Shape Of Ones Head Make Them MORE Susceptible To Concussion?

Oct 5, 2013

Another parent indicated her physician told her that the shape of a child's head makes them more susceptible to concussion in sports. I have not been able to find anything regarding this correlation on the internet.

We are talking about helmeted sports. Football and skiing.

Any direction for stats or research regarding the shape of one's head making them MORE susceptible to concussion?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Head Concussion Possible Perilymph Fistula?

Around ten years ago I was the victim of a violent crime in which the back of my head hit the cement hard enough to crack the base of my skull in which the doctors said I had brain fluid leaking and caused black eyes, and cause me to lose consciousness. At the time blood was leaking out of my left year. For months after the injury I was very dizzy, ears feel full,had terrible tinnitus and have lost hearing in my left ear only. Eventually the dizziness went away but not the hearing loss or tinnitus. Since the injury I will have times when I "trigger" these same symptoms I had directly after my head injury. If I for example run, jog, look up or down for long periods of times, cough hard, sneeze hard, or basically jar by body in any way. I've been to many doctors who have prescribed many medications mostly to treat migraines and have also been told that they believe it is migraines. Nothing has ever worked. Bed rest and keeping still seems to be the only thing that helps but can take anywhere from a day, to a month to be able to function without symptoms again. This is ruining my life and my career is suffering. I seem to forget things easy and have trouble focusing which was never a problem before my injury. I am ready to be over this and have my life back. Please, anyone with any suggestions or have had these symptoms please help me. Oh and I've also had a few MRIs over these 10 years to rule out brain injuries and Acoustic Neuroma which all came back negative. There are more symptoms not as consistent but these are the usual when I have an "episode.

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Severe Concussion Head :: Headaches, Loss Of Memory, Passing Out, Dizziness

Yesterday me and my friend were riding bike we were crossing and she crossed before me. When I went to go this lady cut me off with her car almost hitting me in the process. I started to ride and I think i may have passed out while riding because I remember my head hitting the concrete but it didn't hurt. I heard people yelling and my friend calling my name. I think I blacked out for a few seconds. I then stood up like nothing was wrong muttering I was fine. That's all I really remember for the next few minutes. I was told some lady was asking me my name but I wasn't really responding. My friend called her father and my mom. My mom was on her way to work she stopped by and I refuse to go to the hospital. I remember my mom leaving and my friends dad holding me against his chest. They took me to her house and I passed out on the sofa. Apparently I was shaking and I had half an eye open twitching while I was sleeping. My friends dad wanted to take me to the hospital but I convinced them I was fine. Now a day later I'm starting to worry because my symptoms include extreme headache loss of memory, passing out, dizziness extreme sweating in a cool environment, trouble falling asleep, but once asleep trouble waking up trouble moving my neck and head. My mom is the type to not worry about this thing she's convinced it's just a concussion, but I've done my research and I'm a little bit worried .

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Eye Floaters? Wired Kind Of L And C Shape In Left Eye

I'm a 22 year old male and for as long as I can remember I've always had eye floaters, normally in my left eye and in a wired kind of L and C shape. I've never really thought about them till recently cos I've noticed (or maybe I've only just started actually thinking about it) that they occur more often. they haven't really changed in shape or size, don't seem to flash or cause any other symptoms, it's just there.... mainly seem to happen more at work or when I'm in a brighter atmosphere, I went for an eye test 8 months ago and she said everything is fine (apart from having a slight astigmatism in my left eye) and to come back for another check in 5 years.

should I worry about these floaters? apart from these my eyesight is perfectly fine and eyes appear healthy, thanks!

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Mild Concussion - Worried About Brain Hemorrhage - CAT Scan?

You hit your head how long can it take for brain hemorrhage or brAin bleeding to show signs? I hit my head 3 days ago im scared
I have a headache almost feels like a sinus pressure headache i have sinus pressure im my nose head and eyes. Urgent care doctor examined me about 8 hours after i hit my head did a few test but no cat scan said i had mild concussion. Are the signs immediately or do they take time to come up? I dont really want to pay for a cat scan either i didn't black out I remember everything that happened.

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Disc Prolapse :: A Disc Bulge Can Return To Normal Shape ?

a disc bulge can return to normal shape ? i mean lower back disc.what can i do ?

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Eyes :: Geometric Shape Patterns Appearing In Both Eyes

Small but geometric -ish shape. This changes in 1/2 hour or more, the shape gets larger forming a getting larger approximate 'C' shape to the left of center. It is almost like me seeing a crude kaleidoscope . Eventually the thing disappears to the left. The shape seems to be of small triangles squares, anything 'sort of' geometric. I can see past it but still have to see the shape. Whichever eye I close I can still see it; close both I can see it!   It has now cleared completely as  I have not being looking at the sun or any strong light. Is it 'just one of those things' to be tolerated every now and then. I am 75 and in general good health 

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Head Injuries :: Puking After Hit My Head Against A Concrete Wall

Last week.. I slipped and hit my head against a concrete wall. Just layer there for a few minutes, then when I got up I started puking. I didn't think much of it. Went to school and practice for two days and was getting really light headed and haven't done physical activity since.I have been dizzy and lightheaded and everything is kind of foggy. I don't have any swelling or bruising on my head and don't have any headaches. Not sure if I have a concussion or something worse? Starting to worry if I should go to urgent care now or just schedule an appointment?

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Nervous System :: Head Pressure/dizziness/head Fog

I've been having those 3 symptoms for about 2 months now. I'm a 22yo male, 6 feet tall, 160 lbs.

The head pressure was the first to show up. It feels like if someone is pressing their palm against the top of my head, its very light and 80% its not bad or painful, its just -there-, but sometimes the pressure rises up and it can be quite overwhelming, making me having to stop whatever I'm doing.

Painkillers used to work, now they don't anymore, although I think it's because I started to use them way too much.

Since about 2 weeks ago, I started to have dizziness and head fog. It's like if I'm "typsy" all the time.

This all started a few months after I had to quit my job since I'm preparing myself to live in another country, I'm short on cash and I have arguments about various things related to that almost daily, making me think that this might be an anxiety issue.

3 days ago I had to go to the hospital because my BP spiked up (180/104), and since then the pressure/head fog became 10x worse. I keep catching myself hyperventilating throughout the day, having cold sweats and hot flashes.

Thoughts keep racing in my head that I have a brain tumor and how that would wreck my life even if its a benign one.

Something that makes me feel better is that I'm not having any seizures, nose bleeds or actual real bad headache, its just a weird pressure, which calms me down a bit at the possibility that its a tumor.

Also, sleeping is the only thing that makes the pressure/dizziness go away, although it gets bad again throughout the day. Today I've tried to oversleep a bit to see if it was a sleep deprivation issue and it made the pressure better but the dizziness way worse.

I've already scheduled a cardiologist/neurologist, but I can only go friday so I still have some days to worry myself to death over this.

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Head Injuries :: Dent In The Head After Hit And Fall

I fell and hit my head 2 days ago. There is a dent in my head and it feels mushy/soft. My neck is also sore in the front on both sides. Do i need to worry about this?

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How To Make Breast Bigger?

I am 14years old about to turn 15 and I wear a 34A. My mom tells me to just wait and that I'll have boobs as big as hers. But I think she's wrong and when she was 13 she was a 34C or something. But everyone in my family has big boobs and I don't. I feel out of place because of that and I'm always being told to just be happy for who I am. I try but it really doesn't help. I think my generation has been skipped because I don't get the boobs I get a butt and no one in my family has a butt except me. Should I be proud of that? Plus what is a quick healthy way of getting my boobs bigger? Is there a drink or food I can eat?

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STD :: Will Chlamydia Make You Infertile?

I Recently found out that i tested Positive for Chlamydia and I AM taking Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg tablets Twice a day for 10 days...


1) I just started Menstruating and was curious if it was safe to wear Tampons? I know they don't expect us to just bleed all over the place, but is wearing a tampon a safe thing to do? will it lower my chances of getting rid of it?
2) Does the Doxycycline ALWAYS get rid of Chlamydia or is there a chance that it will NOT get rid of it?
3) I know that Chlamydia can lower your chances of Fertility and i was curious as to how long it takes to make a woman infertile?

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Acne :: Make Scars Disappear?

I was wondering about how I could heal acne scars. I have been having ongoing acne for at least 4 years now. The acne only really appears on my nose and around my mouth area (below nose and below lower lip). Unfortunately, I have multiple acne scars now. Also, I have large pores that won't close: is there a way to make them disappear?

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Molluscum Contagiosum :: Why Don't They Make Vaccine For It?

My daughter has had this virus for about 6 weeks now. The doctor told me they would go away on their own and that we just had to let it run its course. At this point she only had about 3. She now has over 20 of these nasty little bumps under her armpit and yesterday I discovered a few tiny ones on her torso. I have started using ACV and in the course of two days the 2 biggest ones have turned black. I believe this is a good sign that the molluscum is now dead! I followed most people's advice and soaked cotton wool in ACV and then secured it on the spot with a plaster. She said it stings a little, but nothing major. Fingers crossed the rest of them respond in this way. My only concern is that her skin does look a little red, but that could easily be because of all the plasters she has stuck on her.

Why don't they make a vaccine for this horrid virus?

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Menstruation :: How To Make My Periods Come Late?

how do i make my period come late

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Penis :: Masturbation Make Us Weak?

i masturbate three times a week. and after doing it i feel little low in energy. when i askd my elder he said masterbating is not good it will make u weak from inside and will make u infertile! is it so ?

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Can Hypnosis Make Me Stop Smoking?

I'm a heavy smoker almost all my life and what can I say about it- it is my big passion.

I'm 55 year old male smoker. I smoke about two packs of cigarettes per day.

I have never had any health problems caused by cigarettes but now I'm not so sure. Just recently I started to suffer from strong caught and hard breathing. I contacted my doctor and a x-ray shown that my lungs are seriously damaged. Doctor told me I should quit immediately.

But, I can't! Passion is stronger than my wile for get better. Just the other day I heard something about quitting smoking with the help of hypnosis. Is this truth?

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Puberty :: How To Make Your Penis Bigger At 13

How to make my penis bigger I'm only 13 and have not yet hit puberty but I don't want to wait I want to make it bigger now? what should I do?

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Menstruation :: Could Precum Make Me Pregnant?

My boyfriend and i simulated sex while i was on my period, and he was naked but i had yoga pants and underwear and a tampon. I don't know if there was a wet spot on my pants after. If there was a wet spot, could the precum make me pregnant? Also, a week later i gave him a blowjob and he came in my mouth. Then i had a clarinet lesson and got spit all over my hands, then used the restroom before washing my hands. Could the sperm have travelled to the toilet paper and to my vagina when i wiped? And lastly, a week after that, we were simulating sex but he had a condom on and i had underwear and tights, and i got really really wet. I gave him a ha****b and a blowjob after he took the condom off. If i touched the area where i was wet through clothing, before washing my hands, could that have made me pregnant? My breasts were sore the last two times i had my period but not this time, and i cant remember before then. This morning I saw there was some dried light brown stuff on my underwear. Could it be implantation bleeding, or just from me checking for cervical mucus so frequently? My period was on 10/20, so I have a little more than a week until I'm supposed to get mine...

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Men :: How To Make Your Penis Bigger And Thinner ?

How to make your penis bigger and thinner ? ....

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Breastfeeding :: How To Make Baby Latch?

I miss my baby latching on and having that bond. He doesn't open his mouth wide enough and my nipple isn't out enough! At the hospital with help he was able to latch after someone held his head and helped him. But at home I can't get him to do it. I've just been pumping and giving him my milk through a bottle.

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