Sertraline :: Advice On Stopping Sertraline

Mar 11, 2015

I had some terrible problems last november stopping venlafaxine to start sertraline.  I realised I have tried over 6 different meds and have decided to get back to the start and take none.  I have been to a doctor today who was not very helpful and as I have never been given the right advice about cross tapering I am not confident about stopping.  I started with 50mg, 1 december 2014, in mid January increased to 100mg and to be honest things are worse in the way I feel.  No libido (I am a happily married 46 year old woman who used to enjoy my husbands attention), No motivation, No sense of enjoyment in anything, overeating, overspending and little or no self worth.  I have been told stop 100mg and take 50mg for 4 weeks and then review.  I am thinking maybe 75mg for a week, then 50mg for a week, then 25mg for a week then nothing....  Any ideas?  I have been on one antidepressant or another since 2009. 

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Sertraline :: Stopping Propranolol Suddenly?

I've been taking propranolol since the end of March - just 10 mg per day and then I've been taking 50mg sertraline per day for 3 weeks. I had been complaining of awful neck pains and general muscle aches but today, I forgot to take my propranolol and the aches and pains haven't been there. Has anyone else stopped taking propranolol suddenly? Can this have a bad reaction as I was on such a low dose?

I have been getting hot/warm sensations inside around my chest and different parts of my body for the past couple of days also, is this a part of the sertraline effects?

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Depression :: Stopping Sertraline Suddenly - On Low Dose Currently

I'd been taking 25mg of Sertraline every day for two years for depression. My doctor and I were planning to try to wean me off this summer. But I moved, and so I found a new doctor. However, this one wanted to keep me on the meds and increased my dose. I've been taking 50mg once a day for about two months. But now the new doctor wants me to switch to Wellbutrin. He says I can stop the Sertraline immediately and switch over because I'm on such a low dose. But I'm wondering if that's a good idea. My original doctor had wanted to wean me off the 25mg, and I've noticed that I get really weepy if I miss a dose accidentally.

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Sertraline :: Sertraline 50mg To 25mg But Still Side Effects

Reduced from 50 mg a day to 25 mg but side effects haven't gone. Any ideas?

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Can I Take It With Alcohol With Sertraline?

ok guy so, recently had a bout of depression and anxiety after having my baby, seem to b over the worst as no longer having the depressive low moments only problem I am left with is insomnia, and a little bit of anxiety on a morning been on sertraline for 3 weeks, my husband and I wanted to watch a movie with a takeaway with a few drinks but worries about drinking incase I wake up depressed in the morning? Advice please

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Oxytetracycline With Sertraline? Can Be Taken Together?

I've taken Oxy before as I suffer with Rosacea and find it brilliant. However, I need to start them up again but have also started back on Sertraline. I can't find anything to say you can't take the two together so was wondering if anyone on here takes both?

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Sertraline Can Be Taken With Mirtazapine?

I'm on 50mg sertraline and wondered if mirtaz 15mg can be taken while on sertraline as i feel i need something to help me sleep as im now off zopiclone..

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Fainting With Sertraline

After trying to not take my prescribed sertraline until I was so bad I felt I had to, within a week I had an awful experience work. I am a support worker (needing support myself!) and whilst with a client sitting on a chair I fainted or something worse and came too finding myself on the floor. I went back to my GP and she said to stick with tablets. I told them I was worried about fainting again especially as I drive. They said stop driving. I said I need to drive for my work. They said stop the tablets. I am so low. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. I got very anxious about all this and went back to the GP who signed me off for two weeks. I've looked at the DVLA Guidelines and for 'dizziness' it said I MUST tell the DVLA. I do want to be responsible to others as well as for myself, but this is driving me crazy!

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Sertraline :: When Does It Actually Kick In?

I've had panic disorder with agoraphobia for over 20 years. I was on the highest dose of Duloxetine for approximately 10 years, but recently my GP took me off this, as I was beginning to have many episodes of panic attacks.

I started taking 25mg of sertraline 18 days ago. Since then the GP has raised the dose to 50mg and then on day 14 of taking sertraline she raised it again to 75mg. I wondered if anybody knows how long it takes to get into the system. I currently feel more anxious and highly agitated. I'm finding it hard to leave the house. Any advise would be welcome, as would any information on this medication. I need to start feeling better soon, as I am self employed and need to earn some money. This is also adding to my anxiety!

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Sertraline :: 100 Mg For Panic Attacks

I first started sertraline in 2012 after getting pnd and fluoxetine not suiting me, then I stopped sertraline gradually in march 2014 as I felt I no longer needed them. First few weeks I was fine, then panic attacks came back awful maybe 7/8 a day for no reason at all :-( In august i went back on sertraline and started on 25mg and it has took Me all of this time to gradually build up to 100 mg due to anxiety. I have been on 100mg for 3 days now and suffering awful headaches, feel as though i'm going to fall over when I walk,(this scares the life out of me) and chest pains, I can deal with these as I have for over 4 years. Its the new symptom of feeling I have excess saliva and swallowing all the time, also upper stomach pains that is worrying me. I have lost weight and have no appetite but the actual panic attacks have subsided almost. Just wondered if anyone is on 100mg for panic and if they feel normal.

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Sertraline :: Lost My Appetite

Been on sertraline since mid April.  Started at 25 mg now on 100 mgs.  My appetite is still not so great.  How long (if you experienced this) did it take for your appetite to come back.

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Has My Sertraline Stopped Working

I have been taking 25mg of Sertaline for 6 months and I have been great.The past week I have felt anxious and afraid.On two seperate ocassions I felt light headed like I may pass out and weak.My questions are the following:do you think my prescription needs to be increased?Do you think my period could play a part in this?Lastly,is this a form of a panic attack?

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Sertraline :: Gone Down From 50mg To 25mg

I've gone down from 50mg to 25mg I've started having nightmares about bad things happening to me is this normal and do they stop?

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Sertraline :: How To Get Off Zoloft Without Withdrawal?

I started Zoloft 25mg  on 5/18/15 today is 5/21/15. The side effects are wicked and I don't want to take these anymore. Should I just cut the tablet in half and take for a couple days. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Sertraline :: Increase In Libido?

I can't be alone in this. I was terrified the opposite would happen but it's crazy I'm now horny all the time. It's actually amusing and I guess it's not a bad thing. I'm 6 weeks in now and I'm not sure sertraline has done much else for me. Life is still very much a struggle. My doctor says I should persist still (I didn't tell him about this side effect) I'm not convinced it's working for me though. Plus I'm single so it's not exactly making life more exciting anyway! I have to laugh - otherwise I'll probably cry!

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Taking Sertraline And Bruising?

Anyone else experienced bruises when taking this. Week 3 and most side effects calming but I have these awful almost rash looking bruises on my legs.

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Sertraline For Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ( ME )

For a number of years I was on various antidepressants and had counselling, which really helped. It has been over 15 years since I last had any prescribed.  Since then I have been diagnosed with M.E which I can manage to a degree but lately the symptoms have worsened and I'm in pain quite a lot. This amongst other problems has triggered my depression and the doctor has prescribed me Sertraline.

I'm feeling hopeless at the moment and very teary and feel like I need to take something to get me back on track.

I am really worried about taking them due to the side effects mentioned, as on a day to day basis my M.E symptoms are lack of energy, aching muscles especially in legs, muscle weakness, backache, severe headaches and eye pain which last for days, blurred vision, poor body temperature control,chills and fevers, excessive sweating episodes, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps especially after food, dizziness, insomnia even though I always feel tired, inability to stay asleep (I wake up numerous times each night) constant trips to the loo throughout the night, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations. 

I struggle enough with the above symptoms and when I read the side effects of Sertraline it seems like they could exaggerate my illness.

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Sertraline :: Sore Throat

Has anyone else had adore throat whilst taking sertraline?

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Sertraline :: Crazy Dreams?

I've been on 50mg sertraline and 80 mg propranolol for over a month now, for bad social anxiety and depression. I only take the propranolol in the morning before i go to work or if i have to go out somewhere or if i have visitors coming etc, so i only take one of those a day, occasionally 2. The sertraline i also take in the morning. I have started to notice a slight change - on some days at work i feel almost like a normal functioning human being and i am actually able to talk to people and be around people without having a complete irrational meltdown. Yay! This is not every day, i still have bad days and i still feel very low but if it is a sign of things to come i am feeling rather hopeful. Side effects haven't been too bad, the worst one i would say was the tired feeling and just feeling very out of sorts sometimes, kind of dizzy and fuzzy headed, off balance etc. But now i have started to have really crazy dreams every single night for the past week or so. I am managing to sleep eventually, although it does take me a while to drop off, but it's just the dreams now. Not nightmares as such, just absolutely weird and crazy dreams, every single night now, is anyone else having this problem?

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Sertraline :: Bad Dreams And Nightmares

I just wondered if anybody else has suffered bad dreams and nightmares as a side effect of Sertraline. Some of my nightmares are really disturbing and can put me out for a whole day. has anyone else experienced this? Other than that the side effects have been pretty minimal.

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Sertraline :: Increasing From 100 To 150 Mg - Good Or Bad

Can anyone let me know what their experience(s) were of increasing from 100 to 150 - good or bad! I feel like I have reached a bit of a lull and am not feeling like it's as effective as it first was. Also my head feels a bit funny, almost like a brain zap but not quite - does anyone relate to that? So I was thinking of increasing (well going to speak to Dr about it first!)

I used to be on citalopram and was on the highest dose of that.

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