Sertraline :: Stopping Propranolol Suddenly?

May 5, 2015

I've been taking propranolol since the end of March - just 10 mg per day and then I've been taking 50mg sertraline per day for 3 weeks. I had been complaining of awful neck pains and general muscle aches but today, I forgot to take my propranolol and the aches and pains haven't been there. Has anyone else stopped taking propranolol suddenly? Can this have a bad reaction as I was on such a low dose?

I have been getting hot/warm sensations inside around my chest and different parts of my body for the past couple of days also, is this a part of the sertraline effects?

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Depression :: Stopping Sertraline Suddenly - On Low Dose Currently

I'd been taking 25mg of Sertraline every day for two years for depression. My doctor and I were planning to try to wean me off this summer. But I moved, and so I found a new doctor. However, this one wanted to keep me on the meds and increased my dose. I've been taking 50mg once a day for about two months. But now the new doctor wants me to switch to Wellbutrin. He says I can stop the Sertraline immediately and switch over because I'm on such a low dose. But I'm wondering if that's a good idea. My original doctor had wanted to wean me off the 25mg, and I've noticed that I get really weepy if I miss a dose accidentally.

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Sertraline :: Advice On Stopping Sertraline

I had some terrible problems last november stopping venlafaxine to start sertraline.  I realised I have tried over 6 different meds and have decided to get back to the start and take none.  I have been to a doctor today who was not very helpful and as I have never been given the right advice about cross tapering I am not confident about stopping.  I started with 50mg, 1 december 2014, in mid January increased to 100mg and to be honest things are worse in the way I feel.  No libido (I am a happily married 46 year old woman who used to enjoy my husbands attention), No motivation, No sense of enjoyment in anything, overeating, overspending and little or no self worth.  I have been told stop 100mg and take 50mg for 4 weeks and then review.  I am thinking maybe 75mg for a week, then 50mg for a week, then 25mg for a week then nothing....  Any ideas?  I have been on one antidepressant or another since 2009. 

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Propranolol :: Chest Pains, Headache And Feeling Sick After Stopping It

Have been on propranolol for about 6 months 40 mg twice a day, have been put on 5 day heart monitor and told to stop medication while on the monitor , is that not too long a time to do without, only on day 3 and woke up during the night with the old chest pains,headache, feeling sick and confused.

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Migraines :: Why Am I So Sensitive To Smells Suddenly?

I am a 54 year old female who has suffered from migraines most of my adult life. Smells have been a trigger for them. Lately I smell things no one else does and always followed by a migraine.

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Mirena Coil - Suddenly Having Crazy Hormones And Bleeding

I've had the mirena coil for just under 2 years. After the initial bleeding my periods more or less stopped I just had the odd light period every few months or so. However, the last 2 month my hormones have been all over the show. Some things are TMI to say on here but I had a light period for about 3 days and then 2 weeks later I came on again and it's now day 9 or 10 of bleeding, it is only light but my boobs have been sore for weeks and there's no signs of it stopping. My coil is still in place so no worries about it being dislodged. I was just wondering if anyone else had been fine with the mirena and then suddenly having crazy hormones and bleeding etc.


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Viral Infections :: Fever, Suddenly Nauseated And Puking Bile

I've had a sore throat, and an on and off fever for four days.

At one point it got to 102 degrees, but I took fever reducer and a cold bath, and it quickly went away.

And while my fever has come back several times, it hasn't gone over 100.8 since.

So far I hadn't had any stomach pain and never felt dizzy or nauseated, until suddenly just now after eating some tomato soup, I got light headed and puked like a quart of bile, but not my food.

Now My ears burn and they trickled a little bit of clear sticky liquid [pretty sure it was bile], and everything looks a little blurry because my eyes won't stop watering.

I'm pretty sure my fever's gone, but I can't balance well enough to make my way to the thermometer to check for certain.

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Penis :: Black Spot And Veins Suddenly Appeared At Shaft

A black spot appeared on the penis shaft over the time period of 2 months after my wedding or having sex for the first time.

Along with the black dot, veins at the penis shaft appeared suddenly… it changed the appearance of it even if is not erected.

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Sertraline :: Sertraline 50mg To 25mg But Still Side Effects

Reduced from 50 mg a day to 25 mg but side effects haven't gone. Any ideas?

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Taken Off Topiramate And Put On Propranolol

I am been taken off topiramate and put on this at 50mg twice a day can anyone help me as I do not know anything about them.

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Scared To Take Propranolol

I am proffessional 39 year woman who has for the first time been signed off work and been prescribed propranolol for anxiety. 10 mg to take as and when I need to. I was prescribed this on friday last week. I have yet to pluck up the courage to take these tablets as I'm worried they will make me feel strange and so trigger another anxiety attack. I am constantly feeling sick and cannot function with normal everyday tasks anymore.I have read so many positive things about these tablets...why cant I just take one?

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Propranolol :: Coming Off It Cause Itching?

Can propranolol itself or coming off it cause itching??

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Tapering / Weaning Off Propranolol

I took Propranolol 60 mg sustained release for a brief time,  then reduced to 20 mg 2x per day.  Bad side effects, low pulse rate, bradycardia and irregular heart beats, weaned off the stuff over weeks. Now been off it for about 2 plus weeks and still have a low pulse rate of only 60 with low blood pressure particularly while standing.  Often feel faint with the low heart rate and BP.  How long does it take for the body to readjust after getting off this med or is the bradycardia permanent.  I had no problems before this drug and had bp around 140/80. now goes very low and sometimes high at night while lying down.  Very scary stuff, I'm afraid it will never go back to normal.

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Anxiety :: Propranolol Reviews? Anyone?

Just been prescribed 10mg for my physical Symptoms.. Does anyone else take them? I've seen good reviews about these, was just wondering if anyone on here takes them?

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Anxiety :: Coming Off Propranolol?

I really want to get off propranolol but I can't seem to do it without getting horrible withdrawal symptoms like racing heart, sweats, dizziness and breathlessness! Has anyone successfully got off it and if so how did you do it? I have tried tapering my dose I have went from 120mg per day down to 10/20mg a day but this last hurdle is messing with me!

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Hyperthyroidism :: Propranolol With Carbimazole

Have just been given carbimazole 5mg x 2 a day until I see my endocrinologist in December. I am on propranolol x 10mg x 3 a day. Just a query- when do you stop propranolol?

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Switching From Atenolol To Propranolol

I'm changing from Atenolol to propranolol having had a bit of a reaction to atenolol ( my dosage was increased and I suddenly got tinnitus and vertigo) after 18 months. Has anyone else had to do this? It took me a while to get used to the Atenolol, the thought of going through that again is a bit worrying. Ive read about the side effects ( I suppose I shouldn't have) but I want to start taking them now to get rid of this blooming awful reaction...

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Hyperthyroidism :: Depression With Propranolol?

Just wondered if any of you had experienced depression when taking propranolol? I am sure it effects me? Had to go back on it recently as i was experiencing palpitations and very fast pulse! One week in, i can feel dark cloud feeling! Does anyone know is it only beta blockers that stop palpitations?

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Propranolol :: Panic Attacks - Can Have A Drink Or 2 Again?

I've had panic attacks for a year and half now i take 40mg x3 propranolol and 10 mg x2 citalopram a day. Which has touch wood seemed to cease my attacks now for 4 months. 1st 1 was bad an hour and 10 mins of thinking i was dying plus i have 2 set of twins who were following me round watching it all.! However i really really miss having the occasional wine as i quit drinking and quit smoking weed a year and a half ago i wasn't a major pot head i had 1 or 2 j's on the night 2 chill me out. Now any sort of buzz puts me off so i quit everything including caffeine. So my question is is there any way i can have a drink or 2 again?!? i do miss my odd glass of wine but as soon as i try my heart races so i don't bother. Help any advice welcome i think i know what will be said! Just don't drink.

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Propranolol :: Increasing From 20mg To 40mg

have been taking 20mg propranolol up to three times a day for a while now for anxiety but feel it's not having much effect.  GP said I can increase my morning dose to 40mg - will I notice a difference in the increased dosage?

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Migraine :: Propranolol Not Working As It Used To Be - Alternates?

I've had migraines for about 4 years now and I am 18. They seem to be getting worse but recently I was prescribed propranolol and it worked the first week. I was feeling so much better but now it seems like the medicine is not working as effectively as it was during the first week. I am eating on time, staying away from caffeine and sleeping enough. I don't know what else to do . How do you manage your migraines and which medicines do you take which help you prevent them from coming as well as the preventive measures you take.

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