Acne / Skin :: Pimples On Shoulder And On Chest

Apr 18, 2016

My age is 26 and i am suffering from big pimples on shoulder and on chest from 6 months, may i know the reason why they are getting only on shoulders and on chest, what is the best treatment to cure.

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Acne :: Under The Skin Pimples - Can Only Be Seen Under Certain Light

I'm having trouble with one side of my face. I have these tiny pimples underneath the skin and there's a lot of them. They don't pop and nothing I'm doing is working. Is there any facial treatment that can get rid of them? They're on my left cheek bone area and can only be seen in certain light but it's gross and I don't know what to do for it! HELP!

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Acne :: How To Prevent Pimples ?

Anyone can use this product! Solvaderm Zeroblem removes skin damage cells that causes acne. It has an healing effect, a maximum strength with many benefits. And will prevent new blemishes from developing. Apply this product before bedtime for best results. 

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Pregnancy Acne - Starting To See Pimples

Omg I've always have flawless skin all my life and I'm 24 having my 1st child I'm only 14 weeks and I'm starting to see pimples! Idk what to do never been in this situation I've been using my sister's face soap. Any suggestions on what to use. And will my skin go back to being pimple free

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Thank You Oxytetracycline - Acne, Spots And Pimples Gone

My 14 year old son used oxytetracycline 250mg 2 a day for 4 months ( should have been 6 really) for his terrible acne. Poor boy had spots on his face, neck, back and in his hair ( ouch) his G.P was great and we stuck to the course and now he's almost 15 .........not a mark, spot or pimple........he's also got his confidence back , acne can knock these kids for six. so after trying the cream, lotions, cutting out foods you name it we tried it .......

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Acne :: Just Had Cortisone Injections For Cystic Pimples

I went to a dermatologist today and i was told my face had a good deal of acne. I have my acne or my forehead and a lot around my jawline area that are cystlike. I have a few of them and those are cystic pimples. The dermatologist recommended me to do acne surgery ... extraction she mentioned and i kinda did not want to do this b/c i had a bad experience with a an esthetician many years ago plucking my face. The difference was that was in a salon and not a dermatologist. I remembered when i did it, i had holes and my acne was really bad right after it so I said I didn't want to do it.

However i asked if i could get cortisone shots done in my jawline where i have cystic pimples that doesn't seem to go away. Dermatologist did the cortisone injections and it was not painful at all. There were 3 of them done when i checked by bill. Anyways i came back home and then i saw i still had the cystic pimples there... I made the mistake of actually thinking these shots destroyed the cystic pimple on the spot... found out recently it takes a few days or close to 1 week for it to flatten.

Well I got prescribed epiduo for my acne and also solodyn as an antibiotic. I'm told to follow the same regimen i have but use epiduo at night and take solodyn once a day.

My question is should i even start the epiduo cream now after i got the cortisone injections? Should i wait a few days first till it flattens a bit and then use it? I'm worried using it might make it worst. I called the office and one of the reps there said it didn't matter you could start now but im thinking i shouldn't use this product on the area of my face yet right after the injections? Should i put anything on these spots where i got the injections? Because im thinking all i should do is wash my face like normal and put aloe vera gel on it or nothing at all and don't put any acne cream on it till few days later?

How long did it take for the cystic pimple to get smaller after the injection? Does it flatten fully or does it not? How soon can you do it again on the same spot if it didn't work? I assume if it doesn't flatten in 1 week, then it didn't work? I read online that ppl mention 2-3 days it should flatten and the cystic pimple should be gone...

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STDs :: Pimples On My Chest - 2 Weeks After Sex - HIV?

2 and a half weeks ago I had protected anal sex with another male status unknown. when we first started he tried to insert it in me using soap, but the second I felt like it went in I pushed him away and made him get a condom. exactly two weeks to the day I noticed I have these pimples on my chest. they're red and small. they're spread pretty far away from each other, some in the middle and then going up towards the right to my shoulder. then today off and on I've felt really hot. I'm so worried this could be hiv. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm so stressed out that I've withdrawn from so many things in my life right now and all I wanna do is just be left alone. I feel like I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown because it's too early for me to test. I can't take this stress anymore. honestly thinking of never having sex again since this is what it gets me when this is only my second sexual partner. could I have it? was my risk high enough for it to be a big possibility? idk. I can't find anything online that give me a clear definition of what an hiv rash looks like or anything. idk what to do, or if it would even be worth going to the doctor because what could they do for me other than tell me it's too early to test?

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Skin :: Pimples On Butt

So I have these pimples on my butt but more closer to the crease and then also on the upper inner thighs. They do not hurt at all and my bf tried popping one yesterday and it left a huge hole and nothing came out but he said it looks better today and some seem to be disappearing a bit as he cleaned it really well and is careful when popping pimples. I also noticed a cyst on my armpit today and that one hurts. My bf wants to see if what he did helped it but I really just want to know because it's been there for a few months and seems to be spreading an I don't want that.

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Skin :: Inactive Pimples

I had a lot of acne on my chin when I was fifteen. They kept coming for a year.

Now I am 17 and they have stopped. But it looks like that region still has inflamed pimples. They are all dried up and inactive but they still are all over my chin like boils.

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Skin :: Pimples Who Won't Heal

I have suffered from pimples since early youth, but getting less and less by the years and no big harm to the skin today. Recently I have gotten 2 pimple-like skin infections where there is a typical infection under the skin. These can hurt pretty bad, but retain a pretty small size. They grow extremely slowly, and end up almost as a small hole or gap in the skin. They are far from visible to anyone else than me and my eyes, but I get worried it might somehow be a signal of weakness to the immune system in some way.

-They first appear like small soars/pimples and do no harm.

-They get gradually more and more infected and really hurt at some point where it feels wrong not to squeeze them.

-After several months they heal, but not completely. There is almost no blood at all.

I have struggled with hairs growing inside the skin, creating infection, but as soon as the hair is removed they heal quickly. In these cases I get the pimples on the foreleg or on my arms, which has not happened ever before. When checking the pimples there no sign of hairs in it. Could this be anything else?

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Small Pimples Under The Skin - Shows Up In Light

I have small pimples all over my face. But the problem is you only see them on strong lights or sunny place s. They are kinda under the skin. And when I wear makeup they tend to look so ugly. I don't know how to get rid of them. And I really wanna what causes them. They appeared almost a year ago.

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Acne / Skin :: Red Patch Of Skin Under My Eye

had a red patch of skin under my eye for at least 3 months now.

i think it gradually appeared and has slowly been getting bigger ever since it does not itch and is not sore it goes dry and flaky after a shower and sometimes gets white head spots

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Sertraline :: Painful Chest And Tension Between Shoulder Blades

Did anyone get a painful chest and tension between shoulder blades as a side effect from the tablets?

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4cm Sliding Hiatus Hernia - Chest, Neck, Shoulder And Back Pain

Just recently been diagnosed with a 4cm sliding hiatus hernia after suffering for 2 years with horrendous chest, neck, shoulder and back pain! been to A&E a least 5 times this year thinking I was having heart problems! had an endoscopy 4 weeks ago and was diagnosed! so now what? I was sent home with no advice whatsoever. been on all the PPI's for the last 15 years as I suffer with GERD and IBS! I feel bloated all the time, I burp, fart, feel sick and light headed and now I get a pulsating throb from my tummy through my chest into my throat If I eat the wrong thing it feels like I got a tennis ball stuck behind my sternum, really fed up with this now. I won't go the operation route, it's not got a good success rate! so it's maintenance, put the head of my bed on two blocks 8 inches high, given up gluten and dairy and all spicy foods eat 3 hours before I got to bed and have a swig of gaviscon as a nightcap! I take a multivitamin and magnesium supplements. the next step is stop smoking and drinking red wine what else can I do? the omeprazole makes me feel crap, so I've gone back to ranitidine.

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Acne :: Under Skin Lumps

I am now 30 years old. I did not have serious acne problem on my face until the age of 27. Since the age of 27, my face started to have acne as shown in the images as attached. They usually start with little lumps under the skin. If I apply pressure to it, luckily there will be some grease in white color coming out from the pore, but more often the grease fails to come out, and the area becomes darker and darker, water starts to diffuse out of the area. Then the area starts to become painful ....

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Acne :: Aloe Vera Gel For Dry Skin?

Hi, I have read that really dry skin actually helps acne get worse. I used this cream to exfoliate and the next day my face was real dry, so i applied aloe vera gel to my face to stop my skin from being so dry. Does aloe vera gel help the skin on your face from being so dry and does that in result help acne from breaking out?

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Menopause :: Skin Acne Worsened

I have had persistent acne on my chin for over a year now, but has worsened in last 6 months since my periods stopped, and all my other menopausal symptoms have flared up - all the typical ones.

It's driving me crazy and I am desperate for a cure! My diet is very good, and the rest of my skin is clear. I have tried every over the counter product, 2 courses of prescription antibiotics, and lots of different natural supplements.

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Best Make Up For Acne Prone Skin?

I know most make-up clogs your pores and it makes your acne worst. But what happens to me is: I get a bad spot breakout, it goes away after a week or so and I'm left with red/purple scars. So I cover these up with make-up. But I think that makes me breakout all over again, so what types/brands have make-up that is slightly better for skin?

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Acne :: Oily Skin Treatment?

What's the easiest and most affordable way to treat acne and oily skin? I wash my face all the time, but it's so hard to prevent this acne.

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Skin Test For Acne Foods?

I have heard that there is a test that dermatologists can perform on your skin, and let you know what food is not good for you.

Has anyone try that?

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Acne :: Face Skin Swollen Red Marks

I am 29 Years old. I was having problem on my face skin. So i visited a Doctor who prescribed me Adalen and Glycolic 6. After using that, it was better.

Now I had a function to attend so i used tan pack and have done facial.

After that the affected area got swollen and red. I applied ice cubes and Lacto Calamine. Now the swelling up is not there but the red patch mark is still there.

The affected area got very dry and..when i stretch the skin and leave it. The skin gets lines and squeezed type.

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