Skin :: Melanoma - Dark Area Under Toenail?

Aug 23, 2015

My husband has a dark area under his toenail, that goes into the cuticle. it has been there for quite sometime. It's not a bruise, and it hasn't grown out with his toenail, I just took a good look at it today under a magnifying glass. I moved the cuticle back some and you can see that it is embedded into the tissue. I am concerned it could be Melanoma, He is 63 years old. This is my first post on here, please excuse me if I didn't post this in the right place. I took a picture of his toe, is there a place on this site that I can post it, to get any comments.

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Skin Cancer :: Dark Line On My Right Thumb - Subungual Melanoma?

About 6 months ago It 'appeared as a dark line on my right thumb.

I went to the dermatologist and he told me that when in doubt I'll have to 'do a biopsy. between 45 days. It's not 'too much time to wait in your opinion?

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Cancer :: Melanoma Under The Toenail - How It Looks Like?

Was wondering if anyone knew what melanoma under the toenail looked like. Wanted to post a picture but am new with this forum so didn't know if this was possible?? If so can someone let me know how to do it thanks!

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Nail Disorders :: Melanoma - Black Spot Under Toenail?

I have had a black spot under my toenail for 5 months. I have been on medication for 4 months treating it as fungus but it is only looking worse. It is becoming darker with weird colors in the middle and the skin by the cuticle is getting dark. My toe has not hurt at all until the last couple of weeks,now it aches sometimes. I have an appointment with a podiatrist on Monday but I am curious if anyone else has experienced these symptoms?

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Nail Disorders :: Dark Brown-Black Patch Under Toenail?

Recently I decided to remove nail polish from my toes that I've had on for a few months. When I removed this nail polish all the nails were completely normal, except my big toe on my left foot had a black or dark brown "patch" on it.

Go to the URL above if the picture doesn't work to see my toe.

If anyone could help answer what this is, it would mean the world. I'm really worried and I'm not sure what it is...if it is cancer, a bruise or a fungal infection, etc.....there are so many possibilities and I'd really love an answer! It doesn't hurt if I press on it, but I am still worried.

BTW I did go on a camp where I hiked for hours and hours and my toes (not just my big toe) hurt when I pressed on them for a couple days after but it went away quickly - this was a few months ago. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with what has happened but yeah...

So - if anyone could give me a name of what I have and how I can treat it, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks again!

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Skin :: Hard, Dark Skin On Lower Back?

I have hard, dark skin on my lower back, I think it was due to my bed being broke some long time ago when there was a spring sticking out, it might have been scraping my back, but now it's like over a year that my bed is alright, nothing's really wrong with it, and the skin on the lower back is still dark, I tried TONS of different methods to get rid of it, but couldn't. I tried skin softener kind of cream or something, or wax, I can't remember, but it had something to do with sunflowers or sunflower seeds, it helped me at first, I used to put it on my lower back after every time I went for a shower, but then the dark skin started coming back, and pretty recently (about a month ago) I tried a special tea some people recommend, it helped as well, the dark skin was gone for maybe around a few weeks, and I used to pour the tea over my lower back after having a shower, and I didn't dry my lower back after shower so that my skin could absorb it, and well, the dark skin started coming back again, please someone help me! I've tried a million things! I also tried using sponges and what not to scrub the skin off, which didn't even do anything.

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Skin Cancer :: Is This Melanoma ?

Hi guys, I have scheduled a visit with a doctor, but in the meantime i would like to know your opinion on those pictures if those spots are possible to be melanoma ? thanks

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Skin Cancer :: Mole Getting Bigger - Melanoma?

A few years ago I noticed 3 relatively small moles on my pubic area and didn't think much of it. But it grew much bigger and there are another 2 new moles in that area. I'm worried that it could be melanoma as the size is rather big and it's black but I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor because the mole is at my inner vagina lip while the other 4 are beside the anus. I'm so worried, please can any doctor here help to see if this seem like melanoma, from the pictures attached?

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Skin :: Mole Getting Bigger And Darker - Melanoma?

I am a girl, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and my skin isn't pale but more "golden" colored. I generally tan pretty well in the sun and usually only get burned on my face and shoulders. I have never used a tanning bed before. however, I have a mole that's about a centimeter away from where my arm pit meets my chest that's concerning. It's much larger and darker than my other moles, it's a little bigger than a pencil eraser and is very dark brown and a teeny bit raised. The edges are chestnut colored and a little blurry, but it is still shaped like a circle (symmetrical). I am noticing it more often now than it the past, which makes me wonder if it has grown. I would get it looked at by a doctor, however the mole has always been covered by a swimsuit and to my knowledge, has never seen the sunlight. Does this mean that it couldn't be skin cancer?

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Dark Area After Retinal Detachment Surgery With Silicon Oil

I have my 1st retinal detachment surgery 3 month ago with Scleral buckle and inject gas in my left eye. After the surgery sometime i see a dark spot on the upper right corner, which usually comes and goes. One time it appear and didn't go away but the dark area grow bigger and it has detach again (2 month after the 1st surgery) and i have my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago with vitrectomy and silicone oil inject.

A couple of days ago i notice a dark spot (on and off) on the upper right corner of my left eye (same spot that the retinal re-detach).

2 days ago a notice a big dark area (2/5 of the vision field) on the upper center of my vision field. Sometime it was so dark i couldn't see my finger when i move it up to this area. But with outside day light i am able to see through a little bit (but still darker than other area).

I went to see my doctor immediately and he said the retinal look flat and alright in that dark area. He said there is a spot where the retina isn't completely re-attached yet but it is in the lower left side corner. I went to see another doctor and he said the same thing. And they all said the oil is clear.

But i haven't check with ultrasound yet.

I am still worry sick. Is it possible for the retinal to re-detach again with silicon oil still inside?

It is possible for the retinal to re-detach but Ophthalmoscopy doesn't pick it up?

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Skin Cancer :: Bleeding Mole On My Head - Melanoma?

I've got a small mole in my head. when I wash my hair, I always scratch it and sometimes it bleeds. I read the acticle about melanoma. Should I visit oncologist or everything is ok with me?

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Skin Cancer :: Spreading Brown Spots - Nodular Melanoma?

Awaiting biopsy results, trying not to go crazy. Probably shouldn't be on the Internet.

I've had these spreading brown spots, about 1cm diameter on my lower belly. Several months ago, a crusty little tower rose up out of one of them, which itched and bled. I went to my dr, and he set up referral to derm. But then the crusty little tower turned into a smooth brown bump on one side of the spread-flat-mile. I figured I'd over-reacted, and cancelled the derm appt.

Next time I saw dr, he said I still need to see derm, so I reluctantly called derm and they were booking 3-4 months out. But, they had a cancellation in 2 days! I took it, but then forgot about it. Called to apologize, and lo, they had another cancellation in another 2 days! That time I didn't forget! My daughter said, mom, God must really want you to see the dermatologist. Maybe she was right.

At the appt, he ended up doing a full-body scan, to my relief, because I have many moles and can't see them all. He wants to remove the one I went in about, but he was really alarmed by a mole on my inner thigh that was completely off my radar. It was a dark brown dome, smaller than pencil eraser. He asked a lot of questions about it, and was able to get me back in for its removal last Friday. He said, I don't like the look of this at all! He said he was so glad to remove it. Now I wish I'd taken a picture of it!

My next appt is two weeks from last, where he'll remove stitches and the original mole of concern - which he said was often the case where a different mole at least brought you in, but wasn't the real bad one.

I don't think he was trying to scare me, and I'm not scared. I just want to know already. It's hard to take cancer seriously, in the form of a little mole.

On the other hand, I've been feeling really tired the past year, and especially lately. So now my mind says what if it's NM and in lymph nodes. But I haven't read anything to back that up.

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Skin :: Undereye Dark Circle Removal?

Hello, I have undereye dark circles. I've had them all my life, I'm 21 now. My father also has it, so probably hereditary.

Is there a way to permanently to remove or lessen the pigmentation without surgery?

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Penis :: Skin Bridge, Phimosis And Dark Coloured Line

not completely sure what this is but it is related to all these topics about some kind of  "skin bridge".

on the back of my penis there is a darkish line that goes all the way to the top. where the darkish line meets the end of my foreskin there is something that i think may be this skin bridge. I am 14 and going through puberty, i also have this "phimosis" thing and i cannot full pull back my foreskin yet though have tried exercising and stretching it. This is really lowering my self esteem which is the last thing i need during this time in my life with GCSE's and general development

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Skin :: Area Around Lips Dry And Red

My lips, and the area around my lips have been really dry. Here are some of the problems with it:

Small dots appear below, and above my lips

White spots appear around lips

The lips, and the area around it are really dry, and sometimes red

Whenever I take a shower, after the shower, my lips are dry.

It's been happening for a long time now. My doctor said I have to drink more water, and I've been drinking 4 water bottles a day for the longest time.

I've tried chapstick, Neosporin, vaseline, and burt's bee.

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Women :: Hard Lump Under Skin In Bikini Area

there's an elongated lump on my inner thigh and it hurts to walk. i am 15 and not sexualy  active and i don't feel comfortable talking about this with my mom. it doesn't have an opening or anything and i don't have good pain tolerance. but if i ice it and stick a clean needle in it will i solve this? it hurts soooo bad and im glad im not the only one.

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Women's Health :: Numb Skin Hanging From The Clitoris Area?

I'm 17 and I was just wondering about this for a while now. It's a darker color and it just feels like dead skin or something... but it just hangs there and it's like an inch long.. is this normal?

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Skin :: Hive Like Rash On Bikini Line And Inner Thigh Area After Shaving

I shaved with a razor that was a little rusty. I Didn't realize this until after I was done... Ive developed this strange rash...its itchy. Not raised or open sore. Looks somewhat like blotches of birthmarks around my bikini line. Its lighter when my skin is dry. Right out of the shower it turns more red. Outline is a darker red. Inside is lighter shade....?

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Toenail Not Growing Back After Filing It Away

There was a huge loose piece of cuticle on my big toe so I tried to file it away. Not realizing the file was digging into the matrix of my toenail, I soon found out after It grew out a centimeter or so with nothing showing but bare skin... It doesn't hurt, but I'm more concerned as to whether it will grow back... I did this a few weeks back and this is what I'm just now seeing, I don't see any signs of new nail coming out, I guess it takes time to produce, hopeful! I'm keeping it covered and clean to prevent infection. It's not red, swollen, or filled with blood underneath, it's just simply a hole in my toenail! Any advice or answers will be so greatly appreciated! I've attempted to post a link to a picture here, if It doesn't work, just imagine a toe with about half of the nail missing towards the cuticle.

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Can Melanoma Appear Under A Keloid Scar?

First of all, I am aware this is remarkably stupid. There is no need to reiterate. I have keloid scars. Found a home remedy online to get rid of them. Basically, involves rubbing it with vinegar until it's flat. Stupidly, I try this. Rub off top layer. Get to layer that is dark and smooth. Bruise-like color. Keep rubbing. Dark area becomes spotty, but not going away. Notice this area is much rougher than surrounding skin. Even areas that had also been rubbed with vinegar. Stop rubbing. Am now worried this could be melanoma. Can melanoma appear under a keloid scar? Or cause the scar in the first place? Or did I just damage my skin to such a degree it now looks like a wasteland?

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Cancer :: V Shaped Mole - Melanoma?

I have noticed that I have a mole on my putter labia. I noticed it about 6 months ago. Never thought anything about it til now. I noticed that it made a V shape. It is dark brown. The size of a normal mole. It is also flat. No strange border yet. I'm just very concerned about the the V shape of it.

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