours of sleep per night. He has an appointment with his dr - but not until the week after New Years.

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Frozen Shoulder :: Nerve Pain - Forearm Hand Aching Pain

i can't cope anymore with the pain! All my nerves hurt neck scapula biceps pain all the way down arm forearm aching hand aching does anyone else have the forearm hand aching pain.

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Diabetes :: Nerve Pain In My Feet - Stabbing Pain In Ankle Now

I have had diabetes for several years now. I have nerve pain in my feet that is usually not too bad and comes and goes. Lately, my left ankle feels like there is a hair being dragged across causing a tickling feeling. Tonight, my right ankle has this sharp stabbing pain in it that has almost caused me to fall while walking. I have medicine for the nerve pain but don't like the side effects so I quit taking it. Could the stuff going on with my ankles be due to diabetes?

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Chiari Malformation :: Another Decompression Surgery?

I had my decompression surgery and a cranio-cervical fusion about 8 years ago. I started to have headaches, dizziness and numbness again. I had an MRI and it shows a significant decrease in the flow to the back of my lower brain. Has anyone had this happen? Does it involve another surgery?

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Bad Foot Pain After DeNovo Surgery - Nerve Pain?

I had DeNovo surgery on my ankle 4 months ago - lesion was 11 x 13. Surgery went well. I was NWB for 6 weeks, then in boot for 4-6 more weeks with PWB. Started PT at 10 weeks and was out of boot at 12 weeks. No problem with recovery or PT until that point. After I was fully weight bearing I had much more pain. On sides and bottom of foot as well as at surgery site. Still have lots of pain and sensitivity if I walk barefoot. PT was successful as far as ROM and strengthening but he doesn't want to push me any further because of pain.

OS says too early to say it did or didn't work, but I think it didn't and he won't do MRI until 6 months. He'll give me pain meds, but I don't like them and don't react well to them. The foot pain is bad! Could it be nerve pain?

I knew this was a long recovery, but I wasn't prepared for this! I ran for 30 years, which could have contributed to this problem, but now I'm wondering if I will ever walk pain-free again?!

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Pain Management Of Sciatica?

My dr. did a CT scan on my left side to see if I had sciatica as I had a lot of symptoms of it.  It showed minimum damage to the nerve. I was not told what to do next? Should I get a follow up with what kind of specialist? Would a MRI show more information then the CT scan?

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Back Pain :: What Causes Sciatica?

what causes sciatica?

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Hip Replacement :: Sciatica Pain Again

I have my second hp (right) done 2 weeks ago. I had a terrible sciatica pain till the op. Now there is a less sciatica pain though, I still feel the nerve is irritated since I still feel the stretch on my hamstring. I was wishing that it was going to go away after thr, but it seems it will come back after I bear normal weight on my leg.

Is there anybody who got rid of sciatica pain and how did you do that ?

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Sciatica :: Pain For Five Weeks Is There Any End?

on April 2nd I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly had lower back pain.  I thought nothing of it and had to go and drive I stuck a support belt on and carried on.  Things got progressively worse I had to initially lift my feet onto the pedals and getting in and out of the car was really really painful . Things started to ease slightly then I had to drive someone to A&E and this aggravated the problem and it settled into my buttocks and sent shooting pains down my right leg.  That's when my problems really started.  I couldn't lie down I couldn't sit down all I could do was walk or kneel for the last five weeks I have had.very little sleep, the kneeling phase didn't last long as my legs started to swell up.  I can sleep for about an hour tops two if I want to manage to move without being reduced to tears with pain.  The doctor has prescribed me naproxen which had no effect and co codamol which upset my stomach.  I had an operation at Christmas to remove my appendix and gallbladder and around the muscle group in my stomach is sore.  Paracetamol is all I can take and I have munched through over 150 tablets so far.  I can now get to bed and manage to get four hours sleep but wake up with such muscle stiffness it takes up to an hour to straighten out in the morning.

sorry for the long winded explanation but can anyone tell me if things are going to ease I went to the doctor because my osteopath told me if may be a disc problem.  He helpfully told me after having to endure a car trip which is hard as I can't sit stood around for half an hour then was told that I had a sore back was very helpful.  He is sending me to a back pain clinic which will take about eight weeks to get an appointment and I will hopefully get an MRI Scan in twelve weeks.  I have a full time job and I can't work is there any hope.

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Sciatica :: At My Wits End Due To Pain

I have had back pain problems now since 2008 I am currently taking morphine and pregabalin which help but don't eliminate the pain. I have flare ups where the pain in my back becomes unbearable for couple weeks then goes back to the pain I am used to living with daily. Two weeks ago I had another flare up but this time is completely different the pain is so intense horrific but the pain I am getting in my buttocks and down into my right leg is just to much it's disabling me more and more every day I have never sobbed my heart out as much as these past few weeks. My skin has gone numb in my lower leg and tingly pins and needles top of leg I cannot put full weight on it at all just taking a few steps is unbearable. I felt like calling ambulance this morning as the pain was horrendous. I know from mri scan I had few hrs ago that I have two discs that are no good and a tare which was giving me the pain I have been in for hrs now. But this pain I can't cope with even with the morphine. I believe that a disc has gone causing pressure on the spinal nerve which would cause the leg pain. I want surgery the fusion of the spine where the discs are no good. I would like advice from people who have had the surgery, has it helped are there any complications people have had after surgery. What is it like how long was the stay in hospital are you pain free now. Or is there anyone else with same problem that is awaiting surgery. I am 49 yrs old. 

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