Sertraline :: Increasing Dose Causing Headaches

Feb 5, 2015

been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks. went to drs today and put me on 100mg. Took it at 12, started to feel sick and headache, is this normal.

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Sertraline :: Dizzy Every 2 Hours On Increasing Dose

I was on Zoloft 25 mg for 2 years. My doctor decided to wean me off. I went into withdrawal. Within a week of being off of it I went back on 12.5 only for a week. Then I went up to 25 again. Been on 25 for 4 weeks now. All the side effects of the start up have gone.

I find myself getting very dizzy every 2 hours. I was told low sugar is a side effect of Zoloft and that I should graze. Eat 3 meals with snacks in between. I'm eating and I'm not hungry which is so annoying.

I just left the doctor. She has no idea what could be causing this. She wants to increase my dose from 25 to 37.5 (25 mg with a half of a 25mg).

I wanted to hear from others whom may have experienced this before going back up. Increasing doses scare me.

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Sertraline :: Side Effects Of Increasing Dose?

I'm about to increase my sertraline dosage. The side effects in the first few weeks when I started were pretty bad and I felt really rough at times, mainly with nausea, dizziness etc. I was wondering: will this happen again on increasing the dosage? Or should it be OK now my body is used to the drug? If it's likely I'll get some side effects, how long are they likely to last and how bad might they be?

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Sertraline :: Increased Depression On Anxiety - Increasing Dose

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years (about 8 in total since my early 20's) but only recently sought help from my GP when I started having 2 or 3 panic attacks a day.

I was prescribed Sertraline 25 mg daily and Propranolol 80 mg daily (40 mg in the morning and 40 mg in the evening). After one week the Sertraline was increased to 50 mg daily. 3 weeks on and today I have been upped to 100mg daily.

I had bad side effects when starting on the 25 mg (increased depression, increased anxiety, headaches, nausea and diarrhea) but these past after the first 4 or 5 days. When I was increased to 50 mg they came back, albeit more mildly and past after the 3rd or 4th day.

I am apprehensive about increasing the dosage again now as I have to travel a lot this weekend for a large family engagement. I am worried that I may start having panic attacks again as I settle into the higher dose and I am wondering whether to stay on 50 mg with the Propranolol over the weekend and up the dosage on Monday when I am home and have a few days to relax and can ride out any side effects.

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Sertraline :: 50mg Dose To 200mg Dose - Pros And Cons?

I have been on Sertraline 50mg for 6 weeks, I saw my therapist and she asked how I felt, I told her I did not feel any different, she contacted my Dr. and the Dr. upped my dose to 200mg, this has frightened me, a leap from 50mg to 200mg, has anyone had this outcome, and what were the pro's and con's of this sudden higher dose.

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Citalopram :: Did You Get Better On Increasing Dose?

Could you please tell me the dose you started, how you felt then the dose you increased too and the results?

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Citalopram :: Anxiety Is Back On Increasing The Dose

I have been on cit for 4 weeks. My doctor decided this morning that she should increase my dose from 20mg to 30mg. I'm not sure why she decided to do this because I've actually been feeling close to myself for the last 2 days and I informed her of that. Since I've been home from the appointment my anxiety is creeping back in. I think it may be due to worry of increasing the dose. Should I expect to have increased side effects and/or anxiety after taking the new dose?

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Citalopram :: Mood Dipped Again On Increasing Dose?

I have been on 10mg for 9 weeks and my gp and counselling provision service have advised I up to 20 mg. I am feeling better than I was my intrusive thoughts are less intense and haven't been getting panic attacks but I feel my mood improved and then has dipped again, I am also still having suicidal thoughts. I am scared of the side effects being as bad as at the beginning or worse, can anyone give me some reassurance ?

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Citalopram :: Anxiety Is Worse On Increasing Dose?

Hi I thought I had read on here that increasing your dose could be like starting again side effect wise ? I'm looking for explanations to why after a week of increasing to 20 mg my anxiety / and depression appear to be worse ? Anyone else had similar ? I have.a  Family wedding this weekend and am panic stricken / family staying at the house ( I have taken to wandering during the night time insomnia and couch sleeping  to help with the anxiety ) I can't imagine how I'm going to get through it !

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Anxiety :: Antidepressant - 30 Mg Of seroxat - Side Effects On Increasing Dose

i'm taking 30mg of seroxat the doctor has increased this today by 10mg does anyone know if i will get any side effects?


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Sertraline :: Increasing From 100 To 150 Mg - Good Or Bad

Can anyone let me know what their experience(s) were of increasing from 100 to 150 - good or bad! I feel like I have reached a bit of a lull and am not feeling like it's as effective as it first was. Also my head feels a bit funny, almost like a brain zap but not quite - does anyone relate to that? So I was thinking of increasing (well going to speak to Dr about it first!)

I used to be on citalopram and was on the highest dose of that.

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Sertraline :: Dose And Effects Of Alcohol?

After several years of on-off depression and anxiety I finally decided to try medication.

I started on 50mg Sertraline about 8 weeks ago. After a few days of horrible physical side effects I started to feel great. But in the last week I have started to feel not-so-great again. This could be due to a week away where I consumed a fair bit of alcohol and cannabis (after being very sensible since starting the Sertraline).

I'm thinking of asking my doctor to up the dose to 100mg.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced Sertraline "wearing off" after a few months, or being affected by alcohol?

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Depression :: Stopping Sertraline Suddenly - On Low Dose Currently

I'd been taking 25mg of Sertraline every day for two years for depression. My doctor and I were planning to try to wean me off this summer. But I moved, and so I found a new doctor. However, this one wanted to keep me on the meds and increased my dose. I've been taking 50mg once a day for about two months. But now the new doctor wants me to switch to Wellbutrin. He says I can stop the Sertraline immediately and switch over because I'm on such a low dose. But I'm wondering if that's a good idea. My original doctor had wanted to wean me off the 25mg, and I've noticed that I get really weepy if I miss a dose accidentally.

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Sertraline :: Increased Sex Drive By Reducing Dose

I just wanted to quickly share that since reducing from 100mg to 75mg, even in the short space of 3-4 weeks that I've already noticed a surge in my libido.

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Sertraline Causing High Cholesterol?

Has anyone had an increase in their cholesterol levels whilst taking Sertraline?


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Sertraline :: Giving Me Headaches - Side Effect?

a have been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks now into my second week on 100mg a feel things are getting a lot better it is just the headaches at times are quite severe am having to take strong painkillers a know it is a side effect but are they meant to be so severe or should i go to the doctors ?

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Lipitor (atorvastatin) Causing Migraine Headaches?

I've been diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia and high blood pressure. I've started taking 20mg of Lipitor few weeks ago to help me maintain LDL and total cholesterol levels. My doctor who prescribed Lipitor told me that it should also help with my hypertension. But since I've been taking it I got a terrible migraine headache. I was literally unable to get up or to do anything. The migraine pain is especially severe during the night. I could barely sleep. I never had a migraine before, just regular headaches, but not too often. I also got diarrhea and really bad smell when passing gas. Sometimes I feel nausea and cramps in my stomach. I've read that ingredient of Lipitor called atorvastatin calcium could be a cause of migraine headaches and other symptoms I'm experiencing. My doctor is unavailable until January, so I discontinued Lipitor by myself because I think it actually caused a migraine. Has anyone had any experience with Lipitor and migraine headaches while using it?

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Cataflam Causing Headaches With Birth Control Pills?

I am 29 years old and I take contraceptive pills. As I understood the doctor, those pills are mixture of estrogen and progesterone. But, since I have strong headaches from time to time, that usually happens in the period time, I take diclofenac (cataflam). Can you tell me if there is a relation between cataflam and birth control pills?

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Rabies Vaccine Dose - 6th Dose Is Optional Or Mandatory?

In Ukraine, the dog has bitten me. At the end of treatment, 6 doses of rabies vaccine is recommended in the report. They make 4 dose in Ukraine and I come to my home (Istanbul) and 5. dose is finished. But total five doses of vaccine are made in Turkey. I do not understand why they want to dose 6. I have a healthy body. 6. dose is important? OR optional?

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TMJ Pain Causing My Headaches And Neck Pain As Well?

On top of everything else, it would appear as though I'm having issues with my TMJ...I believe I'm a jaw clencher when I'm anxious (which is pretty much always), and I'm also a sloucher at my desk, and this has caused the muscles in my neck to become VERY tense....could this tension be causing my headaches as well? And what about the persistent off-balance feeling that I seem to have whenever the tension strikes? My head just feels so though my poor neck can barely support it. I had a massage last night and the therapist was astonished at how tight my muscles were, especially on the sides of my neck, behind my ears, and in my shoulders....all related? Does anyone else experience this? The pain is pretty intense and over-the-counter pain relievers (like Advil) don't do a thing for it.

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Sertraline :: Sertraline 50mg To 25mg But Still Side Effects

Reduced from 50 mg a day to 25 mg but side effects haven't gone. Any ideas?

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