Sinusitis :: FESS Performed How To Avoid Sneezing With Allergic Rhinitis

May 1, 2014

I had the surgery at 3.30pm yesterday and felt amazingly clear until about 4am when the common runny nose and tickling sensation started to build and at 4.20am I sneezed. I kept my mouth open as advised but my tongue clamped to the back of my teeth so not sure it helped. So much mucus and blood came out and it set off a few seconds of a nose bleed, it's now 8.45 am and I'm concentrating 100% on not sneezing again but it's so hard. My nose is filling up with clear, runny allergic mucus and I don't know what to do.

Anyone else had this?

PS I've wikied how to prevent sneezing and used all go their tips on pinching and pressing, etc!

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Allergic Rhinitis - Sneezing, Dry Cough And Throat Mucus - LPR?

After having a throat scope just over 1 year ago (this was done because following a bad virus my voice was croaky and I thought I might have LPR).  The consultant said nothing sinister going on and I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis.  I could tell you a lot about other symptoms including ear pain sinus problems etc but the thing that gets me down is the dry cough and throat mucus (which I still wonder might be lpr).  The question I would like to ask is after a sneezing fit I get awful throat mucus which has to be hacked up for around 30mins then it starts to subside.  I cannot find reference to anyone with this symptom, nor does my gp know why it happens.  I should add that in 2001/2 following a cold I had a sinus scan which was clear but was diagnosed with mild asthma.  In 2007 I suffered from some sort of virus which lasted weeks and this left me with the sneezing and mucus but as it was only occasionally I just got on with life.  I had a sinus scan around this time but it came back normal.  Late in 2104 one night afer eating some chocolate I started with throat mucus worse than ever and tried cutting out foods and improved although not completely.  I have had ppis over the months but they just upset my IBS.  I eventually had a throat scope as mentioned although most of my symptoms had gone during the wait for the appointment.  I notice now after any cold which is always worse affecting sinuses etc I have a flare up of this throat mucus this time round a week after finishing antibiotics for sinus infection I am sneezing a lot coughing etc.  I was given dymista for the rhinitis but did not take it have tried other similar from the gp but they just dry me up.  I also tend to have  bouts of oral thrush from my inhalers even though I rinse out.  I think that stress plays a big part in all this.  I am quite anxious at the moment due to family things.  Anyone have this sneezing and mucus symptom.

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Allergic Rhinitis Due To Dust

So I have severe allergic rhinitis which I was told by a ENT specialist a few weeks back. I already had the idea in my head that it was this but it has finally been confirmed. From there I had a blood

Test done for an allergy test. But I find that I am very sensitive to dust and If that's what the test comes back with, what can the doctors do? It's not as if I can avoid dust for the rest of my life because it would be impossible! I'm very confused as to what they will be able to do? But they must be ae to so something right? I have an appointment again really soon to get the results back so I shall know for sure! It does sound a bit stupid but I'm just worried about having to be miserable for a long time or until I grow out of it- which is only a possibility and might not even have it. If anyone else has it here, do you know what triggers yours? And what the doctor did about it? 

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How I Treated My Allergic Rhinitis

I have a predominantly obstructive form of perennial allergic rhinitis with multiple allergen sensitivity.

Negative stress aggravates it - positive stress alleviates it. Jogging and exercise helps to overcome nasal airflow resistance for me and seems to reduce the sensation of blockage - a lot of good consistent exercise definitely improves rhinitis in my case e.g. swimming, jogging, running, cycling.

Irregular sleeping hours and too much sleep can provoke an attack in my case.

As many people will agree, it can have a significant impact on sleep, cause tiredness, lack of concentration, irritability, tension, nausea, post nasal drip, dryness and can have a serious impact on relationships in work and at home.

I found that nasal spray corticosteroids don't work consistently in my case - they don't always prevent my attacks from occurring, even with long term use. This is only my experience though!

I use a prescribed formulation of medicinal herbs prescribed by an approved medical herbalist - I have found them to be more effective and longer lasting than any other treatments I tried - single herbs I found did not work. I use this constantly throughout the winter and intermittently during the summer.

Plaintain and eyebright compound is good for the dryness I experience in the winter and is good for clearing the mucous.

Nasal saline irrigation can be very helpful also to clear mucous in the nasal cavity for me.

Fisherman's friend and airwaves chewing gum is very useful to make me breath through my nose more easily.

I have fewer attacks now (almost a normal life) that I use the herbal medication, compared to when I used only steroid sprays.

But when I do have the odd attack, I immediately begin using betamethasone sodium phosphate drops (betamethasone is a potent corticosteroid). I usually need them for no more than 5 or 6 days because I feel that they lose their benefit if using them long term - the medicinal herbs are my long term treatment.

A useful method recommended by my ENT consultant was to invert my head over the back of the bed when using the drops, and wait a few minutes - this allows deep penetration into the sinuses - (i believe that there is a sinus called the ethmoid sinus deeper in the nasal cavity)

If my nose gets really blocked up, I will use an oral decongestant, phenylephrine hydrochloride (60 mg) (short acting) and take these for a few days (this can also help the betamethasone drops get to the right place as it is a vasoconstrictor). I find that this decongestant, in my case, does not give me the shakes and nervousness that pseudoephedrine does.

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Pregnancy :: How Glucose Test Is Performed

How is the glucose test done where you lady's live?

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Dorsal Slit Instead Of Circumcision Performed Without Consent

I was told I had to have a circumcision but instead I received a procedure called a dorsal slit, which is not the same thing at all. Nobody told me anything about this, before or afterwards, & I only discovered by accident that I'd actually had some horrendous operation I'd never heard of.

The conversations I had with doctors, the consent form, even my medical records - nothing was said about this. Surely this can't be allowed. I never would agreed to the operation if I had been told about it in advance, as the results are very different from a circumcision.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Bystolic Or Lipitor ? Double Bypass Performed

Back in October 2014, I experienced angina and went to the ER. Assessment indicated that I had blockages in some cardiac arteries, and a double bypass was performed. I was started on a med regimen of Metoprolol 25 mg/day, Lipitor 40 mg/day, and Aspirin 81 mg/day. As I recovered from the surgery, I discovered that I now had erectile dysfunction, a numb feeling in my penis, and reduced libido. When I told my cardiologist about this, he switched my BP med to Bystolic 2.5 mg/day. Supposedly, Bystolic doesn't have sexual side-effects. Though I can now get a partial erection and can have an orgasm, it takes a fair amount of stimulation and the orgasm is not as satisfying as it was prior to starting on medication. I'm 62, have no other health conditions or medications, was never on BP or cholesterol meds prior to my operation, and never before had any problems with erectile dysfunction. On both Metoprolol and Bystolic my BP reduced to an average level of about 115/75. My cardiologist proposed a trial of Viagra, but I declined as I do not believe in treating a side effect with another med that has potential for additional side-effects. Nonetheless, this condition is unacceptable to me, and I would want to get off a medication with this side effect. Has anyone else experienced similar side effects on Bystolic? Might the ED be the result of the Lipitor reducing cholesterol which, in turn, disrupted normal testosterone synthesis?

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Penis :: Sneezing And Get Cold After Masturbation

i get cold that is in the form of allergy (that is running nose and sneezing) almost after masturbation or even if i get night fall. I am 100 % sure about it , if i don't do masturbation for say 7 - 10 days then i don't get cold (allergy that is running nose and sneezing) for that period of time . Sneezing continuously for 20-25 times is too much to handle for me . Allergy last for 2-3 days if i don't take any medicine . so i take anti allergy drug and get relive many times. is there any cure for it that is permanent . i do heavy weight training everyday 7 days a week and i think this way i get some relief and i am fit and i don't get tired after doing workouts . mine age is 29 years and i never involved in sex till now . i want to ask if i get married and do sex then also will i get same thing, if yes that will be a problem as i can't do much in a week. Is there name for this disease or what it is called .

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Ulcer :: Sneezing Blood From Mouth

My son, who's 23, texted me that he thinks he has an ulcer. I asked why and he said he has been sneezing (from his mouth) blood, burping up blood and has BM's with blood streaks...

He's many states away and his Dad (who he lives with) is telling him it sounds like an ulcer. He said the gagging and burping up blood happens anytime he eats or drinks something. I don't know what his daily habits are, since I'm not there, but I know he does drink. And he's trying to quit smoking by using a vape pen. He's talked in the past about a feeling of having a huge gas bubble in his gut, that moves around and can be very painful. Please help me to know if I should insist he go to the doctor, He has no insurance so he would need to know it sounds serious.

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Menopause :: Stuffy Nose And Sneezing In The Morning

Since my last post about the horrible and scary anxiety/dizzy episode 4 days ago I've felt just so awful! woozy lightheaded, hot and flushed really off & out of kilter...NOW this running stuffy nose & sneezing in the morning! (it's now Spring here but this only happens in the mornings) this too doesn't help with my already woozy head...always blubbering "I've never felt so off n sick n weird before" hubby just says 'you've never been 55 & menopausal before' true, but when is this going to stop, does it all get worse before getting better? I wonder if I can or will survive this? Will I ever feel well & normal again, I'm fast losing hope & positiveness...think I'll dig a big hole & climb in. I've been told to ignore it all, just carry on normally but It's hard to live & carry on normally when you feel so off & 'un-normal' if that's a word...

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Alcohol Intolerance :: Sneezing With Itchy Nose And Ears

I do not drink very often so I don't know if it's just because my body isn't used to to it but whenever I do, I only need a very small amount for these symptoms to show. Basically the corner of my eyes (either side of my nose) get really itchy and I also start sneezing one or two times a minute for maybe half an hour or so and also I get what feels like a grain of rice in my throat that feels like it's rising up and feels a bit sharp whenever I swallow. 

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Rhinitis Or Hay Fever ?

The symptoms first started 9 years ago when I found out I was pregnant and were quite severe throughout my pregnancy (symptoms such as runny itchy eyes that feel dry at the same time, very fast flowing runny nose that drips, sneezing fits, loss of smell, headaches, lack of energy). the symptoms then began to fade away as the years went by but have came back with a vengeance over the past 12 months, it makes working hard and stops me from doing normal day to day things as I feel like going and locking myself away.

I will be visiting my Dr in the next week to tell him that it is not hayfever that it is infact rhinitis and I want something done about it.

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Rhinitis :: Back After 3 Years

I suffered with rhinitis for 11 years. Took steroid spray which didn't help. Had allergy test which said I wasn't allergic to anything at all. I then had 3 glorious years free from a blocked nose.

Unfortunately it has now come back. I cannot think of anything that I have done differently to cause it to go nor for it to come back.

I seem to have a cycle; one day feel okay, next day or two so blocked up that I cannot sleep and even if I can blow my nose it immediately blocks up again after. My jaw aches from having to breath through my mouth. The next day my nose isn't blocked but continuously runs and I get through boxes of tissues.

The first 7 years I suffered in both nostrils but after that only one nostril is effected which makes me feel lopsided. Why would an allergy only cause problems on one side?

It really is a very antisocial problem and although sounds trivial I know you fellow sufferers can understand how debilitating it is.

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Rhinitis :: 20 Years Of Runny Nose

i've had a constant runny nose since i was about 12. I never really give it much thought until about 3 months ago when my symptoms became unbearable. I can't taste or smell anything, i'm sneezing every day and my nose can just drip clear watery fluid out at any moment. I read somewhere about reducing dairy products but that didn't help. I finally went to the doctors and was prescribed a nasal spray that hasn't helped, but he has reassured me that they can try other things. I have always been able to tell when the timer on the central heating has gone off because my nose will start to run, even when i was a little girl. I can't believe i've put up with it for so long! I've got a new appointment next week so hopefully after reading all your stories i'll be able to influence the doctor.

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Rhinitis :: Excessive Mucus Production

My problem is the excessive production of mucus. It has been going on for about 12 years or so (I am now 58) and it is getting worse. Embarrassingly, it happens mainly when I eat (usually halfway through eating a large main meal, but also when eating hot and spicy food). It's embarrassing because nobody wants to share a meal with somebody who has a perennially runny nose.

It also happens, bizarrely, when I sit on the loo in the morning, when my nose runs non-stop! I have no idea why.

It also happens, albeit less spectacularly, in my sleep. This means that I usually wake up in the middle of the night, wheezing. About three years ago my doctor diagnosed asthma, and a Ventolin inhaler does help ease the wheezing, but the main problem is coughing up phlegm. Once I've cleared that off my chest (with difficulty, sometimes), I usually feel better. But increasingly I am dreading nights, because sleeping (ie lying down) causes that congested feeling and wheezing chest.

When I do strenuous exercise, particularly in cold weather, my chest seems to seize up and breathing gets difficult. This is accompanied by a noticeable increase in my heart rate, which I can feel thumping in my chest. Again, Ventolin seems to help here (which I guess is why my GP diagnosed asthma three years ago -- although I never had asthma as a child.

Other side effects include lack of smell or taste. They really are very poor  (practically non-existent) these days. But is this a by-product of getting older? After all, my hearing is much poorer these days and that is obviously not caused by excessive mucus!

I gave up smoking ten years ago. I am about 3 stone overweight (6ft 1in and 16st), two stone of which I pile don after giving up smoking. I work (mainly) in an office environment.

My doctor has prescribed Beconase nasal spray, which is only partially effective. Sometimes it seems to have no effect at all.

To be honest, my GP was pretty disinterested, so I haven't returned in over two years. In fact he retired about a year ago and I have yet to go and meet his replacement, because I expect I'll again be fobbed off. After all, my "illness" must appear rather insignificant to an overworked doctor dealing with patients with life-threatening and nasty diseases.

In other words,if you can give me any pointers, regarding what the problem is likely to be and what I can try, I am very happy to sort this out for myself.

Anybody else recognise any of the above?

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: After Sinusitis?

About 3 months ago I had a sinus infection and never recovered after I had terrible like pressure building up in the left side of my head which would happen more at night or basically when I would lie down i also when my ears touch the pillow I hear my pulse and on the right ear only when I press against the pillow a clicking noise I would later develop sensitivity to bright lights sounds and smells.

I made 3 trips to a and e with the pressure building in my head on the last occasion it affected the left side of my body they just sent me away 

I payed private for a neurologist did MRI on brain came back fine he diagnosed me with severe migraines and put me on propanol these have calmed the symptoms but I am worried as I am still left with a dull pulsating on the left side and have a bit of blurred vision suffer a lot with fatigue and when I try to exercise it kind makes my head

 worse and I have noticed pain in my neck and shoulder on the left side had my eyes tested but said they were fine .

The thing is I am left with is like a dull pulsating on the left side with still sensitivity to light no energy I am not sure if this is chronic migraines just wondered of anyone had any ideas to what it could be I have been better since taking the medication but it worrying that it's kind of still there I also have irritable bladder and ibs and have been referred to a chronic fatigue clinic but I don't think that is the cause of my fatigue

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Sinusitis :: Aches On The Right Side Of Face

2 days in a row, i've woken up in the morning with my whole right side of my face is achey. It aches when i open my jaw, around my right eye, and had a sore nippy hot feeling in my  throat all day, a couple days before , b waking up with a sore face, i've been getting lightheaded spells as well, could this be something to do with it as well?

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Sinusitis :: Firm Lump Under Nose?

Side of face is tender and swollen. So I thought sinusitis maybe? But there is a firm large lump under my nose on my lip, that goes up into my nostril and around the side of nose. I do have a GP appointment later. Just wondered if lumps were a symptom? Or maybe it's a cyst or something??

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Sinusitis Infection? Head Pressure And Fog

I really need somebody to put my mind at ease at this point. I am a 20 years old guy in Montreal and a couple of weeks ago I went through a really bad cold/flu. I couldn't go to work one day because of how bad I felt. The symptoms I had were mild fevers, extreme fatigue, congested nose of white mucus and the other usual symptoms of a cold. I noticed that cold was more aggressive than the usual colds I've had before. I also noticed my nose was extremely congested, I kept blowing my nose frequently and had lots of white mucus coming out of it. Once the cold began to go away I began experiencing a lot of pressure in my head (sinuses areas and kind of in the back of my head), confusion kind of feelings with dizziness, brain fog and still a congested nose but dry (white mucus always). Together with all of this I have been experiencing anxiety spells because of the frustration of not knowing exactly what to do about it.

It has been a little over a week since all of this started and I believe this could be a sinus infection. I just got a decongestant with saline solution and got some tree tea oil to inhale with boiling water once a day. I have been feeling better very slowly throughout the week but I am TERRIFIED this could be something not related with a sinus infection. I have been googling my symptoms like crazy and found stories from people experiencing this stuff for years and that scares the sh* out of me. The brain fog has been very frustrating because it has been affecting my concentration and short term memory. That kind of comes and goes but it is very frustrating since I don't have any memories of experiencing this before.

As far as I know, I haven't had any allergies my whole life and I don't think that is the root of the problem because as I said earlier, I had a really bad cold before this. I know colds can cause sinus infections afterwards.

I don't have access to doctors for now because I am an international student about to graduate next month. I don't have a health card or insurance to cover me with medication or doctors. I am hoping the decongestant and the tea tree oil might cure me so I am waiting a week to see how I feel but the anxiety about this has been killing me because I don't really know what's going on.

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Sinusitis :: Severe Sinus Pain

I have for a couple of months now suffered with severe sinus pain above and around left eye and LH side of my nose, paracetomol do not seem to bring any relief.

My nose is not blocked I can breath Ok it is obviously further up in my sinus.

As I am on blood pressure tablets my chemist tells me they cannot give me Sudafed or similar and has no other suggestions.

Can anyone here give me some advice on relieving this constant pain.

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Symptoms ? Vestibular Neuritis? Labyrinthitis? Or Sinusitis

I have been diagnosed 5 months ago with Labrynthitis.. Not sure if it's actually what's going on because it was a pretty quick check up at ER. Extremely lightheaded, unbalanced and foggy headed is the major symptoms. Have noticed it gets a lot worse when I'm out in the cold for a period of time. Been going on for about 5 months now.. Back in September I had a really bad sinus cold. After those symptoms passed, a few days later I got an extreme wave of lightheadedness dizziness and was surprised I was still standing when I realized what was going on. Somehow I finished my shift at 11am then went to ER. Could barely even walk in there.. The only time it went away was when they gave me amox-clav pills and about 7 days in I felt 100 percent and the last few days of medication zero lightheadedness. After done with those everything came back a couple days later and never left. Was the amox clav pills just coincidence or maybe that tells me something? They said I had Labyrinthitis and sinusitis but it seems that the symptoms of vestibular neuritis relate a lot more.

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