Skin :: Pimples On Butt

Apr 22, 2014

So I have these pimples on my butt but more closer to the crease and then also on the upper inner thighs. They do not hurt at all and my bf tried popping one yesterday and it left a huge hole and nothing came out but he said it looks better today and some seem to be disappearing a bit as he cleaned it really well and is careful when popping pimples. I also noticed a cyst on my armpit today and that one hurts. My bf wants to see if what he did helped it but I really just want to know because it's been there for a few months and seems to be spreading an I don't want that.

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Skin :: Inactive Pimples

I had a lot of acne on my chin when I was fifteen. They kept coming for a year.

Now I am 17 and they have stopped. But it looks like that region still has inflamed pimples. They are all dried up and inactive but they still are all over my chin like boils.

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Skin :: Pimples Who Won't Heal

I have suffered from pimples since early youth, but getting less and less by the years and no big harm to the skin today. Recently I have gotten 2 pimple-like skin infections where there is a typical infection under the skin. These can hurt pretty bad, but retain a pretty small size. They grow extremely slowly, and end up almost as a small hole or gap in the skin. They are far from visible to anyone else than me and my eyes, but I get worried it might somehow be a signal of weakness to the immune system in some way.

-They first appear like small soars/pimples and do no harm.

-They get gradually more and more infected and really hurt at some point where it feels wrong not to squeeze them.

-After several months they heal, but not completely. There is almost no blood at all.

I have struggled with hairs growing inside the skin, creating infection, but as soon as the hair is removed they heal quickly. In these cases I get the pimples on the foreleg or on my arms, which has not happened ever before. When checking the pimples there no sign of hairs in it. Could this be anything else?

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Skin :: Purple Spot On My Butt

Today I discovered a blue purple spot at the top of my butt near the crack. It isn't raised but it is sore when I touch it. What is this? It looks like a very small bruise but I don't remember falling so i don't think it is.. I'm very nervous about it because I had an abscess around this time last year and I had to have it lance which was very painful and i don't want to go through that again. However, this bump looks quite different from the abscess I had. Please help!

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Skin :: Itchy Red Rash On My Butt?

I've been dealing with this rash on my butt for a few years now. It only shows up in a sort of red "ring" where the cheeks touch. It's a little itchy (my anus is not itchy or red) but mostly just painful. Sometimes it will go away for about a week but it's generally there in some level of severity.

At the advise of a doctor (I went in about a year ago), I tried using clotrimazole 1% for two weeks at a time. It doesn't seem to do a whole lot of good.

Any ideas? I'm really tired of the near constant rash.

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Acne :: Under The Skin Pimples - Can Only Be Seen Under Certain Light

I'm having trouble with one side of my face. I have these tiny pimples underneath the skin and there's a lot of them. They don't pop and nothing I'm doing is working. Is there any facial treatment that can get rid of them? They're on my left cheek bone area and can only be seen in certain light but it's gross and I don't know what to do for it! HELP!

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Skin :: Pimple Where My Butt Crack Begins

I'm 15, and this has been going on for a few months, but I have some kind of pimple or something right where my butt crack begins, and it's in between my cheeks. It kinda hurts when I sit down but only in certain positions. Just earlier I pushed on the area something came out, it has no color or smell but it's wet and I can tell it's there, and now it's like a little red spot possibly an Opening but can't get close enough to look at. It's right on the end of my tail bone. I've did some research and came up with "pilonidal cyst" which it could be but i read up on it and it is a possibility but I'm thinking it could just be a pimple.

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Small Pimples Under The Skin - Shows Up In Light

I have small pimples all over my face. But the problem is you only see them on strong lights or sunny place s. They are kinda under the skin. And when I wear makeup they tend to look so ugly. I don't know how to get rid of them. And I really wanna what causes them. They appeared almost a year ago.

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Acne / Skin :: Pimples On Shoulder And On Chest

My age is 26 and i am suffering from big pimples on shoulder and on chest from 6 months, may i know the reason why they are getting only on shoulders and on chest, what is the best treatment to cure.

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Skin :: Red Bump On Butt Cheek Comes Back From Time To Time

There is a red bump that came up on my butt cheek it looked like a mosquito bite but got a few more around it thought it might of been ringworm bc it looked like a circle I scrubbed the area with bleach, I know that wasn't smart but it went away and let a slight dark spot on the area well the bump comes back from time to time in the same spot what is it? It's a Lil itchy only when I think about it but it's the same as before except it just had a few Little bumps around the middle bump.

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Is It Okay To Shave Your Butt?

I'm just wondering is it okay to shave your butt?

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Bleeding Butt After I Put Something In It

I put the end of a highlighter and I think I knocked me. It's bleeding from the inside. I think it may of stopped because it's not seeping out. I can't go to a doctor at my age and can not talk to my parents about this. I need reassurance that I may be ok or something.

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Men :: Butt Smells And Leaks

This is ridiculously embarrassing but at random times of the day, I'll catch a whiff and I feel like it's me.. I shower everyday and wipe my butt after taking a dump but the smell is still there. Sometimes, I feel like I'm just imagining it  - it's there and then it goes away. The scary thing is that sometimes I'll start to feel like something is running down my leg - it never is but it really feel like it. No, i'm not on drugs either.So the feeling usually comes around if i'm nervous or anxious. As far as I know, its never been running down my leg but just the thought of it is frightening! I just had my booty call from last night tell me that my butt smelled really bad during sex. I took a shower that morning and wiped clean after going to the bathroom. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I can feel my ass being wet. I'll go wipe even after not having taken a dump. I work for a pretty serious company where we have a ton of meetings and conference calls. All i can think about during those calls is if my ass smells, I always check the seat after I get up to make sure I didn't leave a spot, i avoid white chairs/ sofas and it's f*****g horrible. I can't concentrate and talk to high power execs if I'm worried my ass smells or is leaking.

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Sciatica :: Hip / Butt Pain

I have been having this pain for quite a while but today when I woke up it was bad. I have never been diagnosed with anything but I don't have money to go to the doctor right now.

The pain is located in the upper left side off buttock/side of hip. This pain usually is middle of buttock and lower back it has radiated some down the leg but not as a main symptom. it mainly hurts when I am walking or lift my leg up high like I'm stepping over something. It is sudden and painful. When I sit it's a constant pain and when I stand up from sitting (without moving)it feels a little bit better. 

If if anyone could please give me any advice on what this could be i would be super happy and grateful as today I am left sitting on the couch because it is too painful to walk.

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Pregnancy :: Butt Cramps

I'm not sure if that's a pregnancy symptom but I've been getting them

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Skin :: Tomato / Potato Juice For Fair Skin But Hair Get White?

I am 28 years old. I was using lemon juice on my face for fair and toned skin and it proved quite effective but my beard and mustache started turning white. Someone told me to use tomato juice or potato juice instead of lemon juice to avoid white hairs. my question is that will tomato juice or potato juice will be helpful to get a fair and toned skin without turning my hair white.

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Skin :: Itchy Red Bumps Under Skin On Palms Of Hands And Some On Sole Of Foot

About a year ago I noticed raised areas, like blisters under skin on the Palms of my hands(red), some pin head size others small nail head size some of the larger ones form a blister well under the skin...painful to touch. The others ones are just itchy, drive you nuts itchy. A doctor checked on Vasculitis and they think it is that...I seem to think there is a bacterial inflammation in my blood. Has anyone heard of this? I take Zyrtec 1 daily and if I miss two days the bumps come on me with a vengeance. A biopsy was done at the site of a bump and prevalent of Neutrophils. I had a corticosteroid shot for another ailment and it worked miracles on my vasculitis. Does anyone know of other diseases that I should check into. and will a full body pet scan reveal the source of this stuff.

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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STDs :: Rash And Scratch On Butt

My right butt has these rashes and I hate scratching them. I am too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about it. I took a detailed picture of the area....

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Dermatology :: Rash On Exterior Of Butt ?

How do I get rid of rash on exterior of butt?

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Pregnancy :: Butt Cheeks Are Sore

Omg my but cheeks are sore. Why?

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