Sexual Health Men :: Lack Of Ejactulation

Nov 21, 2014

I am 66 and I would guess overweight and I take medication for type 2 diabetes. Lately I feel the need to masturbate and start off, I am erect and I can feel it starting. Then the feeling goes away and I can no longer feel that I will ejaculate and my feeling of wanting to masturbate.

This will even happen when I am with my partner and he tries but again no success.

It is starting to bother me and not sure what is wrong and what I should or could do to change the situation.

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Sexual Health - Men :: Lack Of Precum

I have noticed that I do not get pre cum anymore. When I have an erection and I pull down the foreskin it hurts. And it hurts when I have sex. What is going on?

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Sexual Health - Men :: Lack Of Feeling During Sex

I recently started having sex with my girlfriend, and when i am inside of her i cant feel anything in my penis. Even when she tugs it i don't have any sensation. When i do it myself myself i feel a little of of pleasure but nothing spectacular. She was a virgin when we first met so it's not a lack of tightness with her.

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Sexual Health :: Lack Of Interest In Sex (21 Years Old)

I am 21 years old male i have losing interest in sex by day by day and my hair also falling i tested for hormone test it found 9.09 ng/ml is the normal range

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lack Of Sex Drive

i ' m 39 n my wife is 29. we r married for 5 years. my wife has never had any desire for sex. infact she find it dirty.

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Sexual Stimulation :: Masturbation Lead To A Lack Of Sperm?

I have a really weird problem but it is making me very nervous and agitated. I’m 15 years old and I just begun with mastrubating.

I have well preserved sexual drive.

During my masturbation, everything's going just fine but when I’m passing through orgasms and ejaculation - there is no sperm involved. I know this sounds very unreal but I assure you that I don’t have sperm at all. I don’t have any problems with urinating.

My friends in school are bragging all the time with how much sperm they eject and because of that-that all affects me and I’m feeling a bit depress.
Am I normal? What could cause this lack of sperm?

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Sexual Health :: Age For Ejaculation

The thing is I have never ejaculated in my life and being 16 I am worried about it and I do not have that much hair too.Of late I have been pretty depressed of my condition while my friends boast about their manliness.Can someone please tell me what is wrong with me.

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Sexual Health - Men :: Having Wet Dreams At 52

I'm 52 and have low testosterone, I don't mb and I've had two "wet dreams" in the last 6 months. Does anyone know if I am taking too much testosterone?

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Sexual Health :: 30 And Having Wet Dreams

I have wet dreams am close to 30 years

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Sexual Health Men :: 42 And Having Wet Dreams?

I'm a 42 year old guy, have a skinny build but healthy and young looking for my age.

Every so often, about once every 2-3 months or even twice a month, I have a wet dream or nocturnal emission during sleep. These are usually accompanied by a sexual dream and I always ejaculate in my sleep then wake up soiling my pyjamas. I had my first nocturnal emission when I was almost 16 although the frequency was greater then than what it is now. I don't really mind having wet dreams and apart from making a mess I actually quite enjoy them, but are they still normal in men my age as I thought that usually these episodes petered out after the mid-late 20s or so? I also sometimes have erections in the early hours (morning wood) but have heard that this occurs with guys of all ages. I am free of any STD's etc. as I am very much still a sexual virgin, but I masturbate probably around once a week. Would these things make a difference to me having nocturnal emissions or the frequency of them occurring? Thanks for reading but I just wanted reassurance that I am still sexually healthy!

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Not Breaking ?

I've tried having sex with my boyfriend twice now, and my hymen won't break/ tear. Some people have said theirs tear easily. But we've tried to break it a few times now just by penetration and it just hurts. He says we can "keep trying", but I'd rather not. My parents don't know I'm having sex with him, so I don't want to ask my mom to see an OB GYN to have my hymen cut or anything. I don't know what to do...

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Sexual Health :: STD Or Razor Burn

So I've had some itching for a few months, and back in March I was tested negative for STD's. I've noticed some itching again, some days worse than others and some days not at all, and on Tuesday I grabbed a mirror and saw these bumps and just about had a cow. Ive had 2 partners since March and neither of them have ever had an STD. Does this look like something I should be concerned about or is it just sensitive skin/ razor burn??? They're not painful whatsoever and I've never felt burning as if they had cracked open.

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Sexual Health :: Red Blotches On Penis

I have had 2 sexual partners this year - one from Feb to September, and then one other one time in October. These signs showed a few weeks later as only one blotch, and now there are several. They are not painful or itchy, just not great to look at. 

Any ideas? i would go to a doctor but I fly out of country tomorrow to arrive back on new years so I will go then, but would like to hear opinions til then. CLopsest I have found is early signs of cancer...which is rather worrying...

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Sexual Health :: Ejaculation Before Even Getting Hard

I am having the problem of erectile dysfunction, whenever i tried to have sex i ejaculate within seconds of sexual activity even before getting hard most of times, and my whole body starts trembling (i don't know why). I am physically alright and healthy and also i have morning erections almost daily but unable to have sex with partner.. i am very stressed about this issue... kindly please help me what should i do P.S. I think i also have haircut fetish whenever i see girls short haircut i ejaculate with preseminal(pre-cum) fluid but don't get hard..

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Sexual Health :: Oral Sex Healthy?

Oral sex healthy??

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Sexual Health - Men :: Performing SELF Surgery

I wanted to share my experience with you because I was terrified when I first noticed an abnormal bump.

I am a 25 year old male who is in shape and otherwise healthy. I first noticed one small slightly red bump on the right side of my penis, about halfway up the shaft. This happened on the last day (June 1, 2015) of a one-week trip to Orlando, where we had swam in a shallow pool that was also used by children. We also used hotel towels to dry off--of course I dried my genitals with those towels.

The bump was not painful, nor did it itch. My fiancee and I have been monogamous since our relationship started almost three years ago. Both of us tested clean, and neither of us has had any strange bumps before, not even on the rest of our bodies. Therefore, I didn't think anything of it.

The bump persisted, slowly growing larger. The skin surrounding the bump did not turn red; only the bump itself was red. Its diameter stopped growing once it was comparable in size to the tip of a ballpoint pen. In fact, I'd say that's a pretty good description for the way the bump protruded from the skin. I think it stopped growing around June 19, 2015.

At this point, the bump was still red all over, but by gently pinching the skin, I could feel the rest of it deep beneath the surface. Again, it was not sore. I was beginning to get nervous, but I wanted to wait just a little while longer to see what would happen next.

On June 21, 2015, I woke up and the bump had an off-white/light yellow center. The bump was still smooth and dome-shaped. I also noticed the bump was umbilicated. I know that herpes blisters are not hard, are filled with liquid, and usually pop on their own within a few days of forming, but I assumed the worst. After several hours of debating, I became convinced that it was MC. Rather than waiting for the bumps to go away on their own or using topical cures, I concluded that removing it was the best option for me.

Before performing "surgery" on myself, I made sure to have the proper equipment. I went to Walmart and got the following items:

-91% rubbing alcohol

-medical gloves (the core/plug contains the virus, which is highly infectious. Gloves are a must!)

-assorted embroidery needles

-sharp tweezers

-paper towels

-small round waterproof bandages

I chose to get all new tools because I didn't want to use tweezers that my fiance uses on her face

These were my steps:

[1] sterilize the needle and tweezers even though they're new by soaking them in a small cup filled with alcohol (they don't need to soak for long, but I chose to leave them in the cup while preparing my body). I chose to do this all at my desk because I wanted to make sure there was good lighting. Don't forget to sterilize the table/desk and put down a paper towel. You'll probably want to set your tools down at some point.

[2] while the tools are soaking, put some alcohol on a paper towel and clean your penis, testicles, and a good portion of your pubic area. It's better to clean a larger area than what you think you need. Think about the large area the doctors swab when preparing to give you an injection. Be very careful not to get any alcohol in your penis. That would really hurt!

[3] Put the gloves on. Don't touch anything that isn't sterile. I'm paranoid, so I also wiped down the fingertips of the gloves with alcohol. Use the tweezers to get the needle out of the cup. Now comes the fun part...

[4] Gently pinch the skin around the papule so that it is protruding and is as firm as possible. Use the needle to pick at the white part. Do not push the directly down into the papule. Think of it this way: if the papule was a dome sitting on a flat surface, you'd approach with the needle at an angle of ~45 degrees. Don't dig too deep all at once. It is best to puncture the papule several times with a slight !**@! motion. Remember, you're trying to remove a little plug. Once you've opened the papule enough, the pressure of your gentle pinching will probably cause the plug to peek out of the cut. It shouldn't bleed yet.

[5] I didn't use the tweezers to remove the plug. While still wearing the gloves, I used my thumb nails to squeeze out the plug. Almost all of it came out as one piece. It was a little longer than 1/32". I squeezed again, this time a little harder, and a little more came out, along with blood. It will bleed on its own. You have most/all of it out once it bleeds on its own. I gently rolled the skin between my fingers in a motion that resembles the way you test the softness of fabric, just to make sure I couldn't feel anything else beneath the surface.

[6] It stung a little, but I chose to stop the bleeding using a paper towel with alcohol on it. Apply some pressure; it doesn't take too long to stop bleeding.

[7] Put the little circular bandaid on your cut, but be careful not to touch it.

[8] Throw away the paper towels

[9] Clean your tools with alcohol again! Don't just clean the tips of the needle and tweezers. You also touched the grip with dirty fingers

[10] Be VERY careful when removing your gloves. If you've never taken a chemistry/biology lab, I recommend looking up the proper way to remove gloves after working with an infectious substance.

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Sexual Health :: Vuvla Pimples

I have this pimple on my bikini line, it's been there for days doesn't really bother me. I haven't been shaving recently so I think I got it from friction. Doesn't hurt at all or cause pain closed bump red surface with a white head. I would send a picture but I don't know how.

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Sexual Health :: Blisters In Vagina

have these blisters and I'm not sure where they came from or what they are. A week ago I had a yeast infection. I was given Metaspore to help with it. I'm not sure if that is where they came from? They are not sore at all and don't itch. I would never even have known if I did not examine myself every month just to make sure all is good.

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Sexual Health - Men :: Very Low Testosterone For 35 Years

I had a CBC and everything was ok. My platelet were low when counted by the machine (138 (140-400) and good went counted manually (at 191), but my testosterone level were very low .

132 (241-827 ng/dl). I am a 35 yrs, slim , walk alot (5'9, 155lbs)

What can i do? The doctor would like to repeat the test again because it was done late in the afternoon.

I am freaked out to be honest, i had ED last for a few days. i am freaked out of taken an HIV test also.

Do testosterone boosters really work?

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Sexual Health Men :: Inflammation With Erection

This is embarrassing but I've been dealing with a problem for about 15 weeks. It all started in a period where I received oral sex from one woman, and had protected intercourse with another woman the next day. The intercourse was vigorous and multiple times, but I had done this before. The next day, I had a weird dull sensation in my penis. It wasn't a burning or pain, but something didn't feel right. I assumed it was just sore and needed rest. This went away after a day or two, but I started to notice some redness with erection. This quickly escalated, and I now get tiny red dots/blotches all over my glans and the area below them that connects to the shaft. It occurs when I get any kind of erection but once it subsides so does the rash. Also, I developed some small darker spots on my glans around the very edge, that seem to be related to this issue (timing and look). I'm really not sure who to turn to at this point or what to think. I saw a Dr. and she didn't feel I needed any testing. She felt it was either physical irritation, contact dermatitis from the flavored condom I used (which I'll never do again), or a fungal infection. She prescribed a steroid/antifungal cream that didn't seem to help after almost 3+ weeks of use. I also tried many other creams, antifungal ointments, etc. etc. etc. I am considering seeing a dermatologist or urologist, but in Google searches it seems I don't live by any of quality. What do you guys think? Is it likely an STD? Penile Cancer? A skin disorder?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Sex

Hi there, I am an 18 y/o female and I have been taking the birth control Kariva since I was 15 for PCOS. About a month ago, I had intercourse with my boyfriend, and afterwards I bled heavily and cramped really bad for a week. I know this bleeding was not my period because I still had a week to go before I took my pills that would start my period. When it was time for me to get my period, I had light bleeding and it ended a day earlier than it should. We used a condom and I take my birth control between 5pm-6pm every night. Does anyone know what could have happened to me? Am I pregnant? I'm just really worried because now I've become bloated, constipated, and I have pain in my lower left and right sides.

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