Sertraline :: Sertraline 50mg To 25mg But Still Side Effects

Jan 24, 2016

Reduced from 50 mg a day to 25 mg but side effects haven't gone. Any ideas?

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Sertraline :: 25mg Due To Horrid Side Effects At 50mg

Any body else starting at 25mg due to horrid side effect at 50 mg

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Sertraline 25mg - How Long Side Effects Last?

Today is day 10 of taking sertraline how long did people's side effects last? I've started to take it at night so I am not as bad will the tablet be out of my system by morning ?

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Sertraline :: Gone Down From 50mg To 25mg

I've gone down from 50mg to 25mg I've started having nightmares about bad things happening to me is this normal and do they stop?

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Change From Citalopram 25mg To Sertraline 50mg

I'm 35 years old and have been on citalopram (10 to 25mg) for about 13 years. It has helped me in general but never stopped my panic attacks completely. When I had a bad time I had to increase my tablets which always made me feel worse before better. What I find is that I feel emotionally numb. I don't get excited about things like for ex going on holiday. Instead I see it as a hurdle like I have to spend hrs on a plane which I really dislike, what if people are going to be loud, moving my seat... And what if I feel totally awful whilst I'm there... That kind of thing. I start shaking, freaking out, vomiting, can't eat, function, terrified.... I saw a doctor a while back who said that she didn't think this medication was working for me anymore and that it could be normal as I've been on them for so long. It is now affecting my relationship as my other half always says I'm not happy or if I am I'm not showing it. Anyway, I decided to see my GP yesterday who told me to try sertraline. However, i have been on 25mg of citalopram for the last 5 months and have not had any severe panic/anxiety attacks but I can tell that it's still there waiting to erupt. Now, I am petrified to change my med!! What if I'm gonna feel worse or awful like I did last year! anyone here changed cit for sertraline after a long time? Am I gonna get withdrawal symptoms from cit before I get used to sertraline?? If you have been through it I would be very grateful if you could tell me how it went... I just want to be happy and live life to the fullest. I feel I haven't been able to in the last 15 years. I'm supposed to take my last citalopram tonight and go straight to sertraline tomorrow.

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Sertraline :: Side Effects Of Increasing Dose?

I'm about to increase my sertraline dosage. The side effects in the first few weeks when I started were pretty bad and I felt really rough at times, mainly with nausea, dizziness etc. I was wondering: will this happen again on increasing the dosage? Or should it be OK now my body is used to the drug? If it's likely I'll get some side effects, how long are they likely to last and how bad might they be?

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Sertraline :: How Long It Will Take Side Effects To Subside

Just wanted to hear people's journeys, advice etc of taking sertraline. I myself have been on 50mg for 5 weeks and 1 day. My side effects lasted for 7-10 days and included loss of appetite, heightened anxiety, tense jaw, fatigue. I'm still not feeling where I want to be but much better than I was. How long did it take other people to feel like the old them?

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Sertraline :: Tiredness And Agitation - Zoloft Side Effects

New to this Zoloft thing 1 week in ! Hoping I'm on the right road to recovery ! This has been a tough 5 months ! Feeling some side effects such as tiredness and agitation would this subside ?

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Sertraline :: Can Zoloft Be Split 25mg AM And PM

I've been taking25mg Zoloft for depression for 3weeks.little change put on 50mg has anyone done better taking it 25mg/am,25mg/pm?

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Sertraline :: 25mg - Getting Pins And Needles

Getting pins & needles in hands and feet, on 25mg for 5 days now. Anyone else had this? It's really annoying... IS it normal?

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Sertraline :: 7th Week On 50mg And Insomnia Is Back

I'm now going into my 7th week on 50mg sertraline. And the insomnia side effects are back with a vengeance. Does anyone know if the insomnia side effects ever go away. I had a week of respite from them but they are back big time

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Sertraline :: 50mg Dose To 200mg Dose - Pros And Cons?

I have been on Sertraline 50mg for 6 weeks, I saw my therapist and she asked how I felt, I told her I did not feel any different, she contacted my Dr. and the Dr. upped my dose to 200mg, this has frightened me, a leap from 50mg to 200mg, has anyone had this outcome, and what were the pro's and con's of this sudden higher dose.

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Migraine :: Side Effects Of Topamax 25mg

I am taking Topirol 25 mg ( Topamax) from last 1 n half year. It has helped to reduce my Migraine attacks but facing many side effects like breathing problem,dullness, tiredness, weakness,leg pain, Numbness and tingly feeling in hands and feet.Shall I continue taking it or not?

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Depression :: Sertraline - Withdrawal Effects?

I'm wondering if I can just stop taking my 50mg a day..are there any withdrawals from stopping.

Thing is I've come to the end of my last lot, & cant get to see my gp for another week.!

I've only been on them for 4 weeks.


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Sertraline :: Dose And Effects Of Alcohol?

After several years of on-off depression and anxiety I finally decided to try medication.

I started on 50mg Sertraline about 8 weeks ago. After a few days of horrible physical side effects I started to feel great. But in the last week I have started to feel not-so-great again. This could be due to a week away where I consumed a fair bit of alcohol and cannabis (after being very sensible since starting the Sertraline).

I'm thinking of asking my doctor to up the dose to 100mg.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced Sertraline "wearing off" after a few months, or being affected by alcohol?

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Anxiety :: Sertraline With Alcohol Effects?

Just wondering whether I can drink alcohol on sertraline? Iv been 50mg daily for about 2 weeks now. Not intending on getting drunk but just want to see how the effects are on other people first.  

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Sertraline :: Advice On Stopping Sertraline

I had some terrible problems last november stopping venlafaxine to start sertraline.  I realised I have tried over 6 different meds and have decided to get back to the start and take none.  I have been to a doctor today who was not very helpful and as I have never been given the right advice about cross tapering I am not confident about stopping.  I started with 50mg, 1 december 2014, in mid January increased to 100mg and to be honest things are worse in the way I feel.  No libido (I am a happily married 46 year old woman who used to enjoy my husbands attention), No motivation, No sense of enjoyment in anything, overeating, overspending and little or no self worth.  I have been told stop 100mg and take 50mg for 4 weeks and then review.  I am thinking maybe 75mg for a week, then 50mg for a week, then 25mg for a week then nothing....  Any ideas?  I have been on one antidepressant or another since 2009. 

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Sertraline :: Giving Me Headaches - Side Effect?

a have been on sertraline 50mg for 4 weeks now into my second week on 100mg a feel things are getting a lot better it is just the headaches at times are quite severe am having to take strong painkillers a know it is a side effect but are they meant to be so severe or should i go to the doctors ?

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Amitriptylin 50mg And Cataflam 50mg 2x Daily For Back And Leg Pain?

I have back and leg pain and my doctor prescribed me Amitriptylin 50mg and Cataflam 50mg two times daily. My sister told me that Amitriptyline is used for depression treatment. I mean, Amitriptyline is antidepressant. So, my doctor must be wrong, right? I have not depression! Should I change my doctor?

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Can I Take It With Alcohol With Sertraline?

ok guy so, recently had a bout of depression and anxiety after having my baby, seem to b over the worst as no longer having the depressive low moments only problem I am left with is insomnia, and a little bit of anxiety on a morning been on sertraline for 3 weeks, my husband and I wanted to watch a movie with a takeaway with a few drinks but worries about drinking incase I wake up depressed in the morning? Advice please

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Oxytetracycline With Sertraline? Can Be Taken Together?

I've taken Oxy before as I suffer with Rosacea and find it brilliant. However, I need to start them up again but have also started back on Sertraline. I can't find anything to say you can't take the two together so was wondering if anyone on here takes both?

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